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on 3 December 2014
Router purchased in July 2014 and power supply failed in November 2014. Upon contacting TP-Link they pointed out that the warranty for the PSU is only 3 months!
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on 10 June 2013
Looking through previous reviews it really does seem as though this router either works marvellously or fails miserably and I really thought I was going to be in the initial camp, but things can never be that straight-forward. I bought the TD-W8970 to replace an ageing Netgear DG834G, which was solid as a rock but didn't provide the gigabit Ethernet or wireless N that can be used by the latest devices around the home (e.g. NAS, laptop, tablets, xbox, etc). Set-up was straight-forward and very soon I had data flying around the house like nobodies business, using both wired and wireless connections. Then (and I don't know if this is directly relevant or just a coincidence) a new firmware was released, which I updated to as soon as I noticed it. Things were still fine for a couple of weeks but then the router started refusing to connect to my internet provider (PlusNet), internal wired & wireless were still fine. As I work from home this was a major problem. After various reboots I was able to connect again, but by the following morning it had disappeared again. Something seemed to be happening overnight that was killing the connection.

Luckily the TD-W8970 is able to accept a WAN connection from other devices, so I was able to reconnect Netgear to accept the ADSL connection and then pipe that through the TP-Link, which can then send it throughout the house. Not an ideal solution and I would rather not have an additional device powered up, but it works (for the most part, the TP-Link still seems to die occasionally overnight and requires a reset to bring it back to life).

So, to summarise:
* Device management - 3/5
* ADSL connection - 1/5
* WAN connection - 5/5
* Wireless-N - 4/5
* Gigabit Ethernet - 4/5

I've not used the USB or printer facilities.
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on 27 March 2014
Previous trouble with wifi dropping out using an old belkin (who would have thought old electronics gets worn out) were completely corrected by plugging this in and spending 5 mins setting up.
No trouble since, it was a great buy and seems to give a strong signal.

If you are having trouble with wifi (especially on iPhones it seemed) buy this.
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on 16 June 2014
for around 40 quid this router is unbelievable. it can do adsl or dsl (cable/telephone line) as well as that its possible to plug in a usb internet dongle and it will use that connection as its wan connection. the two usb ports of the back mean u can plus in any usb stick or drive and the router share the contents as a NAS. the windows implementation of this isnt perfect tho. thats its one downside. however its perfect for my Sonos music system which suits me. it if possible to connect to the usb stick/drive from anywhere in the word as the router can also share this via FTP. infact as the windows implementation isnt good, i actually FTP into the stick/drive as a work-around. ive had it six months and its faultless.
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on 1 May 2014
I purchased two of these routers, due to the price, to replace an old ISP provided router and to upgrade the network infrastructure at home, the router itself is well packaged and comes with most things needed for a standard surface set-up, my first issue is with the power plug supplied I understand the cable is a standard length but a bit more would have been nice, also screws of the recommended size/thickness/type would have been welcome for wall mounting as the router has provisions for this but no screws with it.

The Set-up was simple to do with the CD-ROM and instructions provided, my Set-up was to use the first router as an ADSL modem/router to connect to the internet and service the first floor with WiFi and the second as a wireless access point to service the second floor and loft. After the set-up I noticed the WiFi signal covered the whole house as I wanted and had adequate hard wired Ethernet ports for any devices I would like to add later, this was set-up to service 8+ devices, including TV's, Desktops, Laptops and Smartphones.

All was working well until two hours after when the router providing internet access on the first floor froze and would not accept any access from the gateway, both Ethernet and WiFi, so after a hard reset (on/off switch) the router was working again but...... two hours later another freeze, this time I decided to wait until it would respond again but after an hour just hard reset it again to get it running. Every few hours, sometimes even 30 minutes after, the router would freeze. This was also the same the next day, woke up to a frozen network connection and decided to put my old router back instead as it was perfectly fine but did not have a few of the features this one has.

Now the reason as to why I have given it two stars as opposed to 0 is because the second one is functioning great as a wireless access point and has had no drop-outs/freezes so far, even with my old router connected. The gigabit Ethernet ports are also a bonus.

I also checked online to see if others have this problem and a simple Google search shows numerous posts about freezes on a variety of TP-Link routers so I will not be purchasing another TP-Link this time as I do not want the hassle of returning another one after this and will return and replace for a Billion router however I will try them again in future if newer models are improved as it has potential.

hope this helps you make your decision!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I got this router thinking it would be better than my existing one for coverage, but the performance has been almost exactly the same- no better, no worse.

Normal ADSL set-up on this was as straightforward as the set-up on the Cisco had been. The pre-loading of a bunch of default ISP information was a nice touch, but the time that saved was fairly negligible.

My existing Cisco router, which has no external aerial, doesn't adequately cover the room furthest from the phone point. After a bit of faffing about I found that despite the three professional-looking aerials, and the big fuss that the product description made about coverage, the reception I got was pretty much the same. The house isn't all that big, and the phones aren't made out of anything unusual, it just involves a couple of corners, perhaps one corner too many.

I'd originally paid 20 pounds more for the Cisco than this router is currently priced at, so if it had been an either/or situation, I should have perhaps gone for this one purely based on price.

