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3.5 out of 5 stars15
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 August 2014
Three Nights with a Rock Star is book #1 in the Half-life series, I've read a couple of this authors standalone novels but this is will be the first series I've attempted.

I’m gonna put a bit of a warning to start this novel, this not for the faint hearted, this is a highly erotic, kinky love story!!!

That being said I loved it; it’s not a long novel so every second is jam packed with smut and depravity ever which way you look!!

Hailey is the church going, goody two shoes who goes on a rampage to try and find out which bad boy rock star got her sister pregnant. I love how Hailey was full of righteous indignation right up to the point that Lock gets her to sign the contract and then she’s all yes sir, ill suck your cock sir lol!!

To be honest once she signs that contract it’s the Lock show for the rest of the book!! Is this a problem hell no!!!

Lock is a seriously hot, seriously bad ass rock star with some kinky edges!!!

I love him, I also think he’s a bit of a dick but that makes me love him even more!!

Lock is defiantly alpha and the way he deals with Hailey is incredibly sexy, this book dips into the dom/sub relationship with a hint of BDSM thrown into the mix!!

The sex scenes are proper steamy and if the non vanilla stuff works for you then prepare to be squirming in your seat!!!

Ok now for the weird bit.... what the hell was going on with the Lock, Hailey, and Krist stuff? I don’t want to give too much away but I wasn't expecting that and it did nothing for me.

The secondary story of Chloe and her baby daddy was much more wholesome and sweet. I love how Chloe was portrayed as the sex mad wild child and Hailey the staid boring responsible one.

Oh how the tables have turned lol, Hailey has a dirty mind!!!!, she slipped into the role of provocative submissive and really embraced the hedonist lifestyle.

Lock has some serious issues but I’m totally prepared to overlook the mental health concerns because the man is just so sexy.

I loved this book, in places it’s confusing and some bits didn't float my boat but overall it’s hot as hell, rude and sexy 4 stars from me.
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on 8 August 2014
Hailey has had to grow up quick. Being left to raise her self and her sister, she has always taken the responsible path and tried to keep her life simple, organized and as easy as it can be. When her sister comes home from running off to sell merc at a rock tour, she's pregnant. After the initial shock Hailey accepts this and realizes she is going to have one more person depending on her. Deciding that the father shouldn't get away free and clear she makes the most outrageous decision she has ever made. She's going to the rock show and finding and confronting the father, hopefully he will take the responsibility that is his.
Lock has lived his life in privilege, fast and hard! With rock royalty as his parents this is the world he has grown up knowing. After nearly destroying his band with his wild ways he has been forced to reform if he has any hope of keeping the band on good terms with record companies and publicists. Sober and responsible, Lock thinks things are the simplest he has ever known until a hot little things seeks him out with hell of a favor to ask. She wants access to his band and hang around's to discover who got her sister pregnant! Fine, but he will have something in return. All Lock wants is complete control over her body for three days and when he isn't using her she can investigate all she wants.
Hailey throws everything out the window and agrees. I mean why not? He's hot and she has always lived her life in a bubble. Three days to get the babies father to accept his responsibility and she gets to bed a hot man and live out her fantasies without anyone finding out. Perfect! Accept she didn't count on falling for him or having a picture of her on her knees in an elevator splashed all over the news. If they found out her name she would lose everything. Her job, her church, the community and her self respect. Maybe though the connection between them is enough to make things alright and when she runs, Lock chases her down to deliver the biggest ultimatum of her life. Leave everything to be with him or struggle to keep her together on her own?

