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4.0 out of 5 stars54
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 3 May 2015
After reading this book I'm rather confused, I felt like the beginning made a promising start, and middle felt completely erratic and the ending didn't really clarify the point to half of the things that were put in or why they were put in there, I was left wondering which parts of the character where her and which where another character. The story was a good one, and interesting, I'd recommend reading it simply because Tara Brown is a wonderful author. I just felt something was lacking this time, maybe a little too jumbled to make sense, and the ending was a little short for me. I felt there should have been more of an explanation. There was ALOT of sex in this book which shocked me. I feel it was completely over done and at points a filler for the story. Wasn't impressed with that at all. The sex scenes themself didn't bother me, just how many there were, I ended up skipping pages just to get past the same sex scene I'd already read in the last chapter.
Worth reading just not up to her usual degree of writing.
Hope the next is better!!
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I love a thriller with twists and turns but I do like to have a clue what is going on and with this book I completely lost the plot about two thirds of the way through and never got it back again. I note that other people don't seem to have had the same problem but that was my experience reading this novel and I have read plenty of thrillers in the past without similar issues.

Jane works in a shop and lived with Derek whom she loves and who protects and looks after her. She becomes unsettled when a number of people start calling her Samantha and it appears that this may have been her previous existence because she has amnesia and doesn't remember her past. Then, Rory comes into the picture - he is a police officer who tells her that Derek has been doing evil things and that she has been undercover to find out what is going on. When she challenges Derek he tells her that she has had a number of different identities because she creeps out at night and does terrible things but she can't help herself. Jane/Samantha veers from one explanation to another, not knowing who she can trust - at that point she realises that none of this is true and there is another explanation for what is going on. I lost it here and really didn't understand the third explanation and the last section of the book.

The book started well and I was gripped by the narrative until it lost me - I only finished the book because I wanted to see what had happened and was hoping that it would all make sense by the end. It didn't.

I received a free copy of this book from the publishers via NetGalley
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on 16 May 2015
I loved the writing style. It was east to slip seamlessly into the story and it was gripping and well told with an interesting range of well-rounded characters. I also think the cover art is very professional and compelling. The plot was fast-paced and fairly unpredictable until about 3/4 of the way through and then it just got a bit ridiculous. The author seemed intent on putting in more plot twists than Gone Girl or We Were Liars to the point where I got completely confused and a little bit jaded with what I was reading. You have no idea what is the truth and what's a lie. It was interesting up to a point but I think it went way too far in that respect. I marked it down by one star just because the plot had one twist more than it really needed to have.
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on 29 May 2015
And I came out swinging my handbag like a southern church lady--kicking and screaming "I want to go back in" !!! It has been several days since I finished reading this, yet, it's in my head. I keep relieving in my mind all the most bizarre things that happened...gory, wacko, freakish and yet, hot, erotic, so carnal it'll make your head spin, your heart beating erratically like it's gonna pop out of your chest. Holey pho king way out of my league! and yet, still, I want it not to ever end.. Both the leads are incredibly written so well, so consuming that in their private, most intimate moments, you feel like you're intruding. You can't help feeling you're eavesdropping when they're proving to one another each other's worth and version of truth. This is so fantastically woven into web of lies, deceit, betrayal and mind blowing-heart rending breaking truth...or is it really the truth?!!! Both the Hero/heroine, including all supporting cast were interwoven brilliantly in this most fantastical, inexplicable off the wall tale, you'd be torn up who and what to believe, which way to go. This is one of the most ntense, consuming book I've read so far that I wanna go back and go through it all over again.

This is my first book of Ms. Tara Brown, I'm thinking how did I miss her through all this years, her writing is a work of art. Somehow she reminds me of my most favorite, beloved, incredibly brilliant author, Ms.Georgia Le Carre, who brought us the scintillating, lambent, rapturous BILLIONAIRE BANKER series that I highly recommend! well as this, BLOOD AND BONE.
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on 13 July 2015
The beginning of the book was great, lots of "Is she, isnt she" however when I got to chapter 17 and beyond it was a grueling ride. Sorry for the spoiler but the last twist was just rotten, it ruined the whole book for me. It was like she was near the end and the author couldn't decide how to end it so she says none of it was real. I wont read another book by this snappy young lass as although there needs to be a twist to keep it interesting sometimes the audience finds it annoying or even in this case, a waste of a good read. I felt like the first half was written by an author and the last by a 16 year old diva, which in this this case it really did discount every word that was written right to that point.
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on 19 June 2015
I really enjoyed most of this book but at times there was just not enough explanation... especially nearing the was all too vague and I re-read some parts thinking I had accidentally swiped by pages so it left me a little frustrated
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on 29 June 2015
Well, wow! This book is just mind-blowing, and in a really good way!

