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VINE VOICEon 26 November 2014
I am just in love with this laptop - it is absolutely a luxury item and it is one of those objects you buy to treat yourself - it feels and looks amazing and draws comments from those who see it. The hinge is extraordinary - it looks sort of grafted on at first but soon becomes something you love for its amazing self.

This is not an objective purchase and is I guess the equivalent of buying a two seat sports car that does't go very fast, uses a lot of fuel but just looks fabulous on the drive and makes you feel great every time you go out driving in it.

Being Objective and looking at the positives -

1) Finally, you have a laptop that you can leave propped on your knees on the duvet - its tiny fan never comes on in normal use and the only real venting is via the tiny fan hidden in the hinge. In normal use - surfing, using Office, Adobe products etc it doesn't even get warm.

2) It weighs so little - I think the figure is 1.2kg, 500g heavier than an IPad 1 and noticeably lighter than the Pro 2 which I also have. This is amazing - prepare to be shocked when you pick it up for the first time.

3) It is a Yoga - those screen acrobatics aren't useful all of the time but this one rally works as a laptop and is a great but yes, still heavy, tablet.

4) Snappy performance - you will read criticism of the new processor but in normal use, the combination of Processor, Ram and SSD makes this really snappy - e,g, Photoshop opening in a few seconds Basically what you will be used to with Yogas. Most of the time, processor ppower is not critical.

5) Touchpad and keyboard - I have read criticism of these but they work as well as the Yoga 2 although key travel is noticeably reduced compared with the 2. I was always happy with my 2 and am happy with this too. There are compromises with what is included with the keyboard due to the laptops size - Function keys for instance - try the keyboard before buying as, depending on what you use yours for, this could be a critical issue.

6) The new charger liberates a USB port so the total count increases to 3.

7) All of a sudden - Adobe? Windows? Lenovo? The Adobe Creative Suite Resolution problem that has afflicted Windows for so long is sorted like never before. I am so happy I could cry.....

8) Did I mention it looks and feels great?

Not so great:

1) Screen 2 - I have read about jagged edges appearing on stuff on the screen due to the 'pentile' arrangement of the pixels - I don't notice that but the contrast is quite low and I notice a flatness to the display of light and dark - might not bother you but it makes the screen look a little low rent for the money. I would have preferred a really nice HD screen and it could go a little brighter - in general day time use I have mine on max all the time

2) Struggles with big processor jobs - I render video for my job - this laptop throttles down under sustained load and is really slow doing this compared even to the Yoga 2 - if you are a user of big processing power, this is not the machine for you. Incidentally, this is the only time I have, just, heard the internal fan.

3) New charger means yet another new type of charger in the house - oh dear. And while it doesn't weigh much, it is an ugly, surprisingly bulky and unattractive thing - it is not a plug with a power block but a large bulky plug design with no power block.

4) Sometimes battery life can be as short as 3-4 hours - not sure why but a bit of a concern as the Yoga 2 was way better than this - will keep charging / discharging and update the review over time.

In conclusion - treat yourself!

p.s. Have had to return it recently as it had a complete mother board failure - Lenovo haven't disputed liability for the failure but are taking their time - I will update potential buyers as things progress - or not.............
p.p.s. Three weeks news...
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on 25 March 2015
Seems my last review for this machine was discarded. Brilliant machine. My only gripe is that having ordered it in the UK a German machine was delivered. Took me forever to change it to English, only trouble is the keyboard is also German which apart from the Y and Z characters being on opposite keys, the rest is liveable with. The continental mains plug supplied [with not even a free adapter supplied] is no problem since I live in Turkey, but if I was still living in UK it would have added to my disappointment. So be warned, because you won't be warned by Amazon.
review image
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on 24 September 2015
I hope Lenovo read these reviews. I've so very much wanted to love this machine and have tried to convince myself that it's a thing of wonder. And in some ways it is. But, the keyboard layout is mind-bogglingly terrible. On previous Lenovo's I've had it's been excellent (and they could have used the same template), but instead they have weird stuff at the right-hand side of the keyboard making it hard to find the important keys such as return and backspace. And not to have a row of F keys at the top on a "pro" device is criminal. And while we're on the matter of a "pro" device, have a pro operating system!

