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How do you think this will top oblivion?

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Initial post: 14 Jun 2011 23:03:54 BDT
Sampson says:
Yes indeed the dragons look good and yes indeed i like the duel spell/weapon system but it almost seems like they out did themselves with oblivion and have spent the past 6 years worrying about what to do. I have watched all of E3 and the game demo it just seems a bit too similar.

In reply to an earlier post on 16 Jun 2011 17:01:42 BDT
Hazed says:
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Posted on 19 Jun 2011 09:49:29 BDT
NJ says:
You're crazy, Oblivion was a super flawed game, still in my top 5 for this gen of consoles but flawed nonetheless. The levelling system was trash, it wasn't very rewarding to go exploring, voice actors and NPC's were very lazily made and the same can be said about all the dungeons, caves etc. All things which seemed to have been fixed in Skyrim. Weather or not it has the same draw and appeal as Oblivion is yet to be seen but I am fairly certain Skyrim will be the best of the series so far.

In reply to an earlier post on 7 Jul 2011 21:19:02 BDT
Last edited by the author on 7 Jul 2011 21:19:32 BDT
emesbee says:
It would be hard for it to be worse than Oblivion which to me just seemed a way to show off very pretty graphics. I want to know if it can top Morrowind! Obviously graphicly it will, but will it hold my attention as Morrowind did? The major flaw with Oblivion was the levelled enemies which made it a waste of time levelling up yourself, I jut hope this is fixed cos RPGers love levelling!

Posted on 8 Jul 2011 10:14:25 BDT
NJ says:
I think the fact that Oblivion was so flawed yet it still made me carry on playing (Even to this day) shows how good it actually was, Oblivion was better than Morrowind in most ways (And trust me I love Morrowind) Except for the odd thing like the armour system and the amount of customisation. They fixed the levelling system in Fallout 3 so that won't be a problem in Skyrim.

Posted on 15 Jul 2011 12:37:50 BDT
O. Moone says:
Oblivion was awesome - shut yer face.

Posted on 23 Jul 2011 03:38:26 BDT
Crumpton says:
I actually quite like the leveling system of The Elder Scroll Games. As well as the fact that your stat ups are affected by how you've leveled (Which is the basic system and acts as an explanation). I think what Morrowind had, that Oblivion sadly did not deliver was the number of guilds that you could join, and the fact that they aren't mutually exclusive.

Posted on 31 Aug 2011 15:03:47 BDT
M. Hackett says:
"As well as the fact that your stat ups are affected by how you've leveled "

The problem I had was that you got 6 points for "poor play", and 15 points for "good play", except NONE of the classes given could have managed that. If the "standard classes" cannot manage to get a decent score (they could manage without micro-management and shopkeeping, 10-12 points on levelup), then your game is unbalanced.

And when your lich gains more HP per level than your best fighter PC, there's yet another problem with the levelling system.

Worst was when you fight the city guards, they're 5 or 15 levels higher.

When you win a few mates for the Battle for Bruma, they're 5th or 15th level.

Then when you go back to larceny in the city? 5 to 15 levels higher again...

Posted on 10 Sep 2011 02:59:53 BDT
Well i'm still playing Oblivion now. That is the testement to what a great game it was. Ok the levelling was a bit shonky and the repetitiveness of the layouts was a bit annoying...but i don't play it every day or even week, just break it out for mopping up the odd bits i missed in the main and major quests. It is alongside fallout 3 as the most involving and best game value game for the Xbox 360.

Posted on 11 Sep 2011 18:12:25 BDT
Andrius says:
It will top Oblivion, sure. A bigger issue that I have with Elder Scrolls series is that they're moving away from RPG and towards Action genre with every sequel. Daggerfall had an amazingly deep RPG system. It was simplified in Morrowind, but only slightly. Oblivion was - streamlined, dumbed down, call it whatever you want - further. Now Skyrim, with its "wield one spell/weapon in each hand" looks much more like a consolized action game than a complex RPG.

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Oct 2011 00:23:31 BDT
Last edited by the author on 17 Oct 2011 00:38:06 BDT
I highly agree with you on that. However with the new mechanics it might just open to a wider public.
TES 3 hit it off quite good. The gmae was an outright success for RPG fans. However I noticed that with Oblivion the people who played it had never actually played TES 1-3.

I believe the changes are just made to make it easier and more interesting for new players. And the better a game sells the more likely the next sequel will be good to.
Unless EA buys BethSoft.

On the topic:
Well we will have to see about the leveling and the fights. But all in all I blieve that its going to be great. From what you can tell by previews, the questing looks good. Interaction with the enviroment are definitally improved. The Dungeon system will be great since it is now developed by 8 and not only 1 designer.
Only flaw that I can see so far is the leveling as it strays a lot from what we had in Morrowind and Oblivion. With probably no birthsigns to choose and the vast customization of the Character.

