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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 February 2013
I've been looking forward to reading this book so much but having read it I feel let down. Having read all of the other books in this series several times and thoroughly enjoyed them, it almost felt like this book had been written solely by a different author. When Julie was ill, there was no mention of the other 3 girls visiting the hospital which seemed odd to me as in previous books they would have been there to show support. The book could have been twice as long if more detail had been put in. It' like the author is just rushing books these day's and quantity has replaced quality. I won't be rushing to by number 13 that's for sure.
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12th book in the 'Womens Murder Club' series. Trademark Patterson is here if you look closely. Short, sharp chapters and excellent, punchy, wisecracking dialogue which keeps the plot spinning along. However; the plot itself is thin and reads as though Patterson jotted down a couple of ideas and then handed the draft to Maxine Paetro to fill in the blanks. Doesn't read like Patterson for much of the time. A similar thing happened with the superb Alex Cross series. Don't misunderstand me, this is a glossy, well edited novel that's easy to read it's just that, in my personal opinion, it's missing depth and follows a typical crime/thriller formula to the point I worked it all out well before the ending.

What's it about? Mostly Lindsay Boxer who plays a solo role for large chunks of the novel. Lindsay has returned to work within a few days of giving birth. There could be multiple murderers stalking the streets and Lindsay has to investigate. A woman in a dangerous profession leaving a newborn at home gives the novel a decent level of threat. Add to the mix a sporting superstar and an English professor having 'psychic' nightmares (why are all English academics portrayed as eccentric - it's so cliched!). I'm not telling you how the pieces fit together, or if they do, because I hate spoilers. I will mention Lindsay Boxer is vulnerable because of her new baby and there's a decent subplot aimed right at her which is possibly the best part of the novel.

The 12th of Never is a decent read if somewhat shallow, repetitious and far too short. The Women's Murder Club has been a long series and maybe it's time to shake it up?
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 18 February 2013
This collaboration between James Patterson (JP) and Maxine Paetro involves the Womens' Club Members in their twelfth escapade. Yuki is prosecuting Keith Herman, a disgraced attorney, for the brutal murder of his wife, Jennifer. His daughter Lily is also missing, presumed dead. Wily defense counsellor Kinsella has an arrogant almost flippant approach to Yuki's case. Numerous characters are involved involving detectives Conklin and Meserve. Sergeant Lindsay Boxer's pregnancy has presented her and Joe with a joyous daughter, Julie.

Meanwhile, the court proceedings are interrupted in dramatic style accompanied by a smiling defense and defendant. Police colleagues and witnesses are paraded in the trial and have their own protective agendas. JP adds in sub-plots including the missing Faye Farmer, partner of American superstar Jeff Kennedy and a question mark over Tracey Pendleton a security guard. Familiar names come through. Forensic pathologist Claire becomes involved. Psychic Professor Judd seems to have an above accurate prediction value in body counts. Lindsay Boxer returns to action before she should and along with Rick Conklin sets off on the trail of interrogation. The Club members stick together.

The events that follow are lines of deceit and intrigue. The aside stories are not for distraction but have a purpose in arriving at the solution to the proceedings. The pace certainly hots up after the half-way mark. The chase to the conclusion maintains the interest. Lindsay and Joe do not have a smooth ride through this and to their credit their personal and professional dilemmas are coped with.

A Patterson novel that entertains but nothing extraordinary. Enjoyable with the correct ingredients for his legion of fans. It is somewhat lacking in length and new ideas but is a winning recipe.
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on 20 October 2013
Is it me or is the calibre of writing on a decline? My third James Patterson book this holiday that has left me feeling cheated. Where is the old James Patterson? And can we please have him back. After loyally following this author for many years I'm starting to think maybe I need to look for a new author!!!
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on 3 March 2013
Never been disappointed in James Patterson book before
What is this all about do we have to pay mire for follow up
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 January 2017
This was the first time I read a book from James Patterson and I was left wondering, what is all the fuss about? I know this book was written as a collaboration, but I was disappointed because I expected a great read, intrigue and being at the edge of my seat while reading, and I had none of these sensations.
It started well but I lost interest near the middle and I struggled to finish it. Too many plots and for some reasons, the women characters did not feel right. I love strong women characters but many times, I found them too indecisive though not Claire, my favourite.
Too many people have spoken about the plots, so, I won't discuss them.
It is the end that redeemed the whole book for me. I did not expect it and this is why I took the decision to read the other books in Women's Murder Club and also, the Alex Cross series, when James Patterson writes solo.
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on 5 April 2013
This was a big disappointment! I have read all the other Murder Club books and enjoyed them but this is by far the worst! A very poor effort from James Patterson!
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on 13 May 2013
Click on the look inside link. Try and read as much as you can without wincing. It is dreadful stuff.

Save your money and buy a book that makes you think! If you are not up to a bit of a cerebral challenge, then get a chair, put it by the window, gaze out at the trees, blue skies and infinite horizon. Its cheaper than buying this nonsense and you'll feel a whole lot better.
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on 9 August 2014
Loved this one in the series and went into it with a great deal of apprehension because of the reviews I'd seen totally slating it !! Wow......I was clearly reading something else as I still enjoyed the series the same as usual. I liked the cliffhanger ending too, although if you've read up to number 12 you're surely going to buy 13 !!
I wasn't happy with Rich and Cindy in this one-I wanted to bash their heads together, I must say. I did find a courtroom scene featuring Yuki a tad farfetched and that's really all the complaints I had. Another little irritation was each time he mentioned Agent Parker it came with a superlative like "uberagent"....I wondered at that.
The only mistakes I spotted were spaces added into sheriff 's. That happened a couple of times right near the end so it was definitely better edited, too.
Plus if you've read this far you've known all these characters many years and I think you have to stick with them. It's a clever idea to make you care about them the way he's done and for me, continues to do.
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VINE VOICEon 8 September 2014
Maxine Paetro and James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series of books offer an easily read thriller intertwining a few investigations, each of which involves one or more members of the titular club, usually with some degree of overlap.

This novel is little different except that it feels like it's marking time. It takes a long time to get into the meat of the story and focusses more than usual on the characters' personal lives, but the major changes they undergo do not generate the expected consequences in every case, making the book feel like the latter half of the story has been split out into a yet-to-be-published sequel.

This would have been more acceptable if the main investigation plot line didn't have so many gaping holes, most notable of which is the timely presence of a killer's accomplice and their ability to plan a daring escape despite there being no chance for them to have had contact.

Both these writers are capable of much better and I can only hope 13 is a luckier number.
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