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4.5 out of 5 stars328
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 29 January 2015
I must admit I struggled with finishing this book. The start was promising but a third of the book in and I just wasn't interested. Everything that was happening was predictable and felt like there was not much point to keep reading.

'Dominic' is a love/hate/love/hate again relationship between two older school children. The story started well with the characters appearing dynamic and full of panache. However it soon became a bit too much for me I'm afraid. I don't mind macho men in books of this genre but Dominic verged to the abusive. Bronagh started as being ballsy and independent to being quite neurotic.

Some of the sex scenes are well described, passing the message of the passionate relationship between Dominic and Bronagh across well. However, given the nature of the book, the young age of the protagonists made it all quite uncomfortable to be honest. I know teenagers are no angels but some of the scenes in the book would definitely fit confident and experienced lovers better.

Unfortunately this was not a book for me.
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on 21 September 2014
The violence and swearing over the top. My family are Dubliners and they don't act or speak so ridiculously (not even close!). The main characters are a pain in the back side, totally over the top and unbelievable.Dominic is an idiot as are the rest of the characters. A girl who is a quiet loaner is suddenly the most desirable girl in school and can speak and joke around after a few pages previously saying she didn't like to speak to people? Again, ridiculous! Total waste of money and time. Skipped through to the end after a while just to get through it. Definitely not a page turned in the right ways! Will not be looking at any more by this author.
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on 20 July 2014
Dont get me wrong i loved the characters but the way this book was wrote lacked depth! When there was a good story line it was easily resolved no going into it more in more depth things were easily sorted straight away. There was no suspense or heart stopping moments. This book has really good potential but was ruined!
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on 11 November 2014
Maybe this just me but I found this book a really hard read, started off good, but it went down hill really really fast, language was really awful, just think it could have been better, didn't finish it, just not my thing, though I do like an alpha male, there was no chemistry with the main characters!
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DNF - got bored 65%.

This isn't a bad book - DISCLAIMER: if your a strict feminist - avoid this! Dominic makes Christen Grey and Edward Cullen resemble Gloria Steinem. Don't read this if you have a problem with possessive sexist alpha males.

The problem I had with this book is that there was ZERO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

The narrator, Bronagh Murphy states that she's a loner who doesn't like drawing attention to herself and generally is quiet. She then says that she fights back and doesn't allow people to bully her.

This is a completely false statement.

1. Bronagh doesn't act like someone avoiding attention. The way she makes such a huge fuss over her desk is not the actions of a quiet loner

2. She backs down when people fight back e.g. Micah. She's a complete wimp when a person will fight back.

3. Her transition from loner quiet hard-working school girl to bulsy girlfriend was completely fake, with no nuance transition.

Hence, for me there was a complete lack of character build-up and I wasn't convinced by her woeful tale of loneliness. It just came across far too pat and fake. This book would have been awesome if Bronagh really was a quiet loner who slowly gains the attention of the hot Dominic Slater, without any melodramatic shouting and swearing matches from her.

The melodramatic scenes became repetitive and tedious. They fought every minute for ridiculous reasons, there was hardly any proper dialogue between them, which didn't make their love story convincing.

Then there's the background story (I read the ending to see what the fuss was) and Damien's tale with Nala and the parents was stupid. But I do hope there's a love story between him and Alana.

However, Dominic's dirty talk and possessive handling of Bronagh is hot, so I can see why there's so many 5* on that basis.
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on 31 March 2014

I want to thank L A Casey for gifting me a copy off Dominic to read and review for this blog tour.

I think I've found a new author to stalk!

I loved this book. Oh did I mention that I love the Slater brothers......Wait till you meet these bad boys...oh boy.....all 5 are panty droppin' and I can't wait to read their individual stories

We have:

The badboy fighter ~ Dominic

The kind twin ~ Damien

The oldest brother ~ Ryder

The allusive guy ~ Alec

The two-timer ~ Kayne

I loved Bronagh & Dominic's banter, it was awesome. Certainly keeps you on your toes.

Both characters have come from a bad back ground with crap going on.

Bronagh has secluded her self from love, from friends and from the general public, and it thrown into a world-wind of emotions, action and events when the Slater brothers come waltzing into her life, especially the bad boy twin DOMINIC!

The sexual tension and the frustration between these two heats up immediately!. It's blind to Bronagh that Dominic is attracted to her, I love the cat/mouse game that went it, it was exhilarating and exciting!

To say this is Casey's debut novel.....well f*** me sideways!

No way this is! Seriously women....I can't wait to read your next books if there anything like this!
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on 26 March 2014
I struggled to finish this. It started well, but as the book progressed, there was a complete lack of character development. This book consisted of shouting and arguing over nothing. I like alpha males and sassy females, but the characters in this book were immature and couldn't have a conversation without getting offended and abusing each other. Where was the part of the book where they got to know each other? This wasn't for me.
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on 14 January 2016
This is a very gripping book.
I had read a few reviews that bemoaned the amount of swearing throughout the story, so was a bit apprehensive about giving this a go.
However, once I started reading this I couldn't stop reading.
I ended up buying the rest of the series.
If there was anything to moan about then it would only be the fact that a good editor is needed.
There was a few instances where a word was duplicated and was obviously just an error. (not a criticism, just an observation)
I do hope the author has a few more books to offer in the future.
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on 15 June 2014
Really enjoyed this book! I do love books that are about fighters and so when I saw this one I bought it straight away. This is partially a book about scars. Bronagh has mental scars, while Dominic's scars are physical. Its about coming to terms with them and finding the person who can help. The characters are in high school and so are quite immature in that sense. Also, if your not a fan of swearing and dirty language then you may not like this book. There is a lot!

Some parts did annoy me a little and I didn't always like how the characters spoke to each other, but I took it with a pinch of salt. It didnt ruin the overall book experience for me so I overlooked it. What I DID love was the Irish in the book! It made me really want to hop on a plane and visit there, but made me feel like I was there too.

Even though the characters in this are in high school, there are PLENTY of steamy parts that make you wonder what theyll be like in the years to come.. Daammnn I thoroughly enjoyed it and even found myself intrigued by the other characters too. Overall a brill read, so far away from reality that you can easily get lost in this story. There are parts that will be like marmite, either love them or hate them, I happened to love them but it just depends on your personal taste. Cant wait to see whats next!
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on 28 March 2015
Possibly the worst book I have ever read of this genre. I'm also Irish, and no stranger to the accent etc, but the main character annoyed me so much. The emotional content required in NA books is just not there. Bronagh has no depth whatsoever. I bought it because the reviews were great, but after half an hour, I was pretty angry id wasted money. I persevered! Got to the rushed ending and was never so glad to be done. If this tripe can sell, anything can. Time to start writing!
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