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on 30 April 2014
Don’t Blackmail the Vampire is the second book in the Sons of Kane series and follow up to Don’t bite the Bridesmaid….

This time around we meet Rachel Davis who is meeting her sister and her fiancé for a ski trip, Rachel knows that her sisters man isn’t right for her and has decided to do everything in her power to put an end to the relationship so that her sister doesn’t make the huge mistake of marrying him….. but her sister is stubborn. It just so happens that Charles Wright is on the trip too, giving her sisters’ fiancé a job opportunity and when Rachel sees Charles for what he really is, decides to blackmail him into helping her in her mission to save her sister. Little does Rachel know that Charles is actually there to find out if said fiancé is the one threatening his soon to be sister in law and there is no job offer available; just the opportunity to put his brothers mind at ease. When their plan takes a different turn however, things soon start to heat up for Rachel & Charles as they both start to thaw towards each other.

I really liked this book, I liked book one just the same and I liked the connection between both books. Charles was a character that stood out in book one, he seemed mischievous, a bit of a ladies man too, the sort that doesn’t want to settle or be tied down to anyone - so it made me happy to realise that he was about to get played by Rachel. When I realised who Rachel was and how she was also connected to book one; that made me even happier because it did actually connect Rachel & Charles without them knowing it…. So let the fun commence. As I said - I like both characters - it wasn’t hard not to be invested in their schemes and they both came from a good place with the best intentions and as always with books like this, it’s what happening because of their colluding that holds our interest in as well. I thought Rachel & Charles made a great pairing, alone they were pretty sad figures & quite misunderstood but together, they brought out the best in each other and made each other blossom, creating some very intense situations filled with emotions neither were used to dealing with, not to mention some great sexual tension & smexytimes – if they could both give each other a chance! I liked how each of their agendas tied together and who it tied too (forgive my vagueness, you will understand when you read it) it was risky situation and a no win scenario but it was a good progression to the series and of course a good catalyst for our MCs to fall in love. I’m curious to see where the next book will go because there is only one ‘Son of Kane’ left and the storyline didn’t seem to be heading in that direction but no matter where it goes, I will be reading it. As I said about the first…..this is a really fun, enjoyable read and hit the spot for a quick easy read. I like these type of books because they are fun, you don't have to think too hard, you get good characters, a good scenario, some humour, some sexytime and a nice HEA - so what's not to like?
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on 9 June 2014
DON’T BLACKMAIL THE VAMPIRE is the second instalment in Tiffany Allee’s contemporary adult Sons of Kane paranormal romance series. This is Rachel Davis and vampire Charles Wright’s story. Although it is the second in the series, Don’t Blackmail The Vampire can be read as a standalone without too much difficulty.

Told from third person POV, the storyline follows Rachel and Charles as they set up Rachel’s future brother in law who is also the number one suspect in a series of threats against Charles future sister in law Alice. The fact that Charles is a vampire adds a heightened sense of mistrust as far as Rachel is concerned because her ultimate goal is to prove to her sister Kristen that Brent (her fiancé) cannot be trusted. As Charles and Rachel begin to pull Brent into their web, the threats against Charles’s SIL are mounting. Rachel’s heart is set on proving to her sister that Brent is no good and sets out to break up their relationship blackmailing Charles in the process.

The relationship between Rachel and Charles is slow to develop as a good portion of the storyline finds our couple engaged in a series of mishaps in order to find out the truth about Brent. Rachel and Kristen have a difficult time when it comes to trust and Rachel is determined to prove that no man can be trusted with their hearts or their love-in this, there is the push and pull of anxiety where Rachel’s heart is concerned. Charles wants a relationship with Rachel but Rachel is afraid of getting hurt and her only concern is proving Brent is slime. Her need and all encompassing desire to end her sister’s relationship blinds Rachel to what would become of the aftermath with the results.

The world building continues from book one-Don’t Bite The Bridesmaid-with the inclusion of Alice and Noah (Charles’s brother) who give a familiarity to the storyline but their story is not necessary to understand what is happening in the current plot as Tiffany reveals the information where needed.

DON’T BLACKMAIL THE VAMPIRE is a quick paced, humorous look at the paranormal. The characters are likeable and colorful; the sex scenes are hot and seductive; the conversations reveal the backstory and history that brought everyone to the present.

Tiffany Allee writes a captivating storyline that will please the romance as well as the paranormal lover-in all of us.

I was Gifted a copy
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on 3 May 2014
The second book in the Sons of Kane series is a captivating read. Rachel Davis will do anything to save her sister from a bad relationship with her fiancé including blackmailing said fiancé’s boss, Charles into helping her, who just happens to be a vampire. Charles is on a mission to find the man responsible for threatening his brother’s wife, the mission just so happens to coincide with helping Rachel. What’s a little blackmail between consenting adults?