The hinge is a thing of beauty. In fact the whole thing is a thing of beauty and turns heads. It starts instantly and the WiFi's good. Brilliant the machine doesn't get too hot, and the power in cable as an extra USB port is one of many examples of brilliant innovative design.

But it does flex horribly and you worry it's not going to last. And the battery life is disappointing. While there can't be much space inside, I do hope they've packed every square centimetre of it with battery. If not, do that for the next iteration.

Lenovo did pretty well and have something that was almost a game changer, but let down by cutting too many corners in a device that is at the very top of the price bracket. For the Yoga 4 pro, build it much better, give us a vastly better-designed keyboard and much longer battery life. And maybe a tweak to the body shape so it looks natural when a closed laptop or all the way round in full tablet form. They they should have a market-leading device.
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on 12 December 2014
Screen is outstanding, vivid and crystal clear.
Weighs nothing..easy to carry in one hand.
Keyboard is flush and surrounded by very tactile rubberised surface.
Plenty of connectivity, charging port acts as another USB , making 3 in all.
Performance for normal use is outstanding and the 512GBSSD is blisteringly fast.
It looks beautiful and the hinge is amazing.
Battery life will average out around 6 hours i reckon on what i have seen so far using web, Office and watching movies.
In built harmony software is excellent and the sound standard is superb.
An icon piece of kit and a work of art that does the business.
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on 4 February 2015
First thing's first, this laptop is a stunning machine. It garners all manners of "oohs" and "aahs" from people who clap eyes on it, and even after about a week of use of the machine, it still impresses me how light it is when picking it up - especially in comparison to my previous laptop (MacBook Pro). It bamboozles me how Lenovo can fit a fully capable laptop into a chassis this thin, engineering witchcraft. The hinge mechanism is a marvel, and holds the screen securely at whatever angle I decide to put it at. The ability to morph the laptop into different modes (it's main selling point I suppose) is, in my opinion, a great feature. i am constantly flipping and bending it into different positions depending on what tasks I am carrying out on it. Laptop mode is obviously the best for doing proper work, stand mode is fantastic for Netflix/videos in bed/on the plane, and tablet mode is handy when space is at a premium (and the laptop is light enough to get away with holding it for a moderate amount of time).

The display of the laptop is as crisp and clear as any screen I have seen on a laptop - absolutely no faults with it. I have also noticed the laptop will dim and brighten the screen depending on what it is is being displayed, which can aid in readability and clarity on the screen, an impressive little addition. I have noticed some distortion in the screen when holding/pressing it whilst in tablet and stand mode, but nothing that concerns me, and I suppose can be expected with the device being as thin as it is.

The keyboard is good, with nice key depression amount, and did not take me long to adjust to, however I would have appreciated a row of function keys along the top of the keyboard, instead of the annoying function key being required.

There are plenty ports for what I need, and I particularly like the doubling up of the charging port with a USB 2 port - a clever touch and I'm sure many people will welcome the extra connectivity. The full size SD card slot is handy for throwing a card from my SLR into to take the photos off, and is so much easier than trying to hunt for the pesky USB cable which has a habit of going AWOL.

