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on 31 October 2014
Another quality item from Anker, as i have come to expect with Anker products it it well presented, and again does what it says on the tin. if you are looking for longer lasting power over your existing battery then i recommend this, but be aware there are trade offs.

These are:
1. The weight as long as you are aware this means your phone becomes 2 to 3 times heavier.
2. Your phone is no longer protected against water as stated by Samsung as this battery is not water tight.
3. Loss of NFC use, not a problem If you don't use NFC, ie use your phone for contact less payments.
4. No support for wireless charging.

1. if you hike a lot or know you are in areas where the phone struggles to get a signal then this with give your battery a longer operating time.
2. Good if you want to use your phone as a WiFi hot spot while traveling with out access to a power point.
3. Provides edge protection to the phone itself.

Its a good product as as long as you are clear about where you will use it and why then its perfect.
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on 18 July 2014
I got this from Anker to test and review. I assure you that my review is fair and unbiased.

The device arrived within 2 days of my requesting for it. The packaging was recycled brown cardboard and the case and battery are buffered with cardboard inside the package. The black case is well made and gives the phone a nice look.

I connected the battery easily to my S5 and plugged in my charger, the battery was 45% charged and I decided to let it charge overnight. I play a lot of music, games, on the net every 30 minutes and catch up on BBC News every update, so phone is my life. Take it away and I am [bleep]! Anyway, 3 days going and I am still at 34% power.

The battery fits well and the casing wraps well around the phone. The inner part of the case is lined with a felt - like material so your phone is protected from plastic scruffs. You lose your NFC capabilities and waterproofing. I don't always use the NFC but I would have loved to have it. The battery does add quite a few grams and thickness to the phone, I wouldn't like to hold it for more than a few minutes when making calls.

After 3 days 12 hours, I plug in the my charger and I am at 100% power after 8 hours 15 mins (I was answering messages and notifications while it charged though).

This is ideal for long road trips or flights. I will be using my OEM battery but save this for days I am outdoor for hours. It is an excellent product and I recommend it to anyone who uses power hungry apps on their S5.
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on 1 July 2014
So, first the disclaimer: I got this product for free as a review sample. I think you'll find the review fair, anyway.

There are, in a sense, two products here - one is the battery and the other is the case. You need the case, since this is a huge battery -- almost three times the size of the original one -- so the original battery cover simply won't install. That all said, the "pros and cons" are pretty straightfoward!

- Absolutely amazing power reserve. With my typical usage, I'd only recharge this batter about twice a week (three times, max)
- Charges quickly and without a lot of heat generation
- Case is terrific! The TPU has a good feel, and both power and volume buttons are responsive and easy to operate. None of the opening (USB/charge, camera, IR) are blocked.

- It's heavy! This is pretty much unavoidable, but still true. The phone literally doubles in weight with this in place -- with the original phone & battery, it comes in at 5.4-5.5 ounces and with this battery/cover, the total is 11.0 ounces.
- No NFC ("near field computing") capability on the battery. Most people don't use it and don't care (and, in fact, not having it is a plus in that case, since it reduces power drain and may increase security).

Overall, if you have a Galaxy S5 need a battery that lasts a while -- for example, you're in an all day meeting or long plane ride or whatever -- then you should seriously consider this product.
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on 17 November 2015
If your after a monster of a battery and want to finnaly loose battery anxiety then this baby is perfect for you ....
Yes its bulky but this is a fair trade off in terms of battery life .
It's a testament to anker for them to give 18 months warranty on a product of all things a battery .
IVe only had 2 weeks so there has been enough time to asertane if the cells are healthy or faulty .
One thing I should say at this point is with all battery's you must give it time to become optimal you have to let it settle down and strech out .
The battery comes with around 50% of charge so this is normal so I would highly recommend you use till its down to 5% then turn off and charge .
Ideally try and do this just before bed when you want need your phone .
Then next morning start using .
You will find that the first 15 - 18 % drops very quickly this again is normal for new battery's so go with it and use you phone until your down to 15% then charge your phone up again before you go to bed .
Now this is the best bit to ensure your cells are pushed to maximum capacity.
Check your phone to see it is at 100% while. Still on charge when it is 100% take out the charger and put back in the phone will start to charge again slowly trickle chargeing untillnit as s full .
Do this step 2 more times .
Congratulations your done your new battery is full conditioned.
Chances are you will have this battery for 2 years Or more so its best to keep it healthy.
Once a month let it run down to 10% and be given a deep charge ideally over night with or without the phone on is fine .
This should give you good service if you follow my advise .
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on 14 July 2014
I received this product compliments of Anker Direct for review and feedback purposes. Following are my initial thoughts after using the Battery/Cover combination for approximately 1 week:

Packaging - The Battery and Replacement Cover arrived securely packaged with warranty/contact information as I've come to expect from Anker.

The Battery - 7500mAh almost triples the original battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S5 at the expense of NFC functionality. I went from having to charge my phone numerous times throughout the work day to not even thinking about where my wall charger or car charger were for over 24hrs. of extremely high usage, including everything from calls, web browsing, video chat, video streaming and camera usage. Anker warns that due to size of battery and cover there may be negative effects on signal strength however in my experience this has not been an issue. Anker took all the features of the phone internals (micro sd/sim/speaker) into consideration, leaving all of these areas fully accessible.

