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4.0 out of 5 stars LG G3 : A Dream LG Smartphone!! ( Updated Review 14th August 2014 ), 2 July 2014
This review is from: LG Electronics G3 4G Smartphone 16 GB (UK SIM-Free, Android, 5.5 inch) - Black (Wireless Phone)
Please find my updated thoughts at the end of the review. Thanks


When it comes to gadget purchases i can be an impulsive guy. I see the one that catches my eye and I prone to buy it without hesitation ( of course going through the early reviews ). This exactly is one of the reasons I have two many of them and I just love living with them. Given my history ( Reviews on Amazon ) please do not be surprised that I now am a proud owner of the LG G3 ( my 4th phone in less then 12 months ) and ready to share my thoughts with the wider community. Let's get into it without wasting anymore time.

Build Quality --> Top Notch ( 5/5 )

Build quality has never been LG's biggest asset. I don't remember the last time LG carved out a flagship phone with top build quality. G2 was ok but not the best built phone of 2013. Well welcome to LG of 2014 and we have a sturdy and quality handset in the form of LG G3. The chassis at the back of the G3 almost catches you by surprise as if it was metal. Well they deceptively have been able to make it look like that & the brushed metallic finish on a polycarbonate body almost matches that of the HTC One M8. It's the best finish to a plastic back I have ever witnessed & experienced. Kudos to LG for making something so profound & elegant. It makes you feel why Samsung couldn't achieve all that despite of having a bigger stature then LG in the Android world. Despite of the metallic finish it surprisingly doesn't attract any finger prints plus it gives you a very reassuringly comfortable non slippery grip. Even the feel to the volume rocker and power button has been much improved too. IR blaster sits at the very top right side of the phone and 3.5 mm jack sits nicely along with the micro USB charging port at the very bottom. The SD Card ( expandable up to 128 GB ) slot is a very welcome addition and rests inside the removable chassis right on top of the Micro SIM Card Slot. My only minor gripe would be with the LED Notification light which is not as bright as it was on the G2. All in all it's a great feel in the hand and doesn't feel like a big phone. My M8 at 5" is actually taller then this 5.5" mini monster the LG G3 :D. The overall build quality has massively improved over the G2. Well done LG!!!

Screen Quality --> Very Nice ( 4.5/5 )

Quad HD ( twice the amount of 720P ) is the future in screen technology and that's exactly what LG has put in the G3. Is it too early when most of us are happy with 1080P screens already ? Yes and No. Yes because I have my M8 next to my G3 and frankly speaking the difference in day to day stuff is hardly noticeable. No because somebody had to do it eventually so it's good that LG has taken the lead. In fact right after LG launched the G3 in Korea Samsung launched the QHD version of the S5 which most people are not even aware of in Europe and the rest of the world. So Kudos to LG for beating Samsung on that front.

Screen quality is amazing on this 5.5" IPS LCD and you get wowed by that edge to edge screen once you turn the phone on. You guys must be wondering then why 4.5/5. Reason because there are somethings I didn't like on the G3 screen. Firstly the screen,despite having a pixel density of 534 ppi and a mind boggling resolution of 2560*1440, is still on the warmer side. Contrast ratio is also only at 830:1 whereas on the G2 it was at 1330:1 resulting in whites being slightly washed out. Reason is obviously because of the pixel arrangement which I don't want to discuss here as many of you would get confused. You notice these minor differences only when you put the G3 next to the other flagships of 2014 like the M8 or the S5 which both have better contrast ratios and much more brighter screens. Nevertheless the screen is still sharp and has plenty to offer for majority of the people. Only the most critical ( like myself lol ) would raise a finger or two. But despite of all that I am thoroughly enjoying my G3's screen and have downloaded a few 2K videos from YouTube and they look amazing. You really have to download 2K quality video to do justice with the screen.

Performance & Call Quality--> Admiring ( 4/5 )

G3 comes with the best possible hardware available at the time of writing.