Performance so far has been great from the new Core M chip, which allows laptops of such anorexic proportions to take form in the real world. The Core M has been designed to allow fanless laptops; the Yoga 3 Pro has been fitted with a small fan though which can be (just) heard firing up when the heat is on (pardon the pun), but prevents the laptop from becoming excessively warm (something my old MacBook was prone to doing), with only a gentle heat ever coming from the top right corner of the base under intensive tasks. The only time that the laptop has stuttered was streaming 2K video from YouTube - something which I was slightly disappointed about considering the screen is made for this sort of thing, however handles 1080p without a hitch, and they still look incredible on the fantastic display. Gaming and photo editing still to be tested - will update review later accordingly. Windows 8.1 flies on the machine, with menu transitions and Modern Apps opening, closing and navigating as smooth as lukewarm butter. Cold boots in around 6 seconds thanks to the speedy SSD. Lenovo stuffs a bunch of stupid bloatware into Windows though but thankfully it is all uninstallable (which I swiftly took advantage of and mostly removed).

One definite sticking point (as mentioned before): battery life isn't anywhere close to what Lenovo states. I've found I can get 5-6 hours with a mixture of Office work, web browsing and video streaming, with the "Balanced" battery mode enabled (which is what most people will use day-to-day). Not terrible, but way off the advertised amounts.

TL;DR: Super thin laptop, different folding configurations are genuinely useful, screen is fantastic, performance is fine for everyday tasks but battery life could be better (or at least truthfully advertised).
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on 27 August 2015
Its a Beautiful and well constructed piece of kit. Its a joy to pick up, even though the first few times I nearly threw it over my head as was used to my old Laptop being so heavy. I knew it would not replace a desktop or my previous Lenovo laptop, however I needed something I can work from easily and can be used waiting for appointments and with bad health i needed something light to use.
i have had this laptop since Feb and there wasnt really any information about what it could do, or what you could use on it, so I will explain my use and see if that helps you make a decision.

Stunning Design
Light weight and very portable
Great touch Screen and nice layout
The hinge!! It folds over on itself which lends itself to all possible posistions you need. (Tent mode is fab)
It can handle what I need at a push
The fan, its so very quiet!
USB ports
Windows 8.1 & OBLY TILES, I am a big advocate of this, I HATE with a passion Windows took away all my Obly tiles i had spent ages customising and from what I have read bout Wiindows 10...there are too many issues with security.

Okay there are a few....
The 4K resolution is abismal when using most software like Gimp, VCL...the buttons are tiny and it really hinders performance
The Core M chip while being tiny and allowing the Laptop to be thinner can throttle when certain pages or softwear is in use, I use it for my business, so I have open Gmail, Facebook, Ebay, Amazon, Gimp, Netflix, and its good, not great, but it can handle me watching films on netflix while editing images in gimp and chatting with customers in facebook and editing my site, where it starts to slow is when pintrest is used or heavy image laden sites. It can not deal with VPN changes at all....sadly.
The amount of rubbish that Lenovo pre istall is a joke. I got less than 2 hours when I opened my 2nd one...(more about that in a bit) I had to uninstall and stop a lot of the apps to get the best battery life out of the yoga...really why these are installed is beyond me they do not aid the use or preformance in anyway. When removed I can get about 7 hours surfing the web, and about 4 watching netflix, longer if using VLC.
So the fan, the fan is a massive pro when it works. The 1st Yoga pro 3 I had was great out of the box, oddly I did not have an issue with the bloatware Lenovo installed but did have a lot of spy ware which was removed quickly. The fan started to make a clicking noise a few days in, I thought maybe thats what it does when it its not it got much worse. thank fully I returned it for a replacement. I have since learnt that there is a sticker on the fan that can come loose and can make the awful noise I experienced. This was made worse by moving the yoga into different positions.
Sometimes, the auto rotate will not work, just click the button on the right hand side and it comes back.
Every so ofter, when you fold it back on itself so the keyboard is on your lap and you can touch the screen, it does not register that the laptop is in the posisiton and clicks all the buttons your knees are touching which is pretty rubbish.

All the cons make it seem like its a night mare, its not, most of these can fixed yourself or help from fourms. And I try and use it as a Desktop or Laptop replacement and its not! Its a ultrabook with a Core M chip. For whats in it, its pretty great. I genuinly LOVE my Yoga Pro 3. I just wish it was a bit more powerful.

