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4.1 out of 5 stars52
4.1 out of 5 stars
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a nice, compact set, for trimming, shaving and removing body hair. Neatly packed, it contains one handset, a choice of 2 heads - one for shaving, the other for depilation. A selection of guards are designed to fit the appropriate head, so its not possible to fit the wrong guard to the wrong head.

First you have to charge the rechargable batteries in the handset for an hour with the plug and lead provided; there is an indicator light which tells you when its fully charged. 1 month later with light use the initial charge is still going strong.

You are advised to use the exfoliator brush supplied 24 hours in advance of depilation. I loved the exfoliator brush, its pretty and feminine with a plastic crystal on top to fit over the fingers and give you a good grip. I will probably use this more than anything else. I do not plan my hair removal sessions 24 hours in advance though, and I don't think pre-exfoliation really makes much difference to how well the epilator works.

I tried the epilator first. The massage guard was quite easy to fit, although since it has rather flimsy moving bars I managed to disconnect one, but this was easily put back into place. I didn't even notice any massaging effect. The epilator has to be held at right angles to the surface of the skin and worked very well although I did go over the surface of my legs a couple of times to make sure I got all the hairs. A word of caution though, the epilator head has moving blades, don't press too hard. I didn't keep the handset upright as I negotiated a tricky turn round the outside of my knee and ended up nicking the skin. After initial reservations, mainly based on the fact that I'd never used an epilator before, I find I'm using it exclusively, rather than wax or razors, because its so convenient and works really well.

The razor head has a foil guard and works very well, much like other ladies razors.

There are two more guards, one for protecting areas like the bikini line and one for trimming hair. How you use this third one isn't clear and this leads me to the instructions...

Philips makes very decent kit, so I don't understand why they keep ruining it with pathetically inadequate instructions. You get one small page of pictures with this kit and a few hints on the box. Compared to pages of printed warranty in all languages. From the pictures and the box I worked out how to use the heads and 2 out of 3 of the guards, but it did detract from the experience.

Finally there is a little cream plastic bag in which to keep your razor, heads and guards and the little brush for cleaning them. Its a nice set, but as I said before be prepared to work much of it out for yourself. And take care when using the epilator.

Update: I did find instructions on Philips' webpage here, but presumably they were too big to fit in the package:-;jsessionid=8C89B807C30FA44806DFE13783A097AE.app121-drp2?t=support#lightbox_setheight;504
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
What I love about Philips is their consistency with quality. This SatinSoft total body epilator is no exception and this must be the fourth or fifth Philips epilator I've used. There aren't a huge number of differences between this model and the last and I do think that Philips try and cram a bit too much in to what is essentially a great stand-alone device. Personally don't bother using the body brush that you get with it and the extra attachment heads could be quite handy. But the main plus for me is that it epilates superbly to the point where once a month is sufficient for me not to worry even in summer. I find that it doesn't shave as well as it epilates, having said that it still does a good job of it even in the shower. My only real gripe is that you need to plug it in and wait for it to charge. What I preferred about previous models of Philips epilators is that you could plug it in, switch it on and use. I find the rechargeable part a faff, but I suppose that's because of the wet/dry mechanism. I like the fact that the plug attachment is for a normal mains plug use rather than a shaving point attachment, as some other brands only include a shaving plug attachment and not a mains one. Buy this is you want a robust, good quality epilator that will last.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Over the years I have owned several epilators and even now I still look at them with dread, sensing the pain they will cause me. I have been pleasantly surprised at how painless Philips SatinSoft has been.

It comes with all the standard attachments for epilation, trimming and shaving of body hair, as well as 3 plastic protectors. An added touch is a round body brush with a handle, which is supposed help with dealing with ingrown hair. Personally I have not tried it as I suffer with keratosis pilaris and body brushing exacerbates my condition.

The Philips SatinSoft needs around 1 hour to charge and a full charge gives you 30 min battery life of cordless operation. The epilator is a nice ergonomic shape and lighter than other ones I've owned, making for added control during shaving. The switch on button has two speed settings too. It can be used both for dry and wet epilation. Personally I find this to be a very practical advantage. What's more this product works amazingly well at removing body hair with minimal pain. I would go as far as to say this is the most painless epilator I have owned.

