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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 19 July 2014
I did start to read these books (both Aaron's story and Damien's story) simultaneously.
I quite soon realised that the books are very similar, and I started skipping through the paragraphs, before I knew it I was quarter way through the book - HOWEVER, there are some very subtle differences, because I noticed that Etta's parents know about the baby and that she is moving away from Damien.
The attitude of Etta and her friends/family towards Damien, in this book, is that he is evil and a bit of a monster/predator who should definitely not be in her life! He is portrayed as a dark(er) character, more so than he was in Drawn (book 1).
Damien is in prison, but the path he takes is different. He does not have the same influence of the lifer, and he doesn't take his meds, so when he is released, he really is the same person he was before - bitter, angry, confused - but older and all those traits manifest during his time in prison, to be much more exaggerated and they kinda take over his life. Any chance of him being a good person, seems to have evaporated, and been taken over.
It seems that no-one is rooting for Damien - he really is a lost soul, and I felt so sorry for him, that whilst Etta has a support network of her own, and whilst Etta used to be Damien's support - she has moved away and on and now has a different life - the one she believes she was meant to have - without him.
I weren't buying the Aaron and Etta relationship - her soulmate was always Damien.
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on 6 June 2014
Wow not what I was expecting at all even though it states that the books are different I personally thought it was just a ploy to get more money without delivering but I was wrong. I felt it was important to read both books as you cannot comprehend the magnitude of the choices and the implications of it without lolling at it from the point of view of each person. Its Interesting that this book gives you more of a clue into how etta could get to the point where she fell into a relationship with Damian so quickly after wanting to be free. It seemed a little em selfish on her part to keep Aaron around knowing how he felt but his patience won over and allowed her to make the decision to love and be with him more believable and allow what would have happened naturally if her dad had allowed it. Very emotional reading and some very great insights into their mental state really gets you to empathise with the character. Fantastic read.
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on 2 June 2014
Knowing that there were two books with two different endings, I did what any sane normal human being would do and read both of then simultaneously!
That is, I began with Aaron, read a few chapters then switched to Damien. I loved the fact that there were similar conversations, but with enough words spoken differently to change my view of it. Also the fact that there were such similarities, and yet such enormous differences in the scenarios being played out. It shows how, if you believe in an infinite number of parallel universes, the smallest of changes can leave ever expanding ripples into the possible futures. It was extremely cleverly and believably done. We are allowed to feel compassion towards Damien at the end of this book, while enjoying Etta and Aaron's happiness.
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on 23 October 2015
Now after reading both Damien and Aaron's stories I'm undecided who's book was better. Both were utterly intriguing and I couldn't put them down. This book takes off from 1st book ending and your thrown into a love triangle that has you gripped from the start. I would advise you to read both endings as they each have there own twists and turns. Great endings but tragic in this book. HEA can come true depending on who you preferred. Enjoy.
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on 29 May 2014
Absolutely, devastatingly brilliant. I couldn't choose between Aaron and Damien so it really is pure genius that Liliana Anderson has given us the choice between the two.
This book was the perfect ending for Aaron and Etta, I really enjoyed it and would most definitely recommend!
I am now going to read Redemption :)
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on 10 June 2014
Well, it is suppose to be Aaron's and Etta's story. Damien was always my favourite but the story was ok and Damien with his intensity still remained the focal point of this book. Too many repeats from the first book (dreams, explanations) which seem to have been used to stretch the book to make it worthwhile you spending money on it. Did not really work out that way.

ONE book Drawn 2 should have been written ONLY similar too "obsession" but with Etta not being able to get emotionally away from Damien and coming together for a short while before a dramatic "non-happy" ending. Don't be afraid of drastic ends only because the books are sold under "romantic". Damien is a tortured soul, their need for each other overpowering - how can this not end badly?

OK too read but not realistic.
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on 12 June 2015
I had already ready Drawn 2 The Redemption and o confess to prefer that one. The ending was better as Etta and Damien went on to have lots more children and they still had that spark with each other. In this one Arron becomes Etta's husband but although it's clear they love each other they don't have that spark. I would go for Damien as the winner of Etta's heart every time.
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on 15 September 2014
As much as I liked this book I prefer the Damien book alot better. If your a Damien fan then this book isn't for you. It'd still good tho and I enjoyed all but the ending. I wound of preferred different ending for Damien. Just because Etta ends up with Aaron in this book I didn't think Damien deserved what happened to him. Still good tho
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on 28 October 2014
What am amazing idea! To have two different sequels is so creative and it makes everyone happy! Despite the fact that I was more endeared towards the other ending I thoroughly enjoyed both the sequels in very different ways. An amazing author who has popped onto my Kindle from out of nowhere. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more of her books!
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on 1 June 2014
Fantastic book. book one was great and this was even better. I just love them all. there is an alternative book 2 which I need to read. I've chosen to read both book 2s because I can't get enough of the characters. mind blowing book. Wow
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