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on 14 March 2013
I needed to replace my ageing HP 5550 which had served us very well but was a slow machine that had developed a bit of a mind of it's own!!
There are so many printers on the market these days that it's almost impossible to decide which is the best. I was contemplating an epson as I had previously had one before the HP and wanted one that was very good for photos. I decided to go to some review websites and just about all pointed me into the Canon MG6350 direction. Our camera's are Canon but I had never had a Canon printer before so it was with some trepidation that I went ahead and bought this one.
However I need not have worried as it is the best printer we have ever had. It does everything that Canon says it will and the quality and speed is perfect for our home use. It produces brilliant photos and to have a printer that does double sided printing is saving us paper. So far I am still on the cartridges that it came with and we have done quite a bit of printing so I'm hoping that it will be more ecomomical than the HP which went through cartridges at an alarming rate and at least I can just replace individual colours as opposed to the whole thing.
As for down sides, well there are very few. It is a noisey beast and does sound like its cranking up when it first starts printing but this is nothing when you get the quality you do from the product. Its quite large, but as an all in one unit I have been able to get rid of my scanner so have gained some space. I haven't tried using all its features yet but feel confident that it will come up to the mark. I would recommend this printer to anyone who wants a good all rounder.
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on 28 October 2016
Bought this printer 2 years ago through Amazon. When it prints it is fast and very good. The problem is this machine cleans itself repeatedly and if you are in a hurry then don't buy this printer, it sometimes takes forever before it decides the actually do what its supposed to, which is print. I am very frustrated and annoyed that Cannon could make a machine that sometimes takes over 4 minutes from pressing print before it finishes cleaning itself and actually printing. Needless to say it seems to use an enourmous amount of ink cleaning itself, which another problem. I am so fed up with this printer I'm probably going to ditch it and get another make. Update - its 3 years old and has stopped working, just beating me as I was about to ditch this printer. I won't be buying Canon again.
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on 16 May 2014
Don't get me wrong, this machine prints very well and looks great. The quality of photos and documents is excellent and the scanner works fine. The main problems are the inability to connect to Google Cloud print and the awful waste of time and ink if you just need a quick print (or even a scan).
You need Cloud print if you want use an Android device to print anything other than a photo or a pdf document. But before you can do this you must register the printer on line with Google, and this simply doesn't work. Repeated attempts time out after one minute, with an error message telling you to try again later. No matter how many times you try it still doesn't work.
Similar registration for the "Print from Email" facility worked perfectly, as did all other network functions, so it looks as though the fault lies with Google. This was also the opinion of Canon support, who were actually very helpful.
The machine goes through a lengthy and noisy preparation phase every time it turns on. This is followed by a clean-up routine about 50 seconds after printing. All this uses up valuable ink, particularly if you just want one print, and it even does it if you are only using the scanner. After something like 12 individual prints and 6 photos, some of the cartridges are showing 25% depletion.
I would only recommend this machine if you print large batches of photos or documents and don't need Google
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on 20 January 2013
I just bought this printer to replace a 7 year old HP that was the best printer I'd ever bought. So my replacement had to be even better! After seeing over the years that Canon printers win lots of reviews, I decided to take the plunge on the MG6350. I made the right choice! So far I've only tested a few of its features:

1. AirPrint - Using with my iPad and iPhone, its very easy and the prints just come out - no effort, no fussing and no fiddling about.
2. Canon iEPP app - An easy to use app that you can scan from, or open PDFs / JPGs in and then print out. Again, you just tell it what to do and it happens!
3. The scanner - I don't do a lot of scanning, but I still wanted to test it out. I told the printer to scan to email, and it did the scan, opened up my email client and attached it to a new message, ready for me to send it. It just worked - magic!

I use the MG6350 on wireless and this works well. I have the printer in the same room as the router, so can't comment on signal in a different room, but I can comment on setting the wireless up. As long as you give the printer the correct details for your wireless setup, it takes all of 5min to do!

I also did some photo printing to put the printer through its paces, and based on my old HP, I did have concerns that this one wouldn't be as good - how wrong I was! The quality is amazing. I'd even go so far as to say it bests my HP. I gave it a wide range of scenes and colours, and it didn't break sweat...so 11 / 10 for quality!

The printer has memory card slots on it, which you can set up to be accessed across your network. This isn't something I need, but I did try it out and it all worked fine.

Installation is a breeze - follow the enclosed installation guide and the printer sets itself up, prompting you now and again to do things. Very easy and took at most 25min.

The design is nice and clean - its a clever device in that only the relevant buttons (capacitive) light up depending on what you're doing..looks cool and shows Canon thought about design carefully.

Other - there are a few web services built-in. Google Cloud print, which seems to work perfectly well, and the useful feature of the printer being able to download templates for things like graph paper and notepaper - doesn't sound interesting, BUT its surprisingly handy if you need to take notes and don't want to use scraps of paper...just tell it to print notepaper!

In summary - this is a VERY good printer and I think anyone that buys it won't be disappointed. The only negative I would point out is that you insert the installation CD and it then promptly downloads the drivers from the web, I'm not sure what the purpose of the CD is. I'm a Mac user, perhaps there is Windows applications on there..I don't know. Rather like Apple products, the printer just works! It works quickly, quietly and with excellent quality - and you really cannot ask for more than that.
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on 3 April 2014
Love this 3 in one printer. Very "pretty" I even named it Bessie!! Wasted my Money buying 2 cheaper printers which were hopeless!!! I didn't know they still made non wiFi printers that are dead slow!! This printer isn't as fast as my previous 2 Lexmark printers but I'm just relieved it does what it's meant to!!
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on 30 May 2017
A good printer serves me well.
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on 2 August 2014
Just works very well - I no longer need to muck about with cables to print from iphones, work laptops and personal computers.

Quality is excellent.
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on 15 March 2013
As usual canon have done it again, this printer helps save paper and ink, got £30 cash back from this product to:)
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on 7 June 2013
Got this printer to replace my Canon MP640 printer which needed the print head replacing - looking at the cost of replacing the print head vs buying new, I decided to replace the printer.

The new printer looks a modern and is a slimmer design. Having both the primary and secondary print trays is an advantage over my previous printer, where the secondary print tray was at the back of the printer. The only disadvantage over my previous printer is the capacity of the primary paper tray - where it holds 25 sheets less than my previous printer - not not really a big issue.

The new printer build quality seems to be better that the equally priced HP and Brother printers I looked at in a local store.

Installation is very straight forward - although it takes about 20min to install the software on the PCs that will use the printer

Print quality looks good - I am using the 'fast' mode to keep ink usage as low as possible, but even in this more the documents are very good - good enough for most letters, print out etc. I tried printing a photo and this was also very good.
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on 12 February 2014
I have had a Canon MP 610 before I bought this MG 6350 and the new one meets all my expectations except that there is no Bluetooth connectivity.
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