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4.3 out of 5 stars98
4.3 out of 5 stars
Price:£360.45+ £6.90 shipping
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on 9 February 2015
As a 4k monitor at good value this screen delivers everything you would expect.
The screen is matte and colour quality is very good. Don't expect NEC or Apple level colour accuracy with this, but with a little calibration the results are excellent.
The stand is good and heavy and keeps the display well anchored. The port access at the back however is irritatingly recessed, leading to the dreaded "reach in and scrape around" approach to plugging in cables.
The menu system is on screen using buttons hidden around the back of the monitor. It's a little fiddly to use because the buttons never line up with the menu items - leading you to count in from the edge or guess. Luckily I don't use these often.

Confirmed working in OS X Yosemite with Late 2013 Macbook Pro retina 13" (although not at 60z) and Late 2013 quad core Mac Pro with D300s (at full 60hz)
Install SwitchResX to run this display in 1080p with hiDPI to have a 28 inch retina display.
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on 11 July 2014
4k need to be seen to be believed. It is not the same as 1080p with high levels of Anti aliasing or super-sampling. That argument is just stupid. The same way that a 480p video with MSAA or SSAA wont look anything like 1080p. This leaves reviewers with the problem of how to get across how nice the monitor looks when most people have 1080p screens so cant see 4K content. All i can say is that the monitor looks great, Bezel and all. The stand can be set any which way with full swivel and tilt with portrait mode supported. If that still isn't good enough for you, it has the option of VESA mounting so you can buy your own stand. As far as the TN panel goes, its amazing. Contrast isn't going to match an IPS panel, but colours (10bit panel), vibrancy the 1ms refresh time make up for this. Could not recommend this enough.
NOTE: you really do need a good GPU or 2 to run games on this monitor at 2160p (4k) I have Xfire R9 290s. Xfire averages 60fps with single GPU averages 30fps. You DO NOT need Anti-Aliasing at 4K unless your pixel peeping. If you can afford the extra performance, then knock yourself out (up until 2x or 4x MSAA) but don't waste performance on AA if it means losing out somewhere else.
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on 10 December 2014
Here's a screen that will give you a taste of the future.
The result is BREATHTAKING.

The following comments are those of a humble photographer and not one of a gamer. (Gamers will find countless reviews here and on the Internet forums and tests indicating this is an OUTSTANDING GAMERS' SCREEN).

My PC runs on Windows 7 Ultimate, Intel Core i7-3820 @ 3,6Ghz, 20Gb RAM and a ZOTAC GeForce GTX 760 AMP! Edition graphics card.
The screen is connected with the DisplayPort, resolution is 3840x2160 @ 60Hz.

The screen is WELL MADE and SOBER in DESIGN. So sober, in fact, that the control buttons are behind the screen. But don't worry, indications on the screen are logical, you'll only have to pinch with your thumb and index, and the index will naturally come and pinch the appropriate button. (Is that explicit? :-/)
Height adjustment, tilting and rotation of the screen are all very easily done. The screen CAN be set perpendicular to the stand, it can even tilt slightly downwards!

There is NO light leaking to be noticed. NO dead pixel.

DEFINITION, FINESSE of characters, precision of colours are superb, sublime. ANGLE OF VISION is FINE, if not somewhat sensitive/narrow for precision touching up work.

However : if one leaves Windows as is, everything will appear microscopic on this screen. One has to modify Windows' 7 parameters to display everything at 150% (Control panel/Appearance and Personalization/Display).
Some software are not (yet) adapted to this screen's resolution and will appear small. Firefox handles things well but I have added the Zoom (+/-) in the toolbar, to help facilitate viewing certain websites at the click of a button.

Photoshop CC 2014.2 (or later) is absolutely necessary to be able to work comfortably. Indeed this version of Photoshop has an option to double the size of the interface (Edit/Preferences/Experimental Features option 'Scale UI 200% for high-density displays (Windows only)'), a must if you wish to work comfortably with this screen.

[EDIT: As a professional photographer, I have never come across a screen that allows such PRECISION in the touching up of a photograph. Consequently and as far as I am concerned, the IPS vs. TN argument becomes somewhat obsolete here.]

In short, I think it is pretty clear, I am VERY SATISFIED with this acquisition.
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on 28 April 2016
The monitor was bought as the primary monitor for my 13ins MacBook Pro 2015 running El Capitan. The packaging was excellent and it arrived with a bundle of connection cables, HDMI to HDMI, HDMI to DisplayPort and DisplayPort to DisplayPort so ASUS should be applauded for covering most of the bases. Unfortunately the monitor came with an American power cable which would have been a non-starter if we didn't have another cable in the studio, It is thankfully a proper standard IEC kettle style power cable and not the transformer types that we had on the Acer monitors. I had bought a Thunderbolt to DisplayPort cable as well as I read that it would only run at 30hz and not 60hz without a displayPort cable but no matter which cable I used I could only get it to run at 30hz so just stick with the cables that come with the monitor.

Essentially, it was plug and play but the finder menu, windows and icons come in at a tiny size when run at full resolution which, if you are buying a 4k screen is the primary reason for purchase. The only way that I could get the finder detail up in size was with the HDMI to HDMI cable. For some reason any other cable would not bring up the display preferences sub-menu on the Mac to increase the size of the finder elements.