We follow the story of Jane, a young girl who has amnesia after a car accident. She has a loving boyfriend, Derek, and a cat called Binx, and she feels secure, even happy...sometimes. That is until she is mysteriously mistaken for another woman, Samantha Barnes, and so her ordinary life turns upside down.

It is so difficult to put into words just what an explosive story 'Blood and Bone' is. At the end of each chapter, you are left desperate for more, desperate to know what the truth is, and which people Jane can trust. I really loved her character, and her inner dialogue was perfect, giving us a really good insight into her troubled mind and just how disconcerting it is for her to find out that everything she thought was real was a lie.

'Blood and Bone' is one of those books that I can't describe the storyline, or even the characters for, because it is something that you have to read and experience yourself. Not knowing who to trust, and which characters to fall for, it was a roller coaster ride and you are left guessing right up the very end.

Tara Brown has delivered a solid psychological thriller, with so many great elements in the mix. There's romance, danger, action and a strong psychological element, that has you unnerved just reading along with Jane and Sam's thoughts.

I give 'Blood and Bone' a strong 4 stars. I couldn't quite give it 5 stars because at the end, I was still slightly confused about just how everything fitted together. But this book has had me thinking about it for days after finishing it, which is the best sign of a good read that there is!

4 Stars!
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on 30 April 2015
Blood and Bone, Blood and Bone Series (Book 1), Tara Brown
Genre:  Dark Romance, Thriller/Mystery
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Well, I’ve enjoyed several of Tara’s novels including some of the darker ones, but this is one on its of me loved it and parts of me hated it. Review huh? That’s tough. Still – I’ll try...
Its confusing, incredibly confusing. You think one thing, then like Jane find out its all a lie, but then its not, or is it, or is it part lie part truth. Poor Jane doesn’t know who to trust, who to believe, and it seems everyone knows more about her than she does. They all sound so confident, so definite and it’s so hard to try to work out who’s telling the truth, what’s going on, and what on earth its all about. Just when I think Derek is a fabulous man we find he may not be, he could be someone totally different, or then again may he is and its the others that are lying. Likewise Rory – he says one thing that convinces Jane, and then....some part is proved a lie..or is it the evidence that’s wrong.
If you want a book that’s a real mindf ck of a read, well, this is it. It’s classed as romance and in a way I can see it is, because of the ending, but along the journey Jane isn’t sure who it is she loves, or why, or if she’s wrong to do so...thankfully it all works out in an incredibly surprising way. Its a scary read, not a sweet, loving one, but one full of horrors, contradictions, and will have you so confused you won’t know which way is up. I thought The Lonely was dark and confusing, but its got nothing on this one. I loved that one though and have reread it – this one? Well, I think maybe even though it kept me gripped, its a step to far on the dark side for me to say I enjoyed it, and I really doubt I’d reread. Its incredibly clever writing, full of possibilities for the future but as a romance its not a huge success for me, maybe a three, as a thriller it’s a five so my rating is between the two. It really depends on what you’re looking for.
Stars:  Four, three for romance, five for thriller.
 ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers
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on 15 July 2015
This series must be read in order. This is the first book.

Jane is a blank that must constantly be filled in. Amnesia has robbed her of eveything even a true sense of self. What is real? Anything? Everything? Nothing? Even if she finds the truth how will she even know?

There is a surprise twist around every corner in this unique genre bending series opener. You will doubt yourself, your sanity , and even your intelligence th whole time you are reading... And LOVE every single minute of this book an be screaming for more when it is over!!! There is no other series like this so enjoy :) I cant wait to read the next book!!!

***This amazing rollercoaster ride of thrills ,chills ,and secrets is suitble for adult readers who enjoy a load of horror in their scifi action adventure suspense thriller love stories :)
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on 4 January 2016
okay so i pretty much stayed up untill 1am to finish this book.yeah ,like others have said its confusing and just when i thought i had it sussed another curveball was launched in but in the last few chapters it all comes together .im unsure which genre this book falls into but whichever it was it had me hooked!its impossible to say if i liked the characters as you arent entirely sure who is real and who isn't but i liked it enough to stick with it.i dont write many reviews but saw that the few reviews that had been left were kind of off putting and had i read them before i purchased the book then i probably wouldn't have bought it.but im glad i didnt read them and bought the book.ive already downloaded the next in the series and hope it provides more back story
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