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on 11 July 2014
This is an awesome box set by some very talented authors! I really enjoyed the books and cannot to read more by these ladies :) Erin Nicholas was an old favorite but I am really beyond glad I took the time to read the rest of the stories from the authors who were all new to me!

On Any Given Sundae by Marilyn Brant

Elizabeth was in over her head the moment her Uncle opened his mouth... She knew it but she didn't realize how deep until his business partner went to call HIS nephew... How could she deal with seeing Rob again after all these years?! When he moved away from their small Wisconsin town she figured she was safe. Never seeing the boy who broke her heart (even if he hadn't a clue he did so) gave her the confidence to become her own person even if she really wasn't a social butterfly she had friends.. Really good friends... And a cookbook to get to the publisher. How was she supposed to move on with her life(even if there were no guys actually interested in her) if she was forced to deal with Rob on a daily basis? She couldn't even speak in his presence! Shy and awkward (and a stutter) she just knew it would be high school all over again... Wouldn't it?

Rob had put his hometown (and his golden boy football hero status) in his rear-view after high school. He went to college and shed his sports hero status working incredibly hard to be seen for his intelligence instead. He has a very successful restaurant in Chicago and the last thing he needs is to be dragged back home where all he is is a dumb jock! He's gone too far to go backwards but family is the most important thing in the world so off to Wisconsin it is! When he gets there he is shocked to find his Uncle already gone for Europe and Lizzy manning the shop... Will she ever see him as anything other than a dumb jock? How will he deal with hi mother and her marriage schemes for a whole month?! He hatches a desperate plan and crosses his do get hoping to get away with it...

This was a sweet contemporary romance that I truly enjoyed even though it was set in Wisconsin lol. Or despite that... Whatever. The fact that I could get past the setting being the one place I HATE to read about should tell you how awesome this book really is. The storyline was very believable and uplifting and I can't wait to read more books from this amazing author! Not sure if this is a stand alone or a series that can be read as stand alones but the ending was great and nice and tidy so I am sure either way is great :)

***This book is suitable for adult readers

Finding the Right Girl (A Nice GUY to Love spin-off novel) by Violet Duke

This series can be read as standalones but personally I wish I had read it in order due to spoilers. This book is not meant for anyone who has issues with terminal illness. If you do find another book to read as this one is not for you. I am sure the author has many lighter stories in her awesome repertoire :) Book one is Resisting the Bad Boy (Nice Girl to Love, Book #1). The box set of the first three books is Nice Girl to Love: Three-Book Collection (#1 Resisting the Bad Boy, #2 Falling for the Good Guy, #3 Choosing the Right Man). I couldn't find links for the Kindle version of either book two or three on their own :( This is the fourth book.

Brian has only been in love twice in his life. The first time was to an awesome girl in high school( who is his best friend now and married his brother). The second he met in college and never looked back. He married her and they had a beautiful daughter... But she had Juvenile Huntington's Disease and he had to watch her die a slow and painful death as the JHD progressed. Now he thinks his mourning is over and he should try to get out there again and start dating. The only problem is he's not entirely sure how to. Maybe he should follow his brother's advice and just have a few flings like he did... It seemed to work out well for him in the end after all. What else is a single father gonna do?

Tessa has secrets and she really doesn't date. She spends most oh her time helping out at a JHD care home and raising money for JHD&HD research and care. Also she caters for a living. Her life is all work and no play and has been since she dropped out of highschool and started working to help support her family. Her older sister died of JHD and her father died of HD so pretty much her life was taking care of them until they passed. Her mother left when she made clear SHE would take care of her sister and her father. Now she is faced with man who wants her and a little girl who might have the disease that took her family who bother adores her and she adores. What is she going to do now? Could she possibly ever be good enough?

This is a great heartwarming and uplifting romance about living in spite of a disease instead of with it. It also deals with a lot of heavy subject matter in an awesome and inspiring way. This story proves that no matter what the obstacles love is always worth it in the end... No matter how little or how much time you have left! I really enjoyed this book and am so going to go back and read the earlier ones as soon as I can!

***This series is suitable for adult readers

Sweet to You (Fire and Icing #3) by Jessie Evans

This series does not necessarily need to be read in order but I think I missed a lot by starting with the third book and I would recommend you read it in order to avoid the major confusion I felt! The first book is Melt With You (Fire and Icing Book 1). The second book is Hot For You (Fire and Icing). This is the third book. Be warned this IS a contemporary Christian romance... So if you have issues with Christianity you might not like it.. But I loved it in spite of the odd mention of Christianity because it was just that awesome!!! It was never preachy or condescending so if you can handle your nonjudgmental Christian friends you will love this series!

Maddie is finally ready to move on after her divorce. She plans a girls' excursion to a singles' weekend to finally move past the fact that her husband of 6 years cheated on her and left her for a man(he was gay....How did she miss that?!) And she really is ready to let her hair down and have fun... Until she sees him. How can she possibly be wild and crazy with her childhood best friend watching?! Worse yet they had shared an illicit kiss and been avoiding each other ever since...