One area that this product lacks is good comprehensive instructions. Anyone who has already owned an epilator will probably not mind that. However a first time user of epilators might want to look up online videos demonstrating the functions of the various attachments included in the pack.

Overall I really like this epilator as it is practical and as painless as they come.
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VINE VOICEon 23 June 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have never used one of these before, so I was a little sceptical on using!

The instructions, or rather lack of, where not exactly reassuring for me either! I have to say, I was a little overwhelmed with the attachments, what is best and how to useand it is a shame the instructions didn't really help especially with a first time user like me.

I have tried a few of the different heads but to be honest the teeth on its own is best. I am going to be honest and say it was quite sore, I had no idea it would b painful, naively thinking it was like an oversized razor type thing but please be aware there will be pain. Having said that though, its not too bad and you get used to it after a while.

I made the mistake of using it dry, i didn't like it. Use in the shower as it can be used wet or dry and wet is best i thought for both results and pain. I have only used on my legs at the moment as my underarms are very sensitive but you can use there and bikini line too which is handy to have an all rounder.

Overall, great price for what it does and you get a fair few heads, an exfoliater brush, and carry bag so great for a set. Good results just make yourself ready for a little pain, no pain no gain eh?!?

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on 23 May 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have had many epilators over the years so I can say I am getting to be a bit of an expert (and less hairy too- the good side effect of epilating being the regrowth gets less and less with time!)
Anyways, This is a lovely looking and what I would class as a "comprehensive" epislator. In that I mean one that covers wet and dry, shaving and epilating. So all your hair removal needs in one I guess.
I have never needed to have a waterproof hair removal device but it is quite nice having this option.
Pain - Peronally I find this one of the most comfortable epilators out there. Another brand I have used is effective but more painful, but I guess everyone has different preferences and pain thresholds.
Underarms - this is always more painful, and not too bad using this. I don't use the special cap for this but newbie epilators might want to.
Very easy to use, and to switch between different heads. The one thing I would like Philips to adopt is to consider adding on a light source in future models like some other brands have which does make it that little bit easier to get rid of those pesky last few hairs that are short or hiding....
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VINE VOICEon 12 June 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I love the fact that you can use it in the shower but when I used it in the shower (& I must add it was just as painful as outside the water) , using it in the water (when your skin is at its most sensitive) made my skin come out in a rash for 1-2 hours.
Other than that, it does take the hairs out very well, even short hairs. It seems very good at gripping the hairs.
It does rotate faster, thus leading to quicker results (as promised in the description).

it is quite light & soft to hold & easy to work with. I prefer the shape of it as it holds better for my small hands.

it also has a shaving attachment which makes it ideal for cutting the hairs shorter if needed prior to epilating (NEVER EVER ATTEMPT TO EPILATE LONG HAIRS!

It has 2 speed settings, & charges quite quickly (within 1 hour) & gives roughly about 40 minutes of cordless epilation).
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The problem with ALL epilators is they leave your legs bumpy. There's just no getting away from bumby red and blotchy legs. At the end of the day the idea is it's a time saver. You epilate your legs and then that's you for far longer than a shave will do. The trouble is shaving leaves me smooth, blotch free and without any pain. I've tried this using warm water, cold water, special gels, and I've tried lots of epilators ... I try one every couple of years in the vain hope things have improved drastically. Nope. It's always the same for me. My husband remarks the same about electric razors. He tries them every so often but always goes back to a good old wet razor.

So sorry to report folks .... Nothing new here for newbie's or the hopeful. Unless you already use an epilator and need a new one nothing has changed sufficiently for me to recommend buying one. Which is a shame as this one is quite a bargain !
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on 13 September 2013
An excellent product works well in either wet or dry but I found it doesn't hurt as much when used wet I highly recommend as having used razors and waxing also I got better results from the epilator it also means less cuts and razor burn lol :)
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
What you get is a display box containing the shaver, mains adapter, buffing brush, a little cleaning brush, shaving and epilating heads, and a range of attachments to shave to a specific hair length, or epilate a specific area. The shaver is small and light - it would fit easily into a small handbag. It runs on batteries that are charged via a mains adapter. The adapter has a very long flex, so you can shave and charge and the same time. It comes with a little white drawstring pouch, too, which is handy for storage and travelling.

The shaver works very well, and gives a smooth finish. With one of the comb attachments added, you can trim hair to an even length. The power button has two speed settings, but I could see little point in the low setting for shaving.

