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5.0 out of 5 stars The One to beat!
The HTC One was the best handset of 2013, as awarded at MWC 2014. It's also won numerous awards for having the best design so it only makes sense that HTC made the best even better! I've had this for a week now, and being a gadget lover, this is arguably the best handset on the current market for me.

What's notably good:
- Exceptional build quality (10/10)...
Published 8 months ago by GlueStick

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3.0 out of 5 stars No SIM detected
I upgraded from the previous version and like the improved battery life and various enhancements.
However, after 2 SIMs replaced (for free) by my mobile carrier and 2 SIM trays bought separately, it still can not detect my SIM.
A £500 phone should do better than that, so I will be returning it very soon.
Published 2 months ago by a developer

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107 of 112 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The One to beat!, 4 April 2014
The HTC One was the best handset of 2013, as awarded at MWC 2014. It's also won numerous awards for having the best design so it only makes sense that HTC made the best even better! I've had this for a week now, and being a gadget lover, this is arguably the best handset on the current market for me.

What's notably good:
- Exceptional build quality (10/10) - HTC have upped their game from the original One (M7) by making the One (M8) 90% metal, wrapping beautifully up to the edge of the screen. This is one hell of a premium look and feel; I would call it the best looking Android handset on the market. It feels delightful in your hands and gives you very ergonomic curves. The only slight downside is that the device is a little slippery in your hands, but I'm not complaining given the build quality of the phone.

- SD card (10/10) - Hurrah! HTC have listened to all customers who wanted expandable storage on the original One (M7) - this handset supports a MicroSD up to 128GB.

- Battery life is very good (9.5/10) - Surprisingly, this phone provides me with a good 10 hours of battery life on heavy usage. I'm talking about web browsing, texting, Whatsapping, social media and a little bit of gaming. I haven't left my phone on standby as a proper test to see how many hours it'll last purely on standby (because I cannot live without a phone!), though I can only assume its battery life there would be extraordinary. From my experience, on normal power saving mode and on standby (even with Wi-Fi on), this thing only drops like 1 or 2% per hour. HTC also have an extreme power saving mode which I am yet to test (included in the next software update) but they claim that this will give the phone about 15 standby hours out of a 5% charge. Sticking it into this mode on 100% battery gives it a whopping 2 weeks of life!

- HTC Sense 6 UI (9/10) - This is one slick user interface. Smooth, no lag, fast, elegant and very pleasing aesthetically. I know people who're fans of stock Android who love this UI. For your peace of mind, I can only suggest you get your hands on it and see what you think.

- Motion Launch (9/10) - The power button has been moved to the top-right hand side which can make it a little awkward for right handers. No need to fear though, HTC have included a new "Motion Launch" feature which allows you to not only double tap the screen to wake (like the Moto X), but also to swipe in different directions to wake the screen and launch different apps depending on the direction of the swipe. You can also wake the camera by holding the device in a landscape orientation and pressing a volume key. As useful as these features are, the only slight niggle is that you can sometimes accidentally turn the screen on when taking the handset out of your pocket (but who cares when there's such good battery life!). Having said that, when I go to use my friend's and family's handsets (Nexus 5, HTC Sensation, Galaxy S4 to name a few), I really miss not being able to simply swipe the screen to wake and unlock it... you do really become attached to this feature!

- BoomSound (10/10) - Bigger, better and 25% louder than before. This device has the best speakers currently in the mobile phone industry, period. The amplifier for headphones is just as good and I could listen to music on this handset all day long!

- Splash resistant (7/10) - This handset has not boasted being water resistant like the Z1/Z2/S5 but it can in fact withstand rainfall since it's IPx3 certified. I got this information from HTC themselves - you can check their Twitter (@htc) for proof.

- Display (9.5/10) - The screen is very sharp, colourful and bright. This comes as no surprise as it does have a full HD, Super LCD3 screen. It certainly surpasses Samsung's AMOLED when it comes to bright daylight viewing.

- Calls (10/10) - The HTC One (M8) has a feature which allows you to answer a call by simply placing the ringing phone to your ear without having the need to swipe the screen - it works flawlessly; as easy as you like. The call quality has no problems and loudspeaker also works amazingly well, thanks to BoomSound.

- Front-facing camera (10/10) - HTC are the world's first to introduce a 5MP front-facing camera for those who want crisp selfies - there's even a selfie mode on the camera app which has a nice little countdown timer!

- HTC Dot View case (9/10) - Probably the coolest case you can buy out there. It hasn't been released just yet but I've had my hands-on with this thing and it's pretty cool. The case, in effect, creates a retro-like display. You can check the time and weather by double tapping the screen, answer calls through the case, see missed calls, and many more, all without opening the case. Pretty innovative tech from HTC if you ask me. UPDATE (09/05/13): I've reviewed the Dot View case - as cool as it is, it has some usability issues so check that out if you wish!

What's bad:
- Size (7.5/10) - The device is actually a little larger than the original One and so people who're looking for a small handset may not be too pleased about this. Having said that, I feel this phone is too good to give a miss - I highly suggest you go to a store and pick up a demo device for yourself to see what you think of it! UPDATE (09/05/13): A colleague of mine just switched from an iPhone 4 to the One (M8) - although she said it was big at first, she's now more than happy with it.

- The bezel (6.5/10) on this device is something people have complained about and it's something which I've researched into. Obviously this ties in with the above and the overall size of the handset. The reason that the bezel has not been shrunk or removed is due to internal space restrictions. Having bigger and better speakers, whilst wanting to move on with the trend of on-screen navigation buttons has proven a challenge. HTC have unfortunately nowhere else to place some of their internal components but beneath the HTC logo on the front. Other devices like the Nexus 5, Xperia Z1 do not have such a random bezel because Google and Sony have used the space at the bottom of their handsets (where there aren't speakers/amplifiers) to place these in. The positive to take away from this is that you'll hardly even notice it when you're using the handset.

