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on 3 December 2014
Router purchased in July 2014 and power supply failed in November 2014. Upon contacting TP-Link they pointed out that the warranty for the PSU is only 3 months!
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on 15 May 2014
I purchased this modem router to replace the one provided by my ISP and the difference is amazing. The whole house (old, large with stone walls) and garden are now Wi-Fi accessible. Netflix and Amazon Prime would often freeze or fail to load at all with the previous router but now they are both up and running with no interruptions and with excellent signal and picture quality.
I was dreading setting up a new router fearing I would end up with no internet connection at all. I needn't have worried.
I simply followed the instructions on the set up disc and everything was so easy; up and running in a matter of minutes.
I would have liked the mains adapter power and connection leads to have been longer but this probably won't be a problem for most people. This TP-Link Wireless Modem Router with its outer plastic case is solid and well made and with its shiny black finish and green indicator lights gives an impression of quality which certainly looks good on my telephone table.
With its variety of connections, excellent performance, classy looks and build quality I doubt very much if this modem / router could be bettered for anywhere near its present asking price. Excellent!
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on 27 March 2014
Previous trouble with wifi dropping out using an old belkin (who would have thought old electronics gets worn out) were completely corrected by plugging this in and spending 5 mins setting up.
No trouble since, it was a great buy and seems to give a strong signal.

If you are having trouble with wifi (especially on iPhones it seemed) buy this.
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on 10 June 2013
Looking through previous reviews it really does seem as though this router either works marvellously or fails miserably and I really thought I was going to be in the initial camp, but things can never be that straight-forward. I bought the TD-W8970 to replace an ageing Netgear DG834G, which was solid as a rock but didn't provide the gigabit Ethernet or wireless N that can be used by the latest devices around the home (e.g. NAS, laptop, tablets, xbox, etc). Set-up was straight-forward and very soon I had data flying around the house like nobodies business, using both wired and wireless connections. Then (and I don't know if this is directly relevant or just a coincidence) a new firmware was released, which I updated to as soon as I noticed it. Things were still fine for a couple of weeks but then the router started refusing to connect to my internet provider (PlusNet), internal wired & wireless were still fine. As I work from home this was a major problem. After various reboots I was able to connect again, but by the following morning it had disappeared again. Something seemed to be happening overnight that was killing the connection.

Luckily the TD-W8970 is able to accept a WAN connection from other devices, so I was able to reconnect Netgear to accept the ADSL connection and then pipe that through the TP-Link, which can then send it throughout the house. Not an ideal solution and I would rather not have an additional device powered up, but it works (for the most part, the TP-Link still seems to die occasionally overnight and requires a reset to bring it back to life).

So, to summarise:
* Device management - 3/5
* ADSL connection - 1/5
* WAN connection - 5/5
* Wireless-N - 4/5
* Gigabit Ethernet - 4/5

I've not used the USB or printer facilities.
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on 25 January 2016
This is a review where it has been in use over a year.

I am using this with an ADSL+ Connection. Have the latest firmware and have it plugged into a gigabit network.

What I have noticed:

Is much slower sometimes to synchronise than my other modems (I have a collection that I've gathered over the last 5 years !) on the dsl connection.
I've noticed that sometimes I have to plug out the LAN and turn off the Wifi - before it syncs the DSL.
Other times it can take up to 30 mins to get back into business - when even the providers modems will synch the lines virtually immediately.

Also it can happily work for up up to two weeks and then suddenly have problems where I have to reset it as per above.

My own hunch is that it is overloaded with the many devices running on the home network - (2 NAS Servers, 10 Wemo devices, 4 PCs, 3 Tablets, 2 Phones, Xbox One, Wii, Some mini routers and Home plugs - and also a couple of media players - raspberry pi's,chromecast etc etc..).
So what I would say is that if you have a modern enough home network - with lots of devices running - I would reconsider using this as your main router.
Sometimes over the past few months I see cases where it says that a device is connected - ip address etc. assigned.
- however (especially with the wireless devices) they simply freeze up when assessing the internet. Again the soln is to reset it - with less load.

