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4.2 out of 5 stars25
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 6 April 2014
I have enjoyed reading about the exploits of the Algardis empire and this book is no different. Set earlier in time than the Courtlight series, Blades of Magic introduces us to a new main character - Sara Fairchild, a feisty, no non-sense taking girl. I'm eager to see what she gets up to in the next book. I liked the development of the two main characters, Sara & Ezekiel, good guys but with untold secrets yet to uncover. I liked the pacing of the book - good plot development with plenty of action but not bogged down with pointless non-stop action which I find boring. This book definitely sets the scene ready for the next one and I am looking forward to it already.

The one thing that really bothers me is the amount of mistakes with the grammar. It's not just a mistake here and there but there's quite a few of them, and not just in Blades of Magic but the Courtlight series too. It's irritating when you have to read over the sentence again because it doesn't flow or make sense. However, no complaints about the story itself.
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on 28 April 2014
I was a beta reader for Blades of Magic.

After the execution of her father, Sara and her mother ended up in the worst parts of Sandrin. Though as a battle mage, Sara has been training to fight for her entire life, she has now been banned from earning her living from fighting. When she takes a watcher position she meets Ezekiel, a curator for a black marketeer. But Sara wants to know why her father was executed, and the pair break into the mercenary guild, when it turns out that Sara needs to find someone on the front lines of the war, the pair find themselves travelling towards the war itself with the company.

Link to Goodreads

Blades of Magic is the first book in a new series by Terah Edum, Crown Service, which is set in the same universe as the Courtlight series, but in the initiate wars which are mentioned in the series. And it is a brilliant start to a new series, there are links things mentioned in the Courtlight series, but there was also a great deal of its own character to Blades of Magic and it did feel that it was set in a different time.

The two main characters, Sara and Ezekiel, have such a great relationship together, they seemed to be equals and had a relationship that was both caring and full of teasing, though not going into the realms of romance (though I will admit that I kind of hope it does in further books, I think they're good for each other!)

Sara is a very tough character, who softens throughout the book (particularly towards Ezekiel, not so much some of the other characters) and is singularly determined. What was interesting was that the world seemed to be pretty equal for her considering that she is a woman. In contrast you have Ezekiel, at first I thought that he was a bit of a bumbling idiot but actually there was much more to him. He was clumsy, but other than that he was smart, and there is definitely something more to him!

Basically, I'm loving the new series, and am looking forward to reading more!
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on 6 December 2014
My Thoughts - 3.5 out of 5 Unicorns - I more than liked it!!
***Received the audiobook as part of the tour for an honest review, but I do own the ebook :)

The cover is cool because she is looking fierce with her blade on her back, but nothing really grabs my attention aside from that.

This review is one of the tough ones for me because in the beginning the story was slow, and I think because I listened to the audiobook, it helped me get through those slow parts. The book was awesome at the end. There is lots of fighting, magic, and action throughout just tons towards the end. The slowness is something I personally tend to struggle with when I start a new series because it takes time to develop a new world, background, and characters.

The narrator is a new one for me, and I’m not sure what I think of her style. She is okay, but not anything remarkable though. She may grow on me in the future I just need to hear more to decide what I think of her.

Sara is a fierce female lead who kicks butts and takes heads (literally). This is a new and unique world that I haven’t seen before. I really think this book is setting the series up to continue and get better and better especially the next book :)