I purely bought this due to its design, i needed something I could lift and use when unwell and still had work to do. I expected I would get a lot less use out of it. I use it every day and love it.

So why the 4 stars, only 4 due to Lenovo installing their utter rubbish Apps and bloatware.
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on 12 April 2015
Not worth the money! I bought this laptop as a combo' laptop/tablet, I was happy at first, great screen plenty of connectivity/ports and despite the M series processor pretty quick for most things. A month in though and after many windows and Lenovo system updates I had issues. Not with the standard windows but with the Lenovo add-ons. They supply various bolt-on apps a lot of which stop functioning or create login errors and pop-ups. I simply got sick of trying to fix each error, rolling back application or driver software, eventually I took it back to the store I bought it from and exchanged it under their happy customer policy for a Surface Pro 3. I glad to say there are no so called enhancements and not so useful application bolt-on to break. Had the Surface over a month now really happy and wished I'd bought it in the first place. My advice, if you are happy messing about after every software/system/application update and have £1200 to spare then go for it, if not you're better off spending that cash on a Surface Pro 3.
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on 1 January 2016
Really thin, fast, lightweight laptop. Looks great in orange!

Battery is long lasting with quite heavy usage... lasts quite a few hours.
Touch-screen is amazing!
Lightweight and thin.
Looks great, and feels great! The dimpled texture around the keyboard is especially pleasing.
Really quick! Laptop boots up from off in just a few seconds. From sleep, it's almost instant!
The different modes (laptop, tablet, stand etc.) work well and are recognised by the installed software.

The touch-pad doesn't always work for light touches, so you sometimes have to tap again harder.
Supplied cable isn't really long enough for my liking.
The auto screen dimming for different pages is quite off-putting. If you open a dark webpage, then switch to a light webpage, it takes a few seconds to adjust, and in a few noticeable stages. I've switched it off in the options, although it could have an adverse effect on battery life.
Some apps are far too small... it's to do with the amazing resolution of the screen. It's more of a 3rd party software problem, than the laptop itself.
The Lenovo cashback offer is far too complicated... I guess they hope a percentage of people don't do it! I also couldn't access the required invoice on the Amazon website, although they sent me a paper copy very quickly through the post. Why they couldn't provide me one online or by email though is beyond me!

Overall, a great laptop, and highly recommended, especially when on special offer. I bought it for £699 in the Mad Friday offers, plus £100 cashback from Lenovo - still waiting for that though!
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I'd been looking around at ultra-books for a while and not seen anything that ticked all the boxes of performance, size and style, until this came up in a cyber Monday deal. Buying this was a bit of punt considering the price and having not seen it in the flesh before but I'm very glad I did.

First impressions are of the quality, this laptop is very thin and light yet has a very solid feel to it and the hinges are a work of art. It was very easy to get up and running and I did a bit of research before taking the plunge to install Windows 10. In use the laptop is quick and the touchscreen responsive, this is my first solid state hard drive laptop and it's a world away in performance from slower physical disk models. I've used in tablet mode extensively and it performs well, the only bug I've come across is when looking at a large album of photos in a folder it can get stuck on a picture but that could be Windows. Battery life is good, I'm always using the battery life prolonging setting which maintains the charge at 55-60% so it's never full but it lasts for a good few hours.

Surprised to see the poor reviews on this as I think it's a great product and can highly recommend.

I also ordered a case at the same time which I can recommend
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on 23 February 2016
Had nothing but problems with this laptop including problems with the screen resolution. Hardly any programs work properly as the text boxes are too small to see due to incompatible dpi resolution.

Is it windows 10 to blame or something else - in any case you expect a laptop to run programs that has readable text.

Useless for work.

It was also incorrectly advertised as 2.9Ghz when it is actually 1.3Ghz (says so on box) which only drives to 2.9Ghz in turbo mode which is when the cpc is under pressure which is misleading.

Won't go near Lenovo again after this.
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