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4.1 out of 5 stars1,263
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 5 January 2015
Great visuals and special FX which are the only reason for the two stars. Horrible plotline. How many times has the 'Transformers are our enemy' story been done ? Its getting a bit tiresome. If only the Dinobots had rebelled and eaten Mark Wahlberg &co.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 December 2014
This was something of a mixed bag for me, not the stellar reinvention of the Transformers franchise I was hoping for but still good fun and an improvement on the last couple of films.

The plot finds the Autobots now being hunted by shady US Government types (who have some outside help) while both sides attempt to find something called "the seed". It's not overly important though and you're probably not checking out the latest Transformers flick for intricate plot twists - if you are then you won't find them here. It's largely an excuse to pit robot against robot and human against human in a series of elaborate smackdowns.

On paper it sounds like an 80's Transformers fans wet dream as both Galvatron and the Dinobots join the fun this time around. It's not quite as cool as that though - Galvatron is an interesting addition but he's rather different to what you might expect. Meanwhile the Dino's look great and get the juices pumping in the latter stages but they don't have a huge part to play in proceedings in dialogue free roles.

There are other good additions on the villain side of things - Lockdown for example is ace and Kelsey Grammar is suitably slimy in the evil human role. The other human characters are mostly improvements on what's gone before as Mark Wahlberg and company prove to be actually pretty likeable, which is nice.

The film is long and there is an element of fighting fatigue eventually. Much of it is played tongue in cheek so the action lacks any real sense of jeopardy (other than a pretty cool demise for one human) while some of the comedy hits and some of it doesn't. Overall though it's undemanding fun and has the weight of nostalgia behind it - it appears to set up some interesting possibilities for where it may all go from here also.
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The movie starts in the Arctic, prehistoric times, Mexico City, Texas, and Chicago. I was expecting good bots vs. bad bots for control of the earth, and got something similar...after all there are so many places a story can go and unfortunately they decided to give us a taste of all of them. Mark Wahlberg, the world's greatest inventor, on the brink of poverty, is introduced early so we know who saves the world while also trying to save his daughter Tessa's (Nicola Peltz) purity. Nicola Peltz is pretty but no substitution for Meagan Fox. I know. I need to move on.

As expected Wahlberg does what his overpaid salary commands him to do. I am ready to walk out of the theater and then...they decided to do the same movie all over again in freaking China. I really did like the added family drama and not simply making this a metal on metal movie, but apparently Michael Bay has a brother in the salvage metal business and turned this into an over extended bot contest.

The one guy with decent lines gets killed off early. No sense entertaining us with witty dialogue, as that might take away from the mindless special effects. The film was way too long for me 3 1/2 stars
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A new Transformers feature film. Knowledge of the first three films in this franchise will help if you're watching this. But if you're reading this, then you doubtless have. So that shouldn't be a problem.

This attempts to be a bit of a relaunch for the franchise. Set a little while after the end of the third film. There's no more Sam Witwicky, since filmmakers and actor alike decided the character had gone as far as he could. And given what happened to Chicago in said third film - references to this are shown - the human race isn't that keen on either the Decepticons or Autobots. Thus a ruthless black ops unit under the authority of spymaster Harold Attinger [Kelsey Grammer] are hunting down the Transformers and terminating them with extreme prejudice.

They are, in particular, keen to get their hands on Optimus Prime.

Meantime, we meet Cade Yeager[Mark Wahlberg]. An inventor, living on a farm with his teenage daughter. The former is always dreaming of the invention that will make him rich. And is totally out of money. The latter is smart and clearly destined for bigger things beyond the family farm and having to look after her dad.

When Cade finds a broken down old truck in an old building, he buys it and takes it back to the farm. It's Optimus Prime. Who could be just what Cade was looking for.

But with Attinger's unit on the way, and with someone else on the track of Autobot leader, the Yeager's are forced to run for their lives. Their resulting fight for survival leads to dark secrets and a top secret project that could doom the human race...

This starts very well, via introducing it's new human characters. The good ones are sympathetic and three dimensional creations. Cade and Optimus do have some good dialogue and scenes together. There's a real sense of jeopardy, both for Transformers and humans.

Humour is occasional and relatively restrained.

And when other robots show up, there's but a small cast of them whom you can easily keep track of.

But then it just does get a bit too big for it's own boots. The new Autobots aren't quite the strongest of characters. The two main threat plotlines are perhaps one too many. And the cast is a bit too large. As a result, although Stanley Tucci makes an impression as a billionaire with a conscience, Sophia Myles is totally wasted in a small role as a scientist who doesn't get nearly enough to do. And as things go along, Cade turns into a rather generic ray gun toting action hero, losing what made his character interesting early on.

The much heralded Dinobots only show up late in the day, and don't really get very much to do.

