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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic fitness monitor., 5 July 2014
This review is from: Polar V800 Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Electronics)
I bought the pre-sale version directly from Polar and I must say its the best fitness Monitor/Sports watch I have ever owned.
All aspects of measurement are extremely accurate. The GPS is especially accurate and only takes seconds to lock and almost never loses signal.
It monitors your day to day activity as well as your logged exercises to get an accurate picture of recovery and calorie burn etc.
The Polar Flow software suite is also very good.
The watch looks very stylish and even though it is quite large you do not really notice it.
Fantastic piece of kit.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Polar V800 First Impressions, 15 Jun. 2014
This review is from: Polar V800 Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Electronics)
Just received my Polar V800. Firstly let me point out that I am not a super athlete but a moderately healthy 50+ individual who wanted a single device to replace a multitude of other devices (Polar F80 sports watch, Nike+ Foot pod sensor, Polar Loop etc). I also strongly suspect that stronger athletes will find, as I have so far, that there is no other single device on the market that can cover the breath and depth of features as the V800 can. So my first impressions:

- One device. So far it has very quickly and seems to have accurately tracked, via the inbuilt GPS, my distance, speed, altitude.
- Great display of information: time duration, calories, etc.
- Charges quickly and seems to have a good battery life in between charges.
- A lot lighter and less bulky to wear that first impression. It is not going to win a beauty contest but is not the most ugly sports watch / monitor either,
- I use the Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart rate strap (there is the option to buy the v800 with one). You can pair this with the v800 to get heart rate info etc. Polar give the impression that this is the only operating mode, however you can also avoid bluetooth pairing as the v800 will also receive the H7's analog heart rate signal. The H7 can only connect via Bluetooth to one device at a time. Pairing it with the V800 enables you to have a unique relationship with the two and therefore avoid interference from other users' heart rate transmitters. If this is not going to be a problem to you, not pairing the H7 to the v800 leaves the H7 free to pair with the Polar Beat app, for example via an iPad. This enables you to graphically view, in real time, your heart zone and exercise progress via the ipod/ipad Polar Beat app at the same time as the v800. I really like this mode of operating and The main advantage to me is that It is easier to view progress on the iPad rather than the smaller v800 screen when I am exercising using certain gym machines.
- You get 24x7 activity tracking without the need to wear an additional item, e.g.Polar Loop, Fitbit etc. However the v800's in screen info is very limited. For example you get a progress bar against a daily activity but no steps count or sleep information. This is disappointing as seeing steps count and activity to go information in the Polar Loop helps personal motivation to exercise more. Hopefully this will be addressed by some future firmware update. You do however get the steps count / sleep information, including percentage of quality sleep after you sync the v800 with the Polar Flow app / web service....:-
- The Polar Flow app / web service enables you to sync the v800 (and some other Polar products) to their free web service and therefore enables the downloading / uploading / viewing of information / stats / firmware updates etc. There are an amazing amount of stats provided including activity histories, durations, calories burnt, heart rate zone info, distances, maps of routes covered, sleep tracking, steps count, work load / recovery assessments etc. More than enough to help light to even the most advanced users assess and track exercises routines.
- I also like the ability to add further bluetooth devices for cycling, stride sensing etc. I have the latter on order so unable to comment on performance yet.

So in conclusion great single sports watch / monitor, and really provides powerful exercise information when sychn'd to the Polar Flow / web service. Cannot find another single product that can touch this and given the breadth of features seems very good value for the money. It would be great if Polar was to provide better information via the v800 for 24x7 activity/sleep tracking. That said even with this limitation I would definitely recommend buying thew v800,
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5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding watch, highly recommend 5 stars, 26 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Absolutely love this watch, so much so I just persuaded my trainer to buy one too! I bought it as I have recently returned to competitive sports, I am in triathlon training and wanted the multi-sport option with the GPS. After many discussions with friends surrounding various watches they have, and also looking at literally hundreds of reviews, I kept coming back to the Polar. Polar always score highly in terms of Which? testing and general overall performance in the magazines and I can see why.

