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Customer Review

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4.0 out of 5 stars From Crusoe to Rambo: The Incredible Far Cry 3, 30 Nov. 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Far Cry 3 - The Lost Expeditions Edition(PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
Far Cry 3 is an incredible game but it may not be what you are expecting. If you are thinking it's just an FPS, you are probably underestimating the game. Before you buy this game consider two things, one - it's not just an FPS game that you can quickly finish and move on. Second - don't judge this game from the previous Far Cry games. This is an evolving FPS - survival game with strong RPG elements, you can even call it the ultimate survival game. it's the transformation of neophyte Jason Brody, that's you, and great voyage of survival and revenge. So let's start the transformation from his being a novice Robinson Crusoe to Rambo, yes, the professional killing machine.

I didn't compare Far Cry with Far Cry 2, but I do compare Far Cry 2 with Far Cry 3 but before you judge me read the full review, the reason for my comparison is because both are using Duniya Engine, and I loved the Duniya (meaning "world" in Persian, Hindi and Arabic among other languages) in Far Cry 2. One of the best features for Far Cry 2 was that the gameplay is realistic and brilliant and the way you play categorically influence the game. Far Cry 3 is much greater with those elements. There are multiple way of approaching the game.

Somewhere between the Indian and the Pacific ocean there is a beautiful tropical archipelago called Rook Islands, Jason Brody, the protagonist finds himself stranded in a very hostile environment worse, his brother Doug killed and his girlfriend Liza disappeared. He is determined to find her and avenge his brother's death, more important, to get out of the Island which is inhabited by savages, crazies, dangerous animals and other aggressive elements. Jason Brody is basically a nice guy forced to fight to survive, unlike the Special Forces operative Jack Craver in Far Cry , or the mercenaries you played in Far Cry 2, he is not a combat expert, but he learns really fast. The basic story is, what I mentioned in the title, the average everyday man's transformation to a deadly killing machine.

Gameplay of Far Cry 3 is very similar to Far Cry 2, non-linear, open world sandbox mode style, where you are free to explore. If you can see it you can go there, the vast open world provides both hostile environment and a beautiful tropical landscape. The dynamic weather system, day and night cycle, can be used in the player's advantage. The tropical jungle (often reminds you of the original Far Cry) provides cover and strategic movements, yet you should remember that as it has its advantages the environment can be equally deadly.

The enemies react dynamically to your modus operandi, Duniya 2 engine presents much more intelligent and polished enemies and hostile yet adaptive environment. You can refine your approach depends on the situation, customize weapons and strategies. You can be stealthy, cunning strategist, run into a situation guns blazing, or even try a mixture of all these strategies, or find something totally new in your style of approach.
However, remember, at the core Far Cry 3 is a first person shooter, so even if you prefer a stealth approach it wouldn't be like Theif , Splinter Cell, MGS, or Sniper Elite or similar games. What you can do here is that stealth approach can be used to your advantage, and it's really great, but that didn't mean you can use a full stealth approach throughout the game, and you shouldn't , if you really want to enjoy the game. However, it has more opportunities to play stealthily and strategically than the previous Far Cry games, much much more opportunities to use the environment to your advantage. Talking about the advantage, there are multiple ways to devise your strategy and the game will adapt to it. For example, when you see the enemies have caged animals you can free the animals and they will take care of the enemies while you can also snipe them at your convenience and safety.

There are a few minor jumping scenes, nothing as wild as the original Half Life, and some of it makes you feel a bit vertigo, for example when you climb the telephone beacon tower, where you can have a look at the massive open world awaiting you down there. "Death from above" is a jump-kill approach, where you can dispatch an enemy by jumping and stabbing to make a stealth approach more effective. You can spot enemies behind the crates like a silhouette and taken them down strategically.
The enemy AI is really brilliant in this game, they try to work together, outflank you, provide each other support and suppressing fire, run to activate the alarm for help, providing frequent and plenty of challenges to the player.

The introduction of the role playing game elements is something new to the Far Cry series. Experience points, skill tree, looting the boxes are all introduced in Far Cry 3. You can see the skill tree as it is, like RPG game style, and the tattoos you are getting is the new skill. The protagonist Jason's transformation is another key element of the game, I have to say, from a neophyte carefree man to the ultimate killing machine, is an awesome transformation. The massive open world of Far Cry 3 offers numerous secondary campaigns and hours and hours of gameplay.

