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on 15 November 2012
The Philips HP6581 Satin Perfect Wet and Dry epilator combines stylish design with functional technology into a perfect product - Actually, there are two epilators: the big and the small one. In addition, it comes with a shave and a massage attachment, tweezers (with mirrow and light) , and a small storage bag.

Regarding the big epilator : the wide head makes the epilation quite fast and the ceramics discs make it quite painless. Epilation always hurts a little bit, but this one hurts less in comparison to other epilators I had. I've tried the massage attachment , and I really like to use it on my legs after I epilate. I've tried as well the shaving function, and it did it really well ,just as it should be.
Regarding the small Epilator: it is thin and long , so it can easily reach difficult spots in the bikini area. Even it has few tweezers , this is good especially for such places !!. I also use this little one for other sensitive areas like the armpits. I wouldn't use it though for the lip area , here I'd recommend the included, really good illuminated tweezers , that comes in the set. These are the best tweezers I've ever tried.

General comments: The Philips Epilator HP6581 Satin Perfect Wet and Dry is like the name suggests, to be used cordless in the shower. The battery life is about 40 minutes , which is more than enough.
Conclusion: Philips brought a really good product bundle to the market , of an outstanding quality and ease to use. Also at a reasonable price, when you think you get a first class gadget with a lot of extras, including an additional small epilator which I cant live without, now .
Deserves 5 stars.
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on 7 September 2012
I have never used an epilator before so can't compare it to others, however, I do like it. It doesn't hurt on my legs, just pinches, it hurts a little on my bikini area and hurts more on my underarms but is just about bearable. The shaver attachment is really good and obviously doesn't hurt. It is so quick and easy to use the shaver as opposed to wet shaving in the shower with a razor. It doesn't leave me with a rash as the wet razor used to (for the epilator or shaver). I have only used it dry so far. The small epilator is good for the bikini area and underarms. This has two disposable batteries in which come with the product, whereas the main unit is rechargeable. It fits into a normal socket for recharging and does this within the hour. I have used all the attachments apart from one which I have no idea what it is for and I can't seem to find it in the instructions. And, talking about instructions, these are very complicated to me as they are only in pictures and have no words at all! The light on the epilator is really good and shows up all the hairs as you go. The tweezers with the light on are also good. I have only given it four stars because of the instructions and the attachment that I've no idea what to do with! So, overall I like it and it leaves a smooth finish (with either the epilator or shaver) and is easy and quick to use.
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on 30 November 2015
Broke just right after the guarantee expired...
I had the same problem as mentioned in another review; a crack that appeared all of a sudden on the top of the power button in the enamel. though i did look after it properly, and it never fell. Then one day while using it under the shower it showed the battery is dead...waited around 4H before charging it. But after 2-3 H of charging of still did not work, and did not see the dead battery light turn up either. So i left it on charging again for half a day...still not working.
If you are in the same situation make sure to call the Philips cs, and don t wait (as I did as i thought online shopping now nothing could be done).
You have 2 years guarantee with Philips and can still be exchanged if it is 2 and HALF year old. I was just 2 months late so nothing could be done-and was said to be TOO OLD. The Precision epilator is working fine. I was very disappointed as i had not been using it that frequently.
As far as the pain is did not become less with time and am having the ingrowth hair problem too. I had liked the wide head.
Anyways I am now going for another make....
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on 25 November 2013
Well I was sceptical about this, but the reviews were good so I thought I'd give it a try. I tried an epilator years ago, possibly the first braun, it was so painful, I can re-call being determined to give it a go, and swigging whisky to numb me and the pain! Imagine my surprise when I put this over my legs, and did not hurt in the least, just a little tingly here and there. Now I have strong dark hair, and go for a full leg and bikini wax every 6-8 weeks. It has to grow back through, get to that itchy stage and get long enough to wax. I had a wax about 3 weeks before trying the SatinPerfect Deluxe, and my legs were itchy, it was great, it grabbed all the little hairs coming through, and returned my legs to that just waxed feel. Now I am running this over my legs about once a week to keep them smooth. So it is probably best to start using this on previously waxed legs, and just use the epilator when you feel the hairs there. Hairs grow at different stages, so you will need to use regularly to keep super smooth. But it is quick and painless. I prefer to use mine on dry legs, tried it once in the shower but found it a little slippy. I also used the mini epilator for the bikini area, again really good, no pain. Long term I will save so much money, by not having to visit the saloon anymore. Tried to do under my arms, and that was more painful, but my fault as the hairs were longer, I will shave first, then start to use the epilator as the hairs re-grow. I usually can't be bothered to write reviews, but this has been the best buy. I will take it with me on holiday as all stored in a compact pouch. First time ever, I can remain hair free,and have no rashes, perfect!
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on 29 August 2015
I am totally annoyed with this product. Or more to the point with Philips. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!
It all started off really well, lovely finish, one of the best I've ever owned, until 18 months later it packs up. There's no given reason why, just stops working. I was always so very careful with it. Even though it was a wet n' dry one, I always made sure it was dried off well after use. I stored it properly. It was never dropped. Then it just stopped!!!! For the price, I am absolutely fuming. I would have rather spent my money on a cheaper one, knowing it wasn't going to last than spend a small fortune on one that lasted just as long.
My advise to you DO NOT BUY.... Do not waste your money... Go for a different make... AVOID AT ALL COST !!!
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on 6 March 2014
It is a bit of a disappointment, after almost 6 months of use, I can definitely say that I'll stick to Braun next time. It tears hairs, they grow inwards more than with the old Braun. The light is ridiculous, because it creates an unpleasant reflection on the skin, preventing you from seeing properly...that's if you can tolerate the glare of it strait in your eyes when you try to look closely at what you're doing. The battery is not bad, you can easily do your legs twice without recharging. The small epilator is good. The tweezers are not good either, they cut through the hairs if you squeeze a bit harder. Again the attached light might seem a good idea, but is actually not helpful much. Altogether I expected quite a lot more for the price.
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on 24 July 2014
I bought this epilator a month or two ago, but didn't want to review it here until I had had time to use it regularly, and form a proper opinion.
I am used to epilating, so I knew what to expect in terms of pain levels, and I find this epilator really good on that score - I hardly feel a thing on my legs, but then I do 'do' them every other day. It is good at getting the small hairs, although do I always complete my routine by going over my legs lightly with a 'silky-mitt' 'type exfoliating pad after de-fuzzing anyway, to get them really mooth before slathering them with body lotion.