To use the device for epilating, just remove the shaving head and snap-on the epilating head. The head only fits on one way, which is fine, but a label on it to show this would be useful. It's an effective epilator, so says my wife, who tested it for this review. It looks a fearsome device when the epilator head is rotating, but if you follow the instructions in the pack, it's not as nasty as it appears. As with shaving, the finish is smooth, though with the epilating head, the shaver does make quite a noise. It works in dry conditions, but it also works in the wet (shower), which is handy as the shaver does not collect stubble. One obvious thing missing from the pack is a moisturiser, which is essential after epilating.

There are very few instructions in the pack - they are just printed on the box - and they explain very much. I would have appreciated a nice pictorial step-by-step leaflet, showing how to epilate correctly, and especially about epilating with the different attachments. I had a pre-launch product pack to review, so maybe the instructions in the pack you buy will be better. Overall though, it's a very nice little product. Compact, efficient and good-looking.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Philips Satin Soft HP6522/01 Wet/Dry Epilator with Skin Care System with Shaving Attachment and Exfoliation brush for me was perfect for my hair removing needs.
I was pleased enough with the actual results from the shaving head and the actual epilator, plus you could change the speed with a small press of the button. For me though I wish these two speeds were easier to distinguish as there is only one small button to press and release to get the two speeds, therefore for me I found this to be a bit of a let-down. That is my own personal opinion and what would annoy me might not annoy anyone else. When you first turn your device on you will get Speed II as this is the fastest speed this is highly recommended for the epilation, as epilation is said to get better results at a faster speed. When your device is immediately turned on, to receive Speed I all you have to do is press the button once again, and if you press the button once more your device will be turned off.
The epilator does work very well and for me it is pain free, but as the hairs on my legs are very fine would lessen the pain process. One plus for me with the epilator while I was using the epilator I had a bath towel around me and of course the Philips epilator got caught in a small edge of the towel, the device is fitted with a safety device and it immediately flashed a red light just below the on/off button and switched itself off until I removed the piece of material. It worked fine once I removed the piece of material and immediately went back to removing the unwanted hairs.
One advantage when considering this particular model for purchasing is a massaging cap is included which did work very well and seemed to make the actual process of removing the hair an easier chore as the actual massaging from the cap seemed to relax my skin. If you are new to epilation I would also recommend using the massaging cap as it really does lessen the pain as it relaxes your skin. I have to say the removal of longer hairs using the epilator is where the pain is more intense, I would recommend you use the trimmer cap on the shaver before proceeding to using the epilator.
I also like the brush which is included in the package and I used this thoroughly 24 hours before as advised and then once again just before starting the actual removal of hair, I do believe this would be one solution for removing the problem of ingrown hairs plus it is recommended using a brush over your skin specially around the thigh area. I do remember reading an article that using a dry brush like this one on dry skin is said to lessen cellulite which is an extra bonus for me. I really did like how my skin felt and looked after using the brush thoroughly over my skin, then using the epilator after 24 hours plus using moisturiser as recommended by the makers.
I would highly recommend you would follow the instructions laid out by the makers, though I do have to admit there was only a brief instruction leaflet plus a few brief points on the actual box the product came in. I did find more instructions when I did do a search of it through internet but as I received my device through vine maybe these will be included in later models. I would advise though to actually hold your device at the 90o degree angle as it will give you a closer shave or epilation. When I was using the shaver in the shower I did find using a very small lather of shower gel did give me a better shave especially under my arms though to be honest I found when doing my legs I found it give me a closer shave if I proceed using the device in a dry environment.
The actual device weighs 132grams/4 ounces which would make it very handy for going on holiday; a full hour on the charge will charge your device fully which would be sufficient charge for your holiday. It fitted neatly in my hand and I would consider the ideal shaver/epilator to take on holidays as it would fit neatly in the corner of a bag.
Philips when designing this new package has really thought of every need us ladies like when treating our skin and looking after ourselves which for me makes the Philips Satin Soft Wet & Dry Shaver and Epilator a really good buy as if you do follow the makers of the product instructions you will have nice Satin Soft Skin which we all like especially coming into the summer.
(If you need more thorough instructions please go to Philips on web site they have two detailed documents to download which I found extremely helpful)
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