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should a 12 yearold kid be alloud to play?

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Initial post: 25 Mar 2008 14:57:41 GMT
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In reply to an earlier post on 29 Mar 2008 20:23:37 GMT
Perhaps you should learn to spell and use capital letters

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Apr 2008 13:32:27 BDT
Yeah. Its only a game & its not like children in the UK are running around shooting each other!

In reply to an earlier post on 8 Apr 2008 22:26:25 BDT
J. Nugent says:
I think 12 is a bit too young! Can corrupt the mind so iam led to believe haha... i think games become more and more violent and more realistic.

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Apr 2008 11:17:36 BDT
D. Miles says:
Agreed, what chance does a kid have if the parents can't even use the correct grammar?

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Apr 2008 13:22:16 BDT
L. Lemon says:
No, 12 year olds should not play this game, in the same way 12 year olds shouldn't watch most 18 films! An impressionable 12 year old will play this and think that drugs and killing and stuff is actually fun, most won't of course but it only takes a few dumb ones to think the stuff in this game is ok. Adults or at least older teens can play and realise its just for fun.

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Apr 2008 21:15:26 BDT
M. Bull says:
Parents with Children that age should put Parental Control locks on the console preventing this, even if said Child has a friend, it wouldn't matter as the game wouldn't play for them.

In reply to an earlier post on 13 Apr 2008 15:33:07 BDT
Dana Hilliot says:
Yes I'm sure he'll be fine BUT... only if he his intelligent(which I'm sure he is), and can see it's just a game. It also helps if the child is not immature, and can see there is more to the world than the game, otherwise they might get a bit hooked. People have been telling kids groesome storys like red riding hood for hundreds of years, and many more even more terrible (but brilliant) tales, and kids have not gone around killing wolves, or old grannies! But a very small minority may be affected by it, but these people are always complete nuts before they play the game anyway. The game in itself is also no more violent than games like metal gear solid, or call of duty, and some play it more violently than others, some may play as paramedic or a taxi driver, and others might just go around mowing down pedestrians. It does not encorage violent acts, and in fact in this new grand theft auto, all crimes will trigger the police to try and put you behind bars, and they are going to be harder to escape, and trust me, its very annoying to get caught by the police! The game isn't trying to be violent, it's just trying to be realistic. And if your worried about him hearing swear words and learning about drugs, trust me he'll have heard them all (and probably said them all!) before, and school will have terrified him about the dangers of every drug ever known. I can't wait until it comes out, and I doubt your boy will want to miss out on this game.

In reply to an earlier post on 13 Apr 2008 17:55:38 BDT
Duncan says:
Your beind sarcastic right cause the number of kids being shot by kids in cities like london is really high.

In reply to an earlier post on 13 Apr 2008 18:22:22 BDT
Nathan Wong says:
He might not want to miss out on this game; but it really, _really_ isn't suitable. It's rated 18 for a reason.

In reply to an earlier post on 13 Apr 2008 21:19:35 BDT
Si says:

Games are now given ratings which hold as much weight as those given to films. If a game is given a rating of 18 it is simply because it is unsuitable for anyone below that age to play or watch.

It is simply preposterous to suggest that this game is in anyway suitable for a child.

This game is given an 18 rating not because of the bloody or gory content (unlike Manhunt and so forth) but because of the freedom of action the player is given, as well as the violent and sexual nature of the game. He may have heard swearwords, but the ability to abuse innocent men and women, the high level of violent and sexual swearwords, and the indepth dialogue about topics such as drugs, prostitution and criminal activity, are things that many children of that age will not have seen or heard, and particularly not set against a fun and enjoyable background where they are more likely to normalise it.

Having played all previous versions, you can likely expect: aggressive swearing, sexual innuendo, sexual content, sexual violence and abuse, aggressive and violent content and language, sexist, racist and other derogatory audio (in character context, but still inappropriate for a child) scenes or descriptions of drug use and drug trafficking, scenes of killing and execution of both criminals and innocents, to name but a few, and that is both in the cutscenes and gameplay.

