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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 7 July 2014
Sia has had an unconventional trajectory. Diagnosed with Graves disease, boyfriend killed in a car accident, addiction to drugs and alcohol, attempted suicide. Plus, she hates fame so much that she poses with a paper bag over her head, and performs with her back facing audiences. Responsible for a plethora of international smashes for some of pop's biggest names, and while working on many other projects, there was still time to produce an own record. As the title and cover art might reveal, Sia goes back to her darker side for this, her 6th studio album, spiralling into destructive depths of weakness, vulnerability, desperation and struggles, all returning points for her.

Longtime fans know what to expect from her, new followers are probably curious to learn about the person behind the colossal hits. Perhaps all too aware of what the public wants from her, Sia gives the public exactly what they want. She offers strong and well-produced pop ballads, some uptempo tracks, and the occasional slower numbers, all accompanied with her unique and always impressive voice, the sound of someone singing for their life. She is dabbling with pop, experimenting once again with indie pop, electronica, acid jazz, soul, dance, and trip-hop. Produced by Lily Allen's former collaborator Greg Kurstin, they have sculpted a beautiful masterpiece of an album.

Her enrapturing talent and torment shines throughout "1000 Forms of fear"'s 49 minutes. Very often I found myself paying more attention to the lyric metaphors and the dramatic vocals, rather than enjoying the songs. Sia has a certain vibe in her music which, although it cannot be missed, it tends to overshadow the sonic excellence of this album. First single, "Chandelier" is indicative: a gorgeously reggae-electronica fused number about a never ending party life, with Sia's titanic voice bursting open the chorus like a cannonball; a closer reading between the lines makes clear that it is a song about alcoholism. It is obvious that the artist writes genius texts, this is her biggest talent, combined with her distinctive voice.

Built around sterling melodies, standouts "Big girls cry", "Straight to the knife", "Elastic heart", "Fire meet gasoline", "Cellophane", and "Dressed in black", they convey emotion that is unmatched by any other contemporary artist. Despite her personal hardship, Sia is able to produce exceptional power balladry and intelligent lyricism. "1000 Forms of fear" rings true to its dramatic title. It is a consistent, brilliant, deep pop record, by one of pop's best artists. After producing so many hits over the years, perhaps one's fear would be Sia's transformation into an mainstream artist. As long as she insists on performing wearing that paper back on her head, there is absolutely no fear of that happening.
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VINE VOICEon 19 July 2014
Sia is, for my money, the best singer on the planet right now. she writes emotional, heartrending songs which have sold by the truckload for artists such as Rihanna and Christina Aguilera, and many of the songs here follow a specific songwriting formula- title based on something everyday (Chandelier, Cellophane) used as a metaphor for real life problems and relationships (hence Chandelier is about alcoholism and the life of the party girl), dance rhythms, and a massive chorus where the vocals swoop and soar and build to a triumphal "I will overcome my problems" finish. It's a successful formula, and it works.

But what lifts this above hackwork is the emotional truth in every line- she's baring her soul in every song. And that voice-imitating no one, she vocalises her pain and suffering bringing every song to life. Irresistible!

This album may well date-the sounds used are very trendy at the moment, and they WILL age rapidly. The album will sell well, sound good in cars and on the radio. But Sia's true masterpiece is yet to come. Go listen to "Some people have real problems", a much mellower CD, which is heartbreaking and gorgeous in equal measures and included the masterful post-argument love ballad "Soon we'll be found" and the beautiful "Day too soon", and you 'll see what she can do.

This album is a fabulous pop album. Do buy it-there is nothing else remotely as good at the moment. Then buy Sia's back catalogue. Celebrate her talent. Who knows where it will go next?
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on 9 July 2014
The enigmatic Australian singer-songwriter Sia Furler makes a courageous return from the sidelines with her sixth studio album “1000 Forms Of Fear,” which follows on 2010′s “We Are Born.” In recent years, she avoided the limelight deliberately, but behind the scenes she was responsible for a number of huge hits. For example, songs from Sia Furler could be found on albums by Katy Perry (Prism), Britney Spears (Britney Jean), Beyonce (Beyonce), Kylie Minogue (Kiss Me Once), Shakira (Shakira) and Jennifer Lopez (AKA). Some of those big hits were Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” David Guetta’s “Titanium” and Ne-Yo's "Let Me Love You" to name just of few.