Jamison is shocked to see his childhood best friend at the singles' weekend his friends dragged him to. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about her since that kiss... He's always been a bad boy but for her... He'd change if she just gave him a chance...

This series looks really good :) Full of humor and sassy wit you can totally miss the whole religious aspect of this series entirely! Unless someone is thinking about the future or the mistakes in their past they feel guilty for their faith is never mentioned... Kinda like real life :) If I had known it was a Christian book I would have skipped it but I am really glad I didn't as it was awesome and not any different than talking to one of my Christian friends who was having a crisis :) Unless you are rabidly Anti-Christian you will be able to enjoy this series! I know I am enjoying it and cannot wait to read the books I missed and then the next one Perfect for You (Short Story) (Fire and Icing)!

***This series is suitable for adults tolerant of all religions and Christian adults who don't have issues with premarital sex :)

Unafraid (Beachwood Bay #2)by Melody Grace

This series should be read in order. Book one is Untouched (Beachwood Bay Book 1). Book two is Unbroken (Beachwood Bay Book 2). Book three is Untamed Hearts (Beachwood Bay). This is the fourth book.

Brit is a wild child... Or at least that's what everyone thinks. In all reality she is a broken girl from a broken home just lining away for the one that mattered. She has big dreams of being a fashion designer but has no real confidence she will make the cut so she stays in Beachwood Bay and works as a waitress in the bar. Garrett has been a god send... Another older brother to look out for her now that her real one has moved to the big city and escaped like she has always dreamed about. She is just marking time living in her brothers house and waiting for something to change.

Hunter looks like the perfect golden boy but he harbors dark secrets. He moved to Beachwood Bay because on his grandfather's horse ranch is the only place he has ever been happy. His old life with its society parties and obligations to his family and their firm are killing him faster than the guilt he carries. Brit is the only thing that has saved him from the darkness within these past three years and he wants her back and will make sure he gets her... Or he is lost for good this time.

This is a heart wrenching contemporary romance riddled with secrets and insecurities which makes the struggles of the characters infinitely more realistic and engrossing. I never knew what was going to happen next and I really enjoyed it. I will definitely be reading the books I missed and a lot more by this amazing author! I can't wait to read Unwrapped (Beachwood Bay Book 5) after I am done with the books I missed!

***This series is suitable for adult readers

Love Love by Beth Michele

This series must be read in order. This is the first book.

Gabby is afraid. Afraid of the fact that she is just one big disappointment to her parents. Afraid she will always be hollow inside. Afraid she will care about someone and lose them again. Afraid to live. Fran is the sister of her heart and her best friend but she is the complete opposite of Gabby. She believes in living life to the fullest and making the most of every day so she pushes Gabby to move on and start living again. Not living life to the fullest is a crime in her book... So with the encouragement from her roommate Gabby rejoins the world of the living and starts to put herself back together again even though she is terrified.

This is a contemporary romance filled with loss and pain but also joy and hope. It shows that while living fully again can be scary and painful it is well worth the risk. I laughed a lot and at times was choked up. This book was really good and I can't wait to read Scarred Beautiful and any that come after!

***This series is suitable for adult readers

Getting Out of Hand (Sapphire Falls #1) by Erin Nicholas

This series must be read in order. This is the first book.

Mason seems to have gotten over the humiliations of his past in the small town of Sapphire Hills, Nebraska as he is now an über confident suave man who knows what he wants and how to get it. But then why is he so reluctant to go show the people he grew up with just how far he has come? When his partner and best friend in the world tells him she needs a break from him and his workaholic ways so she can spend some quality time with her girlfriend Alex and that he should take the opportunity of the alumni weekend to check out the farm he inherited over 2 whole years ago he is adamant there is no reason he needs to go home...ever. He will go but not there! Not ever!

Hailey is used to getting what she wants and she has a plan...Unfortunately for Adrienne this means getting Mason on board with the Sapphire Hills project but she feels that using people is wrong and above all she wants no drama! After her heart attack she came to Sapphire Falls to live a healthy laid back stress free life. She doesn't date and she doesn't drink so when Mason pays $300 for a few dances with her she KNOWS she's in trouble bigtime! Back in town 5 minutes and he's already causing more excitement and drama than she can handle!

This is a great start to what looks to be another awesome small town contemporary romance series by Nicholas. It is full of amazing supporting characters and the humorous hijinks I have come to know and love from her numerous other books. Nicholas can always by counted on to provide originality in each story even though the tone of her books is always fun and flirty. She deals with real life problems in heartwarming and unique ways that give hope that no matter what your issues or problems there is always room for love!

***This series is suitable for adult readers

Tempting Love - Haley & Eddie (Crossroads #5) by Melanie Shawn

While this series may be read out of order as standalones I found it very confusing and full of spoilers to do so. I wish I had started with book one! Book one is My First - Jason & Katie (The Crossroads Series Book 1). The second book is My Last - Riley & Chelle (The Crossroads Series Book 2). The third book is My Only - Alex & Jamie (The Crossroads Series Book 3). The fourth book is My Everything - Seth & Amber (The Crossroads Series Book 4). This is the fifth book.

