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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 25 August 2014
Well.... What can I say.

If your a fan of melody Anne and you have read her books previously, be warned melody Anne just got xxx rated.

I started reading at midnight when I found it had landed on my kindle. Excitement bubbled I couldn't wait to get stuck in as always with mel, a new book arrives I drop everything to read. I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT!!!!!

Ok let's start at the beginning, we meet Blake, a hot shot business man who doesn't do love, women are there for one use only and when he has had enough he tosses them away. When a old associate hands Blake a card to a new escort company he assumes he will never use it, but when he walks in he isn't prepared for jewel.

Jewel is down on her luck after her mom died she is responsible for her little brother however life isn't going to plan and she will do whatever it takes if it means she gets to keep him.

Now I love mels books and as a new series is introduced they have got more risqué, well this book almost set my kindle on fire and had my vajaja doing the tango. It is smoking hot!!!!!

At first I was worried, where I have instantly liked her previous characters Blake had to grow on me, sometimes his domineering side came accross as rude and obnoxious but by about 30% in I was hooked! I was sucked right into this story and was gutted when it ended.

I need more of this series now, December is way too far.

Fab read
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on 27 August 2014
Loved the story (& would've given 5 stars) but felt the cliffhanger was unkind as, like others, I thought any sequel would be about the brothers!
Melody Anne, you write great books but none of that is worth anything unless you treat your readers with respect!
It would have been kinder and more respectful to a) warn your readers this was a 2 part book b) release both books at the same time so your readers didn't have the suspense of waiting as they could buy both c) up the price and release them as one book!
Perhaps this could be borne in mind for future releases as you've done yourself and your readers a disservice here (& I really hate to criticise but am ticked off enough to do so ...........)
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on 29 November 2014
Was going to give this 3 stars, as it was a fairly average, "been done before" sort of story, but when I got to 91% and read "(their) story doesn't end there, pre-order the next installment with amazon" I was quite cross at the cheap trick, so have marked it only 2 stars now.
The story line is of the usual variety: Very handsome rich young man with "issues" meets a girl and realises that even though he doesn't want to, he is falling in love with her. Her life story shows little imagination either; good girl landed a hard blow, will do anything to keep the family together. You can guess where this is going. It's already been covered by 50 Shades. Certainly will not be pre-ordering the next installment! I'm now thinking maybe it should only get one star? Only the fact that it was evidently proof read has saved it.
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on 22 March 2015
While I enjoyed it, there was little original about the plot; gorgeous, desperate girl forced to sell herself, and rich guy rescues her (which will be the conclusion in part 3). Again a book is written, then 'chopped' into bits to make more money. I was in Tesco Supermarket today, and browsed their books. I saw one that interested me, got out my tablet to check it out on Amazon. I laughed when I saw this book had also been chopped into three parts. Part 1 is free; part 2 & 3 cost £1.99 each, while the 'whole' book is also available to purchase for £2.99. Now that's just bizarre!! It's like some macabre game that Amazon is playing but losing the plot?

The book is well written, with good characters, and I do want to read the next parts to see how things develop. It would have made more impact with me had it been sold as one book, which is what it is!
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on 2 April 2015
Chapter one promises that "Blake needs a woman to dominate" and in chapter five we learn that "it pleased him to make a woman weak, to break her very spirit." Makes you wonder what kind of dark ride is ahead. I'm not averse to a little darkness, but all he does is order her to take her clothes off with monotonous regularity, growl at her bad-temperedly and spy on her with hidden cameras in his luxurious, soulless multi-million dollar penthouse apartment. Yawn. That's a hell of a slow way to break her spirit.

There's either a real lack of character development here, or someone cut all the hard stuff out, but there's definitely something lacking. It's just another millionaire/poor girl hooker/pretty woman tale and there's loads better out there.

It also finishes mid way through the story in a cynical ploy to get you to part with more money just so you can read the end. I read the reviews and didn't bother. Wish I hadn't bothered reading this either.
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on 22 December 2015
This had all the makings of a really good series - three brothers all with a story to tell. Instead it clunked to an abrupt stop in a blatant effort to coerce the reader into buying the next book/s. But having read the reviews I'm not going to bother. Why does a usually good author like Melody Anne resort to this? If I'd enjoyed the first (free) book I would certainly gone on to buy and read the rest in the series.
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on 4 July 2015
Others have really enjoyed this book but I was disappointed by it. I didn't believe the story, I felt that the characters were not very engaging, and I felt that both their back stories were a bit trite. I also felt that Jewell's naivete was over-the top and frankly unlikely.

Having said that there were some good ideas in this story and I quite liked the scene between Jewell and the old family friend. I felt that was a moment of good writing in a book that was really rather average.

I also felt that a lot of the sex scenes were lacking in erotic impact, although I think it may have been due to my own lack of engagement with the characters.

If I had realised that the story didn't finish in this book I wouldn't have started it- I don't mind series and actually if I am aware in advance that the story is left on a cliff-hanger I make a choice- I didn't know with this book and was irritated by it. I think the tale has been stretched a bit and I don't feel it warranted it. I won't be buying the next one in the series because I don't really care enough about what happens next, but feel free to disagree with me, after all thankfully we can all have different tastes and opinions.
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on 27 August 2014
Melody Anne another cracking series though I had to warm up to Blake but loved what Jewell was doing for her brother not many would put them first and formost and do what she has done and she shouldn't be ashamed of herself alot of misgivens and presumion of what is called the oldest profession ever that they all do for the next fix well its not don't ever judge a book buy its cover and in this case its true.
You have to read this the only let down is the way it ended and December is too many months away lol
5 stars again Melody can't do wrong
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on 4 October 2014
Brilliant story follow up to surrender series so great continuity. Characters are so believable so much so I hate Blake for his cruelty. Mothers of sons reading this will be left thinking they need to up their game. Boys who are not loved become incapable of loving back. Maybe Jewel can teach the arrogant tossed a thing or two. Jewel is left sacrificing her soul for her baby brother . It just about breaks your heart. A story that leaves you with a conscience.
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on 19 April 2015
Well I had mixed feeling based on reviews but I loved it. Jewell is homeless and trying to get custody of her brother Justin now that their mother has passed, but the problem is she has no job, no place to live or any money. She's approached by a woman offering to help and at this point Jewell has 2 months to get everything she needs to get Justin back from foster care. Blake is only interested in his brothers and business, when he comes face to face with Jewell he has to have her, to break her and show her he doesn't need a woman to take his money, but Jewell isn't like that and as her first client will realise Jewell is innocent. Can you fall for a man who is cold and closed off in just a week.
This story although not original, was great, story and plot were good, the characters are good, I enjoyed the thoughts from each character. I felt sorry for Jewell and Blake, both leading different lives but both screwed up in their own way. The sex is hot, and the little emotion you see from Blake does show a soft side. I'm glad the next book is already available as I need to know how their story ends.
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