It is not the graphical realism of the gameplay that makes it violent and rated as it is, it is the freedom of choice within such a violent backdrop. It is absolutely pointless to compare this game to other violent games and consider that it is less harmful because it is 'only equal to' or less bloody. The point is each game is individual rated and certified for a reason, and this game is deemed to be an 18 for a huge variety of reasons.

The protagonist has a huge arsenal of weapons at his disposal, and whilst there is the option of following missions (which will include the content mentioned above), the player is also able to abuse, beatup and kill any bystander, male and female, criminal or innocent (for example young women, working paramedics, firemen and so forth).

As a further example of standard content, in GTA III, to gain health one could acquire the services of a prostitute by pulling over in their car and picking her up. If the player drove to a quiet location the car would start to rock and a rather obvious audio track (moans, groans and affirming or humorous comments) would ensue, followed by a decline in money. If the player then got out of the car, followed the woman and beat her about the head with a baseball bat (or killed her with a gun or any other weapon they held) they would be rewarded with a return of their money.

The 18 rating should have answered this question for anyone who is considering allowing someone underage to play it. Would you let your children watch an 18 film with these themes? It would be as grave, if not arguably more so, as the player has absolute control and choice over what he or she wishes to do within the environment.

I enjoy these games immensely, and as someone who works within the gaming industry, I am ever aware of the lack of knowledge and understanding parents have with regard to game suitability. I am saddened still that many parents simply do not take an interest, usually because it is a media they do not understand, and/or one that is often considered to be relatively harmless.

Many children are understandably drawn to this game for it's innovative freedom, and there are many things that a child can do in this game that are harmless. The fast driving and ability to swap between perhaps hundreds of vehicles (having stolen the car, carjacked or killed the owner, mind you), the ability to fly planes and helicopters, drive boats, ride motorbikes, anywhere they wish - up ramps, through buildings, over open bridges, between small gaps, is great fun and incredibly enticing for children. But this MUST be set against the backdrop of the game as a whole. It is simply unavoidable to hear and see the parts of this game that make it an 18. My best friends son of 14/15 will not be playing it, though many kids of this age around the country no doubt will.

These are impressionable minds we are talking about, do we really want to let them loose in such an environment, able to abuse and kill who they wish, and to listen to and observe such themes?

I guess ultimately it's up to each individual parent to make a decision about their child, but I hope that at least those who were uneducated or uninformed about the content of these games feel they are now able to make a more informed decision.

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Apr 2008 14:52:55 BDT
Last edited by the author on 17 Apr 2008 14:54:00 BDT
No they shouldn't. This is an 18 game for a reason. I am a 37 year old who knows the difference between games and reality. 12 year olds are more maleable to bad influences. Who ever agrees that 12 year old should play this are either 1) under 18 themselves or 2) an irresponsible aqdult who should know better.
Would you let him/her drink down the pub or watch porn or 18 films???

For shame.

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Apr 2008 17:13:03 BDT
I think that everyone underestimates how much of an idea of what is going on in the world children have when they are twelve.

i think all games, movies ect with age restrictions are good as they serve as a guidline but ultimatley it should be up to the parent to decide whether their child is responsible and mature enough to play games liek this.

so yes they should still put age restrictions on the sell of violent or sexual games and films ect. to stop children going behind parents backs but i wouldnt say that this game is unaceptable for all 12 year olds, just some of them