The USB printer server - needs some awkward to use TP-Link software running on your PC.

In its favour I find that its range is quite good and the gigabit lan ports work great.
If you have a small home network (10 or less devices - you might find this ticks all the boxes).

My plan is to keep this in commission as a wireless router only for a subset of the home devices and see how it gets on.
I'll post back as to how it behaves :-)
(I don't want to be unfair - so I am going to give it a second chance with less load on it)

Just to update people - with my new improved network - and a lower load on the router - this is working really well (in bridged/wan mode).
So if you want something with less that 8 wireless clients and a couple of desktop/lan connections then i would recommend this as a low cost upgrade which will work better than most of the ones you get free with your service.
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on 14 March 2014
Had this running for over 2 months now and it hasn't needed a reboot. It works great on my BT connection, I used it to replace an old HomeHUB as I wanted more control, in particular the Parental control options as my kids are getting to the age of discovering youtube and google. While the controls are not perfect they offer more than the homehub and because they are controlled by mac address (machine address) you can put limit restrictions to certain devices in the house only. Performance is very good, range is SO-SO, not as good as I expected from a router with 3 antennas but its ok. I also have a access point upstairs which I use for phones/tablets as the signal from upstairs to the router downstairs especially from mobile phones/tablets is never that great. Overall I'm very pleased and I sent a lot of traffic through the built in gigabit port which seems to handle it with ease and doesn't need a reboot after a lot of traffic unlike my old homehub2.
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on 4 February 2013
I bought this as an 'upgrade' to my old Netgear DG834G v5 in the hope of a better WIFI range. First problem was watching Netflix - constant stuttering. Pingtest results showed an increase in ping - 40ms, whereas on the old router I was getting 15ms. The website rated my connection as B-, on the Netgear it was A. WIFI range is worse despite this being wireless N... I also tested my PS3 (wired) and there was a noticeable increase in lag with online gaming and the connection to PSN was lost on two occasions.
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on 11 August 2014
The Modem/Router itself is a breeze to set up but that praise comes with some deal breaking caveats!
Firstly the TP website is never online it is always "can't find the server at" or "", this alone is a deal breaker for me as I can't download updates, or fixes or software for the unit. It really isn't the best advertisement for a company that sells modems/routers etc.

The software that comes packaged with the unit is a micro disc (not usb stick) so if you cant use the disc you are in a catch 22, because as mentioned the website is always 'broken', and you can not download the cd contents from their website as it states in the blurb.

I did access the micro cd contents and so far the print utility/print server doesn't install correctly, tried 4 different machines all same problem. The help files suggest downloading directly from TP, yup back to square one regarding that idea..

I expected to be hunting around for drivers and fiddling with router/modems back in 2001 but this is 2014 I don't expect to have to spend 3-4 hours setting up this kind of unit. So it is going back. Would I recommend it? No. How can you recommend a product that doesn't have proper online support. A quick google of "tp-link website down" will reveal all.
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on 2 October 2015
Very easy to set up, it took me a minute or so to get it working. Wireless coverage compared to my old Netgear router is considerably better, which means I have wireless all over the house and don't need a range extender.

Of great use are the two USB ports which I have configured as a print server (which allows you to plug a non-network printer into the router and effectively turn it into a network printer) and also I have a portable hard drive which acts as a basic NAS box.

This router is reliable, connects quickly and I highly recommend it.
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on 28 July 2015
I purchased this product because it was the only one with gigabit switch on the back but other features are not working very well, it needs to be rebooted every so often as TTL function not working well and some other issues like it doesn't like other wireless stations as repeater I guess it wants them to be TP-Link as well?? I have 2 other netgear modems and I put them on the grid as wireless repeaters but they drop out frequently, then I have to reboot the TP Link.
So to say the lease I am a little disappointed with my purchase, my next modem-router will definitely be netgear (when the bring out modem with gigaswitch) or Cisco if I can afford it.
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