Far Cry 3 features the fantastic Duniya 2, a modified and advanced version of the original Duniya engine. Now, if you are familiar with Far Cry 2, James Cameron's Avatar or Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood you know about Duniya Engine, even if you've played the original Far Cry and Crysis series, you can imagine what you'll get from Duniya 2, because Duniya is based on CryEngine which was modified for Far Cry 2. In short CryEngine 1 is the mother of both the latest CryEngine 3 in Crysis 3 and Duniya 2 in Far Cry 3.
I don't think any other Game Engine has the dynamic and realistic weather effects, fire, volumetric and indirect lighting like Duniya engine. Those who played Far Cry 2 know about how the weather effects and terrain can affect the equally brilliant dynamic fire propagation. Duniya also supports large open world maps without level loading, and great special effects. Duniya 2 went one step further in non-scripted Artificial Intelligence, much more polished weather and geographical system, realistic animation whether it's a ravaging fire or a slithery snake, it's so lifelike, also facial expressions, with totally awesome radiation, lightning, and global illumination, incredible is the only word to describe it. The Island has the best dynamic ecosystem as well, everything is so alive and reacts to everything. When you make a sound or fire your gun, it may not only attract the enemy pirates, but alert the animals too, and some of them can be really hostile. Personally I think Far Cry 3 is the most realistic first person shooter at present and you, the player and your avatar are much closer than any other game you ever played, in Rook Islands you are not playing, you are surviving.

The monocular in Far Cry 2 is replaced by the camera in Far Cry 3, which can be zoomed to investigate enemy movements, patrols, arsenal, strategic locations, weak points, and to study the environment. You can tag enemies and strategic objects with the camera.

Jason is more agile than the Far Cry 2 mercenaries, you can slide to cover or attack, jump to kill, throw the knife to kill while sneak attacking, pull up climb, and a variety of movements possible combined with attack or strategy or part of exploration. One of the interesting features of the Far Cry 3 is the location marker, so you can see where you are heading as it will guide you. So you don't have to check the GPS map regularly like you did in Far Cry 2.

Wingsuite a mini parachute is a brand new addition to the game, it's always with you, so if you fall off or jump from a higher place you can use it to safely land or glide a bit to safety, it's like the wingsuite or the parachute in Just Cause 2.

In Far Cry 3 there are various types of enemies, which you can identified by the icons above their heads.

Pirate Troops
Pirates or mercenaries, identifiable with a skull icon, are the standard enemy you will encounter in Far Cry 3, they are not hard but they operate and co-ordinate in numbers, and quick to mobilize.

Identifiable by the electric charge or flash icon, they seem high on something, without fear, even dare a suicide attack on you. They ran into you and keep attacking until you are dead or they are. The chargers with Molotov cocktails are particularly good at this, even when they are engulfed in flames, they will keep fighting. Chargers are dangerous as they can inflict damage even through body armour.

SVD sniper can be identifiable with the marksman target icon, and can be located by their sweeping laser sight. They can see you from a distance (obviously) and their shot can be really damaging, often remove two cells from the health bar, also reducing body armour.
RPG snipers don't have the laser sight, and when they spot you they retreat to safety and spray your area with RPGs or anti-tank rockets.

The heavies are the troops with full body armours and carry light machine guns, they are identifiable with the armour shield icon. Once they spot you, they will walk towards you, blazing their machine guns, spewing shell cases, like an army of terminators.The heavies who do not carry machineguns, carry flamethrowers instead. The wear heavy fireproof body armour. Once you unlock the Heavy Takedown skill, dispatching them is much easier.

