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on 4 February 2017
I cannot praise this enough, my wired doorbell decided to give up the ghost so that was that. So went onto Amazon and looked for wireless door nell to save any messing about. This came up top for me, so I ordered it. It arrived very quickly and I had it set up within a matter of minutes. You stick the button part outside which lights up blue when pressed, and place the main unit in a suitable position. There are screws to affix the main unit to the wall if you desire.
I preferred to have the unit mobile, so I could take it with me into the kitchen if I had the door to the lobby shut etc so its very handy like that. There are a heap of songs to choose from and some seasonal ones as well and its very loud on max volume. I am very pleased with this purchase and I recommended it to my mum who is also delighted with her one.
If this helps you in anyway please click the helpful button please, thank you.
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on 7 March 2017
Great product. Great to be able to move the unit around (even up the end of my garden in my shed)
Also the facility to have it on silent with just the light flashing, just stick it somewhere in the living room,really good.
All at a very competitive price.
Without doubt the best doorbell I have had or seen.
I highly recommend it
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on 7 March 2017
I have by necessity tried several different bells, none of which compare to the quality and reliability of this one
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on 25 February 2014
After scouring the endless number of bells on Amazon and dismissing a great many of them due to mixed reviews, I dubiously settled with this one and oh am I glad I did.

Does exactly what it says on the tin: doesn't mess about as in ringing randomly or not ringing when the button is pressed. The bell has quite a lot of melodies to choose from including classical and Christmas tunes as well as the typical doorbell melodies. There are also three volume settings to choose from with the loudest being able to be heard from the garden. Instructions are clear, battery for the transmitter is included and the kit is very easy to set up. There is no plugging the receiver into sockets; just hang on the wall or place somewhere secure. For mounting, you can either use the double-sided sticker in the size of the bell or the wall plugs and screws included.

I've had this bell for about a month and a half now and it's working as great as ever. Don't hesitate, just go for this one. You'll be glad with its relia-BELL-ity...*chuckles*


UPDATE (29/07/14)

For anyone still curious, the bell is still working just as fine as it did on the day I received it.


UPDATE (30/08/15)

The batteries in the receiver ran out a short while back and the supplied CR2032 battery in the transmitter has just gone flat but they cost next to nothing to replace. After a quick battery replacement, everything is working just as it did on the first day I bought it, without any bugs. Pretty impressive for a bell purchased 20 months ago.
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on 12 February 2017
Great value but be warned-opening the push button unit to insert the button battery has to be done very carefully. The instructions tell you to insert a screwdriver into the base of the unit and then proceed to tell you nothing else. Here's how I did it without breaking the housing. Yes insert the screwdriver but do not twist or try to forcibly open but instead make sure the screwdriver is wide enough to insert in the small opening and then just push and the little plastic clip should hopefully disengage. I suppose that in the future when the battery has to be replaced it could be a tricky affair to open again without damaging the housing but good old silicone might be an answer. Having said all this though for the money it's a good buy but 32 tunes to choose from including We Wish you a Merry Christmas !!!. I'm sure you'll find a tune to suit.
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on 29 July 2017
Ding dong and sounds inbetween! I bought this based on the wild enthusiasm of other folks. I junked a Siemens wireless doorbell that failed to perform. So far this door chime has brought peace and calm to the household as we no longer have to run to a window in case someone is at the door. A door without a wireless door chime is a naked doorway. Junk the tacky brass knockers that convey middle class one-upmanship anxieties of social class exclusion. Ignore the neighbours and decorate your door with this excellent product. A few batteries later, you'll be humming the door chimes tunes in your sleep (no not really, down boy!).
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on 4 September 2017
Was looking for a door bell that was easy to fit, setup and use. Reading the reviews this item seemed to fit the bill and I'm happy to say it does.

Functionally it does what it says - it gets your attention in both an annoying and amusing way - just what was required. Being portable is an added benefit in that if deliveries are expected it can be moved to the bedroom, garden, garage etc and frightens the life out of you if used. No more missed deliveries because we didn't hear the door being knocked - just a palpitating heart when the door bell rings!

Early days on use but so far so good - good value purchase.
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on 9 June 2016
Bought this early May 2016, by early June 2016 it had stopped working despite new batteries. No way to return it through Amazon despite it being faulty. They effectively wash their hands of it after a certain number of days. Now emailing manufacturer (who were not on Amazon's list so had to do this separately online). I am awaiting a reply.

Personally I wouldn't buy this as according to Amazon, your statutory rights only last for two weeks with them. You'd be better going to Robert Dyas.
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on 4 September 2015
Just place the receiver on a shelf or hang on the wall using the screw provided, and stick the transmitter (doorbell) on the doorframe using the strong adhesive pad provided. Both look stylish, well made and compact (receiver is 11cm high) in glossy black hard plastic which shouldn't look as dingy as white tends to go after a while.

30-odd polyphonic tunes to choose from ranging from cheesy to a nice ding-dong. My son has been kept happy by changing the doorbell tune every day so I have to answer the door to the tune of Big Ben, birds singing or the American National Anthem!! Ah well, it adds spice to my humdrum life... I'm finding it a little quiet and thinking about getting another receiver for the kitchen, but then I am a bit deaf so it's probably fine for most people. Be nice if it could be turned up a little more though. You have the choice of having a red LED flashing as well as/instead of ringing which is handy.

Easy to set up, paired immediately and working within 5 minutes of taking it out of packaging. Uses 2 AA batteries (not supplied) and a CR2032 battery in the transmitter (you can get a pack of 12 from Amazon for around £2.30). I haven't tested the operating range to any great degree (ie garden) but it does work from another room. Much nicer than anything you'd get from B&Q or Screwfix! We paid £10.99 with free delivery and it arrived within a few days. Very pleased and highly recommend.
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on 19 July 2017
Extremely easy and convenient, came with a sticky-backed pad to fit the push button onto door-frame. The receiver's batteries are NOT included but the push button battery does come in the box. Three volume settings, many tunes as well including holiday themes and a couple of basic ding-dong chimes and both the button and receiver have pleasing blue lights when activated.

I recommend buying the white model instead of black to that you can write your door number straight on to the button unit with a Sharpie - I did NOT find enclosed a pre-cut piece of paper to use as a label on the black set and had to fiddle with scissors and a glue-stick.
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