The Cover - The cover replaces the original Samsung back cover, providing exceptional phone protection, covering your phone's corners, sides and back. Ease of access to all buttons and constructed of a soft TPU material adding a nice soft texture and grip to your phone. Unfortunately this comes at the expense of water resistance, at every reboot the phone will warn you to check the back cover, not a concern for most, but those who purchased the Galaxy S5 on the basis of water resistance may want to stay away from this battery if they want to be chained to an ac outlet or external battery (Highly recommend the Anker Astro Battery line if this is more your style [...]
Warranty - 18 months!!! What manufacturer stands behind their products, not to mentions batteries for this length of time?

Cons - In my particular usage the only potential con is the enormous size of the battery and cover, however the additional usage time greatly outweighs the added bulk.

All in all, I love the Battery and Cover, inexpensive and quality/features and warranty are top notch compared to the competition, great addition to my Anker family of accessories.
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on 12 July 2014
I have used anker extended battery on my last device a Samsung Galaxy S4 and i was very happy with it.
But this battery improves on that in many ways.

This battery is a whopping 7500mAh thats 3x the battery life as standard, thats just crazy, you could go for a week without charging with power saving mode.
Or easily 4-5 days with moderate usage.

I like to play games alot on my phone and find this battery a brilliant way to be able to use your device to the fullest without having to compromise.

Yes the battery does make your device larger, but i feel thie increase in size is well worth it, for all the extra battery life you get.

The battery is held in a very well made tpu and plastic case that helps protect your phone from scrapes and scratches.
I like there is a lip around the screen so you can place the phone screen down without fear of scratching the screen.
The contrast of tpu and plastic give it a real premium feel, with a nice subtle Anker branding.
All ports are easily reachable and all buttons press nicely and give nice feedback.

Charging of the battery took about 7 hours to reach 100% which i feel is fair considering the capacity of this monster.

This battery is ideal if your going away on holiday and camping as there is no reason it would not last a week with light-moderate usage.
With the new rules on airlines that you cannot travel with a electrical device that wont power on, this could prove invaluable.

The battery came packaged in Ankers new eco packaging, with clear instructions and help guide, and is backed with a briliiant 18 month warranty for trouble free usage.

To summarize I love it, and i dont notice the size increase as i had previously used one on my old phone.
Unleash your phones potential and stop worrying about battery life!
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on 23 September 2015
Until I bought the Anker extended battery combo, my 15 month old S5 had recently only been getting about 7 hrs. before being critically low on charge. This is despite having a brand new Samsung standard battery and all unneeded apps being closed. I even did a complete factory reset without affecting the charge holding. It seems to be worse when the phone is hunting for mobile signal on journeys, which of course is when the battery is needed most, away from home.

With the 7500 mAh battery I get about 28 hrs. but I still need to charge the phone during the 2nd day, or simply every night.

Due to the thickness and weight of the combo on the back of the phone I did briefly go back to the standard battery but needing the extra hours, I am now using the Anker again.

I also use my phone as a car SatNav, being charged from the lighter socket, which is a charge-neutral arrangement, neither charging nor depleting during a trip, but trying to get my existing SatNav mount to grip the thicker phone is near impossible so I need to sort that too.

I dropped the phone with extender onto a damp sandy beach, but no sand got past the back cover thankfully.

Of course, if I can discover that one app is taking all the battery and turn that one off, I would live again without the Anker, but for now the Anker is a saviour.
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on 29 March 2016
I have owned this product for around a year now (maybe longer) and I cannot recommend it enough.

I don't use it full-time as it really does weigh a fair bit (as is to be expected) and does make the phone very chunky (again, to be expected). I tend to use it when I know I'm going to be out and about all day and won't have access to a charger, but expect to be using the phone heavily throughout the day. It's never let me down yet and I really have hammered the phone usage wise on occasion.

So yes; it does make your phone heavy and yes, it does make it bulky. But I see this as something I only really need to use from time to time and, as such, I can live with the extra weight/bulkiness as and when I require it.

The main important thing for me was would this really enable me to hammer my phone without needing to charge it and yet enable me to see out a whole day and the answer is without doubt a resounding yes.

I couldn't possibly recommend this any higher.
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on 21 February 2016
This thing truly weighs a tonne. Way too heavy to lug around. When you think about the pros vs the cons though, the battery life does give great endurance hence the 3 stars.

Shear weight
Extra thickness added on to the phone
Becoming the laughing stock of a crowd when pulling out your phone

Instead of phone lasting a half day, you get 2 and a half days use
If your one that looks at consumption of battery usage, 7 hours with screen on (30% brightness)

Overall, would I purchase this item again, probably yes, and why. Well practically it makes sense to carry a heavier phone rather than extra battery backs and keeping it plugged in.

Major downfall is that using it as sat nav it becomes very heavy on my car cradle and just squeezes in to the width of it.

Very tight fit. Would be better if it was slightly cheaper too.
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on 22 January 2016
I received this battery about 2 weeks ago
With every charging i can use the phone even more than 2 days, heavy use, more than 2 hours talking every day, usually on net with video, music more than 2, I am online all the time, facebook, viber, instagram, twitter...
I hardly leave the phone 14 hours a day, and still the battery lasts more than 2 days
With my old battery I could use the phone for only few hours
The phone looks bigger, but I don't really care as long as I don't have to be chained to the charger on every 2 hours and not be able to go out shopping
The last 30% of battery last very long, I was surprised the first day, it took me hours to drain the battery

Long story short, I highly recommend you to buy this Anker battery and save yourself nervs and time chained to the socket
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