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4.3 out of 5 stars15
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 15 December 2002
The Thousand Orcs is another in the excellent line of R.A Salvatore books on the adventures of the 'heroes of the hall', with Drizzt, Catti-brie, Bruenor Battlehammer, Wulfgar, and Regis once again setting out to right the evils of the world.
As with all of Bob's books the action is, as usual, gripping and well written. The plot is good, but those with good memories, and who have read Bob's previous books might note the very odd continuity error. However this certainly doesn't detract from the book over all.
Three of the 'heroes of the hall' are found to be questioning their identity, their role in the world of the present, and their future in general.
Wulfgar is well on the mend emotionally after his high fall from grace caused by the torment he suffered at the hands of the demon Ertu. However, now he is questioning how he can walk the road of a warrior now that he has the responsibility of a wife and child to consider.
In the throes of a blossoming relationship with, Drizzt, Cattie-brie finds herself questioning her own mortality when balanced against the longevity of a Drow Elf. As with Wulfgar she questions what her future holds, be it on the road, or making a home somewhere to raise children, and how hard it would be if those children were half Drow.
Regis is also searching for his position in the world, and how he quite fits in amongst his powerful friends, which leads to quite a change in his general behaviour.
The overall general plot is hard to explain without giving away too much. There are a thousand Orcs in it, a few giants, and lots of battles, as she would expect with the title of the book.
As this is the first in a trilogy you can see the building blocks of a large plot developing, and the ending is far more cliffhanging than any of Salvatore's previous trilogies, which will likely make you eager for the next book, as I am.
I think my favourite, or most enjoyable aspect of the book was the inclusion of the BlouderShoulder Brothers, Ivan, and Pikel.
These two characters are probably my favourite characters that Bob has ever created, ones that I fell in love during the cleric quintet series of books.
The interaction between the surly Ivan, and the Druidic Pikel is always excellent, and often exceptionally funny. I am always amazed at how Bob manages to give Pikel such a personality when his conversation only seems to consist of "Oi oi", "Uh uh", "Me Brudder", "Doo Dah", and "Hee Hee Hee".
Anyway, this book is excellent and you should definitely include it in your collection, even if it is just to laugh at the antics of the BoulderShoulder brothers.
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on 9 October 2003
I don't know how Salvatore does it but the stories keep coming bigger and better than the last. If you're a fan you're a fan for life. Everytime I get another book it's like I'm reading someone from my own family. You wont want to finish this book until you've got the next in the series so you can just keep on reading. Fantastic!!
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on 24 January 2003
It never fails to astound me just how much Salvatore can drag me into his world and show me how little I know about myself. Through his characters we are able to mirror our own existence and look at our morality and judgement. To those who are unfamilar with the work of R A Salvator this book is exiting and powerful from the onset. And to anyone who has already discovered the author then the usual aplies, battles and fighting throughout, character tension and a host of Orcs to be destroyed, Read it and love it.
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VINE VOICEon 3 October 2008
`The Thousand Orcs' is the first book in the Hunters Blades trilogy and as such is mainly setting things up for the rest of the series. In the book Obould Many-Arrows and his orcs have teamed up with a band of frost giants in an attempt to bring the North under their control. As escalating raids of these monstrous allies continue Bruenor Battlehammer and his friends are forced to return to Mithral Hall so that he can take up his position as king. Added to this the relationship between Mithral Hall and the city of Mirabar is deteriorating leading to civil strife in the multicultural city.

R. A. Salvatore is a great writer able to breathe life into his characters and write some great battle scenes. The book is never anything but entertaining and things escalate nicely and at a good pace right up until the end which leaves the story in an interesting situation that will keep you reading the series. Having said this the book does lack something that would make it truly great and much of the time it has the feel of an average R. A. Salvatore book, although that is still better than many other fantasy authors. As well as this some of the humour does fall a little flat and I feel the situation in Mirabar went on a little to long but other than that `The Thousand Orcs' was an entertaining book that should be enjoyed by any Drizzt fan.
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on 16 November 2002
Being a self proclaimed R.A. Salvatore nut, i have been awaiting the latest novel with baited breath.
i can honestly say i would be willing to wait for another year for it as it is that excellent.
Bob is again on his best form with the progression of the relationships of the companions of the hall, espacially the still budding love interest of Catti-brie and our favorite Paladin in Dark Elf's clothing!. Wulfgar is also coming on leaps and bounds to regain his rightful place as one of the key players in the group but is being closely chased by Regis of all people, read on.
The book captures the magic and mayhem of the earlier books with sweeping battles and evil baddies to keep the friends (and us) more than occupied, with the beginnings of a bigger plot line that will hopefully travel through the rest of the trilogy.
Many twists and sub-plots will keep you unable to put it down until it is finished, one of my dinners actually got cold before i realised that i had actually just read three chapters!
It is nice to see that some of the minor minions of Bruenor's realm have been padded out, Dagnabit being the mosrt prominent.
The book ending leaves us on one of the most cliff-hanging situations that Salvatore has ever done, may even be worth moving over to America to cut the waiting time downfor the next one.
In truth, one of the best to come from the hand of R.A. Salvatore and a MUST for any fan.
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on 1 June 2014
Very much enjoying the Drizzt series of novels, in fact have now purchased the whole series so I can follow the total legend. R A Salvatore is an excellent story teller. Would recommend to anyone. Honour does not have a price!!
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on 27 November 2002
I have been a big fan of Salvatore’s 'Forgotten Realms' work for quite some time. His last couple of books seemed to lack the ability to grab and retain my attention, but I can happily say that this book has affirmed his place as my Forgotten Realms author of choice!
Once again your suspense of disbelief will be called into action one at least one occasion (I know its fiction, but even a fictional world should remain true to its laws and definitions so not to detract from a flowing storyline), due to some minor continuity errors, but overall it is another fine example of Salvatore at his best.
If you like his previous works - buy this!
If you've never read Salvatore before, you might want to try the 'Icewind Dale Trilogy' - then buy this!! :)
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on 8 October 2013
After the struggle to get through the last book The sea of swords, this has been a fantastic read and many a late night " just reading one more chapter"
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on 31 July 2013
Good fun and easy to dip in and out of, I'll definitely pick up the next book in the series.
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on 27 July 2015
Big fan of Salvatore's work, in line with his other novels
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