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on 7 April 2014
I was fortunate enough to receive an early copy of Shattered Veil for review after being contacted by Tracy to see if I was interested, and with how her other books kept me so entertained I just had to agree. This will in no way effect my opinion of the book.

It took me a few days to find the time to fully invest into Shattered Veil but once I started I just couldn't stop.

Since finishing this book at almost 3am in late February I have written two short reviews, one an initial reaction to finishing the book on Goodreads which reads:

"Oh my god. I love it. So much.
I've enjoyed Tracys other books a great deal but I feel like this one just showed how much better she can write even though the others are great too but like woah okay it's 2:37am and I don't even want to sleep because this was just too good *squeals* I avoid war books because I don't like how real it is, which is why I enjoyed her paranormal-ish books so much but but but highly recommend."

The other I wrote on a tumblr to have it listed as my recommendation for next month that had to come under the genre of "New Beginnings" which we could interpret as we so wished, this read:

"Shattered Veil is a newly published book by Indie Author Tracy E Banghart, as well as the first in a new series, the story is about Aris as she makes some important decisions to follow the boy shes loves into a war to help defend her dominion - to do so she must start a new life disguised as a man. (#this is so much more than a love story #its about a strong female character who realises her new life #her new her #changes her for the better #and in result changes the world #changes her reason for fighting in the war #and just All round happy awesome powerful female characters #lots of feminism ideals here guys #super awesome)"

We have to keep our recommendation short so I went over into the tags to express how much I enjoyed this book.

(Once the post goes live with our New Beginnings recommendations I'll include a link here)

So now I'm sat here thinking I need to write an even better review that does this book even more justice for how much I adored it, but I'm afraid that I can't meet such a standard.

Aris is such a strong character from the very start, whether that is clear to all readers or not. Some may see her as naive and childish for having this perfect life planned out with her ~one true love~ when there is such a devastating war going on.

But isn't that how we all live before our eyes are opened?

And did you have to relearn to walk, and find a substitute for when you couldn't?

Well I don't know about you, but I didn't.

After facing reality that her and Calix couldn't be as perfect as they had hoped when he gets selected to head to fight the war as a Mender, she takes the only opportunity she has to be with him.

This means going under great training and secrecy to join the war efforts herself, as a flyer for search and rescue.

Only trouble, women aren't allowed to join the army but with cutting edge secret technology she is able to do just this, along with many other unknown women too.

So Aris becomes Aristos.

Whilst here she is faced with a lot changes in what she knows of the world, but also within herself.

The development of Aris throughout the book is great and I love how true the whole word and scenarios feel!

An even greater plus is that Aris isn't the only strong female character, we also have part of the story told from another, older female character who is the leader of one of the dominions and has to go through a terrifying and painful ordeal too!

I can not express my love for this book enough, it just makes me so happy and excited to think back to every moment of it, that I can't wait to read it again in a few years but also that at some point we'll get a sequel where I can fall back in love with this world all over again.

I need to buy a copy to sit on my shelf amongst all my other favourite books.
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on 12 June 2015
This eBook was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Rebel Wing is the first in the dystopian, science fiction Diatous Wars series by Tracy Banghart. Aimed at young adult readers it focuses on eighteen-year-old Aris Haan as she gives up everything to find the boy she loves, Calix. Atalanta is at war meaning that more and more young men are being selected for the military – Calix included. When Aris’ flying skills are observed she is also recruited, but secretly. Women are not allowed to fight in the war and so Aris has to pretend she is a man. After tortuous training she is placed with the Search and Rescue Unit where she hopes to eventually find her boyfriend.

There was a lot of violent action in this novel, which is inevitable when it is about war, but there was also a political side to the story. One of Atalanta’s allies, the ward of Ruslana, is kidnapped whilst someone else begins to impersonate her and change her policies. Some of this section was not as interesting as those involving Aris, but once they came together towards the end it got really exciting.

Parts of the novel are similar to other dystopian novels, which strongly suggests that other writers had influenced the author. Although the story itself was a completely new idea, the comparisons made it feel less original. For example, at the start of the book it is selection day where eighteen year olds are sorted into the sectors they will work in. This reminds me a little of The Giver by Lois Lowry.

Aris’ character development works really well as she becomes accustomed to life in the military realizing that rather than being there to find Calix she is actually contributing to the war and saving people’s lives. She is a good role model for people today as she shows the reader that you do not have to live down to society’s expectations, that you can prove people wrong and be stronger than they give you credit for.