In Far Cry 3 you will many weapons, you will have your default combat knife, other weapons can be classified into different categories let me list them. In the pistol category you will have Kimber Warrior which is similar to Star .45 or M1911, Makarov 6P9, Desert Eagle and Taurus Raging Bull. Three different shotguns M1887, Remington 870, SPAS-12. Assault rifles include AK-103, FA-MAS F1, HK416, SIG 552, M1A SOCOM 16, and Galil ACE. Submachine guns are A2000, VZ 61 Skorpion, MP5N,Vector, and PP-19 Bizon. Three major sniper rifles Dragunov SVD, Remington M700, and Armalite AR-30. Two light machine guns PKM and Ultimax 100 Mark 3 and two grenade launchers RPG -7 as the rocket propelled grenade launcher and GM-94 - pump-action grenade launcher. The arsenal also includes Flamethrower, Type 10 - flare pistol, and DShK (mounted) heavy machine gun. The explosive kit includes Molotov cocktail, frag grenade, and Improvised Explosive Device (IED). Saving the best for the last, the bow and arrows, which is a great weapon, with a variety of arrows for different purposes, from stealth kill to fire propagation and distraction.
You can customize weapons as well, for example with the money you can buy extended magazine, optical or red dot sight, or sniper scope even give it a paint job to styling it like stripes or fire, or jungle camouflage etc.

Far Cry 3 has a great animal kingdom which is both exotic and dangerous, the vibrant yet hostile environment is alive with a great variety of animals which you can harvest or can use to your advantage. Some of the animals you will come across are dogs, tigers, leopards, wild boars, bears, pit bulls, monkeys, water buffalos, and even Komodo dragons. The tropical jungle also has, birds, lizards, bats, fishes, snakes (standard syrette heals snake poison too), turtles and other fauna. You will also find bull sharks and crocodiles in the treacherous waters in the Far Cry 3 world. Some animals are easy to kill but others can be really dangerous, even the easy ones can be dangerous when it's part of a larger pack. If you've Predator's Pack which includes the exotic thylacine, an endangered Tasmanian tiger or wolf, white Tiger, black panther and red vulture.

The handbook is a journal that records your progress and you can see the missions, which were completed, with stats, which includes missions, supply, weapons, relics, and recipes acquired, vehicles driven, story quests, trails, radio towers accessed etc.

The towers in the game not only gives you a vantage point over the vast map, but also unlocks various points on the map as well. (Listed below is the main landmarks)

Calvary Point
Calvary point, originally built by the British missionaries to herald the arrival of the gospel to Rook Island in the 1800s. The site of the great cross is now a bloody ground for the pirates to kill their victims and enemies.
Heron Perch
The bell tower was Originally built as part of the cathedral. It's the only remaining structure when the Cathedral collapsed.
Citra's Temple
This site is a place of worship as well as Rakyat's primary stronghold. The place is the centre of myths and one of the oldest structures in Rook Islands.
Rook Point Lighthouse Tower
The Rook Lighthouse was built in 1899, to protect ships from the hazardous coastline of Rook Islands.
Temple of Stone
The origin of this mysterious temple still is shrouded in mystery. According to the archaeologists, temple of stone is the oldest structure in Rook Islands.

The vehicles in Far Cry 3 are: Armoured personnel carrier (APC), Rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB), cargo truck, helicopter, and jet ski. Patrol boat returns from Far Cry, hang glider and buggy returns from Far Cry 2 (hang glider has better maneuverability than Far Cry 2 and can spend longer time enjoying the vast scenic beauty of the open world), and quad bike returns from Far Cry 2 Fortune Pack Edition, other vehicles include Scavenger jeeps and Styrus cars. The vehicle animation is much greater than the previous far cry games, for example, when you travel with the boat, it moves so realistically with the waves and the wind, giving your avatar a complete feeling that you are indeed riding a boat.

You can unlock different locations in the map, but Rook Islands (it's plural) have a lot of ground to cover and explore.
In Far Cry 3 you can drive through the great massive open world, even tailspin (you'll love it). Some of the vehicles are a little difficult to handle especially at high speeds because of their condition like Sedans, but others like 4x4s are great to handle and a pleasure to ride, ATVs and trikes are great but easy to roll over. One thing to note is while riding you might run into pirates.
Fast Travel
Remember going to the bus station in Far Cry 2 to travel distant locations, or driving through the vast open world, same here, any safe house in the game can be used for fast travel. When you have to go to different parts of the map as part of the missions or the main story, fast travel locations save a lot of time instead of driving very-very long distances.
If you can highlight a location in the map, it can be used as a waypoint. Waypoints can be placed anywhere. If you are using a waypoint and ends up in a barren location it means there's an alternative way like a mineshaft, underwater grotto, old cavern or some sort of underground passage.
Gliders and Wingsuit
Gliders are much more navigable than Far Cry 2, and can be used to cover great distances. Though gliders slowly go down if you are careful and manage to guide the nose up you can own the sky for longer time.
Once you get the wingsuit, you can jump from high cliff faces and mountains, and it will be a fun way to have a short flight and view the great scenic beauty of the gameworld. Any fall more than 10 feet triggers a warning to open the wingsuite.
There is the great zipline travel, even when you are on zipline you can use your weapons, an added advantage.