What's neutral:
- The Duo Camera (8.5/10) - I wouldn't call it bad, but it's not excellent either. Megapixel lovers, look away now. You probably will hate the One's camera since HTC have stuck with the UltraPixel technology, in addition to adding a secondary lens to capture depth. Being a photographer myself, I personally love the Duo camera because it gives me DSLR-like features on a standard phone. You're able to refocus shots after they've been taken as the second sensor knows how far objects are in the image. There are some fancy-pants features which make your photos look cool too but these are partially (but cool) gimmicks. I'm not looking to zoom into photos a ridiculous amount and I'm not looking to print large canvases using my phone and so the camera resolution on this is more than enough for me. For people just looking to snap and share on social media, this is more than enough for you. It's not that they couldn't put a high MP camera on the back; they have a higher MP front-facing camera. For me, it's about quality and not quantity. Oh, and did I mention that there's a manual mode so you can adjust the shutter speed, ISO and aperture just as you can on a DSLR? Great stuff if you're into photography!

- Sense TV (7/10) - This feature basically transforms your One (M8) into a TV remote capable of controlling all your equipment in one device. It also has an interface which allows you to one touch view programs on your TV box. This is a neutral because it can be seen as a bit of a gimmicky feature which people may not use.

- Weight (8/10) - The One (M8) is also a tad heavier than some people might want. Comparing it to HTC's main rival, Samsung in particular (seeing as they're plastic handsets), this is an arguable negative point. I personally like a little weight as I feel Samsung phones are a little flimsy but on the other hand, a businessman might prefer a light device as they may be on the phone all day. It comes down to personal preference and how you may use it.

- Blinkfeed (8/10) - This is very useful for me, and HTC have certainly improved the UI from the original One (M7). So why is it in the neutral section? Many people I know turn off Blinkfeed and so although I very much like it, it comes down to personal preference.

Big question which many will ask - should a One (M7) user upgrade to the One (M8)? Well, looking at the above, there are certainly a lot of features included in the One (M8) that aren't on the One (M7). The Duo camera is also a significant improvement and I certainly would not call the M8 an incremental upgrade; the (many) little improvements (namely camera, battery and overall feel) along with the new features just make for a better handset. HTC have really put thought into this device, and for me, they've delivered an outstanding product.

Having said all of this, I highly recommend this handset to all. It does all the basics extremely well, all whilst giving you a phone you can truly feel proud of. The design is gorgeous, battery life is very good, the UI is lag-free, fast and smooth, and the build quality is exceptional.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

The HTC One (M8) - the best did just get better! :)

Happy buying :)
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Legacy of "The One Family" Continues : HTC One M8 ( Updated Review 24th October 2014 ), 4 April 2014
J. Choudhry (London) - See all my reviews
Please find my updated thoughts on the phone at the end of the review. Thanks


When HTC launched the HTC One M7 last year I was like wow!! Craftsmanship and build quality was the best I had ever seen in a smartphone even superseding my iPhone 5. I mentioned to someone that this handset is so beautiful I doubt HTC can even better themselves next year. But I was so wrong & in came the HTC One M8 and I was yet again shell shocked. Not only HTC had bettered the M7 but crafted a handset which was even superior in build quality to the last one. I am now the proud owner of the HTC One M8 and would like to share my thoughts after owning it for a couple of days.

Please note I will be using the following abbreviations for both the handsets in my review.

M8: HTC One M8 ( 2014 )
M7: HTC One M7 ( 2013 )

Build Quality (5/5) :

I ordered the Gun Metal Grey ( Silver & Gold being the other ones ) as it appealed to me the most. Last year I had the Silver M7 and this time I wanted to opt for a different colour. The moment you hold the handset in your hand it just fits in your palm beautiful. The rounded edges and border lines help in holding the phone extremely comfortably. Last years M7 was comfortable as well but far too slippery and I ended up putting a casing on it. The Grey version has a brushed metal aluminium finish to it and it looks stunning. After going through several YouTube videos & reviews I got the impression that the handset is even more slipperier then last years model but in reality it's not at all. So much so that I am thinking of using it without any case this time around ( even though HTC has very kindly provided us with a case as standard..Thank You HTC ). The phone feels very solidly made and built to last. M7 had 70% metal and M8 has 90% metal construction ( as claimed by HTC ) and certainly seems to be the case. Top of the phone has an IR blaster which this time around is running all the way across from left to right just like in a regular remote control. This adds to the classy finish of the M8 and makes the phone look incredibly sexy. The 3.5 mm port has also been placed at the bottom next to the micro USB charging port. To be honest I would have kept it on top like the last years model as I feel more comfortable whilst the headphones are plugged in and the phone is in your pocket. Inclusion of SD Card slot is a welcome addition & something people complained a lot from last years M7. It's located on the right side of the handset & is expandable up to 128GB on top of the 16GB available.

As one of the few Android phones to truly compete with Apple in terms of design & build quality the M8 is a beautiful & stunning looking handset. I can't say anymore as I am truly shocked to see the engineering that has gone into constructing the M8. You truly have to own this device to feel what I am talking about. Hats off to Team HTC for creating a magnificent device yet again.