- Snapdragon 801 Chipset clocked at 2.5 Ghz coupled with 2GB of RAM
- Adreno 330 GPU
- 3G/4G

Performance as you would expect is respectable. Everything from apps to other items opens fairly quick but it's not all glory. In day to day use there is definite lag under the finger which is not visible on my HTC One M8. To me M8 is the benchmark of Android at it's very best. Lag is visible specially when you get into the app drawer & swipe across screens to go through different apps. But other regular stuff like Whtsapp,Viber,Skype,YouTube,browsing was silky smooth & responsive. I never felt like as if the phone was slow or laggy. Performance on the gaming was outstanding too. I played several big titles like GT Racing 2,Injustice Gods Among Us,RoboCop,Fruit Ninja & many more & found no issues whatsoever. Strangely enough one of my favourite titles Real Racing 3 was missing from the Play Store. Could be a compatibility issue & I hope it comes back in near future. Apart from the occasional hiccup here & there the performance seems to be on par with other flagships from 2014 but I would definitely like LG to fork out these minor issues with an update ASAP as it's simply not acceptable for a phone as powerful as the G3 to lag.

I generally don't mention keyboards in my reviews but I have to admit here that the keyboard on the G3 is one of the best I have ever used ( trust me I have used quiet a few with Google & SwiftKey Keyboards being one of my favourites ). For the first time in a long time I haven't replaced the standard keyboard on an Android phone. LG have done really well with there keyboard & it's fast,responsive & accurate with outstanding levels of auto correction. You can even adjust the height of the keyboard which is simply awesome & this is one of my favourite features on the phone. Having bigger or smaller hands for typing is not a problem anymore & any size of hands can easily type on the G3 keyboard. You can even reduce the width of the keyboard for one handed use. Brilliant LG!!

Call quality on the G3 is quiet loud & crystal clear. I had no issues with making or receiving phone calls whatsoever. Signal strength on my Three network was absolutely fine with no problems whatsoever.

Sound Quality --> Amazingly Improved (5/5)

Now this is one area where I wasn't happy with the G2. There were big claims too at the G2 event last year in 2013 but this year the claims are more meaningful & actually showing results. The sound from the G3 speaker is very loud indeed & it certainly seems to be a 1Watt speaker with a built in Amplifier ( as LG claims ). In fact I was surprised to see that the speaker on the G3 was nearly as loud as the BoomSound speakers on my M8. I only wish LG had somehow put the speaker/speakers at the front of the G3 as the sound gets muffled when the G3 is lying flat on a table. If you turn the phone around & play music then it gets seriously loud & depending on the audio quality can actually sound crisp too. Even with headphones on the sound is very loud & clear as opposed to the G2 where the same pair of headphones actually disappointed me. G3 certainly has improved in the sound department & I am glad that the sound,both internally & externally,is not a problem anymore on the G3.

Whether you are playing games or watching videos on YouTube or going on a long journey ( headphones plugged in ) you will be a very satisfied customer & content with your money well spent.

Camera --> Best Ever In A Smartphone (6/5)

Yes this is how good the camera on the G3 is that I was forced to give it 6/5. The laser auto focus may sound gimmicky but hell it actually works people. It's one of the fastest focusing camera I have ever used in a smartphone. It focuses very quickly & before you know it the picture is taken. The G3 allows you to tap on the focus area to both focus and take the photo in one go saving time and allowing you to take picture after picture with no wait. All this means is that you will never miss those important moments which often need to be captured instantly. Apparently this laser focus technology has been taken from LG's Robot Vacuum Division & is also the same technology used by the Police in there speed guns. Now this is one area where most camera phones struggle & kudos to LG for addressing to all these essential areas of photography & giving us a bloody fast focusing camera. Well done LG!!

The ever present OIS+ ( Optical Image Stabilisation ) thankfully works this time around. On the G2 a steadier hand was needed instead of the OIS ( non functional ) & on the G3 OIS+ seems to be effective. Even during a bit of movement the G3 is able to take clear snaps which is good news because that is what OIS is for.

Picture quality was outstanding too. I was in Central London the other day on a training course & ended up taking a lot of photos both indoors & outdoors. The quality was simply outstanding even though I did see some over saturated colors but then which phone manufacturer doesn't do it these days. I even ended up shooting 4K video & it was excellent as well. Pictures & videos look outstanding on that Quad HD screen.