The mini-epilator that comes with it is gentler, but is not rechargeable: it works off AA batteries (sadly, non-rechargable type only). When the batteries are new, it is quite efficient (not so much as the bigger one though), and it is very good for small and sensitive / delicate areas. However, its performance drops significantly as the battery level drops - and unfortunately the battery power drops quite quickly with this little epilator. Nevertheless, I'm glad I have it, for my bikini line and facial areas particularly. I've given up using it on my underarms, as it seems a wee bit 'overfaced' by the tough hair there (in that it works very hard and the batteries go down quickly), and anyway, I can happily cope with the slightly higher pain of using the main epilator under my arms, so long as I do them very regularly. The little one would be useful, I think, to take for a weekeng away for a quick 'going over', as it is more 'packable' than the main epilator and doesn't need the charger. Oh, the big epilator seems to maintain its charge very well: I use it every other day, I've had it about 3 weeks, and I've only had to recharge it 3 times since the initial one, I think.

The tweezers that come with them are not the best I've used in terms of gripping the hair - although they're by no means bad. The built in light does help me see fine, blonde eyebrow hairs pretty well though, so I am probably a bit more thorough at properly 'clearing the area' when I use these than I am with my better-gripping, but unilluminated, precision tweezers. The light also makes them useful for seeing and removing the odd tiny hair the big epilator leaves on my legs.

All in all, I'm very pleased with my purchase, and think I chose well.
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on 30 August 2013
This will not be a long review as I am writing in my phone. All I can say is I could not be more impressed by this product. I did some serious research before buying and this stood head and shoulders above the rest. I have very thick course hair and have shaved for years. I also have an extremely low pain threshold. I've historically found waxing so painful that I have felt quite violated and have had an anxiety of the waxing table that one would normally associate with the dentists chair.

I managed to do my legs, underarm and - my bikini line with really cery little pain the first time. By the second time I was due to remove my again it was so fast and painless that I complteted the whole job in the time it took for my face masque to sink in. It was ridiculously quick. I simply can't believe how much money I have wasted on attempts at waxing, expensive shaving heads and hair removal products. This is just simply brilliant value. The only plus is if I had not waited I probably would not have something as good.

I must mention that the little shaver for sensitive areas is simply excellent and great to pop in your bag for trips, while the wider head on the ordinary one makes it really very fast to use when you are at home.

One last thing - I had a close-up look at lots of other shavers and to me this seemed the most comfortable in the hand, the nicest weight and by far the most attractive!