So my Heath Robinson backup plan was to put my old router back in its place, and plug into it a long Ethernet cable I just happened to have, which stretches half the house, so I could set up a wireless point nearer the room in question. After a lot of fiddling, spread over several days, I managed to completely fail to get this to work. This router couldn't seem to cope with the fact that (it's default) was already in use. Plugging it in as a glorified 3-port hub should have been very simple, except that doing so seemed to disable the wireless on my Cisco router. This was decidedly an "off manual" problem and it ended up being a series of consecutive headaches, including the router hanging a couple of times and needing to be reset, compounded by the classic problem that the answers to every solution would be found on the internet, yet the internet was the very thing I couldn't actually connect to.

There's no instruction manual to speak of, but 3" CD-ROM has a Windows-only installation system which is based largely on a Flash slideshow showing you which plug to plug in where. If you like the Ikea style of manual- lots of bold lines and no words- you'll be happy with this. If you're already quite savvy, you'll end up thinking, "oh just get on with it". Mac and Linux users are directed to the website instead.

Looking under the hood, logging into the router via a browser, shows a lot of extra features. Parent control allows you to block certain connections at certain times of day. There are controls for bandwidth limitations, and plenty of options for FTP, media and print server configuration, as well as all the industry-standard port forwarding stuff you'd expect. Compared to some other routers, the fact that the USB ports have built-in support for NTFS and FAT32 is a bonus.

The "run the CD first" sticker that was placed covering the ethernet ports didn't peel off properly, leaving me picking tiny bits of sticky paper out of the ports before I could get on with plugging anything in... a very minor thing, but one of those "didn't anybody think about this?" moments.

As a first ADSL router, or if you're upgrading from something incredibly old or broken, I'd recommend this as a decent choice. If you're upgrading from a router that's already half-decent, and looking for something more high-end, I'm not so sure.
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on 22 July 2014
This review is for the TP-Link TD-W8970. Amazon seem to have the reviews confused between the various TP-Link routers, so be careful how you read these reviews.
It looked a breeze to install, from the instructions. As it says (for those not running Windoze), just send your web browser to and follow the simple setup. Except that it didn't say it wouldn't work in Opera. Once I had figured that out, it was very straightforward (Firefox is fine). The web interface is good. It was easy to set up port forwarding for my web server and for ssh. Wireless speeds downstairs and through a thick stone wall to my laptop are reported as up to 150 Mbps (cf 18 Kbps for my previous wireless-G router).
It has all I can think I would need for a home network of two or three static PCs, including one web & email server, and a number of wireless devices. And it is quick. Previous routers I have owned have suffered from slow internal connections (Netgear), inability to cope with using the static IP assigned by my ISP (D-Link) - only being able to manage 192.168... connections to internal devices (that's a nuisance when you're on a laptop which sometimes is on another network), or limited port forwarding abilities (Belkin). I have always had a niggle about any router I have owned - until now.

Let's hope the lightning doesn't get this one too quickly.

Ordered Sunday, standard delivery, arrived Tuesday (wasn't expected for a week!).
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on 27 May 2014
Amazing range of configuration available, though the online help/manual doesn't really give much of a clue about HOW to set up various parameters - you'd just be expected to know. That said, if you just plug it in and run the configuration wizard, it is a breeze to set up.
Running a portscan from the external side with config out of the box appears to have all ports closed (as you'd hope, to secure your home) with the exception of port 25 (SMTP which seems to perhaps be an unconfigured forward - getting no route to host, rather than timeout on connect).
All in all, very happy.
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on 3 May 2015
I bought this to replace an ageing BT Home Hub 2, which would drop out at least twice every day and had become a real pain. I was a bit overwhelmed at the choice on the market as a replacement, but quickly learned that many of these high performing wi-fi hubs are aimed at high speed fibre and cable users, which was no good for me as I have a basic phone line broadband connection. This appeared to be a good choice and it hasn't disappointed. It was dead easy to set up using the install cd, and despite the instructions suggesting you gather some info about you connection type and VPN/VPI (which set me off trying to find this info) the setup actually defaults to the required info as soon as you select your isp from the drop down list. So the set up took just a couple of minutes and the performance is really good. We have a PC connected directly by Ethernet and an Xbox, sky and Amazon TV connected by Ethernet via power line adapters. We also have a family of smart phones and tablets all using the wifi. Performance so far is great, with a strong signal all over our three storey house, and as yet, the router has not yet dropped out. So all in all, it's a brilliant device for our needs and has ticked all the boxes.
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on 25 February 2014
Started of great. Easy to setup with my ISP (Plusnet).
Just be sure to have your ISP User Name and Password at hand.
I certainly noticed much better Wi-Fi range around house compared. Well its what you would expect from three large external antennas.

Unfortunately within a month is pretty much failed.
The connection kept dropping making simple web browsing incredibly frustrating and things like iPlayer impossible.

Amazon were great and organised a swap out.
Decided to give another one a try as when it had worked it worked well.
Hopefully was just a one off and a bad unit/batch. Amazon reviews do indicate other people having similar issue as well.
What would be useful to know is actual % failure/return rate, a shame nobody publishes them.

Some I spent some time trouble shooting...
- connected directly to BT Master test socket to rule out any internal wiring problems.
- Factory re-set and performed a firmware upgrade via TP link site.
- Swapped out micro filters.

Short of calling my ISP thinking it was an external line issue.
I tried my original original PlusNet ISP Router and hey presto. All working fine.
Glad I didn't waste time raising a support case with them!
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