Games within the game? Yes, there are a few mini games in Far Cry 3 good for some extra money and experience.

Racing Challenge
If you want to make a little extra money you can go for racing challenges. The races are timed and you need to hit all the markers to win.You can run free or betting for $50, $100 or $200.
Knife Throwing
You can do free practice rounds or challenge the local into knife throwing for a bet of $50, $100 or $200. When you push the key to throw the knife, a slider appears and travels along a gauge. The scores are outer ring (5 points) , white ring (10 points), inner white ring (25 points) and bullseye (100 points).
Sharp shooting
Sharpshooting bets can be participated with pistols, shotgun or sniper rifle. Skeet shooting is the game. The targets will be released from the sides of the screen and you have to shoot it before it disappears. Bets are $50, $100 or $200.
You can play poker game with the same bet $50, $100 or $200. Since I don't know this game or interested I couldn't tell more. But if you know poker, I am sure you will enjoy it.
Supply Drops
Supply drops are not exactly part of the mini games, but more like a side mission which is labelled with a green cross icon in your map. The aim to deliver the medical supplies in a yellow backpack in a vehicle, and you must get the backpack and drive the vehicle to the final stop. Again it's timed, often under 90 seconds, and a slight distraction can hamper your mission, if so better restart it. The reward is 250 EXP and money ($175 to $500).

Enemy AI is brilliant in Far Cry 3, it's both cunning and adapting to the environment and situation. Even the animals react to the environment, for example a dog in a pack can be dangerous, but when its partners get killed it often gets scared and run away. AI, both scripted and non-scripted, is much polished and greater than Far Cry 2, enemies will cover, swarm, try to outmaneuver, outflank, provide suppressive fire and support to their buddies, and strategically work and cooperate with each other to take you down. Other than some minor notes, enemy AI came out brilliantly.

There are boxes, chests, can be found in the Far Cry 3 world, which contains money and can be looted. You need money to buy ammunition, explosives and weapons. The chests are like the briefcases in Far Cry 3, also identifiable in the map with the diamond icon. There are lots of chests in Far Cry 3, the greenish or brownish chest contains small amount of money usually up to $50. The metal greenish chest contains small about of money and either small amount of random ammunition or a single grenade. The red chest is rare but it contains ammunition, a single high-priced item, and money up to $300. Look for near collectible items.
You can harvest animals for their skin, which can be used for money or customizing (crafting) your items to make it more durable or adding an extra feature, for example crafting a holster to carry a weapon or upgrading a holster to carry more weapons. Once you've crafted the heavy duty 4th stage upgrade for all your items, skinning is a great source for money. Exploration is a key aspect of Far Cry 3, where you can cultivate many opportunities and looting itself presents the opportunity to know more about the Island than getting money and materials, so it's really a rewarding experience. Another good feature in the game is that the loot chests automatically refill items over time.

Those who familiar with Far Cry 2 knows how realistic the game is, here realism reached the next level and it's amazing. Everything reacts to you as in the real world. Much greater physics system, healing system, more realistic depth. I personally don't think any games at present challenge Far Cry 3 in realism.

Co-op Mode
Co-op mode has four avatars for the player 1. Leonard the ex-cop, Mikhail the hitman, Tisha the ex-military, Callum, the Scottish chef (!). Far Cry 3 Co-op mode has six campaign chapters, where need to survive the heart of the island, and slowly get closer to the stolen treasure. Unlike other co-op gameplay, in Far Cry 3 co-op mode individual score is also stressed. Though your team is the first priority, and there is no "i" in team, there is a "me" in that. And each chapter also presents a unique challenge and an opportunity to excel. Where you can be the top scorer. According to Ubisoft, co-op and multiplayer unlocks will be shared in one unified profile. So you can manage your customized load-outs, skills, and weapons anytime in-game and through the web.