This watch is easy to set up, pair with the HR monitor and stride sensor (not yet purchased any other extras but am tempted by the power and cycling sensors), and is user friendly when switching between the various sports options, coaching, timers etc. The instant feedback to the app, or online for even more detail, is perfect post training session discussions. You can link it with MyFitnessPal now should you want to as well. The PolarFlow website allows you to tailor your preferences for each sport in terms of HR zones, time, distance, altitude etc. Once everything is set up, you can sync the watch to your phone and this automatically syncs to the website, meaning you/your trainer can view the data anywhere in the world. The video tutorials for set up and use are also an added bonus.

I was unsure as a woman with small wrists how well a watch with GPS built in would fit, but it is actually very comfortable, not all bulky and I have had compliments on how stylish it is too. The HR monitor with strap also fits very comfortably and I forget I am wearing it during the sessions, the stride sensor weighs nothing at all and fits well onto my trainers.

In terms of battery life, I use it in training mode (with GPS etc.) for at least 3 hours a day 6 days a week (running, swimming, cycling and strength training) and am charging weekly. The 24/7 tracker is excellent and great for me at work when a meeting is dragging at it vibrates to remind me (and everyone else) it is time to move!! I have had no problems whatsoever with it picking up GPS and tracking me, at most it takes 10 seconds.

Overall, this watch is outstanding and although not cheap is definitely worth it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Recharging is a clip in thewatch so there is NO changing of a battery, 20 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Just what i was looking for. I was looking at updating from my polar RC400, but i wanted GPS on it.
I look the way you can programme each sport to your choice.
Recharging is a clip in the watch so there is NO changing of a battery, which also means i can trust it when it says you can go in the water with it. I would recommend a second strap if you are using it in water.
I do like the updates that polar keep sending through, at not cost. I like the way Polar is moving forward with the product.
The GPS reading on the screen is great to see and outstanding detail.
Totally happy with Polar, great job.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 21 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Simply awesome
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5.0 out of 5 stars Love it!, 17 Jan. 2015
My first Polar was the FT4, which was great. Wanting to take things further, I went for the V800. I love it. Very well built, comfortable, the blue/red colours are great, and the display is big and clear (able to set backlight to 'on' all the time within workouts, via press and hold 'light' button then choose backlight to be constant).

Very easy to setup, update, sync and charge ... at first I'd thought the charging cable may be faulty, but it just needed me to learn how to place the clip correctly (you shouldn't be able to wiggle the clip at all, if it's placed right, and the Polar software will pop up automatically). It's amazing to see all the stats online, and setting up sports profiles is easy also. There's 'free multisport' already in the watch's profiles list, where you can start the workout choosing one preferred profile, then switch to another from your list, and so on. Heart-touch and tap settings, as well as the screens each sports profile displays on the watch, are edited online, and very easy to do eg you can choose to have time, calories, heart zones and duration on one screen ... you can have 1-4 items per screen, and can add further screens, which you can scroll through on the watch, once you've sync'd it to ensure it has the updated sports profiles on it. Profiles range from eg yoga, to weight training, indoor cycling, 'indoor other', pool swimming, pilates, and many many more.

Picks up HR brilliantly (haven't tried GPS yet), and the HR strap is very well made and comfortable. The orthostatic test and fitness test are great also. The orthostatic test is recommended regularly, particularly 6 times in the first two weeks, so it can pitch it's recovery guidelines correctly ... regular tests after that keep the settings tailored to you. It's amazing to workout, then see the number of hours needed before being ready to workout again. Sleep tracking is very interesting too ... details are seen online, and you see hours of restful and restless sleep, and a %age about that. Clicking on 'day' and scrolling down is where you can see this, as well as various data about the day. Also, encouraging messages about your progress, details of the benefits from your workouts, recovery rate, etc.

A really quality product, that is taking my weight loss and exercise to a new level. Absolutely love it, and can't recommend it enough.
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