I compared the low light performance of the G3 with my M8 & I was surprisingly shocked to see that G3 actually matched ( in some cases outperformed ) the "Master Of Low Light" HTC One M8. Now this is an outstanding achievement by LG & apart from iPhone 5s I have seen no other phone giving the M8 run for its money in low light performance. The Camera on the G3 is shockingly awesome & if you are a photography enthusiast then don't look beyond the G3. It's simply the best & easiest to use camera you will ever see on a smartphone. Simple !!!

Battery Life --> Not As Bad As They Say (4.5/5)

Well well well !!!! Yes the Battery life on the G3 & the terror it's been striking into the hearts of most potential users. The thought of a Quad HD screen playing havoc with the battery life can of course be a nightmare for some but not for a daring company like LG. It's nowhere near as bad as it could have been. LG has fitted a removable ( Thank You LG ) 3000mAh battery into the G3 which on a good day can return decent screen times both on WiFi & 3G/4G before needing a recharge.

My daily usage included Whtsapp,Viber,Skype,emails,listening to music on my way to work,Appy Geek,text messaging & a few odd calls & the phone was able to cope up all day. Of course gaming & streaming videos will drain the battery out much quicker but the phone can certainly last you a day provided you keep the brightness levels around the 70% mark max. Go any further & the battery will start to drain quicker because of the pixel dense screen which is understandable. Most people will either keep the Auto Brightness switched on or will keep the brightness between 60-70% which is obviously ideal.

LG promised in there G3 event that the battery life will not be effected by the Quad HD screen as the G3 software was optimised & that certainly seems to be the case. LG also promised that the phone would return a similar standby time to a 1080p phone & that too is the case here. My G2 has excellent standby times & G3 easily matches the standby times of the G2. I left my phone fully charged one night & got up after 9 hrs 47 mins & the battery was still 100%. That did bring a smile to my face as my M8 had lost 3% in the same time left along fully charged too. M8 performs admirably better in day to day use of battery life as compared to the G3 but combining there pros & cons they both return almost the same performance on battery life. Unfortunately the G3 can't match the supreme battery life of the G2 & that was never to be expected because of the QHD screen on offer with the same battery size of 3000 mAh. Nevertheless the battery on the G3 is respectable & should last you a day without a problem.

I was very confused like you are right now after reading several mixed reviews about the battery life but I am very satisfied with battery performance now that I have used the phone for a few days & you can take my word for it. Keep the brightness under control & refrain from gaming & video streaming & the phone will last you almost all day. Moderate use can even make it go beyond a day.

Using the camera did see the battery drain more quickly and the battery wouldn't last beyond a day if you were a snap freak. It happens on most phones anyways & nothing to be worried about.


LG G3 is the real deal Android super Smartphone. It has an incredible & vivid screen,decent battery life, good performance and a damn bloody fast camera.Yes the phone is plastic but this is the best premium plastic you are going to get and the LG engineers have done well to make such a large screen smartphone seem as small as it does.

The LG Software has enough innovative features in there to outweigh the bad & that's one of the reasons why I got the phone. I often fancied the Galaxy Note but when I saw this 5.5" beauty in a small chassis I simply couldn't resist the charms of the G3. For those looking for a big and bright smartphone with fast performance, a great camera and one of the best screens in this size then the LG G3 matches anything on the market today.

My opinions are based totally on my experience & can differ from others. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have & I will try my best to help. Thanks

P.S : Once the phone starts to get updates I will update my review accordingly. Just to let you guys know that my phone is locked to Three Network & I got it as an upgrade. Thanks

Update 14 August 2014:

Received a system software update ( 54.91 MB ) last night with the following enhancements

- Power Optimization

After installing the update I charged the phone fully overnight and been using it all day today. The first thing I noticed was the improvement in the battery life department. It has definitely improved a bit and the overall screen on time has increased too. Secondly the screen is auto adjusting the brightness once you turn the screen on (without even enabling the auto brightness option). I keep my brightness at 70% at all times and it does dim a little itself once you turn the screen on. It's not annoying but I can see LG is definitely trying to save more on the battery life. I wasn't unhappy with the battery life before but more screen on time is good news I guess for all us G3 owners out there. The lag in the app drawer has reduced as well but not completely gone yet. So performance rating will remain at 4/5 till LG improves it further. Apparently there is another update in the makings which the sim free version has already received. I will update my review further once I get more updates. Thanks
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Initial post: 2 Jul 2014 16:03:54 BDT
Last edited by the author on 2 Jul 2014 16:07:52 BDT
Bdt1978 says:
Thank you for the review, really detailed and clearly like myself you are a massive phone & android fan, I really enjoyed reading it.