The Sia-signature - like the vocal dips and mid-tempo melancholy of "Diamonds" - that the now 39-year-old singer and songwriter stamped on those hits, can be found once again on this album. Songs like “Burn The Pages,” “Straight For The Knife,” “Hostage” and “Big Girls Cry” sound as if they were intended, respectively, for Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey, Shakira or Rihanna. Furler wrote most of these songs with Greg Kurstin, who produced this album and also worked on recent albums by Lily Allen, Lykke Li, Tegan & Sara and Pink. This collaboration provides for a dozen irresistible pop melodies, although Furler’s reluctance to promote this album - she does minimal press and refuses to be photographed - might be the only obstacle for global success, although her impressive vocal acrobatics should do the work for her.

What struck me the most about “1000 Forms Of Fear,” is that how this sublime record is a personal victory for the once addicted and suicidal singer. Just really listed to the song “Chandelier,” which sounds like a pop anthem, but take note of the darkness at its center, with lyrics like “Help me, I’m holding on for dear life” and ““Sun is up, I’m a mess.” Sia rejected fame and retreated from public view, which allowed her to find her true self, and now experiences a triumphant comeback. The militant “Dressed In Black” and understated “Cellophane” are main examples of this and also the songs in which she excels vocally. You may not be able to see what Sia looks like on the cover of her album - besides the singer’s signature haircut, a blonde bob with blunt bangs - but she sure sounds like a superstar.
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on 30 March 2015
I purchased this album after hearing Sia perform Elastic heart on BBC' s The voice last weekend. I also loved Chandelier. Brilliant album, love every track on it! Boy can she sing! My favourite tracks are Chandelier, Elastic heart, Big girls cry, Eye of the needle and Fire meet Gasoline, even though I love them all!
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on 22 May 2016
This woman is a breath of fresh air in the music industry. I have spoken to people who thought the album would be all Chandelier type songs, but no, there are so many different styles of song on 1000 Forms of fear. The current single Cheap Thrills is track 6 but does not have Sean Paul on it, still a lovely easy to listen to song. The previous single Alive is track 2 and I like this track. I knew track 1 before purchasing the album, I saw her perform it live on youtube and I liked it very much, a good power ballad but with the chameleon changes in her voice, raises it up a level, for my personal taste. My favourite track is Reaper, track 7, again a strong power ballad, but the lyrics are of a personal battle being fought about not wanting the Reaper to take her. She has been forthright about her addictions, and a lot of her songs lay this journey out for us to hear. I had to purchase this twice, as the first one is still in my fiends car cd player, he did not want to give it back! I have two Sia albums and am in the process of looking into older stuff by her. I would say give her a try, check youtube where you see her singing songs written for other artists, Rihanna's Diamonds, David Guetta's Titanium, she also did Wild One with Flo Rida.
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on 17 December 2014
Sia!!! I have only recently discovered her and this album is awesome. Most people have heard Chandelier and Elastic Heart (Catching Fire soundtrack) but the rest of the album is just as good as these hits. Definitely buy this album even if you are a new Sia fan as you wont be disappointed.
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on 16 January 2015
This collection of material has awards stamped all over it. The complexity of this album is pumped with raw emotions. Sia is reaching new highs, and this album soars into my top five ever listened to.
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on 13 September 2015
I purchased this album based on the single Chandelier - I just couldn't get it out of my head. However, when I played the rest of the album I was disappointed to find everything else just sounded like screechy warbley awfulness - a sentiment also shared and expressed by a colleague who stopped doing his work to venture out and ask what on earth it was that I was listening to. HOWEVER....

After putting it on in the car and actually listening to the album and not just getting bored and flicking through it I found that it was growing on me. I liked most of the songs on the album and REALLY liked a few them. I did a complete U-turn on my initial opinion. Yes Sia is a little screechy at times but it's a uniqueness of hers. Listen to the songs, really listen to them and understand the pure emotion she puts into them. I'm so glad I didn't allow my first impression of it to discourage my listening, give it a go. And if at first you don't like it - try again!
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on 1 April 2015
Sia has definitely found another new fan in me after her amazing performance on "The Voice" last Saturday. Lyrically amazing, pulls you in to her emotionally and her voice is unlike anything I've heard before. So unique, powerful and filled with raw emotion. I believe any artist's best work comes from real life experiences. Absolutely love this album. If you've never heard of Sia, like myself up until one week ago, get googling about this fantastic artist and get listening to her amazing work.
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on 22 July 2015
"Chandelier" and "Elastic Heart" are two of the most moving songs I have heard in a long time - Sia has the rare ability to stir the soul with a voice like no other, much like Adele. Highly recommended for these songs alone, the rest of the album is also very good quality.
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