BoomSpeakers (5/5):

Boomspeakers were one of the hottest selling points on the M7 last year. That trend has continued this year as well and Boomspeakers on the M8 totally rock. Out of curiosity I tested same audio tracks on both the M7 & M8 ( to look into the claim by HTC that Boomspeakes were 25% louder on the M8 ) & M8 definitely sounds louder. I was also afraid that losing Beats Audio on the M8 might reduce the quality of sound but it wasn't to be the case. HTC have done a great job by tweaking Boomsound to sound even better then last year. All manufacturers should learn from HTC & there implementation of front facing speakers. I have owned many phones & apart from the iPhone no other phone speakers come even close to HTC One ( M7 or M8 ) Boomspeakers. I own the G2 ( a brilliant phone ) as well but speakers on that phone are no where close to the HTC One. These speakers are spoilers & it's very hard to leave HTC for this one reason alone for me personally. The experience that I get on a every day basis whether watching YouTube video or listening to music or watching anything else is simply unmatched. Enough said :-)

Software & Performance (5/5):

I had no doubts about HTC's Sense skin the moment I turned it on. It has always been one of my favourite skins out there. It is simple,intuitive,fast & responsive unlike the offerings from Samsung & LG which are heavily customised and in return slow down occasionally with lag. Nothing like that from HTC Sense at all. M8 comes with Sense Version 6.0 plus KitKat 4.4.2 on top & it flies around like anything. Everything is buttery smooth & super fast with a lot of response. It's in fact faster then the iPhone in my opinion ( a statement which I don't make that often ). Software is highly optimised with the hardware & in return you have a dragon phone which is lightning fast. M8 has various gesture controls & my favourite one is Double Tap to wake the screen up. HTC's choice of putting the power button on top of the phone has never been my favourite. Ideally they should have put it on the right side of the phone like they did on HTC One Max. But with Double tapping to wake the screen up you don't have to worry about the power button anymore. LG were the first ones to use the Knock-On feature on the G2 & it's great to see other vendors follow suite.

M8 comes equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset clocked at 2.3 GHz backed up by 2GB DDR3 RAM. 801 is the fastest chip at the time of writing. It's second variant is slightly souped up clocked at 2.5 Ghz ( used in the Galaxy S5 ) but to be honest at these speeds a difference of 200 MHz doesn't matter at all as was the case with M7 from last year where it was quicker then the S4 despite having a lower clocked CPU. The phone supports 4G & Wifi 5GHz as well. M8 is equipped with the latest hardware possible & you should have no complaints whatsoever.

Camera (4.5/5):

Now this is the only one area where HTC didn't improve much in my opinion. Yes they have an extra sensor on top ( it's not a camera but a depth of field sensor which calculates the distance from certain objects during capture mode ) but that is primarily used for features like UFOCUS ( where you can change focus on certain objects ) & FOREGROUNDER & many more. Please do ask in comments section if you want to know more about these features but here I will rather stick to overall camera quality to make it simple & easy for the wider audience to understand.

M8 comes equipped with the same Ultra pixel sensor from last year at 4MP. Too many technical details are needed here in order to understand the Ultra pixel technology used in the M8. But in short M8 is using 4 MP camera with an Ultrapixel sensor. A sensor which HTC claims brings 3 times the more amount of light then a regular sensor in a normal mobile camera. Results are amazing. It has still the best low light performance i have ever seen in any phone camera. Normal day light shots were excellent as well but got pixelated once zoomed in due to low 4 MP. But you won't even notice if you are uploading pics on Facebook or sending them to your friends via whtsapp or viber. It wasn't a problem for me cuz phone cameras are meant for that purpose anyway & my pics were very decent when uploaded on Facebook. My argument has always been the same. If you want proper high quality pics then buy a dedicated camera. None of the smartphones can really compete with a dedicated camera or a DSLR. For day to day regular pics the camera on M8 is more then enough. I do expect HTC to increase the amount of ultra pixels next year as they can't simply keep on putting the same sensor every time they release a flagship phone.

Battery life (5/5):

This was the most complained about area in last years M7. Battery wasn't good enough & was just about average. Seems HTC has been listening to there customers & as a result this years M8 has a slightly bigger battery at 2600 mAh. Now I know most of you are thinking " this isn't a big enough battery " but the real question here is " is it a better battery "? I am happy to report that it indeed is a better battery if not a bigger battery. In fact I own an LG G2 (3000 mAh battery ) & it has a superb battery life. M8 almost matches the endurance ratings of the G2 & as a result the M8 has a superb battery life too. This is a result of hard work put in by HTC engineers to make sure they optimised there software with the hardware ( more or less like Apple does ).

To start off with I gave the phone a full charge (100%) & then started using it after unplugging. In one hours of constant usage including whtsapp,Facebook,transferring music via Bluetooth from my older phone & testing the speakers along all at the same time the phone only went down to 94%. Now this is extremely satisfying by any standards for any phone in the world. Standby time was better then average with phone losing only 1% every 45 mins. Now this is a big improvement from last years M7 where the battery drain was severe whether in standby or normal mode. Even the power saving mode on last years model wasn't even working. But this time around without the power saver mode the phone is showing extremely good results. I am very happy that HTC has finally come to grips with the battery life issue. M8 can now easily last a day. I will be testing the power saver mode in the days to come and will update my review accordingly ( like I always do with my other reviews). I am pretty sure that with power saver mode on the M8 can last more then a day with moderate/heavy use ( obviously depending on your use ). M8 is supposed to come with a new mode called "Extreme Power Saver" but apparently it will be provided with an update in future. This limits the phone to only email, phone, text and few other basic things to conserve battery life. Will update my review & let you guys know once the update hits the phone.

Verdict :

HTC One M8 is a stunning piece of kit with the latest hardware & software available right now. It has a superb battery life & outstanding set of features for any smartphone enthusiast out there. I highly recommend getting it if you are due for an upgrade or looking to buy it sim free. Like always my views are solely based on my experience & may differ from yours. Please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have. I will be updating my review once the phone starts getting software updates. Thanks for reading my review. All the best & good luck.

Update 05th April 2014:

Like I promised guys that I will regularly update my review based on my experiences and updates, so here I am again with the standby times on the battery with/without power saver mode. Here are my findings so far

Standby time ( From 100% charge ) left overnight with Power Saver Off : 9H 36M with battery down to 96%
Standby time ( From 100% charge ) left overnight with Power Saver On : 12H 20M with battery down to 96%

These are very respectable figures as far as HTC are concerned. Power efficiency of Snapdragon 801 along with KitKat 4.4.2 & Sense 6.0 has finally worked for HTC and us the consumers. I have been testing the battery for all day usage as well and I am happy to report that with Moderate/Heavy use I was regularly getting around 20H on multiple occasions draining the battery down to 10% ( including the standby times when you sleep ). Of course intensive tasks like gaming & streaming videos for longer periods will definitely drain the battery quicker. But with regular use like whtsapp,Viber,Skype,emailing,surfing and taking snaps on/off will get you through the day easily.