For a while I was unsure how to rate Rebel Wing. It did not feel like anything special compared with other books in this genre however the ending became really exciting. I would recommend this book to other young adult readers who enjoy books with a lot of action. Although the dilemma within the plot was resolved it would be interesting to discover what Aris gets up to next.
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on 10 January 2015
First of all thank you to Alloy Entertainment for a copy of this book via Netgalley, it seems to me they can do no wrong and every book I’ve read that they have published is fantastic!

What can I say about this book hmm? I started it at 11:00 o’clock at night deciding I would read a chapter or two before bed. Next thing I know it’s 4:30 in the morning and i’m on the last chapter. Very few books can get me to forgo sleep but Rebel Wing made the cut and it was well worth the sleep hangover I had the next day!

In a land where the war is being lost and the military is a no go zone for women Aris risks it all to follow her childhood sweetheart Callix to the front line by pretending to be a man and flying as a pilot in the dangerous war.

“Why does anyone fight a war? To protect a way of life, to find or support loved ones. To avenge those lost. Or maybe because it’s a calling. Because someone has to. Because there’s a line no enemy should be allowed to cross.”

At first I was wary of this book. It started off with Aris being love struck and well on the way to being Juliet but the protagonist of this books journey as she found her identity and inner strength really compelled me to keep reading. With a great story and plot-line and some of the best written characters I have read about in a long time Rebel Wing is a must read for all!

Written in several characters points of view the reader can get a birds eye view of everything that is going on in this story with some great plot twists to keep you hooked!

Cannot recommend this book enough 5/5 recommendation and I cannot wait to read more of Tracy Banghart’s books especially Storm Fall, she is an amazing author!
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**This book was previously self-published as SHATTERED VEIL**

I loved this book. Seriously, I’m not sure I can convey how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel, or how much I want to get my hands on the next one. I haven’t felt this much love for a created sci-fi world since I read Janet Edwards’ "Earth Girl" for the first time.

There are so many great details and touches in this story, especially how Aris changes into Aristos, of the consequences of being caught, of not being caught, of keeping the secret, of living with the lies. There’s hard work ahead, but I really liked how the realities of her situation dawned slowly on Aris as the story went on. I loved how she took control of her life – yes, she’s a romantic, and yes she’s running after her man, but she has to be strong to do it, and she has to prove herself again, and again, and again, until it’s all about so much more than just Calix.

There are some incredible characters to be met along the way, as Aris is woven into this secret, shadowy world of strong women and the costs of war, and men who both protect and are worth protect too sometimes. It’s not just a tale of love on the battlefield, but of political intrigue, disappointments and deceptions, growing up and growing into yourself and finding freedom in unexpected places. It’s enthralling and thrilling, and I was dragged so deeply into Aris’ world that I didn’t want to leave.

But this is only the beginning. For Aris and Atalanta. She’s grown and she’s changed, and life doesn’t look the same anymore. I just hope the next book arrives soon.

(I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)
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on 14 October 2014
This series must be read in order. This is the first book.

Aris is a girl that is clumsy and physically weak due to an incredibly horrid fever as a child. She has a very weak leg and an incredible limp... But when she is flying a wingjet she is the most graceful creature alive. She loves flying and is better than anyone she has ever met. She is excited for her Selection ceremony because then she and Calix can Promise to each other and she is sure they will live happily ever after... That is until a strange and incredibly modern wingjet tries to force her from the sky. Who is in the other wingjet? Why are they attacking her? Has the war spread so far?

Calix is sure he will be Selected just like many bother generations of his family to become a Mender (doctor) and then he can Promise with his childhood sweetheart Aris and they will live out their days happy and fulfilled in their hometown just Luke his parents did. He sees everything as happy and simple and right. Above all everyone must follow the rules and laws always. Will he have his happy future? Will the war ever reach them in Lux? How could it? They are winning right?

This amazing dystopian scfi book was convoluted and addicting. The intrigues and mysteries were only second to the amazing action and adventure. The romance aspect was the driving force behind the plot at first until patriotism took over. The plot twists had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end and I cannot wait to find out how Aris will change the face of her world next!

***This series is suitable for mature young adult through adult readers
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on 7 March 2014
I was really excited to start this book, as I’m currently having a huge love of all things future/dystopian. I also have an obsession with the First and Second World Wars, and particularly on the women who were left behind and the lives and horrors they lived through whilst their men were fighting. So this book intrigued me as soon as I read the synopsis, and I delved into it with high expectations.

My high expectations were not only met, but blow out of all proportion. Everything about this book was absolutely incredible, from the story-telling, the pace of the novel, the characters and the world that was created. Everything just blew me away and as soon as I finished reading Shattered Veil I felt bereft that the incredible story had come to an end, but so privileged to have been on the journey with the characters.

