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4.5 out of 5 stars23
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 June 2014
Code Red Lipstick is built on plenty of fast-paced action and a twisty plot that keeps the pages turning.

Schoolgirl and model, Jessica Cole is accustomed to helping out her ex-M16 father with his detective work, and all her skills certainly come in useful when she discovers him missing. Her search takes her to Paris where she discovers her father’s disappearance tied to the sinister secrets buried deep in the labs of a huge cosmetic company. When M16 take her under their wing, she soon discovers that deciding who she can trust isn’t going to be easy.

Heroine Jessica really made the book stand out for me. She’s gutsy and smart, resourceful even when chewing her nails, terrified. From the moment she uses one of her gadgets to rescue a younger kid from the school bully I knew I’d enjoy tagging along with her. There is a sweet taster of a love interest with her school crush, but Jessica isn’t reliant on any boy or man to get her out of trouble.
The story drives you along with Jessica, from one fix to another, building up to a thrilling stand-out rooftop scene which still gives me vertigo.
The high-tech spy gadgets Jessica gets to use are just awesome. I’m jealous. I can think of a few excellent uses for that compact…
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on 10 June 2014
I have just finished reading the brilliant Code Red Lipstick, first in the Jessica Cole:Model Spy series. I have been able to access the book before it has come out, it will be launched on June 5th with a sequel coming out in January, and a third book coming out next summer.

The book is all about 14 year old Jessica Cole and how she fights to find her Dad and stop Allegra Knight.

Despite the deceiving front cover, this book is not a particularly girly book, but will probably appeal more to girls than boys. It is aimed for people about 11+, and is suitable for both genders.

If you like mystery, thrillers, spies and books like Alex Rider then you will love Code Red Lipstick.
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on 17 January 2015
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Wow! This book had everything I could possibly want from a book! A strong main character, super cool gadgets, super gorgeous dresses , mystery, an evil villain and the possibility of putting you off face cream for life! I loved every second of reading this book and Sarah Sky pulls you right into the action, danger and suspense with twisty turns and a trip to Paris!

Code Red Lipstick is the 1st book in the Jessica Cole Model Spy Series telling the story of school girl Jessica who is a model surgically attached to her favourite lip gloss and mascara wanting to branch out into bigger fashion campaigns and who loves gadgets and has unintentionally started training to become a spy! Trained by her ex MI6 spy Dad who has OSDS (Overprotective Single Dad Syndrome) and has mysteriously disappeared Jessica finds herself accepting a modelling job in Paris to give her an alibi in beginning the search for her missing Dad and the mysterious disappearance of Sam Bishop who Jessica finds her Dad was employed to find before he disappeared! Jessica finds that someone does not want her to find her Dad or Sam Bishop and they will go to an lengths to stop her! And who is the mysterious Starfish?! Phew.....what an action packed summary!

All of the characters in this book are so easily likeable, well except the bad guys of course! You have Jessica a head strong feisty girl who whilst being a model is juggling school work and giving her Dad a hand with some night time spying. As well as being awesome Jessica is also caring and loving and the relationship she has with her best friend Becky who asks very little questions and supports Jessica no matter what is everything you would want in a best friend. Then there's MI6 agents Margaret and Nathan who are both polar opposites and very unique whilst giving the sense that being MI6 they mean business! There is a love interest for Jessica but in this book it is not forced to the forefront and lays in the background which was perfect as it did not distract me from reading all the action as she leaves him at home whilst road tripping to Paris! You go girl!

The way that Sarah Sky develops the character of Jessica and her back story is a revelation. The back story of Jessica's Mom, who died when Jessica was little, is revealed to the reader the further you progress in the book which hooked me in wanting to know more and with Jessica hunting and finding clues towards finding her Dad this made this book a page turner.

There is so much to love above this book! Something I especially loved is that is has gadgets galore! I simply want them all! There's secret powder compacts, flame thrower hair spray, foam perfume, a super cool "spiderman" bracelet, and fab I-pads with super technology! I could do some damage with those gadgets! There is a part in the book where Jessica uses one of her Dad's gadgets to tackle a school bully with hilarious consequences which really made me laugh and think I need one of those in my life! I'm also a big fan of moving book cases that reveal hidden passage ways and I got my fix early on in the book.

For a teen spy novel I felt Code Red Lipstick had the right amount of action and mystery for me all mixed with some humour and fashion. Whilst not being a fashion expert and no where near what I would class as fashionable (lol) I had heard of many of the fashion names suggested and whilst the modelling and fashion are part of the book they are not overpowering as they just weave into the story line perfectly. The descriptions of the beautiful dresses are just gorgeous with Sarah Sky really making me imagine the beautiful clothing and wishing I could reach out and grab them! Although maybe not wear them as I'm no Kate Moss you know :-)

Being taken on a trip to Paris within the book was also wonderful. I haven't been to Paris for a few years now and I have fond memories. The descriptions in this book have made me want to revisit that Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and French bistros asap! *yes this is a hint to my husband if you are reading this - hint hint hint!*

I would recommend this book to any one looking for an action packed adventure with a hint of mystery, humour and a kick ass heroine!

If ever I were in trouble I would call Jessica Cole....or if she's not available definitely Sarah Sky who is a master of Karate and could do some serious damage! *gulps*

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on 17 June 2014
I bought this book as a birthday prezzie for a friend's 12-year-old daughter, who is mad on Alex Ryder and couldn't resist having a quick read myself.
I thought it was really well done and loved the feisty schoolgirl/model heroine, who has brains as well as beauty and has to solve the mystery of what happened to her dad, even when MI6 turns its back on him.
It is a real page turner and I can see pre-teens loving it. School bullies, glam fashion shoots in London and Paris, spy gizmos, a really evil baddie and even boy crushes are all in here.
Jessica is a brilliant character and her dilemmas had me gripped, never mind the children.
I can't wait to read more by Sarah Sky. I think it is going to be a series - and if it isn't, it should be. A good birthday/Christmas gift for girls.
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I was lucky enough to win a set of the Jessica Cole books in a competition, so big thanks to Scholastic and Faye Rogers for my set.