Please note Multiplayer modes are too early to evaluate with finality, but as far as I can say, it's great. Domination, Team Deathmatch, Transmission and Firestorm are the four types four team based multiplayer game modes.

Like the name implies, it's all about dominating the other team by capturing and holding Command Points. There are three command points, marked with a flame or flare, getting close to it capture the point. If there are enemies inside the capture area, you need to clear it to proceed capturing. Your team is in blue and the top of the screen shows a bar that will indicate the status of your fight. Blue spots or circles are the Command Points under your team's control and the red spots are the enemy controlled points.

Team Deathmatch
As you probably know already the team with the highest kills wins the round when the time is up. Here is something worth noting, every time you revive a teammate, a point will be subtracted from the other team. Got the point, keep an eye on reviving as well.

In transmission, your team has to find the transmitters and hold them. The team that hold the transmitters the longest will win the round. In your mini map you can see the transmitters that are active and scattered in various locations. Once you hold the transmitter, you can earn the points, in time the transmitter will get heat up and transmit louder doubling your points. If the enemy gets hold of the transmitter you can recapture it, until it overheats.

In Firestorm your mission is to destroy the enemy supply depot, while protecting your own depot. This mode is bit innovative, once you trigger a fire in the first enemy depot, within a short time, rather simultaneously, you need to set fire on the second depot thus triggering a firestorm. Then you need to capture a radio activated in the middle of the map, once you capture it a plane will dump gasoline onto the area, setting fire to the rest of the map and wins the game. On the other hand if your team didn't start the firestorm but capture the radio the plane will pour water on the area thus extinguish all the flames and reset the match. So make sure to start a firestorm and capture the radio. Since this mode is a two stage process and both defensive and offensive strategies are crucial to winning of the game, it's a great adrenaline rush experience.

There are a variety of healing and first aid animations, including the Far Cry 2 syrettes. Also you can mix and make healing potions which can cure the health slots in different ways, depends on the potion you blended from the plants.

If a damage depletes a cell of health, it will slowly regenerate, however the further cell remains as it is and you need to heal it. Syrettes are the easy way to heal the health. You can buy them for $100 (each), or find them during the game or make them through crafting (one green leaf per syrette). Before using syrette, try the basic first aid, which will restore some health (though it take a little longer than the quick fix).
Far Cry 3 has lots of elements against your health, even in the hardest (infamous) mode in Far Cry 2, you are not that bad when it comes to health, if you strategically plan your attack with stealth. Here on the other hand, you can easily loose health, so keep your cover, use syrette (don't wait for later, even when you think you are fine), careful of the jumps - even a short fall can deplete a cell out of the health bar, and longer falls can be fatal. Animal bites, claw attacks, mÍlée attacks, fire, explosions etc. can drain your health so fast than you think.

In the Event of Death
Once you are dead you'll re-spawn in the safe house or similar location. Your weapons and achievements will revert back to the last auto save.

Far Cry 3 is incredible, the graphics, the game engine, the game AI, yet chances are you might also find some generic graphics and settings. I am assuming, that the early Crytek models of rocks, buildings, blocks, and few aspects of flora can be encountered some part of the game. Slopes in Far Cry 3 and some part of the forest, vegetation, and geography nostalgically reminds you of Crytek engine, and it's very similar to early Far Cry and
Crysis games.

In Far Cry 2, environment is friendly except for minor cautions like fire propagation, but in the Far Cry 3 environment realism moved to many further levels of realism. The environment can be friendly as it can be hostile and deadly. There are venomous snakes, hungry sharks, predatory animals, and you are just part of the vast environment. Even without you, the predatory animals attack other animals or hunt and kill as in the real world.
You can distract enemies by throwing a piece of stone or rock, just like in the original Far Cry. Alarms can be disabled, to prevent reinforcements. So even if you change your mode from stealth to gun blazing, if the alarm is disabled the enemies wouldn't be able to alert reinforcements.

