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Tagged on Dec. 19, 2012
Amazon's Tags:  erotica, explicit sex, erotic sex, naked sex, historical erotica, english country house, victorian erotica, nude sex, outdoor sex, love and sex, romance, erotic romance, explicit erotica, romantic novel
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Avg. customer review:  5.0 out of 5 stars (1)
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Tagged on Jun. 5, 2012
Amazon's Tags:  erotica, romance, lesbian fiction, cornwall, historical fiction, sex, erotic romance, english country house, servants and masters, erotic fiction, adult, adult fiction, naked sex, nude sex, explicit erotica
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2 in 1 Village Virgins by Chuck Stevens
Tagged on Mar. 24, 2012
Amazon's Tags:  erotica, history, romance, cornwall, historical fiction