I've heard great things about these books, but I was a little wary: as an older Young Adult reader, I was worried I'd be a little too old for this series. I'm also not really very interested in fashion and modelling and such so I wasn't sure it would be my cup of tea.

I am, however, a fan of spies and mysteries and kick ass female characters, so there was definitely something there for me to enjoy.

When I was the age this book is targeted at, I read the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz and really enjoyed the mystery and gadgets and quick wit in the books. These books reminded me a lot of those, only slightly more modern and with a fashion twist. Jessica could give Alex a run for his money - she could be his awesome, distant cousin or something.

The premise of the book required some suspension of disbelief: a fourteen year old schoolgirl/super model/spy does seem a little far-fetched, but once you've suspended your disbelief and got your head around that you soon get lost in the action.

The mystery was a good one to ease you into the story and characters, but I found some things a little obvious (but I won't mention - no spoilers here!). The villain of the story had some really twisted ideas and I found their evil plan really disturbing - it was pretty twisted!

Overall, this is a really fun and easy read that will have you racing through to then end. While the mystery is solved, there's still plenty left open for the sequel, which I'm looking forward to getting stuck into.
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on 19 August 2014
In a world of feisty, butt-kicking teenage heroines, Jessica Cole (Model Spy) is as feisty and butt-kicky as they come (unsurprising given Sarah Sky is a brown belt in karate and knows how to use the hidden gadgets in an armoured car to destroy a vehicle in pursuit. Kapow!)

I’d definitely want Jessica Cole on my side in a fight. With a jab to the solar plexus and a fist to the nose, she single-handedly decks school bully, Tommy Williams, and when she catches him bullying a younger child she zaps him with one of the gadgets she’s ‘borrowed’ from her former-MI6 father’s secret spy-lair.

Despite the whacking and walloping, Jessica is a sympathetic and loveable character. Resourceful rather than reckless. Gutsy rather than fearless. She’s the kind of girl who bites her nails until they bleed, but still goes out there to save the world.

Code Red Lipstick contains the action and intrigue you’d expect from a teen spy novel, but with added girl power. You won’t find any knights in shining armour riding to Jessica Cole’s rescue. Her MS-sufferer dad is put out of action by a crazy ex-supermodel, her MI6 godfather appears to be working for the wrong side, and her PBF (potential future boyfriend) is left at home sending ‘where are you?’ emails. As Oprah would say, ‘Go, girl!’

The mystery is tightly plotted and the gadgets are convincing – I particularly fancy the iPad with thermal heat-sensor function that helps Jessica sneak into school.

When it comes to the modelling part of the story, I have to confess to being a brand-oblivious scruff-bucket. I have no idea what a vintage grey ruffled pea coat looks like, and I’m the kind of ‘hilarious’ adult who’d annoy teenagers by asking if they wore their Religion leather jacket to church. But, judging by Sarah Sky’s attention to detail throughout the book, I have no doubt the brands listed will strike a chord with more fashion-aware readers and add authenticity to the story.

What I do love about the modelling connection in Code Red Lipstick (just as in the Geek Girl series) is that it encourages eccentric characterisation and justifies exciting foreign settings – in this case, Paris.

For those who enjoy Code Red Lipstick as much as I did, the good news is the sequel is coming out in January and a third book is due next summer. Model-Spy-tastic.
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on 22 August 2015
I would like to thank Faye and Scolastic for sending me a copy of these books in exchange for a fair and honest review.

The pace of this book is set from the very first page where Jessica is on a modelling assignment before school as she is only 14. Jessica is shocked to find she hasn't received a text message from her overprotective dad who has OSDS (Overprotective Single Dad Syndrome). She is even more shocked to find that he has gone missing along with the man who was supposed to be looking for him.

This story is aimed at teenagers but I found it to be a fast paced easy read even for an adult, with lots of gadgets everywhere. If you love gadgets then you will love this Spy book. Jessica is a lovely character and the story had me gripped.
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on 3 September 2014
Move over Alex Rider, there’s a new spy in town and she’s coming to kick your butt! Code Red Lipstick, starring Jessica Cole, teen model turned spy, is fantastic fun. First of all there’s the fast-paced plot, which is full of twists and turns that will have you turning/swiping the pages at a rate of knots. Next, there’s a terrific main character who is not only resourceful, clever and feisty but also vulnerable enough for you to root for her all the way. And then there are the gadgets – and what gadgets, they are awesome! Throw in a smattering of secrets, an evil antagonist or two, plus the world of high fashion and cosmetics and you have a really great read. Seriously, I loved this book. Roll on book two!
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on 28 July 2014
After possibly a slightly slow start, you really don't have to wait long until the story makes up for it x100!! Especially towards the end, it was written so well and the suspense was unbearable! Though some were predictable, the there were so many great twists that made it impossible to peel away from the book.
Recently I haven't been able to finish books as I got bored half way through, but this book definitely caught my enthusiasm and reminded me that there are still fantastic. I read this in less than a day and want more! Certainly worth the 99p ;) Oh and I'm 13 and really enjoyed this book. I'd say the book could be for ages 11-17 but really I'm no expert. JUST READ IT!! BECAUSE YOUR WORTH IT...
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on 7 August 2014
It was awesome really kept you on the edge of your seat however i really want there to be a sequel because I want to know more and that's a good thing
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