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on 2 March 2014
First off before i go any further i would like to thank the seller for a prompt and genuine service, Refunded straight away and contact from seller was excellent, So seller gets 10/10 from me

Now to the item in question, To be honest buyers i would really advise people to stay away from this item and seriously stay away from other items that relate to 64GB memory cards being offered at or around this price (£8 to £19) seriously you are only bying rubbish and these cards could seriously damage your camera/phone or whatever device you put them in, You will get about 8GB of storage and the rest will not be read by your device and will not play on your pc via windows media player or itunes etc as the file will read as either corrupt or not being read by player, I have been using memory cards since they came out many moons ago and this has to be the worst one ever, The cards or a 8GB card upgraded to 64GB and thats why they wont be read by your device, It's like when you use a DVD shrink for a movie file thats lets say 8GB in file size and your blank DVD is only 4.7GB DVD shrink decreases the size of that file to fit the blank DVD but in the process you lose quality because of the shrinkage, Now dont forget that these card are 8GB expanded to 64GB now imagine that being a movie on a DVD, I guess you have worked it out, Quality would become poor and no doubt you would get issues along the way, So why not just look for the best brands on amazon and stay away from these upgraded cards, I know sellers will hate my review but hey thats what reviews are here for to inform other buyers, When i bought my card from amazon (Upgraded) I really wanted this card to prove me wrong, Well it did not and i just knew i was going to have issues but thats all about the learning process i guess as well as assuring myself that if a dealo looks too good to be true then its prbally is too good to be true, I hope i have helped you into rethinking before buying, If you want a good memory card then you will always pay half the size which works out as the price, IE 16GB will cost £8... 32GB will cost £16... and 64GB will cost around about £28/£32... Do your homework first and always look for free super delivery as well as looking for the amazon sold and depatched by amazon as this will cover your cash if anything may go wrong with your purchase, Hope i have helped
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on 25 February 2014
Just bought this card, turns out it's an 8GB micro SD card being passed off as a 64 GB SDHC high performance card (they have been tampered with to indicate higher spec by your device). They don't work nor do the adapters. Using weak descriptions intended to mislead customers. Stating the cards have been upgraded. There is no such thing as an upgraded SD card! Buyers beware!" I tested mine with a simple mobile app that reads / writes / validates data on an SD card to test if it is indeed a genuine product ... this failed and lost all data when attempts were made to hit 64GB storage. Got my refund promptly. ... It's like saying I'm selling a Ford Fiesta (without an engine) that has been upgraded to a Ferrari (:/)
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on 30 June 2014
Rubbish product so leave alone. They are fake. Possibly a maximum capacity of 8gb but this space is unusable because the minute you attempt to go over that space allocation the data will become corrupt. Let's try to explain simply.
A memory card is made in 2 parts. The electronics and the memory.
The electronics define the memory so for example it says this card is 64gb in size. This is the bit that chats to the computer.
Then there's the memory. This is the bit that stores what is passed to it by the electronics. It's like a bucket of a certain size.
The electronics says this bucket is 64gb. That's you and me happy. Yippee!
The bucket is only 8gb.
The electronics is not aware of this.
You chuck in 20gb of data. The elecronics says yep I've put it in boxes 1 to 20.
The bucket overflowed at 8gb of data. The rest it threw away.
The electronics shows you 20gb of data on your computer.
You try to look at your prize pictures or listen to the music on the memory card..
The electronics goes off to the memory card to look at box 10 or at least where it should be.
The memory card tells the electronics it doesn't have a box 10.
The electronics tells the computer something is pretty badly wrong.
You get excited as it was your only chance of filming this.

These cards are worthless. If you haven't reached the maximum limit of the memory yet they will look ok. The minute you start to go over you lose the lot. If you delete something and add something else the electronics may try to put it somewhere beyonf the memory box ramge. Bad news. All the data is lost.
I dislike having to write this stuff because it wastes my time. Using these (I bought 4. They were all rubbish), has been an unrewarding experience. I would like to explain to the people who sold them to me how upset I am in a dark alley. They would get the message. I may yet take some time and track them down so they are fully aware of how naughty they are. I sent them back and was refunded.

Well if you got the message you won't buy from them. When you get a high capacity card wack a load of stuff onto it and play around. Fill it up with rubbish and try reading bits of it back. Any problems and you have a duffer and have my permission to also explain how unhappy you are.
Nuff said. Have fun :)
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on 27 March 2014
I got this for my S3 phone and after formatting it it was working fine until I want to check the photos I had taken and most of the where corrupted? so I after reformatting it it did the same and then it started unmounting it self? If it keeps on doing the same I will get a new one that works!
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on 30 April 2014
I'm not going write a wall of text to explain how bad this card is, I'm just going to say AVOID it like the plague.

Trading standards use this a guideline for repairs, refunds or replacements. (Copy and pasted)

Goods should be:

of satisfactory quality - goods should be free from defects, fit for the purpose for which they were supplied, safe and durable. Appearance and finish is also taken into account

as described - goods should correspond with any description applied to them

fit for any purpose that is made known to the seller - goods must be fit for their general purpose and any particular purpose that a consumer makes known to the trader at the time of purchase. For example if you buy a sleeping bag it must work as a sleeping bag. If you make it clear before you buy that you need it for -40 degree conditions and the trader states it will be suitable then it should be suitable.

I don't think this card even approaches any of these remits.

Buy this card and you will end up buying a replacement from a known brand. (Just like I have to now)..
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on 17 March 2014
Not very good it not 64gb as listed i put 8 songs on the card before it came corupted never buying again fake aint the word it sounded too cheep to be true
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on 12 May 2014
Bought to upgrade memory from 16gb card .... the thing ended up nacking my internal camera on my galaxy buggered up because memory card was not working right reformatted my galaxy not thinking to check memory card still no joy removed memory card to try format it on pc as it would not format right on tablet Camera started working again so put in my original 16gb card ...... I don't blame the seller but it is not what is advertised wasted money on it and will not trust again
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on 29 April 2014
Do not purchase SD cards from this seller. I bought this and it turns out that it is only a 2gd SD not 64gb as stated on the actual purchase profile. This is obviously a fake adn very disappointed that Amazon will allow these people to sell products which are not as stated on their website.
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on 13 March 2014
Nice speedy delivery but unfortunately nothing seems to save that I can visibly see but it says memory is being taken up, will keep trying and hope for the best if not its money down the drain. .
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on 19 February 2014
Aren't these cards all fake? I am confused why amazon allows it. have a look at the reviews for the identical product on
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