Also today i received a system update from HTC ( Software Update 1.54.401.5 ) of size 119.01 MB. As per the description they say it's an important system date with the fixes and enhancements including

- Stability improvement
- Call Audio Performance improvements
- Wifi Firmware update
- Power Saving Mode improvements ( this is an important one which HTC promised they will release during there press conference and media interviews of the M8 to compete with the S5's Power save mode)
- Fine Auto Focus on Camera

Couldn't type all of them due to time limitations. But be rest assured that as soon as I have installed the update and played around with the phone I will definitely get back to you guys and will be updating my review accordingly. I know there is a huge fan base of HTC out there who wanna know how much of an improvement the M8 is over the M7 and how well it competes with the likes of Xperia Z2 and Galaxy S5. Stay tuned guys and keep an eye on my review in the next few days to come. Thanks

Update 29th April 2014:

After the above mentioned new update I been testing the power save & specially " Extreme Power Save " modes. With power save mode on the phone lasts me a day easily & sometimes even beyond that well into the second day. Extreme Power Save mode is even better & with that turned on battery just drains ( on standby mode that is ) 2% in 12 hrs. Last night I left my phone at 26% ( time 00:20 am) & after getting up checking it at 12:20 pm it was down to 24% only. I didn't use the phone at all during this time apart from checking the progress a few times in the morning when I got up. This is pretty amazing considering that a lot of you people out there will end up in situations where desparate need for using the phone will be required. If you can save so much battery on standby then chances are that ,even with battery below 30% ,the HTC One M8 will last you a good few hrs to give you peace of mind of making urgent calls & sending/receiving important text messages. The overall performance is phenomenal so far with no hiccups. Will update further once more updates arrive. Thanks

Update 30th May 2014:

Received a new software update (1.54.401.10) 66.71 MB in size couple of days ago. The update had the following enhancements & fixes

-Radio stability improvement
-Camera Stability
-Video highlight stability
-FM Radio stability
-Weather App Barometer update

There are no apparent changes I could see as the M8 had hardly any issues. Weather App Barometer is something I can see definitely has improved. The default weather widget on the home screen now displays your current location for weather updates very accurately. Battery is unaffected & performance as from day one is supreme. I have to admit one thing though. Throughout last year with my M7 & now with M8 in 2014, HTC has been so consistent with timely updates. They have regularly beaten Samsung ( the top dog on updates) throughout 2013 & 2014 so far. All those HTC haters ( so many I have seen in various discussion forums) out there who always complained about HTC must make a note here of the hardwork that HTC has put in getting updates out on time. On top of that they have made better phones then Samsung using high quality materials & world class finish plus excellent Sense 6.0. For a company which is financially struggling it's some effort & we must applaud them for there achievements.

Update 30th August 2014:

Received a big 613.74MB update two days ago. The update had the following enhancements & big fixes.

System Improvements
- Android 4.4.3
- Secuity fixes

Performance optimization
- WiFi
- Bluetooth
- Mobile network

Application updates
- Camera
- Gallery ( Image Match)
- Settings ( Power History)
- HTC Sync Manager

Sense experience optimization
- Boomsound
- Extreme Power Saving Mode
- Motion Launch
- Quick Setting

Been using the phone for two days now. Battery life and performance doesn't seem to have been effected which is a good thing ( considering the havoc that OnePlus One customers been having with there phones ever since the updates). Other areas of improvements include the newer Android version. Most of you must be wondering why didn't HTC come up with Android 4.4.4 Instead. Well HTC took all the important security fixes from 4.4.4 and lumped them into their 4.4.3 update instead because there was little time between the two updates since they were released. Jumping to Android L will now make more sense anyway once it is out. HTC has promised that Android L will be available within 90 days of Google releasing it officially so fingers crossed. The phone is still very responsive and speedy & I couldn't be any happier. All other changes are minor I believe and I couldn't see any visible changes which would make the phone perform any different. All in all The HTC One M8 continues to impress me and I can quiet easily vouch for it as the phone of the year 2014. Keep up the good work HTC.

Update 24th October 2014:

First of all I would like to congratulate HTC for winning "The Phone Of The Year 2014" prestigious award by T3. My predictions in my last update were right & this phone deserves it & hence my great appraisal for the M8 still continues. HTC is on a roll for the past two years. They keep on churning out updates at speeds only few vendors can match. They are even beating Samsung who are known in the Android world as champions of updates. Just recently I was treated to another delicious flavour of KitKat 4.4.4 along with HTC Eye Experience. Software update 3.28.401.6 ( 252.01 MB) popped up & I was delighted as I had seen the Eye Experience on the newly launched HTC Desire Eye with both front & back 13MP Cameras. HTC promised in the event that M8 & M7 will get the updates plus the Eye Experience and within days they delivered. Love HTC for keeping up with their promises these days & what a turn around from a company which was not well known for timely updates.

The update had a long list of logs explaining the new features but I will summarise them briefly in points.

- Face Tracking: Track up to 4 faces during a video chat. It's available on Skype as well provided you have the latest version installed.
- Face Fusion: Using two photos and merging them together for similar looks ( for example you & your favourite celebrity).
- Voice Selfie: Taking a picture or video Selfie by saying " Cheese " or " Action ".
- Live Makeup: Smoothen your skin before taking your Selfie.
- Photo Booth: Take 4 Selfies and merge them into a single picture.

I have used few of them and it's an awesome Eye Experience by HTC. I love Photo Booth & Voice Selfie a lot and creating a collage of 4 pics. Phone is very responsive & performance is still top notch and M8 is still one of the fastest phones in the world. No lag experience on a phone is a rare thing in the Android world & so far only the M8 or Xperia Z3 ( apart from Nexus devices) have been able to deliver such an experience. Battery life remains awesome as well & unaffected by any of the updates.