I did enjoy this book but it's not one I would read again. It was a very quick and easy read that focuses on four leads. You have Hailey and Lock then her sister and the father of her baby. It's well written and the steamy scenes are exactly that! Lock is very alpha but I just couldn't connect with him and Hailey did seem like the biggest walk over. I just didn't like the characters much, sorry!! The story between Hailey's sister and the father was ok but again nothing very gripping. Enjoyed but didn't leave a lasting impression.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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on 5 August 2014
Three Nights with a Rock Star, Amber Lin and Shari Slade
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

well – being an ex Sunday School teacher myself in my teens and like Chloe pregnant and unmarried, this book struck a chord with me. I’ve also a weakness for the Rock Star romance bit too so...
Big sister Hailey is determined to make whoever got her little sister pregnant take responsibility – she’s not after him to marry her, just do his part as a dad and be there for Chloe and the child..she’s not thought it through though, travelled on impulse and ends up totally out of her depth. She’s a quiet girl, looked after Chloe since she was 18, took a job with the church to support them both instead of doing college, and has gone out of her way to ensure the sisters aren’t tarred with the same brush as their mother, who everyone knew was a drunk who used men to pay for what she wanted. She feels like she’s been so serious all the while that fun has avoided her, so when Lock comes up with his three day control proposal she can’t resist the chance to let go. She hasn’t told Chloe what she’s doing though, and Chloe is holding another big secret that could have made a huge difference...
Hailey and Lock are scorching together, a new experience for her and Lock keeps telling himself its novelty he’s feeling, turning the good girl bad and nothing more. He’s kidding himself though and the heat between them gets hotter and hotter, especially when band member Krist joins them one night! Of course something that hot has to explode – and it does.
Well, this is a fun read, and very erotic and sensual. I enjoyed the real “touring” feel to the novel, having read some rock and film star ones recently where the characters lived the part in name only, and filming/touring wasn’t part of the action. I like to feel the whole life of the characters, to be there with them, to live the drama as they do and it worked well here.
Stars: Five, a great read.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers
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on 7 June 2014
This is the first book in the Half-Life series which is about the rock band Half-Life (good name for the series then!) and this is the story of Lock, the singer/front-man of the band and Hailey.

When Hailey finds out her younger sister Chloe is pregnant and instigates it was somebody from the Half-Life rock camp, she sets off to out who, seeing as Chloe is tight lipped about her baby daddy.

Hailey is a Sunday school teacher so to be in the midst of the rock star world is way out of her comfort zone. However she finds herself face to face with Lock, the lead singer who agrees that Hailey can hang around to ask her questions in return for her to be ‘his’ for sexual favours for the next three nights, which Hailey agrees to.

I loved the concept of the storyline – innocent school teacher meets lusty rock singer – yeah that got my literary horn dog panting! The sex scenes were extremely hot and let’s just say anything goes. Whoo-hoo! What I did find hard to grasp was that Hailey knew what to do and that she would be so eager to get down with whatever she was told to do by Lock. There was even a threesome thrown in for good measure and a little male on male action for those that love m/m
*waves hands in the air*

There were some issues that were inconclusive and the reader was left hanging wondering what happened. For instance the sex tape was never concluded as to who done it and why (unless I missed something) Also the Lock and Krist connection, I was wanting more of this and their backstory as after the threesome it was kind of swept under the carpet.

This was an insta love story for Lock and Hailey but I felt it needed more chemistry and connection build up in order for the reader to grasp that. The sexual heat was off the charts but in order to have a believable HEA, I just wanted more (I’m a greedy bint!)

It was great we found out who Chloe’s baby daddy was and a good curveball thrown in there. That would make a good story in itself.