My experiences were quite the opposite in some areas sadly. I desperately wanted the G3 to blast every flagship in 2014 out of the water, it just didn't for me.

The build quality is as good as plastic will get, and at first glance it sure does look metallic, after a while though, you get the 'not quite' feeling and it just disappoints. However, Samsung who insist on using plastic in their phones would do well to take note here as it certainly doesn't feel cheap. One last thing - unless you have a decent case I don't see the G3 surviving a drop from any height.

The physical screen itself is not bad at all, and does not soak up fingerprints like the Xperia Z2 for instance, I have found this with all high end LG phones. Now - the USP for this phone is the QHD display. There is no doubt that its a lovely display, but being honest, the average amazon user would be hard pressed to tell the difference between QHD and 1080p.
The difference is certainly noticeable when you compare it BACK to a 1080p display, but
I found that at times, the resolution could prove over saturated in certain messaging apps, making it hard for words to stand out, it just felt like overkill. Viewing angles were not bad, but nothing special, and to truly appreciate a QHD display, you would need to have the brightness turned high.
Rather puzzling is that in some instances, rather than saturation - found the colours to be a bit washed out - home screen for example, and also with viewing images on the web - for a QHD display, I expected more. Perhaps its just a gimmick - maybe LG just have it wrong, at the time of writing only the Oppo Find 7 has a qhd display, and I have not seen it to compare.

- leading me nicely onto the next point - Battery life.

Like you I changed my phone often, and have used every flagship so far of 2014. I have to say that the battery is undoubtedly not only the worst of 2014, but the worst of any phone I have ever used.
On paper it should have no issues at all with a 3,00 MPA battery, the reality is you are looking at just about 1 day of light use, tops, and I don't include watching movies or listening to music in that. This has to be to do with the QHD display which absolutely throttles the battery to death. This is where I feel the QHD is overkill. If LG had fitted a bigger battery, then perhaps it could be justified, however, I found with moderate use I was needing to charge it twice a day - that for me was unacceptable.

Again I found performance acceptable. In terms of RAM, unless you are using the Korean version, you are looking at 2gb - this lags behind the Xperia Z2 though. I always make tweaks to ensure that there is no lag between transitions through screens anyway.

One thing I will say is the LG skin over the android 4.4.2 is really a step back. Sure LG have cut back bloatware, but the interface is borderline childish. It actually becomes irritating after a while. If you compare this to HTC one M8's sense 6, it just plain blows it out of the water. I suspect that the LG overlay may be a contributing factor to the shoddy battery life, though cannot prove it. Also, any software that uses white, or brightly coloured menu's eats battery life, something that some mobile firms are yet to wise up to, and the g3 has plenty of bright menu's.

The camera is decent, but nothing sets it apart from any other flagship. The Galaxy s5 for example, probably just edges it in terms of quality, and the Xperia Z2 simply blows all competition clean out of the water producing mind blowing results. The G3 produces great picture quality and is staggeringly quick, its just no different from most of the 2014 flagships.

I returned my one today as I just wasn't impressed by the QHD display, the average build quality and the colours not being very vibrant when web viewing, viewing pictures and watching films. Many review sites out there also say this - yes its good - just not that inspiring. I cant help but feel that QHD will get better as other manufacturers catch up, and that will leave the G3 behind again.

Also, seriously, what is the point of a handset with a battery that will barely last a day on light to medium use in this day an age. LG Say they have made software optimisations, but they are no apparent in anything I used, it was horrible watching the battery drain before your very eyes whilst surfing the web on the train. Perhaps this may be fixed in the future with a software update, if you read reviews on the web, I am not the only one saying it, and little seems to have changed since the first review units were sent out last month.

