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on 23 February 2015
Edit 09/07/15 - Having had this a few months now, I can say without hesitation that with a seperate 20quid wifi card, and a full 1tb ssd this machine is pretty much the dogs b****cks (rough total cost of 250, minus the 10 quid back on ebay for the existing card, and 39 quid back for the ssd). I have not yet had any cause to hate the laptop other than the track pad - my choice to replace the hdd and wifi card had little to do with their performance (i have absolutely no actual need for the extra speed lol, though i have to say the evo 850 operates fantastically fast at ALL times with zero lag) and more to do with me having the shiny shiny itch. On battery yes it doesnt last long, even with an ssd, but i have not once been tempted to turn down the brightness, turn off the red keyboard glow (which i love) or 'run on battery performance settings' - I am an everything on high kinda guy (and by the way it runs games pretty much the same from battery as from the mains as long as you have it setup correctly). Only thing i would recommend you do is a complete wipe of the HDD and re-install the oS direct from MIcrosoft, it eliminates any potential bload, and the drivers are dead easy to find on the lenovo website.

Right well I read all the bad reviews (and all the good ones) and I have the following usage review after a couple of days of use:

The Good:

- Light (ish) compared to my work inspiron at least, and comparable to some lightweight ultra books Dell currently sell
- Screen (contrary to many reviews on here) is pretty darned good - better than my old sony and equal to my current inspiron
- Fast (oh yeah fast)
- Not too many bloatware issues - there is less on this than my old acer, asus, inspiron and Sony..... Plus most of them are asy to remove,and the majority of the ones remaining are just web links. Delete them if it bothers you.
- Install times for full packages (for example Microsoft Office) are amazing
- The keyboard glows red, its awesome, it is NOT as bad as the reviews make out. I type all day every day so I know lol. Maybe if you are a swooping eagle typist there might be a issue, but every keystroke that I actually make hits home lol. Also the keyboard is much sturdier than some reviews have made out, it feels pretty solid to me
- Awesome sound from the speakers
- Looks like an alienware case (shame there isnt a glowing sign on the outside lol)
- Trackpad is huge lol - Takes some getting used to but works better than my old asus - not as well as the Dell unfortunately
- Took 5 mins to set up (huge amount of windows downloading after lol)

I will add to this list as I continue using it I am sure.

The Bad

- Battery is pretty pants, but then i have everything turned on high so I dont expect much different.
- The case attracts smudges
- Screen Bezel is quite thick
- Number pad could be about half a centimetre to the right for comfort
- Track pad - I prefer physical buttons and not a clicky track pad - thats just me so its a negative for me and a positive for others
- At this spec the physical drive supplied should be a Bluray model (I am being picky here)
- Wifi card needs some attention, only works on 2ghz so I had to turn it back on on my router
- 12 screws to get to the innards is excessive IMO ;-)

Wifi itself is still under review by me, it is not as bad as some suggestions on here (I am getting 20mb connections) however I am also having internet issues at the moment and need to undertake some none wifi testing, however its performing averagely IMO neither good nor bad, I am just dissapointed that a thousand pound laptop has no 5ghz support.

I have probably missed something but honestly for the money and comparing like for like against Alient Ware et al, this wins hands down. It comes with 16gb ram, 4gb GTX860m, a Quad i7, hybrid 1tb drive and an FHD screen (I specifically opted for that over the QHD as - following some reviews of my own - I decided that while it was nice to have, it was pretty pointless without a double gpu setup for actually rendering games at high settings in QHD format)

The screen itself by the way is not as devoid of colour as some people are making out. Some screens are better than others, I grant you that, but this is not particularly bad in any regard.

It gets a full five stars because all of the negatives are really niggles which (lets face it) we would all have about any purchase at any price point if we were completely honest with ourselves.
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on 7 September 2014
As a PC Gamer, I have been looking around for weeks for a transportable laptop that supported gaming so it would be practical for University. In the end I went for this Lenovo for its great specs, a size that seemed ideal, and particularly for the Ultra HD screen (perhaps the best available resolution on the market) as it is becoming the new standard for modern screens and monitors.

