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on 24 June 2015
This begs the question; how do they manage to do this for the price. It may not be the most stylish watch but it does exactly what it says on the box. The watch was well packed and arrived within the stated delivery period.

The display is very clear and can (For the watch function) can be seen very clearly in the sunshine.

Charge time is very quick and lasts for more than a day even with quite heavy use.

The watch connects automatically to my android phone when you turn it on. It also syncs your phone book and messages. There is also a dialer screen. Phone calls can be received and made from the watch. You can view messages but not write new messages.

The unit links with the BTnotice app, there are several apps available and I had to try three before I found one that worked perfectly. This enables the phone to send notices to the watch based on the running apps, you can even send the weather forecast.

The watch links directly to your media player and can start, play and change tracks. This is the most useless function as I cannot understand anyone wishing to listen to music on it.

The calculator is surprisingly functional using the small touch screen, which is very accurate..

The pedometer is very good and can be started and paused, it better than my normal pedometer as it records a higher caloric count for the same exercise (hopefully it is correct). One downside is that it is all metric units.

The stopwatch is equally good.

It has its own alarm system which can be used with your phone.

The barometer, altimeter and thermometer work but take a long time to have a stable reading. For me I can't see a use for these functions.

The really good thing for me is that if you leave your phone and walk away from it the phone gives an alarm when the limit of the bluetooth range is reached.
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on 17 October 2015
Bought 2 , does what it says , can not fault it in any way , my son was over the moon with his 😊
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on 25 February 2015
Five stars because it's never let me down and immediately alerts me to all my incoming calls and texts. Before I bought this I was missing 60% of my phone calls as I use an external MP3 music player, and layers of clothing means I can't feel my phone vibrate. The trick to get this to work properly is to avoid the recommended app and instead use MediaTek Smart Device app from the Playstore, and it will load all your contacts and text messages onto the watch. It is important to exclude MediaTek Smart Device app from any power saving programs on your phone so that it doesn't get turned off abruptly. The battery life is outstanding, I am getting about 7 days out of this after a 90 minute charge, and better still I can read the watch screen in bright sunlight unlike others have reported. The watch also vibrates when the bluetooth connection is lost if I stray 40 meters from my phone, adding peace of mind of a lost phone. On the minus side the strap is fragile and the watch has fallen off my wrist twice in the few months I've had it, so it is possibly unsuitable for sporting activity or sleep in the way that a wristband is. The in-built microphone works well and renders clear calls, but the loudspeaker is too loud raising privacy issues. However I can't take a star off for these because the watch has done everything I need it to do at a budget price and so much more.

Additional info 02/03/15


1. Always connects to the phone instantly. Initial pairing is tricky as you also have to press "confirm" on the watch for a successful connection.
2. Better to use MediaTek SmartDevice app from the PlayStore rather than the recommended BT Notifier app which seems to have a lot of disgruntled users.
3. The backlight is excellent and I can read the time clearly in direct sunlight if I turn off Power Save.
4. Superb battery life.
5. Unbeatable Bluetooth connection. I left my phone upstairs and walked out of my home and the watch stayed connected, disconnecting after a breathtaking 40 metres!
6. Comfortable on the wrist, very soft rubber.


1. As mentioned the speaker is too loud, even if the volume is on zero. I use the phone directly to answer calls instead of the watch to maintain privacy as my phone Moto G gives me the option to choose how to answer i.e. by the watch, by the phone, or by headphones.
2. Even though its fallen off twice, its easily put back together.
3. MediaTek SmartDevice app was buggy to start with, but constant updates mean hassle-free use of this watch. One thing to note is that when the watch is turned on it has to be held very close to the phone for MediaTek SmartDevice to load contacts, texts messages and call history. If the phone is further away during pairing it will only load contacts.
4. Scrolling contacts on the watch to make a call is dead slow.

All in all, this watch has transformed my life and now I can deal with calls and text messages in real time. I suppose I'm of the view that a watch should be a watch, a phone should be a phone and a camera should be a camera, so that I'm not overly concerned about all the things that this watch can't do.
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on 21 September 2015
This is amazing value and arrived next day from Amazon supplies.
I had low expectations based on the price but having read reviews I used the MediaTek app on my Motorola G and it paired easily.
There was some confusion over operation because I left the screen protector on which pretty much screws the touch operation. After removal all was fine.
The owners manual is pretty useless unless you have bionic eyesight but operation pretty straightforward.
A leap into the brave new world of smartwatch without breaking the bank!
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on 20 February 2015
For £25 the U8 is great value and works as advertised. Nice design, good build and not too big. Screen is low res but responsive.
Linked with my Asus Zenfone with no problems, but failed to link with iOS8. The OS is the only weakness, it's very outdated and text notifications are too small, with screen real estate wasted. If it could be updated with a custom rom, that nicely would be an improvement.
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on 12 October 2014
Looks very good, working perfect and on battery up to... 6 days !!!
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on 4 January 2016
I can't send messages without downloading "BT notifier" which I can't find on the apple App Store,what should I do?
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on 2 July 2015
A great watch for the money, functions well and is a nice size too, You can`t add any apps but you can talk to anyone who phones you through the watch and for this alone its great. it is also well made and you also get a little tool with it to help remove the strap pins if you want to use a different sort.
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on 9 January 2015
This watch was purchased as an experiment really. It has most of the features that the better known brands have (phone, message, camera etc) and, having just gone into the world of Android with a recent phone upgrade, I wanted to see what Android wear was all about without spending somewhere upwards of £100.00 for the privilege. Now, I know that the Samsung Gear, Pebbles etc are going to have better quality graphics etc but this, for under £30.00 delivered is really a brilliant little gadget. The first thing that impressed me was the quality. Its a metal case albeit a thin metal case, the new Samsung is plastic at nearly 10 times the price!!! Connecting it to the phone was a bit of a pain but, with a little help from You tube, it was soon up and running.
The graphics are from about 10 years ago but are clear and easy to read and, even with my sausage fingers, the little keyboards are surprisingly responsive and easy to use accurately and reading messages and emails on a seemingly endlessly scrolling screen is quite fun. the pedometer seems accurate but I cant see a use for the altimeter in the immediate future!!! However, this little watches downfall was revealed when I got in the car. When the watch is connected via the phone, it cut out my in-car bluetooth system which I rely on, that was it, I had to switch the watch off and I have now given it to my grandson who loves it!!
So, was the experiment a success?? Yes it was as it shows what can be achieved for wearable tech WITHOUT breaking the bank. Will I now be buying a new all singing, all dancing smartwatch? No, I dont think so, if I was a teenager I would have one without hesitation but, in the real working world, no, there is just no need for one but this little watch fully deserves its 5 stars
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on 17 December 2015
The watch works fine but it came with a snapped strap
review image review image review image
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