is this product 4k compatible ? HDMI version 2.0?
asked by N. Nam on 6 April 2014
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No i'm afraid as the cable is 1.4 not 2.0
Mr. B. D. Witter answered on 7 April 2014
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Yes all current version 1.4 cables are compatible, despite what Mr Witter said there is no 2.0 cable, 1.4a is the current highest standard cable which will definitely run the HDMI 2.0 standard according to the HDMI organisation manufacturers website.
M. Kaldezar answered on 30 Sep 2014
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I honestly do not know. But at the price offered why not just buy it and try it. It is cheap as chips, and when you look at the horrific prices asked for HDMI cables of all kinds in computer stores it has to be worth a punt. I'm using it to connect HD TV from my laptop to my Sony HDTV and it delivers. That's all I know.
Alastair Ross answered on 6 April 2014
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