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Apr 2008 20:58:28 BDT
Jack Davis says:
i have been reading through these post's and have heard Most peoples views. Of which are all very similar. Being a 17 year old myself, i have played through all of the GTA's as a child, and i can say it has not affected me in the slightest, i put that down to how well my parents have raised me, and the right amount of exposure i have had to these games, my parents have always been very careful and have watched me closely to make sure i wasn't being badly effected. I have had many great hours with this series of games and will continue to do so, i think that parents should be cautious about letting there younger children play this game, 14-15 year old are usually more mature and can understand the difference between real life and a game, so with parental consent i don't believe this game will do much harm, sure there are a small minority of kids that will go out and harm other people, the game may trigger that fact, but if it doesn't, its more than likely some other media that they see on TV will, In this day and age we are exposed to violence at a much earlier age, but at the end of the day parents need to stop blaming media for there poor parenting and actually take an interest in there child's learning and safety. Answering Si's question
"These are impressionable minds we are talking about, do we really want to let them loose in such an environment, able to abuse and kill who they wish, and to listen to and observe such themes?"
Letting Younger people out in these false environments, i believe is actually a good experience for them. They can see what consequence's there actions bring without having to experience it in real life. Which will hopefully stop them from doing it in the future in a real life situation, sure there is always going to be crime and people murdering others for kicks, But to educated younger people about this in the right way can lead them to make better choices in future life.

Once again it is down to parenting, But GTA and other 18 games are only given the certificate becuase the country and law demands that more mature media is monitored to whome it is sold to

In reply to an earlier post on 17 Apr 2008 22:20:32 BDT
i believe they should also. if someone goes of and shots someone because of a game or film then they are a head case and parents should be in control. bring back manhunt 2. and is it just me or are all the people trying to ban these ps3 n 360 games wii owner. i say ban the wii for creating all this discrimination for ps3 n 360 owners

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Apr 2008 04:54:41 BDT
SaKoPeePee says:
definatly should... unless they are nutbags i guess but stopping them playing a game wont stop them... i played 1st gta when i was about 11 or so, and my lil cousin whos like 10 or something plays em too, if anything though hes only a nutbag cuz of his mum.

so yeah fk its its only a game if they cant tell the difference between that and real life... nutbagsss!!

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Apr 2008 15:25:52 BDT
M. Knight says:
I think 12 is way too young. your hands and fingers are still developing and this game will cause serious malformation due to prolongued controller gripping. wait till your body stops growing to avoid developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

seriously though, i cant wait to get this game but i will not be playing it infront of my kids because i am a responsible parent and try not to expose them to this sort of material. it is up to the parents if they should allow you to play this game. parents need to wise up to the content in these games and what their kids are playing. yes, its not fair but that how society is supposed to work and why it is failing so badly at the moment.

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Apr 2008 17:54:07 BDT
I'm sixteen and I played them when I was younger (8-9 like the original gta) but my parents would limit me to a certain amount playing the game like an hour tops!
Most likely to do with fact of them being responsible and then they'ld make me stop and do some outdoorsey stuff.. instead of turning in to a couch potatoe :P,
I rarely played gta 3 (I had it for 2 weeks in year 6 because I had had an operation.... I was brave hahaha) I figured because it was 3-D and more graphical and I when I'm a parent I won't let my kids play violent games for long periods of time because at a young age your more vunerbale, and if adults play it in front of children it can have an affect on their mind set and whats right and whats not.
For instance you wikipedia GTA, it comes up with people that have played a ridicculous amount and has had a real impact, a 17 yr old shot 3 police men dead then stole a police car as a getaway,... and that was because of GTA III.
Anyway I've ordered this (the beauty of having a debit card at 16 :D) but being a responsible teen I know that this is just a sort of fantasy world and that it's a game and parents should limit game time for children ESPECIALLY if your at a delicate age like '12' ;). My personal view!

In reply to an earlier post on 18 Apr 2008 18:16:58 BDT
Jack Davis says:
If society was a complete Nanny Enviroment this world would be so boring and in turn would most likely increase voilence anyway, the key is balance and judgement and not complete controll. I lived in Singapore for four years, now, it was very safe and clean, But after youve seen the Tourist Attractions there, it gets very dull and old quickly, You cant go out and get drunk or have a great time because its illegal to be drunk on the streets, the rules there which are stricly inforced only make it great for a holliday(3 weeks maxium), If you go see a movie in Singapore, it has the most censoring and cuts ive ever seen, big chunks of storyline are missing and some of my faverote films arnt even shown there. That to me makes a very dull place to live, no excitement.(Going off topic here) Believe it or not, no matter how much people think it would be better to live in a completly safe enviroment, chances are(unless ur a bit wierd), you will get bored very quickly, Humans thrive off conflict and Violence, Not in the sense of physical action, but in the sense of media, thats why all these Slasher movies and Gangster Flicks do so well, becuase it apeals to the majority.