All in all a timely update and i am thoroughly loving my M8. Can't wait for the M9 and if HTC keeps on performing like this then they can take all my coins & I won't mind going hand to mouth :-). Next up lollipop 5.0!!!! come on HTC!!!

Like always please leave a comment if you have any questions & I will try my best to help if possible. Thanks
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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant phone but be aware of a few things, 29 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Good Points;
Great phone. Battery seems to last ages and the software is super fast. Even the screen seems to have improved versus the previous version. The navigation buttons are now part of the screen and disappear when not in use. Vastly improved blink feed.

Not so good points:
The phone requires a "nano sim". If you are upgrading from a HTC one M7 then that sim does not work in this phone. You can not even cut it to fit ( I cut it and it still didn't work) You have to order a new sim from your network :(

Also be aware that this is not a compact/light phone . The brushed aluminium looks good but is very slippery to hold.

The TV/Media Infrared remote control function not as good as the previous version of the phone as it struggled to find my some of my gadgets, hopefully this can be improved in software updates.

and the final negative point -

If you break this phone you are fxxxxx. Like the previous version, if you break the screen the whole phone needs to be pulled apart and a new screen fixed. I have heard that you have to send it off to HTC and they supply you with a new phone. I don't think it has been built to be repaired, therefore invest in a decent case.

Overall top quality premium phone. Probably the best smartphone on the market and I would buy again
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5.0 out of 5 stars perfection achieved, 6 July 2014
I didn't really need this phone, photos for me are no big consideration, I use a decent camera for that but it felt so good in my hand. And the screen is so sharp, I use my phone mostly as a kindle reader and the improvement over my HTC One S is nothing short of fantastic! And I thought that was pretty good to begin with. It's also incredibly fast for internet access and has a very good keyboard built in. Only had it a week and already can't believe how good it is. The speaker sound is amazing for such small speakers, I'm quite happy playing sounds, video etc. at work (my colleagues may not be so happy), the spatial is just so good ! But where it scores for me is the case okay that costs extra but I've always wanted a case to cover the screen, it also switches the phone on and off. But the piece de resistance, I use my phone as a bedside clock and with my other phone if I needed to know the time I'd switch it on and be dazzled not to mention my partner would moan but with this case I tap it with the lid closed and a discreet little display shows through with the timetime
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5.0 out of 5 stars Htc one M8 it's a Gem :), 14 Nov 2014
Here's my honest review of this phone,I have owned quite a few smartphones over the years including the previous htc one M7 which to be honest is still a fabulous phone and I do think it's worth purchasing if you cannot afford the m8 but I must admit the new M8 model is one hell of a successful sequel to the m7.
Anyways I got a htc one M8 a few weeks ago and it's now running the latest 4.4.4 update which to be honest hasn't gave me any problems at all and the phone runs great,battery life is superb I can get one full day out of it with no problems at all and also the camera is good to even though it's only 4 ultra pixels but I am perfectly happy with it,the phone never restarts on its own and the build quality is absolutely outstanding but I myself keep my phone in a otterbox defender case but I removed the inbuilt screen protector and replaced it with a glass screen protector,far superior it is.
The screen is lovely to look at and is not too big either I'd say it's the perfect size and Internet use is easy to do with Web pages bein easy to read etc,Sound from the speakers sounds absolutely awesome and in calls are clear to hear with no drop in calls either no matter where I am.
There are many other phones you could purchase,Sony,Samsung,Motorola and even the oneplus one but that's a new company with not the best customer support right now and also the hopeless invite system aswell or you could get a Chinese version which will most likely not let you update to the latest software version.
The htc one M8 is a winner in every respect and if like me you use your phone alot,I text a hell of alot so I need something reliable and dependable and the M8 is just that,if you are thinking of buying this phone then go for it you honestly can't go wrong at all.
The only negative I could say about the phone is that in winter weather it gets very cold but being mostly metal that's understandable but I can live with that myself and the phone still works perfectly aswell,like I said the htc one M8 is one hell of a smartphone,buy it you will love it. :)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best phone ever, 30 Jun 2014
(Please note that I was sent this device by HTC to test)
I’ve had my One M8 for a while now and I have to say that I still can’t put it down, HTC really nailed the design of this phone and everything about it is just fantastic! The build quality is second to none, the aluminium finish on the back and sides is beautifully crafted and is THE most premium device I have had the pleasure of owning. It feels perfect in the hand and though it’s larger than last year’s flagship model from HTC, it feels just right to me. I can still use it with one hand comfortably and it still fits well in my pocket too. Though the One M8 comes with 16gb internal storage it also has an expandable micro sdCard slot which will take up to a 128gb card. I guess owing to just how much HTC have squeezed into this slender device it takes a Nano sim.
Part of the reason that the One M8 is larger is down to the twin stereo speakers on the front. HTC have obviously been hard at work improving their ‘Boomsound’ speakers as they are not only louder than on last year’s M7 but the sound quality is improved too. They kick out deep, rich sound that is unequalled in the mobile world. Watching videos is a real treat soundwise too of course and the One M8’s screen being a 5inch full HD 1080p display ensures that you will enjoy every clip on Youtube (other channels are available)
Everything looks crisp, sharp and clear on the phone and that especially goes for Sense6, HTC’s latest iteration of their Android ‘skin’. Sense gets better and better with every version and Sense6 has been trimmed down to make the lightest, smoothest version yet. The icons are great and all aspects of how it looks to how you add widgets etc is very intuitive and easy to find your way around in. HTC have re-added ‘Themes’ in Sense6 meaning that customization is possible in more areas than before. Inbuilt apps like Messages and Music get their own colours, as does Blinkfeed. Another vast improvement over Sense 5 is that Blinkfeed is even further improved and know scrolls smoothly and offers more tweaking for your favourite feeds.
So, onto one of the features that I use the most in a phone, the camera. The One M8 has 3 cameras. The front facing camera is a wide angle (88 degree field of view) 5 megapixel unit and is the best ‘selfie’ camera I’ve seen on a phone. On the back there are 2 cameras, one is a much improved Ultrapixel camera and the other is used for depth perception. With this ‘Duo camera’ you can do clever things like change the focus in the photo with Ufocus, this feature is excellent and really makes the subject matter stand out. It does take some practice to get it right to start with but only in the same way that it takes a while to get used to a new Dslr camera say. A recent update for the camera means you can now adjust the level of blur on the non focused parts of the photo as well. HTC have included a few other features in the editing that are only possible because of the second camera. ‘Foregrounder’ means you can change the background to a few different scenes and these are sketch, zoom blur, cartoon and colourize. Zoom blur is my favourite and done right can make for some great images. ‘Seasons’ adds autumnal leaves or snow to an image and ‘Dimension Plus’ will give a 3D parallax effect to your image. In addition to the above, HTC have revamped the Camera app in Sense6 to simplify and streamline it. By pressing a button on screen when in the camera app you can go to a screen to access ‘Zoe camera’ Short video plus burst mode shots, ’Dual Capture’ A photo taken with front and rear cameras at the same time, ’Video’ Full HD 1080p recording, ’Selfie’ to access the front camera (also accessible in the main camera screen by swiping down) and also ‘Pan 360’ which is akin to ‘Photosphere’ found in stock Google camera apps (HTC’s normal Panorama mode can be found in the normal camera screen). All in all I find the One M8’s camera a big improvement on last years Ultrapixel camera unit and have taken and processed many fantastic shots just with the inbuilt effects.
HTC have outdone themselves with this phone and it is the best device I have ever used. I still am astonished at the speed with which it does anything I ask of it and at how smooth and lag free the whole experience is with the One M8. That paired with how premium it feels and looks and you’re looking at another ‘Phone of the Year’ from HTC.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Definite upgrade from iPhone 4, 17 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: HTC One M8 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Glacial Silver (Wireless Phone)
Really nice phone. I've had it a week and am not missing my iPhone 4 at all. The only real issue is that many apps for android still seem to want to store data (especially the Amazon music app) on the phone memory with no option to use the microSD card.