There’s so much I absolutely adored about this story, but I don’t want to spoil any of the story for potential readers so I’ll be purposely vague.

Aris was a fantastic heroine. Forget weak and feeble Bella Swan (Sorry, can’t stand her), Aris is a true heroine in her own right, as she fights her own weaknesses, stigma and her life as a woman to be with the man she loves who was selected for military, where he worked as a medic. I really liked how the story panned out as I never once felt annoyed or bored with Aris for the devotion she showed her childhood sweetheart Calex. I admired her for her bravery and strength and the pain that she put herself through so that she could be with her love.

I loved the progression she made and how she very gradually became her own person who wanted to make her own contribution to the war effort, rather than her being there being purely in the purpose of finding her sweetheart. This also contrasted brilliantly with the way that her feelings towards Calix gradually began to change as she began to see Major Vidar in a way that was more than simply soldier to leader. The change that she made was not only in her looks so she could pass as a man beneath the Veil she wore (it broke my heart when she had to cut her hair), but also in her view of her own use in fighting the war. It was wonderful to see her becoming her own person, away from her hometown Lux, and I was excited to see how this changed her relationship with Calix, as well as Major Vidar when they were reunited.

I really connected to the characters, and my favourite parts of this novel were the character driven moments where we saw how the changes in Aris’ life made her too different for Calix to accept. I loved that I hadn’t found my favourite character until after half way through the novel, as I really had to experience the characters throughout their journey’s to understand them. Major Vidar in particular was one of those characters and I absolutely adored him in the last part of the book.

The back story of the politics behind the war that was selecting more and more young men as military personnel was brilliantly written, and I loved seeing how Atalanta’s leaders had to fight against corruption to keep peace throughout their dominion. Galena Vadim’s kidnapping storyline was particularly chilling in the most thrilling way, and you’ll have to read it to see what I mean.

This story was an absolute gem and I can’t even express how much I adored it. 5 Stars, and I hope to read more of Aris again (Pretty please?)

5 Stars!
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*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to Alloy Entertainment and NetGalley*

4.5 stars

Aris is a talented pilot who plans to spend her future with Calix, the boy she loves. Everything changes when Calix is drafted into the military. Calix refuses to Promise with Aris wanting to wait until they can be together again.
Lost without Calix, Aris accepts an offer to be a pilot in a search and rescue team. But women aren't allowed in the military in Atalanta so Aris becomes Aristos thanks to a veil that makes her features more masculine.
As the war rages on, Aris becomes stronger and her feelings change.
What will Calix say when he sees how Aris has changed?
Can Aris keep the truth from her family?
Will Atalanta fall?

I first read this when Banghart self published it as 'Shattered Veil' and while I didn't enjoy it quite as much the second time around, I still found this to be an electric, thrilling read that left me wanting more.
Aris is a relatable protagonist and I loved reading as she grew stronger. It was interesting to read as her feelings for Calix changed, as she outgrew him.
The plot has twists and turns and held my attention, my thumb every ready to switch to the next page. The writing style is easy to follow and enjoyable.

This is a very enjoyable read that I would definitely recommend.
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on 29 March 2014
I received a free eCopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This YA distopian novel is very well written and the growth of the protagonist is exceptional, I first thought she was a weak, love sick and foolish girl but by the end of the novel she was a strong independent woman who knew exactly who she was and where she wanted to be. She over comes emotions, physical limitations and throws off the beliefs others have that she is weak and in capable.

I am not going to include any spoilers as I really don't like to ruin the impact of twists and turns in books. I will say however that the feminist undertones in the book are fantastic and the way that Banghart presents the darker side of military service is exceptional. Despite being a YA novel, this book is not gentle, some parts are brutal, but this is war and war is brutal.

I can't wait for the second part of this story. By the end I was so drawn in I was angry when the story ended! It ends somewhat abruptly leaving you desperate for the next instalment. It's a 4.5 from me.

- Jenna Knight of FaeBooks
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on 11 April 2015
What a book....

It is hard to come across a really good book but i am glad i found this one.

In the beginning Aris's love for Calix was so sweet, she practically went above and beyond for what she believed in for love.
People say love transforms someone and it is never truer in this book.
The reader get sto see how Aris grows and becomes who she can be and shows that through hard work, belief and dedication, luck and love you can become whatever you wan to be and accomplish anything.

Whilst reading i kept wondering what Calix's reaction would be to Aris's transformation and i wasn't disappointed at all.

I cna't wait to read the next book. (Which i have as i write this review).
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