But there's some good set up at the end for future events, that might just make you eager to know what happens next. And the film does feature the occasionally pretty decent set piece.

A slight improvement for a franchise that has never managed to match it's opening movie. More will follow. Hopefully it can continue on an upward trajectory.

There are absolutely no extra scenes at all during the end credits.

The disc has the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil.

Subtitles: English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hindi, Norwegian, Swedish, Tamil.

The disc begins with no trailers at all, and goes straight to the main menu once you've selected the language option.

It also has no extras whatsoever.
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After the war, the American government have ordered that their once allies the 'Autobot's' are hunted
down by the bounty-hunters coupled with K.S.I's robots, however their main target 'Optimus Prime'who
remains elusive.
'Cade Yeager' (Mark Wahlberg) an inventor of useful robotic machines lives on a plot of land with his
daughter 'Tessa' (Nicola Peltz) the home and land under threat of repossession, he's fallen behind with
his payments.
'Cade' buys a run-down looking truck hoping to take it apart and sell the parts to help make ends meet,
little did he know the truck is in fact 'Transformer' 'Optimus Prime'
The C.I.A have traced the truck and are on it's trail, 'Optimus' helps 'Cade' and 'Tessa' escape the threat
that buying the truck had brought to their doorstep, 'Tessa's' boyfriend 'Shane' (Jack Rayner) helps their
escape picking them up in his car, this leading to a well staged chase sequence.
K.S.I' is fronted by inventor 'Joshua Joyce' (Stanley Tucci) the group are building an army of Robots,
'Optimus Prime' calls for the remaining 'Autobots' to join him to stop the threat against his kind.
Obviously, when buying a run-down truck 'Cade' didn't know what he was getting himself and now his daughter
and her boyfriend into, they are about to find out however.
K.S.1 had used the technology from the remains of the 'Decepticons' after the war, to recreate robots with the
ability to 'Transform' which is why the group wanted to use 'Optimus Prime' and his fellow kind for.
What hadn't been realized by 'Joshua' is that by using the technology from the 'Decepticons' including 'Megitron'
they were helping to re-incarnate 'Earths' most deadly enemy that could not be controlled as had been the
intention, though colleague 'Harold Attinger' (Kelsey Grammer) was a little more knowing on that score.
With the 'Robots' breaking loose, only 'Optimus Prime' and his four fellow Transformers stand in their way, they
also need the help of former adversery 'The Dinobot's' along with the detemined 'Cade' and with 'Shane' and 'Tessa'
This is a special-effects dream, great action, great visuals, thoroughly enjoyable.....superb 2-D and eye popping
Picture and Sound Quality excellent.
Special Features include -
* Evolution within Extinction
* A Spark of Design.........and so much more (over 3 hours of features)
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 April 2015
As a visual spectacle of all things CGI, Age of Extinction succeeds but as other reviewers complain, it is overlong. The plot is a little more intricate than the three other Transformer movies and I am sure that it was designed to paves the way for further films. Each of the characters brought something to the storyline but the quality of the acting could have been better. Picture quality on DVD was great and dialogue clear and distinct (unlike some of my more recent watches). If you are a fan of the franchise it should appeal, if not, you may find it just too much.
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on 11 January 2015
The good parts: the story was not too bad, acting ok.
The bad parts: poor editing, at over 2 hours it was just too long. There is something totally wrong about the sound as the mixing was worse than the film editing. The film has a near constant score throughout the film, and when action or speech is added over the top you sort of get this compressed mush of sound. The bangs, crashes and thuds don't stand out or make any impact. Finally, the last fight was just overly long and rather boring. Certainly not Mr Michael Bays best effort!
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on 1 January 2015
The best things about this movie are the inter personal dynamics, and a very strong cast. other than that, its very long series of loud bangs.

Transformers re being hunted by corrupt government officials who a conniving with a new robotic alien, our heroic family stumbles into the fray, and with some help, save the day.

Because this Transformers insists on casting Government personnel as baddies, there is very little human contribution to the battle other than our heroic family. Massive amounts of collateral damage.
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on 17 March 2015
It's far too long at 2 hours and 45 minutes but it's better than at least the last two films. The characters are typical for a Bay film (likeable enough males and hollow females) and it's somewhat entertaining. The writing and directing are terrible as one would expect from a Michael Bay film. The surprisingly starry male cast do an OK job considering the terrible material they have to work with but the female cast are all abysmal at acting. This so desperately wants to be like Fast & Furious but Bay just doesn't have it in him.
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This is very long movie, lots of people have said that and it's true because if feels long too. However, given the awfulness of the third in terms of self indulgence of the tired main characters and the weird girlfriend change (and her appalling acting) this 4th instalment with Wahlberg and supporting cast looks positively thespian. The special effects are even more refined and 3D looks great even on a 40inch screen. Just don't watch it after a big lunch cause you will find yourself snoozing in the second half middle
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