This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps the readers well entertained throughout with lots of intrigue, drama, humor and romance. The author paints vivid images of the scenes and events with well written descriptions and details that capture the imagination. The strong compelling characters are charismatic, easily related to and draw the reader deeper into the story and have them wanting to know more.

The attraction between Rachel and Charles radiates heat from every page and the sex scenes are hot enough to melt all the snow and ice at the ski resort where the story takes place. Rachel captures the heart with her loyalty and determination to save her sister from a broken heart, but her past is certainly clouding her judgment and causes some problems in the relationship and the sexy vampire Charles also grabs some heartfelt emotion when his soft side has him rescuing Rachel. Together they send sparks flying through the mountains with their snarky and humorous banter as they try to ambush the fiancé.

I found this story to be enjoyable and entertaining with lots of humorous scenes and dialogue, intriguing missions, steamy passion, charming characters and some twist that kept me guessing. I was unable to put the book down until I finished reading the very last word and I can’t wait to read the next one.
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on 30 April 2014
This is the follow up to Don't Bite the Bridesmaid and continues the story of these vampire brothers and the women they will claim. This is a light paranormal romance series which is fun to read and full of likeable characters and enough steamy romance to warm the coldest heart!
Charles is determined to find out just who is threatening his brothers mate Alice. Someone is sending messages and Charles has promised Noah that he will hunt the aggressor down and put a stop to it all. He's convinced that Alice's cheating ex Brett is the one responsible and hatches a plan to gain his confidence . What he hadn't expected was to meet a certain Rachel who seems immune to his powers! In point of fact not only is the aloof Rachel able to resist him but she discovers that Charles is a vampire. His compulsion isn't working on her so in a bizarre twist he allows her to believe that she holds all the cards. Now Rachel is blackmailing a maddening vampire to do her bidding but is she completely sane? He's a dangerous predator and if Rachel isn't careful she might end up as lunch!
This is a delightful twist on the usual vampire books available. It's fairly quick to read and full of characters that feel more romantic suspense then paranormal romance but it seems to work. This is a light contemporary vampire world that the author has penned and it makes it quite easy to immerse yourself within the pages.
Is Charles a hero? Well he's not necessarily the most alpha guy in fiction but he tries to protect those he cares about and shows his more human side . As for the heroine Rachel well she's determined to do what she thinks is right and takes risks that could easily backfire. I'm sure those who want something without to much angst will enjoy this story. It's fine as a standalone but does obviously connect with the previous book . These are not bad ass vampires that will scare the pants off you ( charm them off maybe!) but sweet and wholesome often has it's place. There's another brother so I'm guessing a follow up book is planned.
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on 29 April 2014
Don't blackmail the Vampire Tiffany Allee

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

I've read several of Tiffany’s books now, and always enjoy the light-hearted, fun stories she produces. Having read and liked Don't bit the Bridesmaid, I wanted to read this. Noah from the first book has two brothers, and its Charles who’s featured in this one, trying to find out who is threatening Noah’s wife.

Rachel, such a great girl, she's worried about her sisters fiancé – he's a sleaze, but Kirsten can't seem to see it. She thinks she might be able to use the trip to somehow show her just what a jerk he is. So far though she hasn't any ideas how – then she meets Charles. He's feeding from a woman at the rear of the restaurant/bar area outside. He confidently tells her to ignore what she sees, and she promptly replies to him ...he's shocked, the Vampire mojo doesn't work on her, and it could be a real problem. He doesn't want her screaming “vampire, vampire” to everyone. They come to an agreement though, which leads to some very humour incidents.
Charles isn't really afraid she'll blackmail him, but he is intrigued by her, and its not long before they find themselves getting closer, very much closer, in her bed closer!

Rachel can't quite believe what she's doing, but Charles is hot, a great lover and she thinks why not have a holiday fling with him? He seems so normal she keeps forgetting he's not, that he's a vampire. Of course its never that simple, and when things come out, secrets and deceptions, set-ups and heartbreak, she feels lost.
Its a great fun read, sexy and humorous, and a great addition to the first novel. There's another brother and of course Rachel's sister Kirsten so I'm hoping there’s more novels to come. If you want a fun read that isn't too deep and heavy this is perfect.
Stars: Four, another winner from Tiffany.
ARC supplied via publisher
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on 27 May 2014
I read these book's out of sequence,but that did not matter at all,they both survive as stand alone's,excellently written with fun,wit & go get them heroine's,oh yes,not forgetting the red hot males that can make your knee's wobble & your tummy go all wobbly wobbly...after reading this book I googled this author & proceeded to download all her book's onto my kindle!
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