Overall a good sexy read but needed a bit more connection and more back story of the band. Three and a half stars.
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3 stars
Hotness factor: erotic, ménage… warning! This might be my first R rated review! LOL

Three Nights with a Rock Star’s premise was simple enough to be part its title. I like that! Hailey decided to track down the man who knocked up her sister. According to her, he was on tour with the famous rock band Half-Life. She easily accessed their floor and stumbled upon Lock, the lead singer and guitarist. That was my first warning bell… Have you ever tried to stalk a rock star? They’re not that easy to access. Nevertheless, Lock instead of being a gentleman and helped her noble quest, he gave her a confidentiality contract… and they say that chivalry is dead!
I tend to root for male characters these days. They seem to have more “substance” than female ones. Female characters tend to somewhat fit the story more than anything else. For me, that’s what happened with Hailey. She was supposed to be a reserved Sunday school teacher so without giving away too many spoilers, her actions in this book were any anything but reserved. I never got to grasp the true Hailey. I would have to say the same about her sister. I’m all for pushing the envelope sexually but should it be so out of character? The Catholic girl in me shook her head quite a lot! Rock God or not, woman get off your knees and get your self-respect back! LOL
Then you have Lock, a character that would usually be one-dimensional but in this book was anything but. The authors did a fantastic job with him. He was much more complex than I would ever imagine him to be when I started to read this novel. Complex enough for Hailey to stay away from him, if she really knew what was best for her. He didn’t bring anything over than enough baggage to smother her with.
For me, the novel struggles with being character-driven or story-driven and story won when character should have. The ending fits the story but not the characters. I know we all love a happy ever after ending but I didn’t think it belongs here. Yes, the sex might have been hot and steamy but is sex really enough for a reserved Sunday school teacher Hailey? As I said, I never got to grasp the true Hailey. But this is just my humble opinion, please get a copy and check it out for yourself.

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on 2 June 2014

That is the first thing to say about this book. It will keep you turning the pages, waiting to see what Hailey and Locke will do next.

Hailey is a sister on a mission to help her sister. She has left her small town and travelled to where Locke's band is staying. Her sister Chloe has come home from working on the tour pregnant. Hailey is determined to find him and make him responsible for Chloe and the baby.

Hailey is immediately fascinated with Locke and can't help but want to accept his offer, three days with him and she will have access to everyone on the tour. This is the beginning of the end for Hailey as a good girl and a preschool teacher. She can't seem to help herself with Locke and anything he says goes.
Hailey goes WAY out of her comfort zone and finally does things in her life that she wants and not what she should do. Locke is battling addiction but finds Hailey to be a peaceful place in the chaos he lives.

At home Chloe is actually dealing with her pregnancy and her side story with her baby daddy is a great addition to the main characters. It really help fill out the book because Hailey and Locke only have three days and falling in love in such a short time should have felt rushed. This book manages to tie all the loose ends together and leave you wanting the story to other characters in the book. I definitely want Krist's book. I do feel he got the short end of the stick in this book and really hope for his story.

This was my first book by this author and I will be back for more
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on 17 June 2014
My Goodness I thought I'd read some hot reads but Three Nights With A Rockstar is simply an inferno of a book!
This is one you'll want to read in one sitting.
Lock is a member of a band who lives the extream high life in every way but meets a young lady who totally doesn't belong in that circle...she's an innocent a church worker but when she goes to defend her sisters honour she ends up in a three day contract with the crazy Lock.
Their journey is crazy... the things they get up to!!!!
I found myself saying OMG out loud so many times!!!
Its a brilliant book with a HEA and its one you need to get reading so go and one click!!!!
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on 4 June 2014
Sexaaay! I loved this book. The detail and descriptions of scenes was amazing. I felt like I was watching these intimate moments take place. I blushed a little of course during some scenes. Lock and Hailey were wonderful together. At one point I was confused on what would happen next. Who would actually end up together?! There was a lot of sex for most of the book, very fast paced. It began to slow down and become more romantic and sweet. It was a great book, and it was very sweet and a bit edgy! -KatieSalers
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on 12 July 2015
Beautifully written. Hot steamy and smutty! What's not to recommend?

The premise is a little far-fetched? It's an escapism read; a good one. You think you won't enjoy a bit of man-on-man action? Think again. No, seriously, do think again.
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on 19 October 2014
So glad that haligh and loch got there happy ending and Chloe and Tim got there's to excellent read and excellent wrighting as well excellent
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