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I have just bought the Kindle edition of this book.

As a keen bread maker I was hoping to find some excellent recipes.

There are some, intact there are a great number of interesting recipes to read through.

However there are not 100.

In "Ronseal" terms, this is a book that does not do what it says on the tin!

The problem is that so many of the recipes are not bread, scones and fruit pies are not bread.

So if book was called 50 Great Breads and had 50 Great Bread Recipes, then it would get 5 stars

However it is simply not truthful to call it 100 breads with the mix of recipes.

You can argue donut is a bread, but how can you call Apple and Pear Pie with fruit sauce a bread?
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on 14 April 2017
I cannot make bread and goodness knows I have bought many books. Pauls book just had the edge enough for me to produce my first eatable loaf. The book is presented nicely enough for to use as a gift. Dont for get to buy his bread dough cutter to go with it.
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on 9 November 2012
Presumably, off the back of Great British...., this book is selling like hot cakes, cretainly that's why I bought it. Really, if it is making good money, then Mr Hollywood could at least have corrected all the mistakes and omissions in an updated version.
For a book aimed at amateurs, instructions like `add enough water to obtain pliable dough' are far from adequate. I know flour varies but at least give us a hint; are we aiming to add about a glass or about a bucket full? Sensible suggestions about using dried rather than fresh yeasts would also help as, despite the suggestion that many supermarkets sell the fresh variety, it is certainly unobtainable in this neck of the woods.
There is a lot of editorial sloppiness. The recipe for ciabatta lists olive oil as an ingredient but then makes no mention of adding it in the instructions. Another recipe suggests using a clay flower pot 4 inches in diameter and 10 inches high as an unusual mould. It would be really bloody unusual to be this shape.
Is Cyprus such a famous centre of bread excellence to justify all those recipes or did he just have them on his shelf after working there?
This would be OK if produced by a struggling unknown chef but, with new found universal fame, surely he and the publishers could have afforded a really good copy editor and test baker.
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on 17 May 2018
I bought the Kindle version for £0.99, so it was cheap enough - but I would certainly have been exptreemly disappointed with it if I had bought the expensive hardback version.

The recipes are are ok, but nothing out of the ordinary - nothing that can't be had for free on the internet. I found the use of fresh yeast confusing.
Ok, he said just deduct 25% if using dry yeast, but who uses fresh yeast these days!

I can't say I would be happy to recommend this to any budding bakers out there.
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on 10 June 2016
Not the most tempting book in terms of pictures to show what you are aiming for with the recipes, but a good variety of recipes to inspire creation. If you already know some main bread making techniques this could inspire. But the recipes are all based on fresh yeast - which is not what most current bread recipe books are based on (it does suggest how to adapt to dried yeast - but easy to forget when following one of the recipes).
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on 7 March 2017
The recipes are great but I had to adapt oven timings on all three recipes I tried as my oven doesn't seem to get hot enough! I found the breads all needed about ten minutes longer, so you may find you have to fiddle with timings as well. All the breads 'worked' so I'm happy!!
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on 2 May 2018
Very poorly written. Some recipes say add water with no indication as to quantity, yet layer on in the recipe it says add remaining water.

Very high yeast content and olive oil quantity’s vary compared to his Bread book. For example..... this book 500g flour, 30g yeast and 325ml water.

This dough is made for Pizza, the same as Ciabatta according to this book.

In the book Bread, pizza dough is 250g flour , ok with that, double it to compare against this book. Next, 5g yeast. So that’s 10g yeast on double qty. a third less than this book states. Finally water. This book 325ml, bread book 360ml.

I’ve made dozens of loafs from this book, and have reduced the yeast to the ‘Bread’ book.

If you buy this book, quarter the yeast content
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on 22 August 2012
Any book calling itself "100 Greeat Breads" should - in my opinion, contain details of exactly 100 breads. The word "great" is open to interpretation, but surely the number "100" isn't.

I was disappointed to find recipes for mince pies and for pancakes using up some of the "100" recipes. I was also very disappointed to find (and this is not the only example) Tomato Bruschetta next to Olive Bruschetta as two separate recipes. The only difference? You guessed it - just top one with tomatoes and the other with olives - did this really warrant two separate entries?

I really don't blame Paul Hollywood for 'cashing in' on his television success on 'the Great British Bake off' and I would do the same in his position, I just would like to think I'd put a bit more care into a book with my name on it. lots of lovely pictures and little content.

It must have been during his 'Cyrprus' period, since the book has a definite cipriot bias, but given the title I was surprised that he considers Laganes Bread to be in the top 100, but completely misses the massively popular Bagel. Ah well... Possibly sold his soul to the publisher a bit on this one - I don't know, but I bet there are better books out there if you want to make the classic breads of the world.
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on 20 May 2017
Out of the 100 recipes I really wanted 1 for sourdough but there isn't one
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on 19 June 2013
I got into making my own bread and took me a longtime to decide to buy this book. I followed Paul's Hollywoods famous baking and I got attached to it. However, I made the first bread from the very pre entry book recepie and sadly, I found out that the measurement were wrong. The bread was far too salty! I also came across - before I out it - a website that states the correct measurements ( amendments of the mistakes in the print) but no longer know where to go now. Therefore, I would have appreciated that someone would have put a slip staing errors are these and here are the amendments. So , I will need to find them out myself as I go with the recepies. To summaries, I like the lay out and the design that works for me, so apart from the errors in the recepies, which is a very significant, I am still looking forward to baking.
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