Digital Delux Edition
I suggest Digital Delux Edition is the best buy because, according to Ubisoft and Steam The Deluxe Edition includes:
* The Monkey Business Pack: Meet Hurk and his explosive bomb-carrying monkey in four heart-pounding missions and get two bonus ways to humiliate your friends in multiplayer.
* The Lost Expeditions: Discover the secrets of the island's lost World War II ruins in two suspenseful action missions, and unlock the power of a shotgun in a one-handed flare gun in multiplayer.
* The Warrior Pack: Strike fear in your enemies with an exclusive dagger and get an early unlock of the tattoo editor in multiplayer.
* The Predator Pack: Hunt four ferocious animals with the M-700 Predator Rifle in single-player and silently kill opponents with the unlocked Predator Bow in multiplayer.
* The Survival Guide artbook (pdf file): Discover unique artwork and insider information to help you survive the insanity of the island.
* The game soundtrack

According to Ubisoft, there are Uplay actions and rewards, which lets you earn units by playing any Uplay enabled Ubisoft game. The points earned can be spent in any game or any platform.

Co-Op Campaign
Far Cry 3 Co op campaign is so addictive, often than the singleplayer campaign. You play oneof the four characters Leonard, Trisha, Callum or Mikhael, going after a cruise ship captain who sold the entire ship to pirates with passesngers to slavery. The story takes part six months before Jason's trip to Rook Islands. Basically you play through various chapters with another three players to follow captain to get the money and the revenge. During the co-op campaign you can compete with your friends too. The enemies are AI controlled, which means it's not completely multiplayer, consider it as an extension of the story campaign except you'll play with other three players.
There are two more additional missions Redemption and Jailbreak are avilable to download. Unlike the story mission your health is limited and you cannot take the heavies-armoured ones and flamethrowers down with the knife in melee combat. To unlock various attachments to weapons you need to level up the weapons.
Your level seems capped in 75, you can't progress beyond that. Also, chances are you might find some bugs which makes you restart the game. Infinite loading screen is also a problem sometimes. Still, chances are once you start the Co-op play it's almost certain guaranteed to makes you an addict.


Processor: 2.66 GHz Intelģ Core(tm)2 Duo E6700 or 3.00 GHz AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 6000+ or better
Video Card: 512 MB DirectX 9.0-compliant card with Shader Model 4.0 or higher

Processor: Intel Core i3-530 or AMD Phenom II X2 565 or better
Video Card: 1024 MB DirectX 11-compliant card with Shader Model 4.0 or higher

Processor: Intel Core i7-2600K or AMD FX-4150 or better
Video Card: 1024 MB DirectX 11-compliant card with Shader Model 4.0 or higher

Pay attention to two major things. One if you really want to enjoy the game at least medium settings, make sure you have 8 Gigabyte RAM and at least One Gigabyte dedicated graphics in your video card. It worked fine on my old XFX GeForce 9600 Far Cry 2 edition graphics card with 1.5 GB dedicated graphics memory. Still, I had to reduce settings a bit, the reason I guess was because of the PC memory of 4 GB. However on a laptop (Toshiba Qosmio X875-Q7290) on 3GB GDDR5 nVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M it worked perfect (as you can see it has three GB dedicated graphics memory), highest settings on default. So my personal opinion is the suggested ideal configuration should have 8 GB or RAM and One GB of dedicated graphics memory. Though Ubi soft mentioned 512 MB graphics card with 4 GB RAM as minimum configuration, you wouldn't want to play with that configuration unless you are ready to compromise for lower settings and erratic gameplay. So let me stress it again, if possible try to play it with at least One GB of dedicated video ram, and at least 8 GB or 16 GB RAM for a fuller gameplay or try with consols. If you are playing it on 512 MB dedicated video RAM and 4 GB RAM you have to compromise a lot, I am not saying you won't be able to play, you can, but it won't do justice to the massive game, and you won't be able to enjoy the game fully.

For PC Versions: An Internet connection is required for a one-time activation, through Uplay PC. Once activated, Far Cry 3 can be played online single player (including the social features) and multiplayer, or switched to offline mode in the Uplay PC for a single player experience without an Internet connection.