Straight from the box, the laptop looks beautiful. Much thinner and lighter than I thought (when compared to gaming laptops, particularly the knee-crushing Alienware ones) and due to the 15"6, fairly transportable. The back lighting of the keyboard, although being red, is similar to that of my green Razer Blackwidow, and rather useful in the dark. I find this screen size fine for gaming, despite blatant losses of screen space around it, but ideally you'd want it a little larger (although the next size up is 17.3" which I've found far too cumbersome). Bear in mind however, that this engine is not touchscreen, and Lenovo has already released a more expensive, touchscreen version of this laptop. One disappointment for me was the battery. First of all, you can't remove it (I feared overcharging could be a problem, however the pre-installed Conservation Mode deals with that) ... and secondly its lifetime was much shorter than I hoped for; perhaps 2 hours and 30min tops on average use. You have to manually keep switching between low and high performance settings in order to maximise the longevity and performance when needed... The Wi-Fi reception isn't great either, I must confess. I've had to set up my table closer to my router than I was hoping for, and the mouse pad behaves inconsistently at times; thus I'm sticking to my own mouse and running off the battery as little as possible.

The screen itself is truly remarkably crisp and neat, and I cannot emphasize enough how splendid the 4k looks; but the 3840*2160 resolution can also turn out to be problematic. Google Chrome on Windows 8.1 for example, is failing pretty hard to cope with the resolution (it appeared very blurry and some texts were overlapping. EDIT: Chrome was fixed 2 months after I bought the laptop. Working fine now), and I've had to switch to Internet Explorer , which fits both the ultra HD and Windows 8.1 perfectly. As the majority of programs today are designed for 1920*1080, some may come out as 1/4 of the size they are supposed to be, making the text very small. Other programs may simply not adjust to the Ultra HD, looking huge and very pixelated on the screen. For League of Legends, the in-game chat text has been totally unreadable due to how small it turned out, and I've had to change the resolution settings to Full HD 1920*1080. Be aware though, that very few PC monitors on the market are compatible with 4k resolution, and you may have to reach deep down the pocket (an extra £400-600 for a monitor alone) to obtain the crystal clear graphics and resolution on a 28" screen. /!\ Also its worth noting that the 4k resolution will run games reliably at a max fps rate of 48, whereas it will run a full 60 fps on Full HD 1980*1080.

When it comes to spec, with its 16 GB of RAM, 2.5 GHz and decent GTX 860m graphics card, the y50-70 won't let you down. The specs and hardware installed are as advertised. Having played games such as World of Warcraft, StarCraft 2 and League of Legends on high, and at times max settings, I have not had one flicker of lag, and I run constantly on 60 fps in Full HD. If it is unplugged and you're playing on your battery though, it unfortunately falls straight away from 60 to 30 fps. 3 USB ports are included on the laptop, and I've quickly needed to get a port duplicator, as I am using the laptop as a workstation and my demanding gaming keyboard alone requires 2 USB ports. There are no separate audio and microphone jack sockets (green and pink), instead there is a combo jack, which can do both. If you have a headset which needs the 2 ports, you may have to buy a smartphone headset adapter.

I've been stunned by the power and speed of the laptop, despite using the 1 TB HDD and not an SSD as many other users have. Might be that I fit one later on. It has the best price tag for this sort of specs (even if £1000+ seems overkill, other manufacturers will demand much more for similar laptops with no Ultra HD). Furthermore, I've been impressed by how cool the laptop has remained even with hours of usage. The laptop can heat up when closed and used as a workstation (with no breathing space) or during demanding tasks like gaming. It has never shut down due to overheat no matter how long I used it for, but even then I've decided to set up a cooling stand for the sake of life span.

The reason I have not given it 5 stars is because of:
* the battery, relatively unimpressed overall, and it's even worse when gaming on high performance settings. And don't even think about the battery Eco Mode, it makes the games totally unplayable.
* The fall in performance when unplugged.
* very average/mediocre wi-fi reception.
* the Ultra HD. Inconsistent program scaling with 4k resolution. However the fault lies with the software developers, who have not yet adjusted their programs to the new range of resolution (but it will gradually improve in time). Only 48 FPS gaming at the recommended resolution is not what I would expect for a laptop of this price.
* Windows 8.1: I'm rather skeptical about this OS. Again, not really Lenovo's fault, but rather disappointed with the whole layout of it (a computer is what I want, not a tablet).
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on 4 August 2014
Right off the bat, let me admit that I am not a PC gamer. I bought this laptop with is (so I'm told) new and powerful graphics card for chopping up HD video.