It took about 40mins to configure everything including running a colour calibration but once complete the quality of the display is outstanding and a revelation compared to my previous 1940 x 1080. It is not quite Apple quality and I am sure that there are 4K screens available at higher cost but this is fast, clear and an incredibly detailed monitor showing light graduation shadow details and clearly defined fine line rules, so for me running the Adobe Creative Suite, this is a high quality but affordable option at about a third of the cost of the Apple 27ins screens.

Pros: Great screen quality, excellent heavy and stable stand, all the cables you need, 3 year warranty.

Cons: American power cable, adjustment buttons around the back of the screen which can fiddly but are easy use after a few minutes, no contrast adjustment which is frustrating when calibrating the screen, Removing all the stickers attached to the monitor frame on delivery leaves a sticky residue which is a small thing but very annoying. The built-in monitor speakers running through the HDMI are so bad that I still use the internal speakers on the MacBook.

It sounds like a lot of cons but the monitor itself, which was my primary reason for purchase, is very good indeed and well worth the small negatives.
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on 4 April 2015
Fantastic monitor for price.

Make no mistake, providing you have the GPU power ( and GPU memory) and you have a Display Port. Then you will love this Monitor.

However if you plan to run it from HDMI & play games then in my opinion - Dont Buy it.

I agree with other reviewers that the default 30Mhz ( DP1.1) setting is a tad silly on ASUS's part. But a minor niggle.

Colour depth is perfect - however that is very subjective.

It has inbuilt speakers - however as I don't use them , I cannot comment on their audio quality.

Response time ideal for games. and those that support the bigger screen resolutions look stunning. No AA / MSAA needed.

Very happy
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on 5 December 2014
The good:
4k @ 60hz is incredibly. For professional work where screen real-estate is desired (i.e Programming), 4k is amazing.
Comes with some neat features (Not needed Picture-in-Picture but it's there and I like that).

The bad:
Requires some willingness to configure. It defaults to DP 1.1 instead of DP 1.2, which means by default it's limited to 30hz instead of the 60hz it can achieve with DP 1.2. Also defaults to a display mode that tries to modify the image coming from your PC, more like a TV does. These need changing by you before the monitor can really shine.
The buttons are awkwardly placed, making navigating the menus to make those changes fiddly.
TN screen isn't very noticeable, but is enough to make this unsuitable for professional colour work.

But for the price, these are minor issues (except the TN screen, which may be a deal breaker for a certain subset of people) and I can happily recommend this monitor.
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on 25 January 2016
Great monitor only 2 issues, As many other reviews have said the back panel is a bit annoying to insert cables into and the one other issue is that the monitor comes default with display port 1.1 enabled which means if you want 60 FPS you need to go into the menu and change it, it's not a big deal and it's no where near hard to do but it's just a little annoying it wouldn't come enabled by default.

Brilliant picture and everything though!
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on 29 November 2015
Love this monitor ! But why did it come with a EU plug ? Works on full settings using just one 980 card so cannot understand some reviews where they are saying you need two cards. Don't get me wrong ,I will get another card but just not right now.
Update Amazon have dealt with the cable problem, I must say they did it with out any fuss. Thank you Amazon. Also have now brought another Msi gtx 980 gamer grathics card . Very happy with this monitor.
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on 7 December 2015
The monitor is great, and considering the price it's hard not to give it 5 stars. The response time is better than any other 4K display I've used, and the resolution is just amazing (roughly 160 PPI I think...). I've been using this with a 15" Macbook Pro and a PS4 and it works great.
One of the main downsides is the cable management"; Asus includes a piece of plastic that kind of hides cables, but holds them in place so that you have to readjust them every time you want to move or pivot the monitor. Also, the ports are angled downwards, which means it's incredibly hard to hide them without pulling them a bit too tight for my comfort.
Regarding the actual panel, it's TN, so the color accuracy and viewing angles aren't quite there. This is even more apparent when compared with an Apple retina display, but forgiven because of the great response times.
Overall, it's a great monitor with a few drawbacks, but incredible when taking the price into account.

Note: the Display port is configured for 1.1 out of the box and requires to manually change to 1.2.
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on 10 March 2015
The above 5* rating is with caveats for use on a Mac Pro 2009 with Sapphire 7950 and Yosemite.

The display comes with 2 x HDMI and 1 x Displayport 1.1/1.2. Unfortunately, as at Mac OS 10.10.2, the Mac Pro with Sapphire can only output 30Hz when booting into OS X. It also has compatibility issues so that the Mac won't reboot properly if you use display port. As such, to use with a Mac Pro 2009, you need to use HDMI only at 30Hz. Unfortunately, if you plan to use the monitor for gaming, then this is a non-starter. Running bootcamp and Windows 8.1, this is fine and will run at 60Hz. Try to reboot into Mac OS - and you will get continual chiming at boot unless you leave the resolution as 4K/30Hz. As such, for most users, I would argue this display is not compatible. For newer Mac's - you may be in luck.

That said, the display itself is excellent and had I the computer to use it properly, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
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