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4.6 out of 5 stars143
4.6 out of 5 stars
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I liked book 1 "Into The Darkness" but the actions of some of the characters was somewhat underhand and so sexually dominant they didn't really care that their partners may not want to be part of the sexual escapades they indulged in. As more is learnt of their history, plus with plenty more interaction, I actually started to like some of these characters (particularly Stefan and Charles). Sasha immediately intrigued me, and as she grows into her powers in this book, I found myself liking her even more.

I did find myself comparing this book to Anne Bishop's "Black Jewels" book when more is learnt of magic and the different colours that denote different levels of strength; especially as black is considered the strongest by far in both series. That is as far as the comparison went though. This series is far more raunchy and raw, but it does have moments of wry humour; normally surrounding Sasha's latest monster creation when she botches another spell.
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on 21 March 2014
I must say that I didn't think this book would be as good as the first book, how wrong was I. Sasha struggles to manage her powers as well as feeling that she doesn't belong, I really like the characters and how they were portrayed especially Charles the "bodyguard" . Looking forward the the next installment, hope it will be out soon.
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on 21 March 2014
Like running barefoot over a bed of red hot coals, Braving the Elements is scorchingly exhilarating! Sexually charged and snarky, K. F. Breene continues the tale of Sasha and Stefan (a.k.a. The Boss) that began with Into the Darkness, and you do not want to miss this. Whether you’re looking for a fast paced, punch in the gut story with a strong female protagonist, a story with witty characters and snarky humor, or just in the market for a new book boyfriend, this book will exceed all of your expectations.

Sasha has been brought to reside in the mansion for her protection, and by Stefan’s orders must learn to use her magic. Placed in the beginner’s magic course, with a disgruntled Charles at her side for protection, hilarity ensues. Meanwhile Stefan fights his attraction to Sasha while Darla vies for his blood.

Emotions and pheremones are running high while the tension between the rival clan and the escalating turf war ratchet up to critical mass. Oh Stefan, how long will you wait to learn that your sense of duty must take a back seat to what your heart truly wants? Better get with the program, Mr. Boss Man, your enemies are among you, and the woman you love would become a weapon of mass destruction against you in their grasp. There is more at stake than your heart. Tick tock, tough guy!
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on 14 May 2015
These books are a good read and enjoyed them I read the free first book and bought this one I would recommend, the only thing is the books are £2.30 a book and I read it within just over a day to me when I've brought other books at that price a get a good 3-4 days read per book so the price has stopped me reading the series till they go on offer I do like series sets like this that follow on from each other and I like to read them all I get hooked.... but over I liked these book :)
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on 20 March 2014
Well what happens next? Can't wait for the next instalment brilliant loved it, really recommend it gotta wait now loved the story loved the characters strong emotions well written gripping funny fast paced descriptive makes you want to keep turning the page but not read to quick so you finish to soon . Going to be one I read over and over same as book 1
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on 21 March 2014
Well, all things considered I enjoyed this read a lot. but something in me wanted more...more description of Stefan an Charles (although I did love both characters) more descriptions of the magic she was able to gather. but as it was from her perspective I didn't really get a sense of what others saw. viewpoints were a little all over the place and so was the minute it was one pace..steady and then hot steamy scene out of seemingly nowhere! but I loved the plot, and banter between her and Charles was amusing if a little strange at times with words being used which seem a little 'high schoolish' for a 22yr old. although I loved the tazer seen..that made me laugh out loud. ultimately this had lots of potential but didn't quite hit the spot..maybe it was because of its short length which felt like it restricted the content. there is a lot to like tho...hence the 4stars, but a fare bit bugged me ever so you can tell by the long review.
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on 23 March 2014
I downloaded book one (Into the darkness) because it was free and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Both books were very engaging and fast paced. The author has done a great job recreating a 'saturated' storyline by utilising imagination and creativity. Her characters are well rounded and the banter between Sasha and Charles is both witty and endearing. I look forward to the next instalment with eager anticipation. The only reason I have given the review four stars instead of five is purely because I feel it could have been condensed into one book. The first 'book' was 190 pages and this one (I believe) was 130 pages. However, apart from having to wait a couple of days, between the two being released, it was still one of the most entertaining books I've read in quite a while. Buy it and read it; they are both a steal.
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on 6 May 2014
In this book the attraction between Sasha and Stefan gets much stronger and they become lovers even though Stefan is being forced to choose a mate from his clan. Sasha collapses and goes into a coma when she uses too much of magic during a fight with the enemy, and Stefan has to give her his blood to help her to regain concisousness and health. Stefan sets Charles as her bodyguard and gets her enrolled into their school to help her to control her magic as its a level black which so far has only been a myth. Sasha gets picked on by her peers and struggles to do the exercisers. When Sasha gets abducted by a traitor for the other side Stefan goes berserk and pulls out all the stops to rescue her regardless of the consequences.
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on 6 April 2014
First things first; if you're a newcomer to this story please please don't read this until you've read the first in the series, it just won't make sense at all plus you won't get double the pleasure!
And if you did read the first what are you waiting for?,,,, buy it, if you loved the first then this surpasses even that, the magic and excitement hots up between them even more than you'd have thought possible.
And K.F Breene......please please hurry and release the third, but hopefully not last, book of their story...I felt such a loss, as though I had stepped out of Narnia, out through the wardrobe and back into the humdrum of my everyday life. Thank you for writing some of the best books I've read in a long time.
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on 4 May 2014
Hogwarts yes Hogwarts that is what kept running through my mind all because Sasha who is now officially some kind of very special witch is having to learn how to control her powers and for that she's to go to lessons. The only thing that kept me going was Charles her sidekick and the banter between them and ultimately the thought of her getting down and dirty with 'The Boss' real name Stefan which was a bit long winded in coming (joke) but when it happens it's good.
The characters all had some depth about them and I'm sure more info will be revealed throughout the series.
On a Razor's Edge (Darkness #3)
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