So far it's impressed me with its responsiveness and the few pictures I've taken are good, contrary to what others have said about the camera. Overall, it a definite upgrade from the iPhone 4 I've been using for 3 years.

One other unexpected bonus in the box was a basic silicon/rubber case. Well done HTC.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Somehow they have improved on the M7!, 23 July 2014
This review is from: HTC One M8 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Glacial Silver (Wireless Phone)
Another one of my longer reviews......

I have come from 15 glorious months with the HTC One M7. It has been the best phone I've ever owned, and I only upgraded reluctantly as it developed a hardware fault on SIM card reading. Also the battery was starting to fail to get me though a day, which was becoming a pain any way. There was only one choice in my mind. The HTC One M8.

I decided on the silver version after comparing them in the shop. I also heard rumour that the grey showed up scratches more easily. Uncertain if that is true or not, but it was enough to sway me towards the similar finish to my M7.

First Impressions

Review based on Software number 1.54.401.10

First impressions out of the box were excellent. It was much nicer to look at IRL than all of the photos I studied. I didn't find the more rounded back gave me any more grip than the M7 though. It is still a slippery sucker. I got used to the slightly larger size overnight, and I am certainly thankful for the double-tap screen to wake feature. Orientation is important though. It won't work lying flat on my desk. I need to pick the phone up before double-tap registers. Minor gripe.

I was also glad to see that, for the first time, a "premium" HTC phone actually comes with a case! Albeit the low-profile gel type, it was still helpful to avoid the usual Amazon faff getting something quickly to prevent damage during the honeymoon period. I am super paranoid about damaging my phones. (I also have a 2 year old son who is a wrecking machine.) The case is a dark grey frosted affair, which doesn't add much bulk and provides plugs for the bottom USB and headphone ports. Being from HTC it also does not cover up the IR blaster, something which certain third-party cases overlook or just don't care about. (Looking at you Spigen! Would have bought your Air Cushion if it weren't for that!)

The shop I bought it from also threw in a tempered glass screen protector as a freebie. I will be sticking with this type in future over the flexible membrane/plastic ones. It was a doddle to install and feels as good as the naked glass. Installed properly with no fluff stuck to the underside (installed in bathroom after shower had steamed the room, providing dust-free air) it is almost impossible to notice unless you are looking very closely.

Coming from the M7 and having read every possible review I kind of knew what to expect, but it was nice to still be impressed. I am not sure if the extra horse-power from the CPU is noticeable from the M7 in general use, but sufficed to say everything is silky smooth. Sense 6 is OK, but I suspect I'll be going back to Apex Launcher before long. It's a personal preference of course, but aside from my dislike of the pastel colour scheme themes, one thing annoyed me. Blinkfeed. Whilst it has definitely improved, I still wasn't really using it. I also noticed it was always at the top of battery usage stats even though it was removed from the left screen.

Careful: If you try to `Disable' Blinkfeed in app settings, it wipes your launcher settings because Blinkfeed IS the launcher in this phone. That is why usage may appear high despite the Blinkfeed page being removed. Why they have stopped calling it Sense I do not know. If you try to disable without an alternate launcher, all home screens are returned to factory settings, and Blinkfeed is still there. Second minor annoyance. Other nice additions to Sense are covered better in the professional reviews, but if you like Sense, you'll likely like this iteration.

Pleased of course to have an SD card slot. Not bought one yet but it's nice to know I have the option. I suppose at some point I should also mention that it makes phone calls perfectly well! Both earpiece and speaker calls are nice and clear. Boomsound speakers are as impressive as the M7. It is hard for me to compare them though, as my M7 was unlocked, rooted, and running a custom modification that improved the Boomsound. Youtube videos and Twitch TV are a joy to watch, and a high pitched ringtone on max ring volume would be very hard to miss in all but the noisiest of environments. I wouldn't say there is more bass, so much as the sounds seems `fuller'. If that makes sense. There is still no phone to my knowledge that can come close to this volume and quality.

