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3.7 out of 5 stars38
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 24 April 2014
I loved the simplicity and thoroughness of this book. I admit I am biased as I am already a huge fan of Steve Scott, but he always has new ideas and a fresh twist and this book is no exception. Steve is like many good teachers - he makes you feel good about what you are doing already whilst at the same time managing to offer suggestions for improvements and changes that are 'do-able' and do not leave you feeling overwhelmed with the enormity of the task. This book is truly what it says on the cover - small life changes that can be picked one at a time and take less than 5 minutes to do but will make a real difference. The categorisation of the ideas into Productivity, Organisation, Personal Life etc is inspired and further helps you to choose what is most important at the current time to be applied to your own life and circumstances. Thanks again Steve for a great book!
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I believe that most people who read a self help book are looking for quick results. This author is a recent discovery for me and although undoubtedly I have a strong routine built up from pre-reading of other works, I knew that I could do much more. For me the excuse was one of opportunity cost. Because I was being virtuous in doing X, therefore there was no time for Y. In particular computer time and writing, exercise and good health were being saved for one day when I have more time. The truth was my exercise routine had dwindled to using the stairs instead of the lift and that was it. Habit stacking is a wedge that first opens the door and then leaves it open. The habits require so little effort that it is difficult to resist on grounds of time or degree of difficulty.

I knew that I didn't drink enough water and found that a glass before bedtime and a glass upon waking gave me better sleep and quicker waking up and was simple to implement. I lulled myself into the belief that when I had more time I would exercise more and get fitter. The truth is that I didn't want to see how unfit I had become. The author asks you to start at such a low level that you cannot resist. One press-up, one sit up. Of course you don't stop at one because starting is the main thing. My resistance to writing was down to the slow start up time of the computer, making five minutes disproportionate. Also the lure of the computer has a habit of turning 5 minutes into many misspent hours. I resolved this by writing on paper for just five minutes a day. When I come to type it up later, 5 minutes outpouring on paper becomes a flood of words plus more ideas for later, all controlled with a kitchen timer.

The book is soundly based with reference to such things as cognitive load which an author such as Richard Wiseman would quote studies for but this author would rather you just try for yourself. He is more about practice than theory. I have found it easy to practice a handful of "simple" habits that are now a daily routine. The book leans on the work of Stephen Guise and the two authors collaborate on their website.

I read the book in the kindle version and found it useful to be able to click on links. The number of apps he suggests were a revelation and look to be worth exploring further.The book is organised into 7 sections of clusters of suggestions. Productivity, Relationships, Finances, Organisation, Spirituality and mental well-being, Health and physical fitness and Leisure. You could easily find a book on just one of each of these subjects but are you going to break off and make a 2 to 5 minute start which you repeat and expand upon tomorrow? Would your new obsession still allow you to achieve a balance where important things weren't being neglected? Clearly I had not been achieving enough balance. Although I already had some good routines planned, timed and managed, this book provided a few hints and tips on refining them. The author believes in scheduling breaks which I struggle with as I find it hard to restart when I stop. The Pomodoro technique was new to me and I agree with the author that a bit of experimentation is justified if it increases productivity. He gave me some good ideas on accountability and I also need to look at reward and distraction as areas for further development.

The book makes little lifestyle choices fun and easy and hard to fail at. A book that actually works beats a stack of books that become just a stack of books.
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on 19 August 2014
The main idea behind this is that it is possible to make small changes (creating new daily habits or rituals) that will quickly change your whole life for the better.

The principle of, "Little hinges swing on big doors."

The author, S. J. Scott specialises in helping people break bad habits and cultivate good habits. Inside the book you will discover how to break tasks/routines down into "mini habits" which you can then link together (stack).

Lots of tips are provided for improving your productivity, improving relationships, finances, spiritual well-being and more using simple, less-than-5-minute-habits.

If you want to improve your life through simple 5 minute changes, this book can help you achieve that outcome. It's a well written and straight forward guide to, "Changing your life through better habits." It could, however, have been improved by including a few more original habits to cultivate, in my opinion.

Colin G Smith, author of, Creative Problem Solving Techniques To Change Your Life
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on 23 April 2014
I first discovered SJ Scott's book at Christmas - when I bought the "Resolutions that Stick" - and have been a fan ever since.

This habit stacking book as ever delivers what it promises in well designed, easy to action form. You may well find that some habit sections more relevant to your life, or areas of stress, than others - but in my view they are all worth a ponder.

As ever though the book is one thing - but gaining the desired effect requires implementation by the purchaser - which is the bit I always need to work on ;-) The book does give you the tools though - so the rest is up to you (or me)!

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on 27 April 2014
Enjoyed reading this book and will be implementing some of the habits into my daily routine. Would recommend to anyone wanting to improve their routine but limited with time.
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on 26 May 2014
"Small daily changes can have a big impact on your life" is the message of this book. Much of the advice may seem obvious, but that's not the point - it takes the writer to make you aware of and start to take action on these things. Also introduced me to the "lift" app, which I am now using every day and recommend to everyone if you have problems sticking to the new habits.
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on 22 April 2014
Sometimes, when life just gets too busy it is useful to refine things a bit to reduce the stress and make sure everything gets done !!

This book certainly helps in that aim ... a tweak here and and a tweak there and things feel more streamlined and less higgledy piggledy.
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on 21 June 2014
I enjoyed reading this book and am working on habit stacking. I bought a couple of the author's other ebooks and also started reading his blog. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in the role of habits in our lives and who wants to develop some useful habits that make life simpler. Its another one that is worth rereading.
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on 30 October 2014
I really enjoyed this book. After reading this I went on to read another book by the same author, about walking 10000 steps a day. The two books together have been very inspirational and I will probably refer back to this book in a few weeks to review which other habits I'm ready to focus on.
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on 28 May 2014
It's a short book, but only the first chapter is worth reading at all (and the info is obvious, and nothing you couldn't find elsewhere). The rest doesn't even make sense - it's a list of 'habits' you might want to 'stack', daily. Such as setting your ringtone and checking out the pretty pictures on pinterest. I don't want to set my ringtone daily and I certainly don't need reminding to waste time on the internet! Many of the other 'habits' are similarly dumb in context. It looks like he didn't know what to write and was desperate to get the word count up.
There's a lot of good books on habit formation; get one of those instead.
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