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I‘m using this CHOETECH Qi Charger with my Nexus 5 smartphone and I have to say I’ve been very impressed. This is the first Qi charger I’ve used and I was a little sceptical at first but I’ve been blown away by how well this works!

CHOE Stadium Qi Wireless Charging Pad
Micro USB Cable

There’s no USB mains plug included with the charger, but I’ve just used one of the 2A USB sockets I have built into my mains outlets and that works perfectly, alternatively you could use and USB mains adapter that is rated at 1.5A or more. Once connected you simply put your phone on the pad and the blue LED comes on to indicate your phone is charging wirelessly…it’s as simple as that!

The charging pad had a nice sleek design with a black rubberised finish that prevents it from sliding around. The pad measures roughly 12cm x 7cm so my Nexus 5 sits comfortably on it.

I was expecting charge times to be very slow, but in all honesty I really can’t see any speed difference between this and my traditional USB charge cable.

Whilst on charge my phone does get very slightly warmer than if I was charging it using a normal micro USB cable, but certainly not hot.

I’ve also tested this with my wife’s Nexus 4 and it works just as well; she has a thin case on her phone but this doesn’t seem to have any detrimental effect on the charging.

Overall I really can’t recommend this charger enough; if you have a Qi compatible smartphone then this charge pad is an extremely convenient way to charge your phone. Highly recommended!

I was kindly provided a sample by the manufacturer to review; the opinions expressed here are entirely my own view of this charger.
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on 11 June 2014
Works well with my phone.

Blue charging light is not too obtrusive, and you could cover it, if required, at night.

No sound, so no annoying 'beep' when charging or fully charged as you get with some chargers (and is very annoying at night).
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on 30 June 2014
I've owned a few different charging pads, such as the Nokia DT900 and the Koolpad.

This is probably the best so far and it doesn't give me a reason to try any other pad out there.

I first had the Koolpad, it was very quick at charging but the noises it would make were so annoying. I know they have an updated version with no sounds now but it also made my phone very hot.
I then tried the Nokia DT900 which is also a 3 coil pad. The build quality was excellent but Nokias standard 2.5mm plug was a downside.
I couldn't take it away from home and use someone else's USB charger for example.
The charging on this was also very slow.

I then finally tried the CHOETECH. It has been brilliant. Its nice and sleek. Has 1 light which isn't very bright so perfect for night stands and it doesn't make any sounds that I'm aware of.
The charging is very quick. About 3 times faster than the Nokia DT900 and my phone still stays relatively cool.
The pad itself has a small footprint. Has a sort of smooth rubbery feel to it which could help grip the phone sort of? Sort of like a non slip feel. Obviously it isn't going to stop your phone from flying if you knock it over.
I've tried a Nexus 4, 5 and 7 on this and it works flawlessly. Since it has the 3 coils, I've had no trouble getting the 'sweet spot' every time.

My first order of these took about a week as it was coming from China. They are now fulfilled by Amazon so they come with next day delivery which is excellent.

Would recommend to anyone.
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on 6 August 2014
I have both the original LG G3 stand charger which I got free on Amazon DE with the G3 phone, and this one, the CHOETECH Stadium QI charger. The CHOETECH charger feels and function much better then the expensive LG G3 charger.

Currently I am using a cheap snap on quickcircle cover with the G3 (official cover not available yet) and the LG charger does not function properly with it. The CHOETECH charger function perfectly even although it's not advertised that it can work with snap on covers. It just shows that it is more powerful then the G3 charger. Also, the CHOETECH is more forgiving in the placement of the phone, compared to the LG charger.

I am using the original G3 USB power with the G3 charger, while currently I am using a AmazonBasics USB cable and power with the CHOETECH. The CHOETECH worked also well with the original G3 USB power.

Also note that although the CHOETECH is flat and not a stand like the G3 charger, I found out that it also has it's advantages. I can attach a headphone with CHOETECH while charging, why you can't with the G3 charger (And it is supposed to be a charger designed for the G3 !). Also, The third party quickcircle cover it stays always open on the stand due to absence of gravity which usually help it to stay closed when flat. I still have to test it with the original quickcircle cover when they will be available for Europe)
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on 29 April 2015
I have bought a couple wireless chargers for my Galaxy S6, and this one is the best so far, but not perfect.

