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4.6 out of 5 stars99
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My 8-year-old daughter has almost been spoiled by the selection of toothbrushes she's had in the past few years. I got a very good tooth brush, and gave her my old mid-range Braun electric toothbrush, which actually really encouraged her to brush her teeth well. She then inherited her mum's slightly better Braun toothbrush because SHE got a new one!

Despite these good brushes, however, and despite my daughter's diligent efforts to keep on top of it, there was a persistent bit of tartar that kept building up on her bottom two middle teeth. She (and we) have been really aware of this issue for about the past 9 months. Even after descaling by the dentist, these bits of tartar came back after a few weeks.

Within a week of starting to use this Sonicare toothbrush, it has gone. I put this down to the significantly higher frequency of the Sonicare brush. The idea of the brush is that it vibrates so fat, you get an element of sonic cleaning too. What is beyond doubt, anyway, is that it's very good at keeping teeth clean, and also very easy to use.

When you open the box, you find a selection of stickers. There are 8 custom-size stickers that fit very neatly on the handle, on the side with the buttons - a decent selection of smart and cool stickers for boys and girls alike. There is also a sheet of other stickers that seem to serve no purpose other than for your child to play with. They don't look like they'd stay on the brush well anyway, and (maybe I'm a bit strict!) I believe that if you position your toothbrush as something not to be played with, your child will respect it more and look after it better. My little girl picked her favourite 'proper' sticker for the handle and I stuck it on carefully, and that's the extent of our decoration!

Otherwise, there's not much else to report in terms of contents. A neatly-shaped and compact charging dock, and a little clear plastic cover for the head when travelling (which look a wee bit flimsy and brittle if I'm brutally honest).

There's nothing flimsy about the tooth brush in use, however. There are two simple buttons, both nice and sturdy, with a very pleasing action. The bottom one toggles between gentle and firm brushing (the idea being that the gentle mode is for younger children - 4-6 years old, notionally, and the firmer one for older children). My daughter's very happy with the firm mode anyway. The top button starts the brush, and it's remarkably quiet in use. There are gentle but very sonorous and cheery sounds which indicate progress through the 2-minute programme. These have been great for our wee girl, actually, because she sometimes would forget which 30-second bleep she'd heard on her old one.

The other thing worth mentioning, I think, is that this Sonicare is a really good size for a child. In theory, Sonicare seem to indicate it's suitable for 4 and up, but I suspect a 4-year-old might find it a bit big and difficult to handle. From 5ish would seem more sensible to me, but it's the perfect size for my daughter, and she loves using it.

All in all, I'm so impressed that when my Colgate ProClinical toothbrush wears out, I think I'll get myself a Sonicare one too.
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VINE VOICEon 18 August 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I got this toothbrush for my six year old. I didn't expect it to be very different from her electrical toothbrush. I was wrong!

This toothbrush is perfectly made for children. The rubber material used ensures that it is easy to hold and doesn't hurt their mouth at all. It doesn't make much noise and unlike with her electrical toothbrush there isnt toothpaste flying everywhere from strong vibrations.

She can lie the toothbrush flat to put on her toothpaste which is really good. At night I usually brush her teeth to ensure she cleans them properly. Using this brush is great, it lets you know when thirty seconds have passed so that you don't just brush the same part of you mouth for too long. It switches itself off after two minutes.

It came with as selection of stickers that are attractive. The stickers were easy to put on and have remained stuck to the toothbrush very well. I did have to buy a shaver adapter plug as that is how you charge the brush, we dont have a shaver socket.

I am so impressed with this brush that I will be buying my older children a toothbrush head each for this brush, which works out at £6 each, which I think is reasonable as it really ensures clean teeth.
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on 27 August 2015
My three children had the previous version of this toothbrush and we were very happy with them even though the first one though lasted just over a year before it wouldn't charge up, so I brought a replacement. That one is not working well now (after approx 2 1/2 years), hence buying a new one. The second of the original Sonicare Kids toothbrushes I brought packed up after 18 months. For that one I brought a different brand of electric toothbrush which was nowhere near as good to use as the Sonicare, so I have gone back to a Sonicare for her too. The third toothbrush is still going after nearly four years, although for the last 18 months when it needs to be charged it just goes into a constant buzz, so I have to leave it to drain out (takes around half hour) before charging and it is fine. The charge lasted approx 3 weeks on these toothbrushes.
The new one, I am pleased with except for 1) I'm not sure the stickers on the handle will last. The old kids Sonicare cover wasn't a sticker so lasted well. 2) It only came with one toothbrush head. 3) The toothbrush heads for these toothbrushes are so expensive, especially when younger children tend to chew them, so you do not get three months use from them. For these reasons I have taken a star off.
I hope any issues with charging on this newer model has been sorted, but overall great toothbrushes.
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My girls have been using an Oral B electric toothbrush, but both thought that our grown up Phillips Sonicare was more exciting (I think it was the noise that it makes that drew them!) and we let them try ours out to see whether or not they enjoyed the sensation, as it is quite a different feel and they both not only enjoyed it, but independently stated that their teeth felt cleaner.

I know that having used Phillips Sonicare for quite some time now, I wouldn't want to use a normal electric toothbrush again, so I was happy for my children to use the same technology, knowing that their teeth would be cleaner as a result.

This set it nice because it allows you to alter the look for your child and their style with a set of different fascia designs for your child to choose from along with additional stickers should they be needed, although we didn't really see a place for these small stickers to fit on the design my children chose. The large stickers are well made and look as though they should last for quite some time - we haven't noticed it coming adrift at the corners as one might expect, but even if over time it does - then we have 7 more designs to choose from!