Overall build quality on my handset is near flawless. The screen is well seated and flush with the body. I did prefer the volume keys on the M7 though, as these slightly raised ones do have a slight wobble and I have accidentally changed volumes a few times now. That never happened on the M7. The extra 20% metal construction over the M7 has not hampered any reception levels. I get comparable Wi-Fi, Data, Bluetooth and call signal strengths. I can also still get a GPS lock indoors usually. It pair instantly with my car's bluetooth hands free head unit, and calls work well on that too. The M7 had some issues with the noise cancelling mic interfering with operation when using hands-free mic. Glad that's been squashed. I can stop shouting on phone calls now!

I was worried about this. I was uncertain about the usefulness of the after-focus dual camera thing. I was also mindful that HTC had to ditch optical image stabilisation to do this, as it was too hard to get two sensors of different sizes moving in unison in reaction to camera shake. So far the after-focus thing is hardly used by me, as the software usually has trouble deciding the outline of what should be sharp and what should be blurred. This usually happens around soft edges like someone's haircut, meaning lots of in-focus faces and blurry hair. Results are too inconsistent to have me visit this feature regularly. It also only works in 16:9 mode. It is unavailable in 4:3.

There are a couple of new features that I am very, very pleased with though. I swear HTC read my mind with gripes over all other camera phones to date. If you set up the gesture control and camera options correctly, hold the phone in landscape when it's asleep. One press of the volume button wakes the phone up and straight into camera mode in under a second bypassing lock screen. A second press of the volume key takes the shot. So, so, so useful when you have a toddler that does crazy stuff with little warning. From asleep to properly focused shot in two seconds. Finally the horsepower pays off! This feature has been prominent in certain custom ROMs for a while, but I's nice to see HTC give us this feature without having to go down that warranty-wrecking road. I would ask HTC to tweak the G sensor though, as it occasionally has not realised it is in landscape mode, requiring a shake of the camera to get its bearings. Those lost seconds can make all the difference.

The second issue I have with all camera efforts to date, is the settings. Quite often `Auto' mode has its limitations, and you need to manually set it for your current situation. That's normally fine, until you put the phone back in your pocket. Get it out again and you have to go back through the same settings again. Not any more! Go to manual mode, get your settings just right (plenty of options here too) and then go to Settings. Scroll down until you see `Save Custom Camera'. It'll ask for a name. I have one called `High Speed Toddler'. Now in the menu where you choose between camera/video/zoe etc, there is now your custom preset!

HDR mode since latest HTC update is no longer buried 3 layers deep in menus, and is even faster at taking the three consecutive pictures and processing them. You'll still need your subject to be still to avoid blur, but you'll not be so badly punished as before if you don't hold it steady for long enough. Very good results with shots into strong sunlight/backlight. Try using this mode on a nice sunset. Picks out cloud details nicely without blowing out the colours of the sky.

So far videos have not suffered too badly from the lack of optical stabilisation. In honesty I can't really see any negatives. There is some software-based stabilisation which seems to do a good enough job for videos to upload to YouTube to send to doting Grandparents.

Auto focus is also a big improvement from the speed of the M7 which was fast at launch, but later `updates' actually made it worse. I have yet to have a moment missed waiting for it to lock. All in all, very pleased with the camera. Yes 4MP is going to limit use to merely keeping memories and G+ or Facebook posts, and maybe the odd 6x4 print, but that's fine for most people's intended use I imagine. Zooming and cropping does show up the limits of this resolution. But if you quickly want to get that shot of your son when he discovers a spider for the first time, this camera can make that shot.

Android Run Time (ART)
This is a geeky bit. Skip if you are not inclined!
This is Google's new run-time environment for Android, design to eventually replace the older Dalvik virtual machine. ART has been around for a while on Nexus devices, but until now it has not been compatible which HTC Sense ROMs. What does it mean? It basically changes the way Android handles the installing and loading of apps. The original Dalvik VM employed a JIT (just in time) compiler and best suited the limited hardware capabilities of the time. This basically complies the app from bytecode to native code as and when you need to run it. It has to do this each time you open an app not cached in memory.

As hardware specs improved and apps became more demanding, Dalvik despite adding JIT and multi-threading capabilities was being left behind. ART was created to make better use of today's hardware and better support for future advancements.

OK, so what does it really mean? If you enable this, it should make the opening of apps noticeably faster and should (more importantly) use less resource to do so. (It will mean that installing an app the first time will take fractionally longer than before.) Your phone will need to reboot after it's enabled and rebuild all currently installed apps. Takes a few minutes the first time, but this only happens once. DON'T PANIC when it sits on the HTC boot screen for a few minutes either. It's normal. From then on any time you open an app, ART just has to execute from existing complied native code. Bonus! (Certain app developers still do not fully support ART yet, but most of the major ones do. A list is easily Googled.) how do I turn it on? First you need to activate a hidden menu called `Developer options'. To do this, go to Settings > About > Software Information > More. The bottom info on this page is called `Build number'. Tap repeatedly on this, and a countdown pop-up appears. Enough taps and it congratulates you for now `Being a Developer'! Go back to the main setting menu, and you'll notice a new `Developer Options' has appeared about the `About' option. Head inside, paying heed to the warning given. Find `select runtime' and change from Dalvik to ART. You'll be prompted for a reboot. Do so, and remember first reboot will take a few minutes so go put the kettle on. You can always switch back to Dalvik if your favourite app is not compatible. Adjust other stuff in this Developer menu at your own risk!

A safe one is to go into the `Advanced' section, scroll down to the animation scale options. Changing these from 1x to 0.5x will speed the animations up, making the phone seem snappier. Turning them off will make transitions seem instant but jarring. Up to you on that one. You may prefer the smoother feel of 1x animations.