- Has a large sweet spot, so phone doesn't have to be bang on.
- Is pretty much same size as phone which is good.
- Silent. Other models have made a little annoying sound, bit like a hard drive.
- Good non slip surface.
Doesn't seem to make my phone as hot as other products, and charges the same speed.

- Can't disable the blue charging light, so if using for bedroom is quite bright in dark room. Even if placing plastic tape over it, the unit still bleeds the light out through the unit.
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In the last twelve months, trialing wires from chargers have turned the whole house into an assault course. Then there is the problem of finding the right charger. In opposition to the rest of the household my phone is LG and picking it from all the other chargers is no easy task.
This is a great item. I rest the phone on it and rest easy while it charges. Obviously it will charge nearly anything as long as there is QI capability but knowing I do not have to hunt down one specific charger among the dozens scattered through the house takes a weight off my mind.
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on 16 August 2014
I got this for a Lumia 1020 with charging shell as research suggested the large camera hump could cause problems with positioning for getting a good charge on the (smaller with only 2 charging coils?) official nokia chargers and others. So I placed my phone squarely on this charger and turned it on. Almost right away my screen came alive and a charging beep sounded. The battery icon on top right of screen also showed it was charging fine. So absolutely no effort required to find a sweet spot with the 3 coils this product claims to have :) I even bumped my phone while charging, moving and spinning it slightly, and it didn't appear to lose the charging connection at all :)

The charging pad also has a nice blue light to show it's charging, this went out when the phone got to 100%. Using the official supplied (1.5A) nokia charging plug that came with my phone the Qi pad charged my phone quite quickly, with no excessive heat.

In summary, great price and works like a charm. Highly recommended :))
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I am fairly new to the world of QI wireless charging and this is my second charging pad. My first being a Nokia DT900. This one is smaller and charges faster.

So what do you get? In the box is the charging pad and micro usb cable. I got the black one and the pad is matt black in a soft touch material and feels silky smooth. There's a chrome trim and non-slip feet which hold it firmly in place despite it's diminutive weight. Unlike the official Samsung one this features a dim and unobtrusive light that could be easily covered up.

The pad is a 3 coil one that outputs at a max of 1A. Unlike others this one worked flawlessly with my Samsung Galaxy S6. No matter how I placed the phone (within reason) charging just worked. On my phone I have a nillkin hard shell and charging worked fine through that.

My phone did get warm but not too hot and it surprised me just how fast it went from 74% to 100%.

This is a well built charger that performs perfectly.
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on 19 May 2015
This charger is brilliant. I bought one for my Galaxy S5 last year (with the piece that goes under the phone's back cover) to enable wireless charging. I have also bought the Samsung wireless charging back and this charger works well with either option.
It is very easy to use and the phone starts charging immediately it is placed on the pad. I also have a thick TUDIA protective phone case and I don't need to remove it to charge up my phone.
Don't waste money on the small chargers. I bought a cheap circular one for the car, hoping to charge my phone whilst driving but it kept losing the connection. Also rubbish in the house so I have now bought a second Chotech charger. It works just great in the car (I use a spider to hold both charger and phone). The cable is a good length too.
It is so useful to be able to put my phone down to charge instead of fiddling with cables.
I also use this charger with my Nexus 7 which works perfectly even with the MOFRED faux leather case on.
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on 13 May 2015
Having rejected the Samsung charger pad because it was simply a pain to position the phone so that it would charge only to find that after 10 mins it switched itself off thus not guaranteeing overnight charging I was a burnt child. Reading other people's reviews I came across this charger pad and decided to try one more time to convert my galaxy s5 to wireless charging. The result using the Choe 3 coil pad has been brilliant. First no hassle about phone position on charging pad virtually anything works. Second charging switches off when full charge reached overnight and phone in the morning is at room temperature. Using the wireless receiver appropriate to the s5 charging was rapid. Perhaps not quite as fast as cable but not that far off probably the result of the 1000ma rating of the receiver. I am very satisfied with this purchase such that I ordered a second one for my wife's htc phone. This will require a different wireless receiver. Can heartily recommend the product.
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