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The Old Soul (Kindle Single)

'The Old Soul', a 6,000 word novella, is an enthralling blend of science fiction and... Read more

The Last Dark

The bestselling fantasy series from one of the biggest names in the genre comes to an... Read more

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Featured Science Fiction Books for You

Crimes Against Magic
List Price: £9.87
Kindle Price: £0.99
List Price: £8.99
Kindle Price: £1.00

Featured in Science Fiction & Fantasy

Steelheart (Reckoners Book 1)
List Price: £8.99
Kindle Price: £4.49
The Last Dark
List Price: £9.99
Kindle Price: £4.99
List Price: £7.99
Kindle Price: £5.99

Masters of Their Universes: Popular Authors

Peter F Hamilton
Peter F Hamilton

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Iain M Banks
Iain M Banks

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Alastair Reynolds
Alastair Reynolds

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Maria V Snyder
Maria V Snyder

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Neal Asher
Neal Asher

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Star Trek
JRR Tolkien

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Explore Another Time and Place

Angles of Attack (Frontlines Book 3)
List Price: £8.99
Kindle Price: £3.98

Kindle Singles: Novellas

Alternative History in Science Fiction

The Trial (Dover Thrift Editions)
Franz Kafka, David Wyllie
List Price: £4.99
Kindle Price: £0.49

Historical Fantasy

Queen of Fire: Book 3 of Raven's Shadow
List Price: £20.00
Kindle Price: £7.99

Top-Rated Fantasy

A Game of Thrones
List Price: £8.99
Kindle Price: £3.49
A Clash of Kings
List Price: £9.99
Kindle Price: £3.66
End of Days
Kindle Price: £3.49

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