The two minute timer, which automatically switches off the toothbrush at the end of the brushing time is great and means that both of my girls brush for the full two minutes. One press of the button will start it up again, so then next child can use it straight away without any delay (other than changing the head over).

The rubber at the back of the head is good as my younger daughter is a bit clumsy on occasion when moving the toothbrush around her mouth and this just prevents her clattering her teeth and thus prevents any discomfort or even damage in doing so.
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VINE VOICEon 26 August 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This was a gift for my five year old, who has a decent concept of dental care, however finds solo brushing tricky. The experience she has with this toothbrush encourages her to use the required amount of time, dedicating time to all four sides of her teeth (upper, back and front, bottom, back and front). The handy buzz (common in most of these devices) is a great way to embed decent dental practice at any age reminding the user to move on to another part of the mouth.

The initial setting is very short, ideal for very small mouths, and I found the second setting gave enough time for a solid clean. It's very easy to clean and maintain. The first setting is useful to allow familiarity with the technology.

The stickers applied easily (although I bodged it twice - and they still stuck) and have not peeled or become dog-eared al all. There is quite a range of stickers, so of they do become damaged due to little fingers, they can be replaced. The set includes material suited to boys and girls.

The battery length is great too, I haven't needed to recharge it since it arrived (she only uses it in the morning).

This is a great starter to get children in to the higher end of tooth-care.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My eight old year old lad is a bit of a nightmare when it comes to brushing his teeth - don't get me wrong he will brush them in that "I could be doing something much more interesting" kind of way, but it's difficult to get the Two Minutes thing out of him.

This brush has changed all that. At first he wasn't sure but once I'd convinced him this was a "gadget" then he started to come round. The stickers are great and makes it ideal for a boy or girl, so he enjoyed choosing one of designs and sticking that on.

The brush obviously vibrates but not too much so it doesn't feel uncomfortable in the hand. It has a nice, non-slip rubberised feel to it too. The Sonicare also alerts if the brush is left in the same place which encourages the child to move the brush around the mouth to clean all their teeth. It handily switches itself off after two minutes which is marvellous as then my son knows exactly how long he needs to brush for.

I'm not saying he's a super keen tooth brusher now or anything, but the Sonicare has certainly helped. And that can only be a good thing.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
After my daughters visit to the dentist for her annual check-up, he told us to try to get her to brush her teeth at night as well as in the morning. As everyone knows who has a young child, this is something easier said than done. However, this toothbrush seems to have gotten her into brushing her teeth more frequently.

She solved the few sticker choices she had and placed the sticker she wanted on the handle to customise it. Then she started brushing her teeth. She tried the first setting initially, but after a few days said she thought it was not long enough! Shock horror, my daughter telling ME that she wants to brush her teeth more? Anyway, she put it on level 2 and brushed away. It beeps every 30 seconds so the child knows to move the brush and concentrate brushing elsewhere. After the allocated 2 minutes (on setting 2) the toothbrush turns itself off. She now brushes her teeth every morning after breakfast and just before bedtime.

A good toothbrush for the young child, easy brush, easy to operate and seems to do the job great. Really happy with this.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Your kids are going to love this. Would you expect this to see this quote in regard to brushing teeth? Maybe but for most people probably not. For whatever reason kids (and quite a few adults), tend to be toothbrush averse unless encouraged otherwise. Philips have recognised this and produced a great brush that cleans brilliantly and can be customised by children and in doing so made the brushing experience inclusive for your spawn. Our little monster of 3.8 years has never really objected to brushing her teeth and we have tried a couple of brushes since we began brushing the bugs out of her fangs. But when we showed her that she could customise her brush the experience notched up significantly whereby if we "forget" to brush her teeth then she tells us that her teeth need brushing.

If you want your spawn to have a nice, clean set of fangs for the monsters ball, then buy this brush and be safe in the knowledge that you have just started your darlings on the path to avoiding dastardly dentists and novacaine.
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VINE VOICEon 19 August 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I got this for my 8 year old son who considered the idea of having an electric toothbrush of his own very cool. He'd previously used a manual toothbrush although, in the past, we've tried the battery operated ones and found them too cumbersome.

This unit is the perfect size for an 8 year old. It's comfortable for him to hold and the toothbrush head is ideal for a combination of permanent and milk teeth - I'd expect this to be suitable up to around 12 years when I imagine he'd move onto an adult toothbrush.

The Sonicare features a timer which gives a gentle beep every 30 seconds. The child is instructed to concentrate on one corner of their mouth at a time and therein lies a problem. I'm no dentist but it makes little sense to me for a child with a much smaller mouth than an adult to ultimately be expected to brush for two minutes - they find it boring.

Overall, however, a nicely made and designed toothbrush into which a lot of thought has gone. Well done Philips.
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on 29 July 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My little god-daughter loves her new 'grown-up' toothbrush. The stickers for personalising are a little limited but she settled on Tinkerbell once she realised she could change it later if she wished.

The rubber protected brush head is kind on small mouths and the lower power brushing for little ones is a great introduction, the vibrating rather than rotating of the brush head really does make it an easy move from a manual brush. The timer is fine and does help to keep small children focused ... and counting :)

The brushes apparently have reminder bristles which fade to show when they should be changed - this is a brilliant feature and one I plan to look out for on MY next toothbrush! However I was surprised that it doesn't include even a single replacement brush head and was about to take a star off for that miserlyness - until i checked and found they are only £5 for 4 and it's no biggy.
All in all I'd recommend it as a perfect starter "grown-up" brush
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