Battery Life
Too early to tell. Only had the phone a week, but the signs are good. Certainly better than the M7. In the first week, even with honeymoon period fettling and messing about playing with it, I was still getting a day out of it. I'll update later when battery has reached peak performance (takes typically 2 weeks) and usage has calmed down to normal levels. Of note is that this phone charges much faster than the M7. I understand HTC slowed this down for the M7 to reduce the stress on the battery to expand its overall life. So I'm uncertain if a faster charging phone with a battery you can't replace is a good thing or not. Did HTC know the M7 battery was a bit delicate maybe? Did they cut corners to shave money off the BOM cost? They were in financial strife when they launched that phone. Time will tell. Just be mindful no phone battery likes being at 100% for long periods of time, so extend battery life by avoiding charging overnight. Unless you use a timer plug to limit it to 120 minutes. This is how long my M8 charges up from 14% to 100% with the screen on!

Despite having a lower pixel density than the M7, it is still impossible to tell the difference with the naked eye. Excellent screen. Even auto brightness is not completely insane like it has been on previous HTC handsets. It does properly dim in a dark room, and makes sure you can see it in strong sunlight. I watched an entire movie on it whilst on the cycle machine at the gym last night. It looked fantastic, coped well the strong overhead lighting, and the included headphones aren't complete dross either. Not as good as my Jays, but at least some money seems to have been spent on them which makes them a solid backup pair.

Still reading? Well done (and thank you!). Despite some minor short-comings and annoyances, the phone has still exceeded my expectations whilst improving on what I thought was a perfect phone I'd never need to change. Sadly sealed batteries make this impossible these days. So I can only hope that in 15 months time (or however long this battery can get me through a day) that what ever ridiculous name they give the next phone, it hope makes the same moves forward as this one. Maybe perhaps with some more megapixels on the camera, and maybe with if not a changeable battery, then an option to pay for it to be refitted with a fresh one at HTC for a sensible price? Please HTC don't bother with 2K displays. It's already impossible to make out a rough edge or pixel, and it'll just require more power to drive, sending battery life back. In summary it is a similar advance from my fondly remembered HTC Desire to HTC Desire S move. I summed that up as evolution not revolution, and HTC have done it again here.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent device, a serious contender for phone of the year...., 23 April 2014
Mr. N. M. Hornby "nhornby" (united kingdom) - See all my reviews
I received this phone yesterday(22/04/14) and after using it for 24 hours I thought I'd chip in my two cents.

The build & looks; This phone is the most premium device I have ever owned, the quality is excellent and feels a lot more superior than my previous phones such as the Galaxy S3 & S4. Not only does it feel premium but it looks it, the brushed aluminium looks fantastic although my only issue is that it may be susceptible to scratches, although that's what cases are for. The 5 inch 1080p screen is excellent although not as vibrant as I hoped, it provides great clarity and realistic colours. Build & looks 9/10

Software; I moved back over from Samsung's after a long hiatus with HTC and I'm highly pleased with the software. It runs on android 4.4 Kitkat and comes with HTC Sense 6.0 as its user interface. It feels a lot more vanilla than Samsung's Touchwiz UI and keeps bloatware to a minimum.It's easy to use and responsive and comes with some very cool features(TV mode is one of them). The only thing I wasn't keen on is the fact I was unable to set up new folders for my apps from scratch, so have to put apps into existing folders, this is an issue I've noticed a few people have picked up on. The phone also allows you to transfer files, contacts, settings etc from your old phone simply by installing a HTC app on your old phone and then transfers it over WiFi.Excellent!! Overall I give the software 9/10

Camera; The phone comes with a 4 ultrapixel camera and a 5megapixel front facing camera. I was thoroughly impressed with the front facing camera although the 4 ultrapixel back camera was a little disappointing in daytime shots but was impressive in low-light shots. There is also an abundance of camera features to tinker with. For their next device I think HTC should switch to using megapixel over ultrapixel to keep up with the likes of Nokia, Samsung and Sony. Camera 7/10

Performance; I was seriously impressed with punch this phone packs. I downloaded AnTuTu benchmark software from the Google Play store and proceeded to test my device.The score came back at 20000 which was the same as the Sony Xperia Z, I was gutted seeing that my new spec device was comparable to a 2013 phone....and then I realised I had power saving switched on. Suffice to say I re-ran the test and got a whopping 36000, which topped the table, beating the Galaxy Note 3 roughly 2000. Evidently this phone is a powerhouse and guess can be pushed even further.

If you go into settings, then software information, then more and then press build number 6 times and you will have unlocked Developer Options. This will now be available on your Settings screen and by clicking on it will give you access to High Performance Mode....activating this will beef up your phones power(it increased my AnTuTu score to over 37000) but beware it hammers the battery. Performance 10/10

Battery; The HTC One M8 comes with a 2600mAh built in battery. Although not as high as its rivals the Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2 it is still very good. I have had just over 24 hours of moderate usage and it has still got 20% left on the battery!! Hopefully it will continue to perform well over the coming months. Battery 8.5/10

Speakers; Comes with Boomsound audio and seriously does not disappoint, best speakers I've ever heard on a mobile phone 10/10

Although I have been largely positive so far regarding the phone there are a few niggles, the battery takes a good two hours to charge which is a bit of a let down and Quickcharge 2.0 is currently not available on this device. Secondly there has been issues with WiFi connectivity dropouts, a problem which has been brought up on Android forums.

Overall the HTC One M8 is an excellent device and potentially phone of the year. If your into gimmicks and features such as dust and water resistance then this phone may not be your cup of tea as it offers none of them. What it does offer is a high quality device which packs in useful features whilst keeping bloatware to a bare minimum. If you pick this device up in the UK you will also receive a gel case with it.

Hope this has been helpful :)
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4.0 out of 5 stars phone was great, got it for a good price, 8 Oct 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: HTC One M8 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Glacial Silver (Wireless Phone)
phone was great,got it for a good price,the only thing was when I opend the box it had the eu two pin charger and the papper work was no in English,so I had to by a new charger.
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