And also, the LG interface is borderline 'fisher price', I find it irritating and annoying, to the point where I simply installed the trusty nova launcher over the top to get back to some kind of normality.

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Jul 2014 14:17:58 BDT
Last edited by the author on 3 Jul 2014 14:18:26 BDT
Mate I am having problems posting my answer here for some reasons. I wrote a detailed reply but Amazon is putting it as Objectionable content. Let me look into it & I will be posting it ASAP. Thanks

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Jul 2014 14:20:35 BDT
Bdt1978 says:
No problem mate. My comments are in no way shape or form aimed at your review, which was excellent, just the phone itself

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Jul 2014 14:36:39 BDT
Last edited by the author on 3 Jul 2014 14:53:24 BDT
Yeah that's not a problem mate. Freedom of speech is our right & one should be free to say whatever they have to say. I have no problem with that at all.

Just to let you know I will posting the answer in paragraphs & will edit the same answer to see where the actual problem is. So ignore it till it's finished. I will let you know at the end with a small message. Thanks

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Jul 2014 14:38:21 BDT
Last edited by the author on 3 Jul 2014 14:59:43 BDT
First of all apologies for the late reply mate. I been really busy at work lately. Thanks for a detailed reply & raising some interesting questions. Like I said at the end of my review experiences can differ from person to person so let's discuss them one by one.

Firstly I am glad you agree with the build quality. Samsung has to improve & I am sure they will at some point. As far as the phone surviving a drop & breaking is concerned nobody can tell for sure as there could be 100's of ways the phone could fall. In most cases phones get damaged whether plastic or aluminium. There are plenty of drop test videos on YouTube so I wouldn't really make a comment. All I can suggest is to be careful with your smartphone & keep it well protected with a case.

I agree with the screen quality as well & that's why I gave it 4.5/5. It's not the best screen out there & problems like over saturation & sometimes less white brights are visible but like you said majority people won't even notice so I would still consider it as a decent high quality screen. It's not the best as it's the first attempt by a major brand so it obviously won't be perfect. People like you & me ( the most critical of them all ) would obviously notice but an average user would be quiet happy to pay less then the price of an M8 or S5 & still go home laughing that they got the latest technology & a bigger screen QHD phone cheaper then a 5" 1080P phone. We have to give credit to LG for keeping the launch price so low. I could have got the Galaxy S5 but I didn't because my network was asking for an upfront cost & an expensive monthly contract. On the G3 i didn't have to pay any upfront cost plus a reasonable monthly plan. Price actually matters to a lot of people out there & its certainly gonna be a big factor as the G3 would only get cheaper in the days to come. Let the QHD versions of HTC & Samsung come out & then see the prices go sky high. G3 is a bargain to me specially considering what's on offer.

Next up battery life. I am sorry to hear that you really struggled with the battery life. My experience so far has been different from yours mate. I keep the brightness between 60-70% & with moderate/heavy use the G3 gives me an average of 16 -18 hrs of screen on time. I can tell you one thing though. If you are the sort of person who is always playing with there phone then no matter what phone you pick up mate the battery will drain quicker. I have had so many phones in the last few years that I have lost the count & I am yet to see a phone which can give you more then 6-8 hrs of screen on time with constantly being on it. This is how an average person would use there phone on a day to day basis.

In the morning headphones plugged in & listening to music on the way to work for an hour or two. In the afternoon make a few phone calls, check your daily stuff like whtsapp,Facebook,emails & much more for an hour or so. Just after lunch some gaming like candy crush,Temple Run or others along with 30 to 40 mins of music. In the evening on your way home & headphones plugged in with music on,checking emails,whtsapp,Facebook,surfing the internet & all that daily stuff. Once you get home the battery should be around 40% mark.

