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32 of 34 people found the following review helpful
As somebody who has been regularly using these kind of headlights for over 20 years I am well aware of the need for a good one. I've been through loads over the years finding each next one is the best and this latest one is no exception.

In the box you will find. . .

- The Headlight with a rechargeable battery unit attached to it.
- Two 18650 3000mAh rechargeable batteries
- A two pin charging plug
- A 3 pin UK adapter for the charger
- A car charging cable

There are no instructions but it's self explanatory to be honest and simple to use.

I am really impressed with the overall build quality.

The lamp unit itself is very nicely finished in an anodized matt black and satin aluminium.

Upon easily screwing the satin finished crown off to access the insides there appears to be a ceramic reflector that has a very good reflective finish. The Cree LED was well fitted and there's plenty of room inside for heat dissipation because these lights can get very hot. Better dissipation means they will last longer. The light is tiltable through multiple angles and can be focused from a straight beam to a wide spot and everything inbetween. Very very handy indeed.

I had a quick look with a jewellers loupe at the LED emitter and it's definitely an XML which are brilliant.

The lamp is attached to an adjustable elasticated headband which has the battery power pack at the back so it sits on the back of the head. The battery unit clips shut tight and is solidly made. It feels like it's rubber coated too. Underneath this unit is the charging port which is covered by a rubber plug/protector. At the back of the battery unit is the power button.

I put a 'lick' of silicone around the seal of the battery unit just to double ensure there would be no water leaking in. Probably unnecessary but I want this light to last.

one click - Gives a full power beam of supposedly 1600 Lumens
two clicks - Appears to halve the beam power so around 800 Lumens?
three clicks- Gives a strobe effect at full power

So, this light seems to be (to me) well made, inside and out.

The light has three functions which are activated by pressing the clicker type button at the back.

- Full power
- Half power
- Strobe

I cannot 'prove' the Lumen power of this light but can compare it to a 200 Lumens really bright light I've had previously.

This is one powerful light!

On full it is literally blindingly powerful. It has a good centre-spot throw with a wide filter. I'd say It's good for around 150ft forward with brilliant visibility. To be honest on full belt I'd say it's too much for oncoming people unless it's pointed downwards at the floor. Something to be mindful of.

Half power (it may be less) is well sufficient for hiking/walking/night fishing, camping and map reading in darkness in my opinion. Still very good indeed but less harsh, still great visibility.
Again, the strobe effect is powerful and epileptic fit inducing. I personally would not use the strobe unless I was trying to attract attention in an emergency situation.

In use this is very comfortable on the head even over long periods, you sometimes forget you have it on! I've done a few night walks of around 7-10 miles and the light was spot on for the duration, no fading, flickering or anything.

For hiking and looking inside caves, nosing around woodland which is what I am into, this is brilliant. It has also survived a massive downpour of rain. Good stuff.

The charger fits into the battery unit snugly and has a red flashing LED whilst charging.

This light definitely has other uses. It's like a small halogen lamp! Perfect for camping or like myself to throw in your rucksack (there's no weight in it at all) if you go walking/hiking and you often come across caves/potholes/dense woodland and old disused tunnels. You could use this in work as a floodlight in dark situations/emergency lighting or to look inside your loft space/attic or any dark situation where you need free hands.

An amazing powerhouse headlight.

This headlight was kindly sent to me for review purposes by the manufacturer.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 3 July 2014
Don't judge a book by it's cover, nor a headtorch by it's packaging. The cheap tacky box is enough to put me off something like this, however, going off the other reviews I thought I'd make a purchase, for £13 it's hardly a big loss so there was nothing to lose.

The actual product is remarkably well built - the plastics aren't the most robust but they have a degree of quality to them where they matter. The lamp housing is solid metal and looks built to last along with a tough lens that looks like it'll stand up to whatever you can throw at it.

The elastic straps are great quality and the foam padding on the components is a nice touch and gives the product a premium feel.