Haley is absolutely in love with Emily and Eddie... She does everything to support and coddle them with no thought to what she gets out of it. She's loved Eddie from afar ever since she came home from college. They might as well be married except he just doesn't seem to get the hint she wants to be more than friends...So she helps him pick out attractive clothes to wear on his "dates" while she stays home and watches Emily. Her sister thinks she should give up after four long years but she still has hope that one of these days he will see the woman right in front of him who is already part of his family even if he doesn't realize it yet.

Eddie was a wild child but all that changed when he became a father... Like he became a single father. He has resigned himself not to date until after Emily is in college... She's only 7! He wants to provide stability and doesn't think parading an endless string of women in front of her is the way to do it. Besides the only woman he wants is the one he's been fighting his attraction to these last 4 years. He can't jeopardize Em's relationship with Haley especially as he doesn't know what they would do without her.

This is a sweet and steamy contemporary small town romance. I was a bit lost but I think that is because I started with this book and therefore missed a lot of the back story. I believe that when I read the books I missed this one will make perfect sense! Personally I'm a big fan of reading books in order. I can't wait to read the books I missed so I can reread this one with better perspective. The next book is Crazy Love - Krista & Chase (The Crossroads Series Book 6). I will definitely be reading it in its proper order from now on!

***This series is suitable for adult readers

Not Over You (Holland Springs #5) by Marquita Valentine

Though this series can be read as standalones I would not encourage it. I feel as though I am missing essential pieces of the story that I would know if I had read them in the proper order so I would suggest doing that. The first book is Drive Me Crazy: Holland Springs Series, Book 1 (Contemporary Romance). The second book is Twice Tempted: Holland Springs, Book 2 (Contemporary Romance). The third book is Third Time's a Charm: Holland Springs, Book 3 (Contemporary Romance). The fourth book is Just Desserts: Holland Springs, Book 4 (Contemporary Romance). This is the fifth book.

Somewhere there is a joke about the town whore's daughter and the son of the preacher... Or if there isn't then there should be. Or at least that is the way Summer feels. He is too good for her irregardless of whether all the stories about her or not. But she is also the only man she has ever loved and the only real friend she had growing up. She feels like a part of her is missing and she NEEDS to get it back... She needs her daughter... No matter what the law says her little Ivy belongs with her! She will do ANYTHING to get her back and fill the void within herself. But what if she's wrong? What if even that doesn't heal her heart?

Gabriel has only ever loved oblne woman... But he's over her! That's what he tells himself day after day ... Year after year.... He's over her. But is he? He is dating his mother's best friend's daughter but everything feel off. Like something is missing or just plain wrong. He is over Summer isn't he? He has to be... He has to move on for good. It has been years and she has never once came back after she gave up Ivy.

This is a contemporary romance that has a tinge of the supernatural. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to read the books I skipped and any that come after! I am definitely a fan now and will continue to be :)

***This series is suitable for adult readers
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on 9 July 2014
Great collection of books .Great characters and great Stories.I have really enjoyed reading this collection very much.I am looking forward to reading further books by these writers. Big red(Kingston upon Hull England).
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on 14 July 2014
If you like a good happy ever after romance with a little tittilation this is for you. Fantastic value for money as each one is a complete novel. Am on book number 7 and have enjoyed them a lot as long as you are not looking for anything too thought provoking.
Don't know if it's a criticism per se but a few have given me the impression that they are one part of a set and unless I am willing to pay dear I cannot follow up on other characters.
Easy holiday reading.
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on 28 July 2014
Ive only read the first one, On Any Given Sundae and thats what this review is based on. So what can I say.....when I thought this story had been strung out to breaking point....utterly predictable that these two would end up together.....Turns out everyone else in this tightly knit circle ended up together as well.......Even the two gay gays ended up with each other.....And this is an award winning author?!! Yee Gods.....this might have suited a simple minded 13 yer old at best. Lord knows why I carried on reading.....wont be looking for any more thats for certain!
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on 18 July 2014
Wow!! Loved every story, found some new authors to take a peak at now, love theses kind of books full of stories of different authors, can only give it 5*s but in my opinion it deserves a 10
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on 12 July 2014
Love all these books you just want more and when your finished one you can't wait to start the next so sad when I read the last one
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on 3 August 2014
Every story had a graphic description of sexual activity and although the books were written by different authors the sexual descriptions were practically identical and got a bit boring. The stories were OK but not much meat on the bones and without all the sex stuff would have been half as long.
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on 1 August 2014
I started a couple of the books and read all of one, which was pretty easy reading, and maybe I should give them all a go,but I sort of wish I'd never purchased them in the first place really, I quite like trashy easy reading novels, but these seemed a step too far for my tastes.
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on 7 September 2014
very enjoyable read,all the stories were very different from each other,i shall be reading the the follow-up books to some of them.were very good value for money.I would recommend them to anyone who likes a happy ending.
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on 11 November 2014
Was not sure what to expect from this set foe the price bit must admit I was pleasantly surprised.
Have gone on to purchase more books from several of the author's.
Would recommend
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