I think this book will be enjoyed by readers who enjoy sword wielding heroes who also have magic.
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on 11 October 2014
Blades of Magic tells the story of Sara Fairchild, daughter of the once imperial commander (executed and shamed), a battle mage whose fighting style and competence is renowned. She and her mother ( a dancer) have fallen on bad times when they are thrown from their rich and privileged life to one of poverty following their disgraced father's desertion from the army. Along with their loss of riches, Sara has also lost the fighting role she had and all her friends. The story begins with her being set upon by 5 thieves, she kills four and still arrives home for tea.
To earn money she goes to the fishing port to gut fish for a living , but the fish shop owner sees her potential and asks her to take up a guard role, guarding his priceless magical artefacts. Cue Ezekiel, the curator, her new friend, and her search to uncover actually what happened to her father.
The story is an easy read, enjoyable, full of action and a number of plots. The characters are developed but growing. My only negative comment is that the book needs edited and it sometimes goes of track a bit.All in all I really enjoyed it and would recommend it - it was free after all.
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on 12 July 2014
I am actually quite surprised that the other reviews have not been too impressed because I think this book is the best one I have read in a while - my only regret is that this book is the first in the series and the other books are not yet on sale.
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on 1 October 2014
I liked this book because a) the female heroine was not just there to be the trusting half of an ill fated couple, b) she really is tough, not just an insecure mess up covered by a thin veneer of blustering bravado as in so many other books with feminine main characters, c) her sidekick is not a bit tall, dark, forbidding, or daredevil, d) the story is only just predictable enough for you to enjoy the bits that you managed to anticipate, e) the voice is consistent through all changes in setting and surrounding characters.
basically: i liked it a lot!!
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on 28 January 2015
Set some time before the Courtlight series, this edition sees Sarah Fairchild an young woman who is trained to fight anyone with any form of weapon. In disgrace after her father, Vincent - who had been The Commander of the army for the Empress before his execution for desertion, she and her mother live in a hovel. When Sarah tries to find out what and why her father had been punished, leading to the death of her mother and her enrolment into one of the two corps of mercenaries as they head into battle.
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on 15 October 2015
It's a shame this author doesn't care about her readers much. I loved this book, I didn't even care about the grammar. But you can't get the second book anywhere in the UK let alone the mythical third one. And she doesn't reply to any queries as to where to find it. By the time (if) she gets round to noticing that people actuAlly want to read it, I'll have completely forgotten about it. Shame on her.
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on 3 May 2014
Where to begin? The story is a good proposition. The Heroine is a superb swordswoman renown for duelling to the death. The opening chapter deals with her easily beating five armed people, murdering four. She is so well known that her enemies fear a confrontation so come at her in numbers.
She's seventeen and has been trained by her now disgraced and executed for his betrayal father. Her family name, Fairchild, is shamed and known as such to the whole town, and in this way her ban from making her living as a battle Mage with berserker potential is inhibited.
So far so good. However, apparently this news has not leaked to the port area where she is hired by a member of the underclass to guard over a hundred unique and priceless treasures. Just her! At a rate of pay akin to slightly above minimum wage. Does this casual and uncaring killer steal this collection at the first chance she gets? No she can kill without restraint or apparently fear of arrest, but won’t steal.
I felt the writing style was unfocused. It seemed as if Terah Edun let the story flow and was often pulled off target, spending unnecessary time explaining irrelevances. These lapses are frequent and annoying. Additionally the novel could do with a seriously good edit as paragraphs have words missing, which we the reader have to inject to have the story make sense. Sometimes I start a book and immediately know I am in the hands of a master story teller, that was not the case with this work. I think Terah Edun has potential, but she’s not there yet. The plot had more holes than a swiss cheese and I doesn’t feel like she planned out events in much detail, detailing in advance what would happen when and how she could develop characters while remaining true to the back story she was creating. I may be wrong but I suspect to a large extent she wrote down what she was thinking and hoped for the best, then having finished reread and corrected a couple of times (maybe) then published to kindle. The hardest part of writing a book, I am told, is how much boredom you can take in rereading and rewriting over and over to hone the work.
I found the writing style immature. I would not have been surprised if, like a bored high school student who felt they had written enough words for their homework essay, our heroine in this book had suddenly woken up and it had all been a bad dream. The End.
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on 16 October 2014
Nice easy to read gripping adventure, and I am looking forward to the next in series . I found this book balanced and enjoyable story of a young woman well able to defend herself in a believable fantasy world .
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