This was originally intended as a backup to my petzl headtorch but this is much, much brighter.
Really, it's bright. Don't look into the operational end of the device. It'll take your retinas clean off.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 21 August 2014
Generally pleased with this,seems good enough quality (for the money!).However,mine DOESN'T have an adjustable focus for the beam!.Some reviewers have said it has this function,some have said it doesn't so,I can only summise that the seller is selling TWO different products (one with,and one without adjustable focus),and advertising them both as the "adjustable focus" light (this is included in the seller's product description!).I can't be bothered sending it back,and it'll do fine really for me as it is,but buyer beware!,it seems you're taking pot luck when you order,as regards which light you get.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 4 January 2014
Was unsure what torch to go for and eventually decided on a rechargeable one. Glad now as this gives plenty of use between charges and is straightforward to use. When I first got it I was unsure but think I've got the best head torch going, at least not many would be better.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
This head lamp was sent to me by the manufacturers for review. I think it is excellent, and extremely good value.

The lamp is well supplied with the accessories you need. It takes two 18650 batteries, which are supplied with the lamp. Once fitted into the headset these can be charged directly using the mains charger supplied or the car charger - a nice handy touch, I think.

The unit itself is very easy and comfortable to use. The elasitcated head-straps are readily adjustable and the unit fits easily on the head with the lamp at the front and the battery-pack at the back. The battery pack is waterproof and the unit works fine in the rain. It is light and nicely made to be comfortable to wear for long periods, and it is the most comfortable head lamp I have tried - you can genuinely forget that you are wearing it.

The light itself is excellent. It is very bright with a fairly tightly focussed beam. I found it gave decent illumination up to at least 50m on full power and would be excellent for night walking, cycling and so on. There is also a 50% brightness setting which is the one I use for working in dark areas. Again, it's excellent. The high setting is simply too dazzling to use for close-quarter work, but the 50% setting is perfect for me, and this lamp is a real boon for this sort of thing. There is also the ubiquitous strobe setting (I really don't know why all these lamps have it) and you toggle through the settings using the power switch on the back of the battery pack. The lamp can be moved to different angles depending on what you're using it for and it stays where it is put, which is another handy feature.

This seems like a well-made product. It is certainly very good at what it does and extremely comfortable and convenient to use. At it's current price of about thirteen quid it's a real bargain, too, and I can recommend this very warmly.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 3 September 2014
Generally well made and the light is very bright... but...

1) Be warned that the Ultrafire batteries are FAKE and even though they say "Protection Circuit" on the label, they are lying and do not have the safety protection circuit built in. This means you must not let the battteries run too low or accidentally short them due to risk of fire/explosion. In fairness, unprotected batteries are in common use, and protected batteries will generally cost more than this head-torch on their own.. it's just they shouldn't state what is a clear lie on the battery label.

2) As the batteries do not have the protection circuit, they are shorter than standard, and rattle in the battery compartment which causes the light to fail. If you don't change the batteries for protected ones that are longer and stay in place, then a small piece of foam or similar in the cover at the +ve end will help hold them in place against the terminals and stop them "popping "out.

3) The focus is by pulling-out/pushing-in the lens housing, ans this is not immediately apparent ...most people I know who bought these end up unscrewing the lens by mistake.

4) No Instructions.

On the positive side.... the charger is a UK plug with an LED that glows green when charged and red when charging (note power must be on to the charger for this function to work correctly, as it will always light green when the power is off regardless of battery condition), and you get a car chager too.

So to sum up... still good value for money, and light performance favourably compares with units of £40 to £50... but if you want safe batteies you will need to budget an extra £15 or so..... Hence its true cost for comparison is more like £30
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 21 June 2014
Not nearly as bulky, heavy or uncomfortable as I'd expected, and a REALLY bright light. When focussed in to a spot, it easily illuminates a neighbour's house more than 100 yards away. In fact, even on the broad beam, it shows the house dimly. I wanted a bright head-torch for the dogs' evening walk, and it's perfect for that. The only problem is that at this time of year, I quickly get mobbed by a gang of moths and other assorted flying beasties - it was so bad last night that I couldn't see where I was going (had to shut my eyes), and almost suffocated (holding my breath after inhaling several insects)!!

Not cheap (luckily, I was using a birthday gift card!), but a much more reasonable price than some others. I've wanted one of these for some time, but previously been put off by the prices I've seen.

The light arrived quickly, and was well packaged - but ...