The point is that with this kinda moderate/heavy use the G3 would last you a working day easily & you will put it on charge once you get to bed. If you want to be on your phone all the time then my friend no phone in the world will give you more then 6-8 hrs of screen on time. I agree the battery on the G3 is not the best but it certainly is not the worst like you said ( use the Lumia 925 & you will see what a bad battery really is ). Tech community has given mixed reviews so far with some saying it's good & some saying it's bad. My own experience says ( after living with the phone for nearly a week now ) use it moderately and keep the brightness under 70% ( for your eye sight & health it's good too ) and G3 should be just fine lasting you a day. Enough on battery life bro. If we can't agree on this then we have to respect each other's point of view :-).

Ok now UI. Sense 6 is the best in the world simple. I have an M8 on me which I use daily and no other vendor can match that & I fully agree with you on that. But LG's skin has improved a lot from what it was on the G2. I actually have a G2 as well. Did you ever get a chance to own a G2? If you didn't then I can tell you that it was cartoonish & bright ( even though I personally didn't have no problem with it ). On the G3 it's been cut down with less colors & a more clean and clear outlook. Actually it's a much better interface then the Samsung's Touchwiz which is full of bloatware & extra over bright colors. I ( like majority of tech reviewers ) like the new layout a lot specially coming from the G2 and the way it's been cut down to look more simple and easy to use. UI preference is based on personal taste. There are millions out there who like Touchwiz even though we strongly disagree so I wouldn't comment on that.

Thanks for the detailed input and your comments as they are very much appreciated. I personally like the G3 & along with my M8 it's not a bad phone at all. The minor quirks I am sure will be addressed with a few updates same way as they did on my G2. That's why I always tell people to wait, when they buy a newly launched product, for the updates as no new product is 100% and it takes time to refine it and make it work better. M8 had some issues & were addressed within a month of its launch. S5 had issues ( Lag,Camera & heartbeat sensor ) and few updates solved the matter ( in worst cases people got replacements ).

Your are welcome to add anymore to this as it will only help people here to make a better decision. Thanks very much.

In reply to an earlier post on 3 Jul 2014 14:52:28 BDT
Mate it's up & running. I found the problem & my reply is live. Thanks for waiting :D

Posted on 7 Jul 2014 00:04:40 BDT
Jester says:
Just like to say, great review!

In reply to an earlier post on 7 Jul 2014 04:32:12 BDT
Just like to say, Thank you ;D

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Jul 2014 17:31:01 BDT
Caduceus says:
Thanks for the review. I also read your M8 review as well. Good stuff.

Unfortunately for me, the more I read the more confused I get :)

So if you could only get one phone out of the LG G3, HTC M8 or Samsung S5, which would you get?

Or is it a silly question?

Or should I just get all of them and become a reviewer? ;)

In reply to an earlier post on 9 Jul 2014 19:33:52 BDT
Hahahahahahaha " buy all of them & become a reviewer ". Gosh this has been one of the funniest comments in a long time LMAO big time. You really made my day buddy.

It's not a silly question at all :D. I can fully understand the dilemma you are in & I would keep it simple & sweet for you. There are six things that you need in an all rounder smartphone ( your opinion might differ ) for an average consumer.

1. Build Quality
2. Performance
3. Screen Size
4. Reliability
5. Battery life
6. Platform ( Android,iOS or windows being the main ones )

Keep these points in your mind when buying a phone & it will def help you a lot. Now I am pretty sure that after reading my reviews you have a good understanding of how these phones are like. I don't know what sort of screen size ( point no 3 ) you prefer ( I am guessing around the 5" mark from your choice of phones above ) & I would also assume that you prefer Android ( point no 6 ).

Once we have point 3 & 6 out of the way ( consumers basic choice ) then comes the reviewer lol ( people like me with hands on experience ). I would recommend the "HTC One M8" on the basis of Build Quality ( point no 1 ),Performance ( point no 2 ),Reliability ( point no 4 ) & battery life ( point no 5 ).

HTC One M8 is the most complete handset ( no phone is perfect ) I have ever used. I have lived with almost all brands ever since Android came into existence & HTC has impressed me the most so far with there M8. You can Google the reviews on the M8 as well & my opinions won't be much different from the online tech community. I wish you good luck & if you ever get into any issues then you know where to find me :D. Subscribe to my YouTube channel as I frequently upload videos of all my gadgets that I buy. Let me know if you wish n I will email you the link. Good luck buddy :-)
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