Awesome Content and Open World
Beautiful Tropical Islands
Great Graphics
Strategy Elements
Great AI and Non-scripted AI
Personal modus operandi

Cons: (Not everyone has the same issues)
Linear co-op mode

Some gamers complained about the graphics issues (I didn't have any issues yet) but I will keep updating the review. If you have any questions add them in the comments, or have a suggestion positive or negative, let me know, I will answer them as best as I can. Please share your comments and review as well.

---(Update) ----
After months of gameplay I have experienced a few random game issues or bugs. Twice the Far Cry 3 hanged with the error message that it's "not responding" (restarting the game solved the issue, though I have lost the progress since the last checkpoint). On co-op mode there are few bugs, in a new checkpoint or chapter you may not see any enemies but an empty world like that in Langoliers. (If this occurs, the players need to die (by going away from the map or using grenades) in some cases you can go back to the beginning of the map (where it's marked) and wait for the other players to come back or die, to restart the mission chapter.)You might not be able to pick bombs in competition, or servers throw you out for no reason. And the worse, the infinite loading screen (usually restarting the computer after a few hours solve the issue). Still these are very rare random issues, usually restarts solve the issues.
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Initial post: 30 Nov 2012 07:24:10 GMT
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P. Maurice says:
"This is not a review of the complete Far Cry 3, I just began, and it's incredible and a total out of body experience, you are becoming your avatar, and the transformation is complete. As I continue playing, I will update the review".

Basing a game on an incomplete review leaves missing factors that could leave buyers misinformed of what should be properly evaluated, at least, after a games story completion.
Gre4T, I do understand that pc reviewing has it's restraints in covering all aspects due to differing spec builds etc and consequently, I empathize with your detailed helpful review update that's hard to be finalized for a release day review and it shows the passion you have for any eager gamer to necessarily be updated upon.

In reply to an earlier post on 30 Nov 2012 07:32:39 GMT
[Deleted by the author on 30 Nov 2012 07:37:33 GMT]

In reply to an earlier post on 30 Nov 2012 07:44:04 GMT
Last edited by the author on 30 Nov 2012 07:50:43 GMT
I can see the point, but I have played hours, both the demo version (for days) and the PC retail version, by saying it's not the complete review as you can see, this is a massive game and there are chances I will encounter something worth mentioning, not all negatives but positive elements as well.

When I said I just began playing doesn't mean that I started playing the game, but I just started venturing into the massive game world. The whole game world is spanned over two massive islands and I don't think anyone would be able to give a complete review in the next couple of months, considering the vast exploratory nature and the open world the game provides. Which is why I said I will constantly update the reviews. Thanks for your comments much appreciated :)
P.S. I am still giving you a positive rating :)

In reply to an earlier post on 30 Nov 2012 14:29:36 GMT
Sully says:
Fantastic review.

What difficulty level are you playing it on? Is the enemy AI more deadly on HARD mode? What's the differences? Thanks!

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I played all difficulty modes to compare the gameplay, and the harder the difficulty the better the enemies, AI is unparallelled. Though I should say, the harder difficulty makes the enemies faster too, for example, twice I was taken down by dogs, probably because I was overconfident and didn't plan my attack well, still, I found I had to shoot more than usual to kill the cunning enemies. However, if you are playing focussing on stealth, harder mode is such a rewarding experience. In harder levels the enemies are stronger, faster, more cunning and need more bullets, yet you can outsmart them with your strategic play, however, I had to recommend the normal mode for novices to FPS and hard for everyone else.

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Thanks for taking the time in posting such a comprehensive and informative statement about the game.

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Thanks for the letting me know that, much appreciated, delighted to hear it :)

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Ripleygirl says:
Thanks - I know nothing about gaming, but have watched hubby play Far Cry 2 (which he loved). Your comprehensive review, and specifically the comparison to FC2 have convinced me to buy it for him for christmas. Really helpful.

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Tom G. says:
Demo ? What demo, I didn't find any, sounds interesting before buying a game from Ubisoft. Please let us know where one can download it.

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GDIvsNOD says:
when it comes to weather and lighting, cryengine 3 does smash this engine in but this game doesnt kill your computer at least....
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