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4.6 out of 5 stars97
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 18 April 2015
This is the third Adrian Tarn book which started with Fatal Boarding and continued in Deep Crossing.
This is definitely my favourite of the three, larger in scope and pretty epic in regards to what happens through the story. I loved how much was crammed into this book without it feeling overlong, my only criticism is that it ends a bit too abruptly!

I've already reviewed the last two books seperately, but i'll say the same here: read these books, you'll be glad you did.

And E.R.. I want to go back to the Griffin, hurry up and make it happen please! Haha
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on 17 September 2014
This is the third book I've read in this series, and it is the most far fetched. Fatal boarding was simply outstanding, Deep Crossing was a bit wierd because the main character, Adrian Tarn, suddenly changes from being a rebellious security officer to a hot shot pilot/racer. Except RJ, the other characters also seem to change their background skills to suit the storyline (e.g. Wilson who suddenly becomes some black ops character). BUT…! Who cares? Don't analyse, just read and enjoy, it's a ripping yarn!
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on 18 February 2016
E R Mason is a story teller. He has a style which is quite refreshing, in that he tells the story in first person mode, through the eyes of the main character, Adrian Tarn.

This is the third book I have read in this series, and the first that I have paid for, the other two being Amazon freebies :-). Nevertheless, I have enjoyed all three books, and will read the next one shortly.

Basically, Adrian Tarn is Indiana Jones in space, but without the whip. Just in this story, we have a crashing jet in an air show; a one on one race in souped up cars on a track; a trip to a planet 7 trillion miles away to add systems to the spaceship; a diamond crystal skull with frightening powers; a damsel in distress; a heartbroken father looking for his daughter; the main character being captured and sent to slavery; a daring escape in space; a spaceship blowing up; the discovery of a primitive humanoid species on a little known planet, and interacting with them; a planet which has Ali-Baba like treasures in a different time warp; a daring rescue; a little sex; and to cap it all, a wedding.

It has it all. A good ripping yarn.
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on 21 November 2015
I found this very much like a book published in the style of John Cambell's Sci-Fi Golden Age. Easy reading and enjoyable. It follows a group of travellers who go in search of a kidnapped daughter. There's a hotshot pilot and captain of the ship who has the knack of getting into impossible situations and somehow surviving. There's an even hotter pilot who inevitably falls for the main hero. There's a guy who I imagine looks something like Hagrid from the Harry Potter stories who draws trouble like a magnet and whose phrase 'Now I don't want any trouble' is a clue for his friends to duck.There's a lady doctor whose idea of fun seems to be a way of drumming up business for the casualty department.
There were a few familiar scenes such as the slow world - I think the author has probably read the same science fiction as I have - however only the concept was borrowed, not the details.

If you liked the stories in Astounding, go for this one, you'll enjoy it.
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on 31 December 2015
This book is written very much like the 2nd in the series, thereby making the 1st book the odd one out (slightly). This book is very much an adventure story using space as a back drop; rather than space being the focus of the story. There are no space battles, if that's your thing, it more of a Jack Reacher of space type of thing.

I like the main characters and they continue to develop through it, although you read the book solely from the main characters POV. This works, but means that when he is isolated from the others it hard to get a sense of how they are developing, even though they obviously are.

The whole 'first contact' section is interesting when Tain is stranded on an isolated world. This could have been a whole book in its self and although it slightly heads the book off piste from the main story line it is still enjoyable.

Overall, it's worth a read, as is the whole series.
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on 11 October 2015
After the 'getting to know you'race track episode,the story begins.It's really a detective /star trek style adventure written at pace.The writer shows his writing skills as the story moves from one sci fi genre to another,the dialogue and characterization is so descriptive it could be a screenplay.There is also plenty of humour in the writing.I don't want to spoil the story by relating to the plot ,just to say there is never a dull moment when ADRIAN TARN is around .
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on 14 January 2015
I chose this rating because I found this book every bit as good as the first one which I gave the same rating. I went from the first straight to this book to see if the author could keep up standard he had set. I wasn't disappointed. He carried on from Deep Crossing which I didn't expect and I was back in immediately.
He is easy to read and the story flows well, without gimmicks to keep you interested. They are not needed.
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on 4 November 2015
It's funny - I read the two previous books (for free) and thoroughly enjoyed them, giving each 5 stars.
But this one was too unbelievable. I know all SF is unbelievable, but the skill of the writer makes you suspend your belief.
Unfortunately I struggled through a third of this book and reluctantly had to abandon it.
Getting drunk with blue midgets and ugly Vikings is taking belief too far. Sorry!
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on 11 June 2015
Woof woof. Well chaps, a fine second book where our intrepid hero gets all the credit but none of the girls. Hardly seems fair really. As soon as Roger gets out of hospital, I will read this to him. I expect he will faint again. Not much stiff upper lip. I just hope the NSA don't break the code and stuff me in a vet's for unnecessary experiments. This is one pooch saying ta ta. Woof woof.
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on 18 May 2016
Mr mason is a gem, I have been reading sci fi for sixty years, so I am not easily impressed, but this writer impressed me, and then some, and he introduced into the story a side issue involving a human practice that is indeed not abolished, but is alive and continues to stain humanity, and in this tale, other races, I look forward to the fourth book, and probably some more, bravo!
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