In reply to an earlier post on 29 Oct 2011 13:39:32 BDT
[Deleted by the author on 29 Oct 2011 13:43:21 BDT]

Posted on 1 Nov 2011 19:19:15 GMT
S. Rennie says:

Posted on 1 Nov 2011 21:39:45 GMT
Darryn says:
No I don't think it will top Oblivion, I know it will top Oblivion and every other game of the last and proceeding decade

Posted on 2 Nov 2011 11:43:53 GMT
M. White says:
I do see some worrying tendencies with this game, which I hope it will disprove when I buy it. Graphically, of course it will beat oblivion. My worry is that it will compare to Oblivion the way Oblivion compares to Morrowind - i.e. it will lose some of the magic. I love Oblivion, but it just couldn't quite capture the size, scope, and re-playability of Morrowind. I loved the randomness of that game: the way that, after a first playthrough, there were still plenty of weapons you'd never tried, skills you hadn't bothered with. I actually liked the fact that some there were loads of skills, and some of them were very superfluous or similar. It made the game more intricate.

The worrying thing for me is the further reduction in the number of skills - it just seems representative of a triumph of style over substance. IMO an Elder Scrolls game shouldn't be perfectly polished and streamlined, it should have lots of random little quirks, and a ton of detail. Hopefully the game will prove me wrong.

Posted on 10 Nov 2011 11:41:34 GMT
I love Oblivion, the last time i played it on Xbox, i topped 400 hours, thats value for money. My real love though is for Morrowind, on PC. With all kinds of graphical and game-play Mods, it looks and feels as good as, if not better than Oblivion. Aside from that they are both my faves. I have just ordered Oblivion 5th Anniversary for PC, so i will start looking for Mods etc. and play it all over again. I still have a Morrowind game on the go. This is a testament to a great series.

Skyrim certainly looks the part, hopefully Bethesda have listened to their customers and fans, and will fix any flaws of the series (Oblivion) and incorporate the best bits of the series (Morrowind). Regardless i've been looking forward to this moment for a few years now, and will enjoy every moment of Skyrim when it arrives. Then in years to come i will get it for PC and enjoy it all over again.

One of the finest series ever created imho, might even check out the older games at some point. I know what i will be doing for the next 6 Months!

Posted on 10 Nov 2011 12:59:28 GMT
J. Slade says:
I got annoyed that some of my minor skills were higher than majors, also, glad they took out acrobatics and athletics. I run and jump about anyway, it doesnt need a skill

Posted on 10 Nov 2011 13:52:57 GMT
Last edited by the author on 10 Nov 2011 16:53:45 GMT
B. white says:
I'm playing it now people, believe me, it tops oblivion ;D

I'm standing on a cliff near a waterfall with wind and leaves blowing about, being circled by a howling wolf. My khajiit has a snarling face lol

Posted on 10 Nov 2011 21:28:40 GMT
N. Findon says:
For me, Skyrim is more streamlined and certainly far more accessible. The combat is a bit repetitive (I am playing half sword-and-board and half spellsword and theres little to do but hit RT and LT) but it's definitely got that 'Elder Scrolls' something about it. I personally enjoy not being so wrapped up in stat points and not having to choose a class etc. After all, my class is pre-determined - I am Dragonborn!

Posted on 10 Nov 2011 21:47:14 GMT
S. J. Aspey says:
Look, Oblivion was a great game for its time, and still is to this day, as for every game in the elder scrolls series...and guess what, i'm pretty sure skyrim will be too. six years in the making i find it hard not to see it being an improvment, to me and many other people it look's amazing. I mean you cant go wrong with dragons and kick ass graphics, then you've got the improved leveling and skill systems, guys let your worries asside, skyrim will be the beast of a game its expected to be, and i for one will play it until my controller decays.

Posted on 11 Nov 2011 01:15:28 GMT
Thomas says:
I have never played Oblivion so I will have nothing to compare Skyrim to, but it does look pretty amazing nonetheless.

In reply to an earlier post on 22 Nov 2011 16:03:43 GMT
NCT says:
Morrowind v. others
I thought I was the only one who loved Morrowind for the fact that it is not necessarily an action game, that it is so varied and dense and exciting that after many months of play, there is still so much else to discover. I have never been able to get into Oblivion: too much action and fighting. There are so many games with endless killing and violence, why can't you leave these exploration games exist without all the gore and fast pace?

Posted on 23 Nov 2011 16:25:37 GMT
Sampson says:
Hey guys so i started this discussion before release, i got the game played it and loved it. It is exciting something new but still has the great moments and features from previous games. put in 50 hours and so far still loving it this game is amazing

Posted on 4 Mar 2012 18:29:30 GMT
Well.... after playing All the ELderscrolls games from the begining i hav eto say the ebst in the entire series is Morrowind, the idea of not knowing what to do made the game the Sucess it is! Allowing people to freeroam the vast land doing as they pleased and slowly unravaling the main story.
back to skyrim + oblivion

in many ways i was dissappointed with oblivion, yes the graphics were a major improvement from the others but it had a real sense of repetativity about it that i found insane!

A very close second in my book.
Whats not to like? new and improved perks, duel wielding, more powerful spells and summons, one thing i do wish is they would have kept some of the summons from morrowind in the games.

the one thing i love about the game the most is the Accuracy of firing a arrow from 40 foot away and hitting the target in the face (depending on the angle you fire and the power of the shot)

Morrowind - 1st
Skyrim - Very Close 2nd
Oblivion - meh.

Posted on 4 Mar 2012 21:24:21 GMT
emesbee says:
Completley agree with everything you say. Morrowind is way out in front IMHO. Got bored of Oblivion gates very quickly! Can't wait for Skyrim DLC. Going to start a new Morrowind game next weekend!
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