I decided upon the Y50-70 due to its good blend of high specs and looks. I wanted a machine that didn't look like a overgrown gameboy and one that didn't look as dull and boring as a Thinkpad. Dell's machines have gone down in quality and many are reporting severe problems with their hardware and service. So I went for this sleek and stylish Lenovo.

Over in the states they do a flavour of this model equipped with an SSD and to me it seems absolutely ridiculous to have such powerful CPU, GPUs and RAM then feed it a 5400rpm Hard Drive. So I also bought a Samsung Evo SSD in the faith that I would fit it myself.

On receiving the laptop, it's absolutely beautiful. The 4K screen is something to behold although it must be said Windows 8.1 behaves a little inconsistently when scaling some programs. So they come out tiny or blurry in some cases. It's also loaded with bloatware that nag you to purchase online. There is no installation disc included in the box so you will have to find other ways of installing the OS if you - like me, like a clean build.

I did have some grief installing the SSD. The screws in the bottom panel are tightened to the point that some will become stripped during the effort. Phoning Lenovo will get you no where - they are utterly incompetent and will probably be surprised that unit's panel has screws in it. Getting the base panel off is also difficult due to the air vents at the back. Lenovo's manual claim that you can 'lift and push' the case off. However, the vents are wedged tight and you might hear a few unsettling creaks and cracks as you push it off your £1000+ baby. Once off, installing the HD is a doddle. When you have your SSD installed this little beauty will come to life. Blazing speed, spectacular displays. The boot time reduces from about 25 seconds to 7. Unit becomes quieter, cooler, much much faster. I just wish they sold the SSD models here in the UK. If you don't install one, your experience with this laptop will be limited.

The aluminium chassis is lovely although a fingerprint magnet.
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on 27 May 2015
Don't purchase this laptop, Lenovo have deliberately locked the bios which means trying to install an operating system or trying a clean install is nigh on impossible without trying a bios hack which could kill your motherboard, it comes with a wifi card that is completely and utterly useless (mine did anyway) and Lenovo also have a whitelist 'built' into the bios system that only allowes you to use lenovo branded wifi cards, how is this even legal?, i installed a good intel AC card and the bios refused to let me boot saying the card wasn't authorised, as if i cannot do what i want me my own computer, aisde from the abysmal wifi card and totally unusable touchpad which will make you tear your hair out at it's complete and utter uselessness, the computer is pretty good as long as you intend to keep it on a desktop and use a mouse 100% of the time, it's sharp angular design is not suited to sitting on the sofa with or lying on the bed etc, i'd give it 4 stars for performance, but because of the fact is locked to the end user, which is probably illegal in the UK it gets relegated to 0 stars
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on 10 October 2014
First off i'll start with the screen.... What can i say. 4k Ultra HD is superb!!! Picture and colour quality are outstanding and the viewing angles are spot on.

SSD/HHD - As other say, the 8gb SSD could have been expanded to give it that extra bit of oomph, but start up speeds are fine and the 1TB HHD is more than enough for storage.

RAM - 16GB is more than enough to games or run multiple programmes. Most machines at this price will only get you 8GB so its a pretty good deal

GTX870 4GB dedicated memory - Going from my old laptop's non existent gfx card to this badboy has opened my eyes in terms of visual quality in games. You're not going to be playing ultra settings on Crisis3 but it certainly packs a punch and allows me to play max settings on all the games i play so very very happy.

Build quality - Keyboard is nice and is comfortable to use, laptop itself is solid and looks beautiful with the brushed metal look on the outside. Speaking of the outside, it is a finger print magnet but doesn't bother me at all as you can always give it a quick wipe if needed.

Sound - I really like the sound. Maybe its because i'm comparing to my old laptop which was terrible but the subwoofer is a nice little touch and has certainly improved my viewing/gaming experience

wifi - Only negative thing i have to say about this laptop is the terrible wifi card they've used in this model. Reading up online, it seems the card has compatibility issues with windows 8.1 and causes the signal to be inconsistent. I got around this by turning the display performance to 'balanced' rather than 'high performance' but would have expected better considering my old laptop (and any other i've ever used) is fine using my internet connection

All in all, i'd recommend this to anyone. If you're budget is around the 1k mark you're not going to find much better in a laptop (certainly not with a 4k screen). If you're wanting to play the newest games on ultra settings then you'll probably be looking to spend much more on a rig and so this is probably not for you. However, i'm like a Cheshire cat with my new toy and very much enjoying it
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on 2 April 2015
Looks - very attractive, outer skin sort of carbon grey metal. The red highlighting and red keyboard lighting is very nice touch. The bezel around the screen is a very shiny plastic that attracts finger prints.

