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4.7 out of 5 stars40
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 16 July 2014
This album starts in obvious classical music/ opera style that has become so entrenched in albums of this sort that it would be weird not to hear an intro like this. Still first song proper ‘Never Forgive, Never Forget’ finds Arch Enemy on top form once again, with an incredible amount of energy. Soaring guitar parts overlaying frantic chugs are a good indication of what the album is like, i.e. full of musical nuggets.

If you’re not sure if you will like the album then there is a simple way to make your decision; if you like the first song then you will love the rest of the album, if not then you won’t, it really is as simple as that.
The vocals despite all the fuss aren’t really a million miles from what they were before, lets hope that perhaps with the next album

Alissa’s own personality will come out a bit more in the vocals. Arch Enemy have always been good at creating happy metal and this album is no different, if you want bile and hate look elsewhere, for an injection of positivity and music to strut to insert this cd into your cd player and prepare to pump fists.

It might be odd to say but fans of power metal would love this.
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on 10 June 2014
I stupidly kind of agreed a while back that the prices for this new CD seemed a little high, then I remembered that I am a fan of Arch Enemy and have been for a long time, since my initial purchase of the two disc version of W.O.S, then going backwards.
Proud to say that I now own number 681 out of 2500.
Having listened to the 3 tracks released, I though that this was going to be a good release and now having the album, I am right.
It flies along, like an ICBM carrying multiple warheads, each one with a different purpose. The sound is stripped down, no self indulgence or what seemed to have been on D.M. and R.O.T.T, decent tracks on those albums but too 'fat' as a whole, so it plays out in a more intense way.
There are twists and turns a plenty and every track is different, solos where there shouldn't be but still work.
The new members bring a welcome lively appeal.
To me this album is the true successor to the first 3 but with the current, higher tempo sound.
Not the hardest hitting track but 'You will know my name' really stands out when you actually put the CD into a player and listen to the pounding back line, Sharlee's bass is demonic.
Avalanche, again probably won't be everyone's 'favourite' but is has touches of Ravenous, The Immortal, Nemesis.
This album to me proves that AE, do not have to try to be too extreme to be extreme, they are a melodic death metal band and probably one of the most polished or their kind and why not I say, bring it on and more.
It's complex like Stigmata, fresh like W.O.S and tuneful like Burning Bridges(a personal favourite).
There are crushing riffs, mid to fast tempo mosh worthy-ness, clever melodies, stunning solo play and the vocals cut through strongly.
Like Priest and Megadeth, Arch Enemy are masters of the thing that is more metal than twiddlies alone, the time change and there are plenty.
It's a complex mix of music and I can't wait to see then live in Bristol, later on this year.
The only thing(s) that may not have been really needed of the mix of tracks, are the instrumentals(too many) even at 3, the opener would have been sufficient, we know they can play, even a few extra cover tracks would have made this even better than it is.
The Deluxe Edition is a nice product, costs a bit but so did Nostradamus.
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on 11 June 2014
First let me say I'm not really a death metal (?) fan. In fact i kind of hate that 'screaming' :) So I won't even try to do some deep review or compare with anyone or anything.

Simply i can just say, this album is great, I Love it! :)

If you did like any of the 3 released singles (war eternal, as the pages burn, you wll know my name) Then I think you will like rest of the album too.

(I usually don't bother with reviews, but seeing someone gave this album very unfair 1 star because it's too 'expensive' (?? Looks quite standart price to me) a just had to..)
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on 16 January 2016
The replacement of the singer in a band sometimes doesn't work out(Iron Maiden/Blaze Bayley).Other times(if a frequent occurrence - Nightwish!)it doesn't matter,but either way it leaves the fans in anxious expectation.The fact that previous front woman Angela was a rare thing in that she could growl with the best of 'em in a very male dominated genre, made the boots her replacement,Alissa had to fill even bigger.Which she has completely(phew!),her vocals are her own(not just a copy of Angela's),slightly less gravelly but with more emotional angst,and they completely fit with the band.Ahh...the band,I'm also happy to report that they have outdone themselves this time round.Every track is epic and unique(no fillers here),the soaring guitar work,still powerful and uplifting,has been taken to another level.Normally one listen at a time is adequate for me with an Arch Enemy album but I can't stop playing it.Definitely their best to date.Fans will not be disappointed.
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on 23 January 2015
did arch enemy need to replace johan for angela, hell i think so, did arch enemy need to get rid of angela for alissa , i didnt think so at first but it was angela decision to step down and hell she is still the manager of the group, i think. Alissa is a more than able replacement, she came from the band the agonist who are now really poor without her. What is clear here for me is that the bands quality hasnt dipped, it isnt a new and improved band , its arch fxxking enemy and they are one of extreme metals best bands. This is one strong catchy album, great riffs, nice keyboards and dark sounds complimenting everything around it and alissa is great, barking and screaming and owning the songs.A brilliant album.
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on 17 November 2015
The first album with there new CANADIAN singer who was in THE AGONIST. I have to say i like this album best of all there albums AND i prefer the new singers voice as i found ANGELA GOSSOWS voice too gruff and death metal to me. The production is top notch on this aswell as some of there other albums as with alot of extreme metal albums wre alittlle under produced, i don,t go for that retro sound some bands call it, i call it rubbish production. It cost me about £5 so bargain.GO GET IT!
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on 3 April 2016
This is the first time I have bought an Arch Enemy CD. For me, Alissa White Gruz has a great 'screamo' voice which works well with the melodic power of the rest of the band. I do believe that there is room for Alissa to sing a clean vocal as well as keeping the vocal ethos of the band. I hope AE do not shy away from progress and explore further avenues in this direction. I would have given it 5 stars had they used Alissa's skills more readily. That said, it is a great album. :) Rick
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on 18 June 2014
Better then the last one which i did not enjoy SO i was in two minds of purchasing this baby! the deluxe edition blow your mind fantastic, disc 2 and 3 are demo and instrumental could of gone on one disc? also get a sow-on patch and a guitar pro6.
Price little expensive. all in all great CD musically hope you enjoy it thanks!
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on 3 August 2014
Arch Enemy's best album in many years! I was afraid I would miss Angela Gossow's voice, but to my surprise I didn't! No disrespect to Angela - far from it! Alissa White-Gluz is doing a fantastic job, and with fresh blood in the guitar department in the form of Nick Cordle Arch Enemy have made a career-changing album. Well done!
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on 24 October 2014
This is the best Arch Enemy album since "Anthems of the Rebellion" if not of all time. New singer, or growler, is absolutely amazing, Angela found a great replacement for herself, haha. She is different to Angela vocally and in my opinion I think better even!
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