... why no instructions? It took a short time to work out how to focus the light (I tried twisting it to begin with, and thought for an awful moment that I'd broken it when I accidently pulled it out a bit - then realised that was how to focus. The light itself feels reasonably robust, but the 3 clips on the battery holder are already (after being opened just twice - once to insert and charge the "spare" batteries, and a second time to remove the first pair of batteries and insert and charge the second set) showing an ominous whitening of the plastic, and the bottom one in particular is very loose. Not sure how long before it falls off altogether.

The battery pack at the back is quite bulky (though I realise that's not confined just to this particular head-torch), and I'm wondering how it will fit when I need my winter hat ... Time will tell.

A protective bag would have been nice - the elastic and wire easily tangle with other items on the shelf / in the bag. I'll just have to get my sewing things out.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 26 June 2014
In looks this is similar to the LED Lenser H14R.1 which originally cost around £120 (now about £60) however it comes in nowhere near as bright and in spot the light pattern is distinctly square. On arrival my lens had been put together badly, trapping the O ring which required stripping the unit down to fix. Also there were a lot of aluminium filings in the unit which had they been left would have caused failure of the O ring. The two batteries are much larger than AA so are not interchangeable and the battery housing feels cheap and I expect will have a limited lifetime. The cable is fairly thin and the focus mechanism is inaccurate an can be easily knocked. On low power there is an annoying whistle from the battery pack. On the good side the strap is comfy and it's easy to use and for £14 it's good as a general purpose head torch. I don't think I would trust it in wet weather or for climbing etc but it's good for under the car and general use.
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on 14 July 2014
This head torch was purchased for mine exploration lasting anything from 3 to 6 hours underground.
The reaction from the other experienced explorers was impressive and it certainly attracted 'torch-envy'. The light is intense and as bright as similarly very highly priced units. The focusing beam is good and can give a range from wide flood to narrow pin point extending to over 50m.
For battery life, please read below.
Charging the batteries can be done easily using either the wall socket charger into the unit or a cigarette socket charger. On the wall charger, a light indicated when fully charged.
The lamp can get very slightly warm due to the massive output but this did not get uncomfortable.
Once the lamp was fastened onto my caving helmet, the battery compartment was a still easily accessible for changes.
For the head torch, this mush be given 5*. It is so cheap and so powerful, even if it breaks after 1 year (which I still hope it won't), it isn't a massive financial loss.

Then we come to the supplied batteries. Pants! You get 2x 3000 mA 18650 Li Ion batteries. As I was using these for an extended time underground, I also purchased a spare set of batteries which is highly recommended. I purchased 2x 4000 MA batteries just costing £5.50. These additional batteries were a lifesaver.
The original set lasted just 1 hour before the light level dropped off dramatically. The second higher rated batteries were much better, lasting an impressive 4 hours before drop off (around 50% lower light level).

So 5* for the unit but I'd strongly recommend getting a spare set of batteries, still making this a very cheap and excellent head torch.

My first unit developed a fault. This was replaced. I think it was due to me using it on high power for long periods of time (4+ hours). The lamp got quite hot and the LED seemed to simply 'fall off'. The replacement is now used on the low brightness which is still amazingly bright but doesn't allow the lens to heat up. So far, all is looking good after a number of extended underground stints.
Oh, and be careful what replacement batteries you get. There are a lot of fake UltraFire 18650 batteries around.
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I bought this to replace another head torch. I quite like the overall design of the product but there are a couple of things that could be better.

Firstly the main switch to switch the light on is on the powerpack which is on the back of your head. Location not really a problem but it's the type you push in to switch on and it does not take much force to do this. The problem I think I am going to have is when it is put in a bag/pocket. I have already accidentally switched the torch on while folding it up into a bundle ready to put away. There either needs to be a switch guard or the switch needs to be harder to push in.

My next potential problem lies with the battery compartment. The hinge that has to be opened to insert the batteries is moulded plastic and I think this may break in time if opened and closed a lot. I must say though that once the batteries are put in there should be no need to replaces them for a while and therefore no need to open the battery compartment until the batteries need to be replaced.

To explain further, the head torch comes with rechargeable batteries and once inserted they can be charged via a connector on the battery compartment using the supplied mains or car charging leads.
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