Sounds - Sound system very nice, quite basy with speaker either side of the keyboard and woofer underneath. Games sound great. Fans are quite when they kick in, so not intrusive in the iving room.

Keyboard - very nice too look at, however I am finding the soft touch keys a bit of a pain. Long typing for work and such may become quit tiresome. Numeric keys close to main keypad so I keep hitting wrong keys. But this may be cos I need to get used to it. As stated the keys are soft touch so very little noise when typing, great for in the living room.

Peformance - wow... Skyrim at max settings no problem. Black ops and max, no problem. Far cry 3 at max, no porblem. BF4 at max easily playable. Lightroom and Photoshop run like a dream.

Screen - runs from 1st boot at 1920x1080 text is too small for my eyes so reduced settings. Screen itself has poor viewing angles and this is a disappointment, I expected better. But as I run 2 screens no too much of an issue. Screen is very much a laptop image and not even a high quality one, sort of milky. Not great for my photography.

Battery - 2 hours max running a game, so not great. Not used the battery for any other programs so may last longer running less demanding software.

Overall a d great laptop for gaming, maybe not so hot for my other uses, photography and office work. But all in all I am very happy.
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on 20 May 2015
I have had it for 2 months and I want to throw it away and buy another brand.
The wi-fi aerial is rubbish. I get one bar where my I-pad gets five.
I also get several system crashes each day - I get the error message DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_OR_EQUAL and a little message that says "athwbs.sys" telling me that the problem is with the Atheros AR956x wireless adapter. I have updated the driver for this, but the problem won't go away.

There are many messages on forums from Lenovo Y50 owners complaining about the poor connectivity and the crashing problem, but Lenovo and Qualcomm are silent on the subject. It is like there is no solution. Some of the complaints go back to middle of last year. The reviews on the Lenovo Website are all wonderful, but the forums are all complaining. It seems they must be selective with the reviews on the website.

When I bought this, I specified the best of everything. The Atheros AR956x wi-fi adapter was even an extra charge.
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on 12 October 2014
Good computer, but has a few faults. Firstly when gaming the login screens and even some games are EXTREMELY small (sometimes illegibly so) due to the 4K display and the display size, and as of yet I have had no way to fix it however when playing the actual game the resolution is fine. The other problems I have had is with the performance when the charger is not plugged in. I am able to play the MMO SWTOR on High graphics with no lag and about 40 FPS when the charger is plugged in (SWTOR is a very high powered MMO and so needs a computer with very good specks to run properly) however when the charger is unplugged I only get about 30 FPS on medium settings and a little bit of lag here and there which is annoying. I have a few other problems but they are due to Windows 8 and have nothing to do with the computer in general and for all prospective buyers the windows 8 problems will soon be fixed due to windows 10 coming out soon.
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on 8 January 2015
I searched for a great length of time to find the best laptop that fit my needs: portability, gaming, school, and aesthetics.

I believe that this laptop I purchased meets all of these requirements exceedingly well. The build quality is solid, and the soft touch material is very comfortable to type on. As for portability, it is pretty lightweight considering it IS a gaming laptop with a 15.6" screen built in.

When you first get this laptop, expect a lot of bloatware to remove. For me, I just went ahead and did a clean re-install of Windows 8.1 and reinstalled the ones I needed. Conveniently for me, all of the drivers are included in another partitioned drive, so that made it easier. Although it was a pain to update the NVIDIA driver to the latest, it wasn't a very big deal. What I did was Youtube "Update your Lenovo Y50 NVIDIA Drivers" by uploader Bee Ho and follow his instructions. Smooth sailing after that.

On average, I was able to achieve approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes with light usage, such as browsing the web, word processing and the like with power saving battery usage. Brightness down to one above the lowest setting. However, the battery performance while I was gaming dropped significantly. From 4:30 hours to a mere 2 hour battery life while playing games. My testing only included Portal 2, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, and Path of Exile. However, I am not disappointed at all given this laptop's powerful hardware.

