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on 19 July 2014

The original story was outstanding but this second installment is even better.

The story picks up where part 1 ended and continues the terrifying and absolutely hilarious story of the zombie apocalypse in Rucnorn.

The superstars from the first story are all here (John Diant, 80s Dave and of course Butty) and there are a whole host of wonderful, new chilling but amusing obstacles for them to overcome in order to survive.....

Simply couldn't put the book down and drew a lot of strange looks from other train passengers as I laughed out loud . In fairness the looks on their faces only resulted in my laughing even more uncontrollably.

The book was totally amazing but certain episodes really stood out. Supermarket Sweep and the newly formed Aliens of Runcorn Spotters Elite (A.R.S.E) were truly astonishing.

Also it was great to see the band Faster than Bulls featured in a particularly gruesome scene in Rockwells.

Goodness knows where Peter Mckiernon dreams up these incredible escapades (it really is disturbing) but long may it continue

Definitely this series are the best zombie novels EVER and you really MUST READ THIS (but preferably not just before eating).....

What.... still here.... go on....BUY IT NOW!!!

You won't regret it...

Oh! Almost forgot, Check out the fantastic 'When Death Comes To Town' by Faster than Bulls. It's an incredible track and is based on the original book.
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on 14 August 2014
Cracking book. The first book had to establish the characters and maybe was bit slower to get going because of it but now they are well rounded and going about their business in ever more hilarious ways. The listing of the undead has been mentioned before as being distracting but when you realise that the undead are real local people who have asked to be killed in ever gruesome ways on Pete's Facebook page then you are more accepting of it. DIANT is more than a book it is an exploration of a little known town in the Northwest of England and gives insights into the lives of people there in a funny (but not nasty and sneering way).

The story now moves on from the outbreak and introduces those who are struggling to survive the apocalypse and those using it as an excuse to exploit the situation. Not only has the story moved on but the writing has improved greatly and gives an insight into Pete's development as a comedy horror writer. It is funnier than than the first book and leads you wanting to know more about the main characters, one of which is 80's Dave in danger of reaching cult status and Butty who is eccentric as ever. Expect plenty of surprises as the characters try to get to grip with their situation and unwittingly fall foul of a local maniac in their survival attempts. Won't put in any spoilers but be ready to be surprised at the antics of the survivors. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to many more, the characters grow on you in this second book and the fun and gore are more balanced.

I must confess I know Pete having worked (in a tedious job) with him for some years before he moved on and have also taken photographs for the social events and music video for publicity for the books (for free I may add as I believe in what he is doing and have not received any free books or any other payment, hence this review after my purchase, see Death in a Northern Town Facebook page and get involved yourself, lots of people have given their free time and tremendous effort in support of this project). However, I know just from talking to Pete over the years that these books have been planned for a long time and are a labour of love, done for not much material gain but more for the expression of interest in people around him and the chance to be creative with it.

Pete is destined to be a great comedy/horror writer and it is illuminating to be there at the beginning of his career. It can't be easy writing, working full time and bringing up a young family as well as organising a horror festival in Halton but Pete seems to have the energy for all of it. Good luck and when is the third book out?
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on 13 July 2014
I never write reviews halfway through a book, always trying to experience the whole thing prior to making a judgement call, even with the most horrendous of titles I have been exposed to courtesy of the kindle app. However one thing with this book is driving me absolutely bonkers. It would appear that the author held some sort of competition to have readers named in the sequel to Death in a Northern Town and as such every few pages we get yet another guest list. It's distracting and quite frankly it's annoying. It also somewhat cheapens the writers style which I found humorous and fantastically engaging in the first book. This constant referring back to his list of readers names interrupts the story, and completely upsets the flow. I'd love to read an edited copy of the book with these names omitted, as they are in my opinion, completely unnecessary. By all means give back to the readers by including them in your future works, I think that is a great idea, however could we not stick to just a handful per book. I am thoroughly enjoying this book, minor niggle aside, and will write a review based on the full story at the end, however this name dropping thing has annoyed me enough to pull me out of the book and as such I felt the need to rant.
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on 13 July 2014
Couldn't put DIANT 2 down! Peter McKeirnon has scored big once more with the second part of his zombiefest! So disappointed as it seemed it was over so quickly. So looking forward to the next one, gotta see what happens!!!!!
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on 3 August 2015
awesome zombie novel . I brought part one and two for my holiday and loved them- couldn't wait to get home to buy part three and am gutted to find that there isn't a part three ! Being a huge fan of eighties music, I loved chain smoking eighties dave and his sense of humour . I also loved the fact that this was set in England so the only weapons they had were iron bars and in Daves case, a large plastic spoon! This was a brilliant read, quite graphic and stomach churning in places. please Mr Mckeirnon, lets have a sequel.
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on 23 August 2014
Mckeirnon clearly has head screwed on well and tight. A comedy horror zombie book that made me laugh out loud on the tube. Brilliant characters and storyline. Well worth it. Actually written by someone who gets the zombie survival apocalypse idea. For your context I like world war z the book and don't understand why HBO didn't make an awesome series out if it like band of brothers. If the BBC could make a series out of this it would be a winner. Read it
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on 15 July 2014
I really enjoyed this second instalment of death in a northern town. The humour is spot on any scouser can relate! Needed more of it
tho! I would prob say the same no matter how long it was tho! Loved the transformers ref I had to pass that one around and the banter between them all made me laugh. I don't think I've laughed so much while reading a horror. Great read now I will have to start hassling for the next instalment! Well done!
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on 12 August 2014
I have to say having read book 1 which took me a little getting into I'm so glad I carried on reading because it only got better. I laughed out loud several times and the best part for me was The CB radio bit and when butty put on his battle armour of skinny jeans and lampshade, proper laughed I did. And what good humour all the way through. I hope there is a follow up soon. What great characters these lot are. Bring it soon dude.
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on 5 August 2015
A brilliant 2nd instalment...really love retro Dave..all the main characters are believable and real. I'm looking forward to the 3rd book and I really really hope someone makes a film ....the comedy in this book lends itself to the bid screen and would rival Shaun of the Dead!
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on 30 September 2014
A great second book which builds nicely on from the first. An enjoyable read with good character development. Buy it! You will not be disappointed. Just one thing... Where's the third book? Come on Peter, get writing! Taps foot impatiently...
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