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5.0 out of 5 stars The Calico Capers, 4 Oct. 2013
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Every kitten, whether they've been raised in a warm home or in the alleys, has a mother. And one particular li'l one appears destined to eventually reunite with her estranged family. But bringing them all together has been and will be a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, this li'l one has a number of other well-meaning fur balls around to guide her along the way.

165 - a cat guides
166 - a cat is certain
167 - is watched
168 - a cat is concerning
169 - a cat communicates
170 - a cat is misread
171 - a cat has signals crossed
172 - a cat is told
173 - a cat goes to see
174 - a cat ponders
175 - a cat realises
176 - a cat queries
177 - a cat is briefed
178 - a cat trains
179 - a cat holds
180 - a cat masters
181 - a cat joins up
182 - a cat begins to change
147 - extras (see below)

Additional Information
The plot thickens in this feline page turner! Light hearted fun in the beginning as Cocchi tries to adapt to 'indoor life'. But he's a stray at heart, right? Then things take a more serious turn, as Chi's human!Dad finds a 'lost kitten' poster with a kitten on it that looks exactly like Chi! If that IS the spritely Chi on the poster, will she have to leave the Yamada family? Also in this volume, Chi realises at last that she is a cat and thus different from her family, and learns the ropes of her species from the ever patient 'Blackie'. Meanwhile, two suspiciously familiar grey striped kittens are running around talking about their 'momma', which causes much confusion and debate between Chi and Cocchi. What is a 'momma?' Auntie Calico sorts things out! This is the closest Chi has come to being reunited with her feline!family, but will she?

This book reads front to back, unlike a lot of other Japanese manga. The pages are in full colour and the artwork is delightful. The language is simple English and the target audience are cat, animal and manga lovers of all ages. You can also enjoy the anime based on this wonderful manga on Crunchyroll. It is in Japanese, but fully subtitled in English.

Extras in the back include "Message Cards" that you CAN cut out and give to friends. I suggest NOT doing that unless you want to maim your book. Instead, I'd just treat them as extra illustrations. On the next page are two sides of a small fan. The idea is that you cut out both round images and stick them back to back with tape around a stick (like a chopstick). When you spin the stick in your fingers/hands the fan will spin round quickly, showing both sides of the fan. This will create an optical illusion of Chi and Cocchi leaping in fear or excitement at the sight of a frog. Again, unless you like books with pages cut out, don't do it. As an alternative I suggest scanning the page and printing it out, or making a colour photocopy of both pages with the cards and fan on. Take care not to bend your book too much.

The next book (Chi's Sweet Home Volume 11) is also advertised in the back with these words as spoken by Chi:
"Somehow I've come to realise. That Chi is different from Yohey (different spelling) and the others. So where did Chi come from?"

The next book will be out FALL 2014. It's going to be a long wait, but hopefully a worthwhile one, as the story is really picking up now and showing promise for future volumes. Another cracker of a manga by Konami Konata! I await the next volume eagerly! BUY IT!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Emotional, 13 Mar. 2014
There is a culmination in this book or rather more of an apex, monumental changes are happening and are not quite realized letting as know there is another book coming, but the question remains will this be the penultimate book? Chi finally figures out what a cat is and starts to question whether she really is a cat and if she is whether she'd prefer to just stay and be like the other human cat's. Chi has bad experiences outside and the Yomada's decide to keep her an indoor cat, which she hates at first but comes to appreciate her home more than the fun outside. While on the other hand Cocchi is found and brought home to Chi's and given the opportunity to stay and while he likes the comforts, he just can't tolerate the loss of his freedom and so both come to prefer their own state of life. What will now happen though, that Chi has found his siblings, realizes he has a Mama and the Yomada's have found the poster looking for the missing kitten they have adopted. Still lots of fun moments with the kitten's exploration of the world around them but an emotional volume as well dealing with different levels of love.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Chi Reunited with Family?, 22 Sept. 2014
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Chi's Sweet Home is always a pleasure to read and a title I'd recommend to fans of cats, watercolours and slice-of-life manga. This volume in particular is one that long-time fans will want to read, as it shows Chi coming one step closer to being reunited with her kitty Momma and siblings. This heart-warming tale is getting into full-swing now and you wouldn't want to miss out.
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