The curved (red) backlit keyboard looks amazing especially with the black body surrounding it. The keys feel very satisfying to type on, and the keys are very well spaced out. However, my only gripe with the keyboard is the TINY Shift key, making me hit the up arrow key instead. However, it is very minor and I will get used to it. I wish Lenovo would have included a mute or music controls (it has only volume up/down) in the keyboard.So i bought this one(for gamer a musthave):

To my knowledge, this Y50 uses a TN matte panel display. As a result, I think the colors are a little bit washed, compared to my computer monitor. Despite this, the display is still decent, as it is full HD (1080p). The same images and games that appear on this screen make me think it is a higher quality compared to the monitor on my desktop, and is quite stunning. If this screen was an IPS display, it would have been perfect, but nonetheless a great screen anyway.

You can also spend an additional 50 pound to replace the display if the TN panel display is the only thing holding you back. An IPS display panel that is compatible with this Y50 is the LP156WF4(SP)(D1)by LG found at ([...]). You can choose a matte or glossy panel, depending on your own personal preference. The replacement process is shockingly easy to do as well, and there is even a YouTube video demonstrating the process.

One of the better trackpads I have used in a laptop since a long time. Although it isn't the best, finding a really good one is pretty hard. It looks sleek and is very smooth. The gestures work pretty well, even if there aren't that many. Pinch to zoom works pretty well, and two finger scroll is also pretty decent. I have not had any lags or freezes with the trackpad yet, so that is also very good. I believe this trackpad is suffice enough to work decently enough without a mouse, which for a laptop of this caliber, says a lot.

This laptop features a built-in sub-woofer located in the back. The sound quality of this machine is a lot better than what most laptops offer. Audio from this laptop is actually enjoyable, to the point where I don't find it necessary to plug in my speakers. I am not much of an audiophile but I know good sound when I hear it, and this laptop mostly delivers. A+.

The hard drive and RAM are relatively easy to upgrade as well. Huge bonus for this. On the back, you will see 12 Phillip head screws that you can unscrew to reveal the battery pack, RAM, and hard drive. The hard drive is held by 4 screws onto the caddy for easy replacement. The RAM sticks, as mentioned by the previous reviewer, is unfortunately a 2x4 (8GB) setup, which makes upgrading RAM to 16GB more expensive. Nonetheless, upgrading the hard drive to an SSD or RAM to 16GB is almost effortless. Definitely a bonus, +1.

Hard Drive
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider to buying a good SSD along with this laptop. This hard drive is the only thing bottlenecking this entire system. It's slow 5400 RPM can become really slow and makes programs start unreasonably slow. Restart and boot times can reach up to a minute or even more in length. Just unacceptable for a laptop whose other components are high quality. I personally went with a Samsung 840 EVO SSD (250GB). Boot times reduced drastically to 7-10 seconds and every program opens in under a second, which truly compliments the overall speed of the system.

Heat / Temperature
After playing several hours of Watch Dogs with steady 40-50 FPS with High settings at Medium Textures, sometimes over 60 in some areas, the laptop never got hot to the point where it becomes concerning. The CPU never reached hotter than 77C over the course of over two hour constant gameplay. The (only) areas that get hot in this laptop are the JBL Branded Speaker area, as well as the hinge. Nowhere else on this laptop gets hot. The keyboard can get warm but not to any level of discomfort or enough to make you "sweat." Even after prolonged intense gaming, the laptop's fan noise was well controlled and was relatively quiet throughout. All of this plus the thin profile design of this laptop, deserves another A+ here.

And of course a laptop with this price you shouldn't forget to buy a bag ;)

i hope i helped you =)
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on 23 October 2014
I have had a number of laptops and computers over the years. Most impressed with the Lenovo. Powerful and excellent with graphic intensive tasks. I bought a Samsung less than a year ago - at a higher price bracket - even after I replaced the hard disk with a not inexpensive SSD, the performance was sluggish. I didn't honestly expect the 'hybrid' drive to be so good - although maybe the other components that are contributing to the whizz. One downside the WIFI chip doesn't support the best transfer rates - needed to shove a dongle into the USB3 port.

My anorak wore out a few years ago... i may be missing a few tricks!

One other thing the with the original order the NVIDIA chip did not turn on - which provides the graphics punch. And I could not find a fix, despite an extensive search on the forums. Amazon sent a replacement, before I had even returned the dud, and it has been faultless,
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