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4.8 out of 5 stars393
4.8 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 1 September 2014
'V' continues on nicely from 'Overexposed' with an even more commercial sound if that was possible. It does work and there is plenty to like if you enjoyed previous hits like 'Payphone' and 'Maps'. For the fans of Maroon 5's old style they may not be able to tell whether these are reject Katy Perry songs or simply a collaboration with some of Kylie Minogue's best writers.

As it goes both could be true as 'V' features plenty of well known co-writers as 'Overexposed' did. Lady of the minute, Sia Furler has a credit on the duet track with Gwen Stefani, a rather pleasant piano track but kind of begs the question, where are the rest of the band? Shellback, Rodney Jerkins and Ryan Tedder are other well known names that feature throughout. Interestingly, Adam Levine is the only band member this time to have any co-writing credits, despite always writing as a band on previous albums.

Soundwise, think 'Maps', Payphone', 'Daylight' and 'Love Somebody' and you have similar melodic and catchy songs throughout, nothing too experimental. My highlights were 'Animals', 'Sugar' and 'My Heart is Open' but there wasn't a single track I strongly disliked. This is a full blown 'pop' album and doesn't try to be anything else. The deluxe version is completely worth it for the insanely catchy and Gnarls Barkley esque 'Shoot Love'. I wouldn't be surprised if this became a single.

Even though he's previously stated publicly his loyalty is with the band, for me this album was a step closer to an inevitable Adam Levine solo album. If the writing credits are anything to go by, the rest of the band seem irrelevant now.
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on 1 September 2014
I've been a fan of Maroon 5 since the beginning. I've held on through the waiting, through the rocky second album, and despite the rising celebrity status of the lead singer which made me wonder about the future for the band itself. I loved their third album as it seemed like they were finding their sound again but with new maturity and experience. But with the changing atmosphere of mainstream music seeming to force everyone to follow the same club music type format and the band seeming to sink into it with their fourth album 'Overexposed' , I started to fear that Maroon 5 are going the same way.

Despite quite enjoying the fourth album for being yet another successful exploration of a genre of music whilst also maintaining their unique style, I said to myself that if this album let me down by officially confirming the loss of Maroon 5's acousitc/folk/soul sound in favour of the mainstream 'club' sound (as has happened with so many other musicians) then I would officially give up on Maroon 5.

In all, I'd basically say that I'm hanging on with the band by a thread, but I'm willing to hang in there for one more.

Where the lyrics of previous albums were more heartfelt/poetic, the lyrics of this album are for the most part more short and simple verses to make room for those endless anthem type repetitions, however there are a couple of songs that seem to want to express something deeper then the 'hey girl' type of notion despite being wrapped up in dance beats.

The music itself has lost its acoustic sound almost entirely; instead you've got the drum machine and the electronic/dance instruments and the vocals have the echo effect on a lot of the songs, as well as the whole pitch bending thing. The only thing I could pick out as a Maroon 5 'sound' was the guitar picks that are laced into the music. Where their previous album dipped its toe in the water of mainstream sound with songs like 'Moves Like Jagger' but balanced it with songs like 'Sad' which was a piano ballad that screamed with emotion, pretty much ALL of the songs on this album are the same format and the same sound and that makes the album quite bland.

Adam Levine's vocals have always been something that keeps me coming back to Maroon 5, I enjoy the sound of his voice and I've enjoyed the way his singing style has grown and developed through the albums, it's got a soulful edge to it and the notes are clear and unwavering like some singers. On this album he's up in the high notes for a lot of it, and other times the shortness of the verses has him practically talking the lyrics, but that 'something' is still there and it even lifts some songs into being noticeable and even lovely.

Whilst I'm sure there are some definite winning singles for the band with this album, I think the album as a whole is a faceless product of the current format of mainstream music and I feel that I've lost the band I loved, and all of their potential as musicians, because of it.
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on 15 November 2014
Halfway through listening to the album, but ill still give a TBT review.

Maps is/was a great single. 🎶
Animals is PERFECT in every way!
It Was Always You is not perfect, but amazing all the same.
Unkiss Me is a true BANGA! 🎶🎶
Sugar is OK, but not perfect.
Leaving California is awesome!
New Love is just amazing, I cant see any flaws.

Thats where im up to.

Maps - 8.8/10
Animals - 9.7/10
It Was Always You - 8.7/10
Unkiss Me - 9.8/10
Sugar - 8.7/10
Leaving California - 9.6/10
In Your Pocket - 10/10
New Love - 9.9.10
Coming Back For You (im here now) - 9.8/10
Feelings (im right here) - 9.2/10
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on 1 September 2014
Good enough to listen to in the background. Neither lyrically profound, can't stop dancing standard nor original for Maroon 5 or as music as a whole. The first single is the best track. After the first run though I had to recap all the songs as not ever so memorable.
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on 12 October 2014
This is possibly the poorest album Maroon 5 have produced up until now. They would best be served by going back to simply trying to be a very good band instead of serving up a poor dish of synthetic electropop. Very disappointing.
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on 12 September 2014
Nowhere near as good as Overexposed. A few decent tracks, but the whole album seems to exist mainly to prove how high pitched Adam Levine's voice can get.
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on 15 December 2014
I must say this is a really good album,I've heard all of them a lot but end up coming back to this one the most!The dance beat and bassline of Feelings makes it a proper dancefloor hit,and also Levine's vocals are probably his best yet.Sugar is going to be the next single and rightly so cos it's in my opinion the best one on the album.Definitely a 5 star album and can't wait for the next one already!
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on 24 November 2014
Maroon 5 and their album 'V' is yet another 'Summer 2014 Discovery' for me. Never heard of them before this September. Where have I been? Nowhere apparently. As I've played it more and more, I have really have appreciated the sheer quality of the production. It's seriously good. I'm a rocker at heart but as relatively mainstream to me as this music is, when it is this good, who cares? Their lead vocalist Adam Levine has one hell of voice. There are some genuinely fantastic tracks here: 'Maps', 'Animals' and 'It was Always You' are just a few examples. I can't say I like all the songs, but I can genuinely say I really like this album. Try it and in all likelihood hood you'll buy it.
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on 8 September 2014
It's good...Not bad tunes, Maps, Leaving California, and all highly listenable, and will have you singing/tapping along,

But.....Don't know what it is but, just lacking that 'edge' for me, New love/feelings could be straight off an Enrique album for instance!
Been playing safe for too long now Maroon, now if you can just recover that edge of 'songs about Jane!!'

'My heart is open' the stand out for me.....Just a little different, & with a bit more power would be perfect!

And 'Maps' (cutmore dub)....Why wreck a perfectly good song!? ....I just don't get it!

Just a little too smooth......
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on 20 January 2015
Bought this CD for my husband for Christmas. We listened to it in the car the other day. I thought the songs on it were very catchy, so it get's my vote. My husband really likes it, and that's the main thing. When you purchase the CD you also get the option to download the mp3 files also. Be aware that some of the songs do have swearing on them though, doesn't bother us but you may want to reconsider if you are purchasing for a youngster (although, it's probably nothing they haven't already heard in school.
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