Happy hunting!
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on 12 March 2013
(Mrs. Welch here, not Gary Welch, by the way!) I'd like to recommend this epilator for a number of reasons. But first, let me say that if you're an epilation 'virgin' and you choose this epilator first, you're not gaining the gist of what the rest of us veterans of epilation are comparing this product with. If you go in 'virgin', long hairs and all, you're going to get so much pain, you'll think the rest of us are nuts. So allow me to suggest that you go and get professionally waxed first, then let the very first of a fine stubble grow and THEN start epilating on a regular basis to maintain the smoothness. Otherwise, if you go in 'virgin' you're going to experience a level of pain you're unprepared for and, consequently won't realize that you've bought a superior product in the Philips HP6581/00. This is the way epilators generally work: once the hairs are at a slow grow back pattern, you keep nipping them in the bud so to speak, which keeps you smooth and makes the process a LOT LESS painful. The more you use it, the fewer hairs you have and you will feel very little pain at all. I promise - and this is from the perspective of a woman who has thick, stubborn Mediterranean hairs, not fine ones.

The main epilator: Okay, now for those who are epilation veterans, this thing is freaking awesome! I used to have the old Philips - can't remember the model number, but it's the lavender one that came out many years ago. I already loved that model for its ceramic surface on the rotating head which is MUCH better than the other epilators where metal is used. After buying two of those over several years because of hard use, wear and tear, I was hesitant to move on and didn't know which model to go with.

Well this HP6581/00 retains that ceramic surface, which is great. But its ability to be used in the shower or bath is what makes it that much more comfortable to use, and therefore a superior product. If any of you have had a lazy spell where you waited a bit too long between epilation sessions and were fearing having to endure pain because of longer hair, using this epilator in the shower reduces the pain by at least 70% in my opinion. I let my leg hairs grow out ridiculously during a period where I was ill and felt so little pain while using this gadget in the shower that I was amazed. Also, the emergency stop feature in this model is a great safety valve for if the epilator catches something it shouldn't. For general information, I use this epilator on my legs, arms, pits, and (very carefully) my entire bikini area(yes, hoo-hoo and all). But if you try this, GO SLOW and be very careful. The 'light' featured on this epilator doesn't really do much for me, but it could have something to do with the fact that I'm using it in the shower, which obscures the light with all that water, or it could be because my skin is dark and my hairs are dark so it may not illuminate the hairs that well. Anyway, the light feature is neither here nor there for me - it does work nicely on the tweezers included in the kit though (scroll down for that part of the review).

Okay, so now the reason I've given this product 4 stars is because I did get a faulty one which stopped charging properly after about four months. The highlight, however is that Philips gave me ZERO problems, discussed the issue with me (also told me that they'd had very few complaints at all about this model)and sent me a replacement in less than a week. Great customer service from Philips.

Now onto the accessories with this Philips HP6581/00:

The small, battery operated epilator included in this package is a lifesaver if you want to travel light over a weekend and was really a lifesaver while I was waiting for my replacement of the main epilator. It doesn't have ceramic surfacing on the rotating head - it's metal - but still, it works well in a pinch or for smaller areas that you want to epilate.

The shaver attachment is okay for a quick shave when you're on the run and a few random hairs need to go fast, or if you want to cover a large area quickly with shaving. Like all shavers, it doesn't leave my skin absolutely smooth to the touch the way a good epilation session does, but again, it's good in a pinch just for 'looking' freshly shaved without the hassle of using a razor.

The attachment guards for the shaver don't do much for me. I don't use them at all because I want to be hair-free everywhere, but if you have longer hairs, say along your bikini area this is probably a good attachment for you.

The tweezers with the pin light is *awesome*, as it's a good pair of tweezers for brows and the odd stray hair, and does illuminate my skin pretty well in darker light - but don't look into the light, as it's very bright.

I think that just about covers everything. This is a really great product and it's worth the money for sure.
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on 29 October 2012
Although a little tricky to get started, this product really does produce great results. The instructions don't explain very easily how to turn the product on (press the lower button quite hard for a few seconds!), but once you get started this epilator removes hairs easily and leaves you with very smooth skin. I used it on my legs and underarms and it's the best finish I've every had from an epilator (I've been using them for a few years now).

I haven't used the smaller precision epilator yet, but will try it soon. You also get some tweezers in the pack that have a built in light, which were really good for getting those tiny eyebrow hairs out!

You charge the main epilator and then use it cordless, which is handy as you can use it anywhere, even in the shower!

A great product and one I'm sure I'll find very useful over the next few years.
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