But back on topic, GTA is a great game and it shouldnt be thought after a sick persons game, were people enjoy killing prostitutes or drug dealing, Its a masterpeice that was designed by very clever people, whome of which would proberly never comit a crime in there life.
Taking it away from Children that are very impresionable is wise because they could get the wrong idea, But most teenagers already know the difference from a game and real life, hell even some younger children are very mature for there age. I know that i could tell the difference from Games and real life when i was 10.

Now for the people that believe that Games are ruining education. This is unproven in science and is just pointing the finger at something for there bad parenting or lack of interest. Games are actualy proven to help the brain Solve pussles and problems alot quicker, Gamers can actualy see more moving objects than the average humans eye( i can get the source that this came from if its totaly nessesary). It can aslo help improve reading, The best way to teach your child to play games properly is to read the maunual before playing the game, to make sure he/she understands the controls. This in turn helps there reading skills.

Even games that involve murder and lots of shooting help with education. Just in different ways.

Replying to M knights first paragraph, I hope you were joking when you said about developing Carpal Tunnel through gaming, thats the most stupid thing i have ever heard
I and many other hundreds of thousands of people have been playing games since they were old egnough to walk, and has the amount of population that have carpal tunnel shot up? i dont think so, if that was such a major concern The gaming industry would have designed controllers to stop that, because it is in there intrest to get people to play games as much as possible and make them money.

Sure there is always going to be the finger pointed at games being the source of all evil (*Cough* Jack Tompson *Cough*)
At the end of the day it just comes down to how people are treated in upbringing and what goes on in there lifes
(and for anyone that jumps on how poor my spelling is, that is because im Dyslexic, Not due to playing to many games)

In reply to an earlier post on 19 Apr 2008 13:13:49 BDT
Amazon Queen says:
you refer to how your parents raised you, bringing up a child requires responsibility, allowing a child under 18 to play over 18 games is anything but responsible. As for you saying that you have not been affected, you dont know that, it seems that you have been affected because for a start you are prepared to disregard the guidlines on using over 18 material, what else ?? It is rated over 18 for a reason, dont try and justify yourself for disregarding this.

In reply to an earlier post on 19 Apr 2008 20:17:52 BDT
Last edited by the author on 20 Apr 2008 07:58:20 BDT
Am I the only one who is wondering where the previous thread disappeared too? Anywhoo, this time I cannot be bothered to get involved in the incoherent ramblings of some pretentious, ignorant (Maybe just ill advised or gullible? Jack Tompson anyone?) adults.

In all honesty most of you remind me of Helena Lovejoy from "The Simpsons" constantly screaming "OH WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!". Totally over the top, sometimes hilarious, sometimes infuriatingly insipid.

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Apr 2008 14:02:14 BDT
yeah i sorta wondered that mm.....
thanks for your input :P

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Apr 2008 12:36:09 BDT
Jack Davis says:
So ana are you saying your perfect and have never ever broken any laws in your life?? and even if it is rated 18 for a reason i dont care, im going to enjoy playing it at 17, just like i enjoyed playing the others under age:)

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Apr 2008 13:26:10 BDT
This game has been 'certified' an 18 by the BBFC. So it should be treated like "Saw" or any other 18 certified film. After all that is the way that all video games are going (More realism). If you buy this game and give it to a 12 year old, you are breaking the law. The BBFC have clearly stated anybody doing this will "be made an example of" and full legal action sought.

Would you let a 12 year old drink beer (in copious amounts), smoke, do drugs, watch porn or get married?

No, I know it is not the same, but at the end of the day, people need common sense and respect before saying they would let a 12 yr old play on this game.

In reply to an earlier post on 23 Apr 2008 15:15:15 BDT
never mind kids aloud, wot about Girls Aloud? though I think they should spent less time on the console and more time learning to sing!
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