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Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 25 July 2014
Nice mmo . lots of sarcastic humour . Unlike other mmo's i've played this seems more of a challenge . Yet while fun in certain aspects in others it lacks . The crafting side is like no other I've seen ,If you want some something different From your standard run of the mill MMO then give wildstar a chance . The combat isn't your standard point click mob dead . this is hell of a lot more indepth you have to move and its about timing also , not just in pve but pvp more so . saying this even with some of the draw backs this is a refreshing fun witty welcome change to MMO's . THIS IS NOT A WOW CLONE in any shape or form . PVP in this game is somewhat refreshing players cant go stun stun opps your dead . If you think this playing pvp in wildstar your going to have your ass handed to on a plate , movement is everything in this games combat system c&c can be counted this is also the case with stuns and disarms . it really does bring PVP to a whole new level . PVE is just as much fun even mobs can counter , each mob has its strenghs and weakness's too not all mobs will go down the same way so combat is more fun . Game content so far has been awesome plenty to do, low level instances mid instances ect ect . Without giving to much away, all in all big thumbs up .
Housing in this game is a huge feature not just a gimmick .......... your can pick from 4 buffs from group buff to solo pve questing buffs also your pvp buffs . housing plots have what's called sockets these are used for your trade skills ect . and how you furnish your home also gives extra rested XP .
I saw one review say please don't give up while playing the first 20 lvls well I personally enjoyed them as the new combat system was a blast getting to grips with as well as tweaking your toons skill sets for your style of play , not the standard cookie cutter used by other MMO's . Does this game have bad points the answer is yes but I have to admit they are few and far between .
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on 9 June 2014
Fun combat, cool story, Disney meets Firefly (with a dash of Barbarella) visuals and a great sense of humour... WildStar is an MMORPG done right. The beginning (or tutorial) levels will probably feel a little simple for veterans of the genre, but once you hit your first dungeon at level 20 you'll be hooked.
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on 16 December 2014
Not a bad game, but it's not great for a subscription title.

Triple A games that already cost a lot to buy up front should not be based on a subscription model. The model that this game is based upon is outdated, and the game wasn't worth anything near the amount of money I invested into it.

The game styling is fun and the characters were also fun. I played it once or twice a week with my friends for a couple of months and had fun. There isn't a lot of depth to the combat system, you just use your abilities in order. I'd have played it for longer if it wasn't a subscription title, but I wouldn't have played it more frequently, I have better things to do with my time.
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on 15 June 2014
First Off I have been playing Mmorpgs for 11 years from koreans MMos to western MMos . and ofcourse Wow

Yes The similarity to Wow is obvious But the developers even said that think of this as Wow evolved they are not scared to admit that Wow was their base inspiration for this game . Just like How blizzard admits that Everquest was the base for their game .

Now The pros and cons


Fantastic Raids and Dungeons . (The telegraph system combat is Great )

Solid Combat : ( The telegraph and limited action bar combat is great Its force you to think , move and uprade the right skill .(

One of the Best Customization of any Modern MMo . ( From Gear , skills , Houses , Appearance and Mounts ! It certainly learned from wow but Greatly upgraded it )

The PVP is FUN : (I would not say Balance but its deffinetly a blast for now )

Housing : Not just for cosmetic reason the housing helps you on alot of stuff like increasing your experience pointsd

And now the CONS :

The Quest are very Boring : Go Kill that Space Bear , space rat , space wolf till %100 . It Pales to ESo questing by a margin

Race Specific Class locked :

For all the amazing customization of Wildstar It Failed on the basic One ! Class are locked by race Want to play that Magic badass robot killing machine ? Tough luck sir you cant ! Unless you play as the human race thje class are locked .

Force humour : It tries to be likeBorderlands when it comes to its humour but its not funny in Wildsstar . It simply tries to be like borderlands (search the game if you dont know it is.) lots of ''HUR DURR DURR ROAAR ''

The Main story is Weak : Okay lets be fair compared to most MMorpg the Story is Alright but if you compared it to the big guns like Secret World , Wow , lotro , ESO even guild wars 2.. its very very average

The first 20 levels : Please I beg you do not give up or judge the game on its first boring 20 levels .

Conclusion : Over all while I put quite a few cons Wildstar is a SOLID MMO and its worthy of a sub . If you play wow maybe this is the next step for you . Its not simply WOW at space but its a EVOLUTION of wow . Its a new game so give it a chance
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on 1 January 2015
Nothing really offensive, the visuals are nice, and the animations and are great too, but something failed to grab me on this journey through this online world. Its a shame really, as its probably the most polished example of a mmo we've seen since wow.
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on 8 July 2014
As a player that had almost given up on all MMORPGs, this game has rediscovered why I spent so much time on them. The game still has the familiar feeling other games but it does so in such a unique and humorous way. Since this is not based on a novel or any past IP, it has limitless potential.

It can create anything without restriction. It has only been out a month and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. What's even more incredible is that you do not even have to pay subscription if you earn enough in-game currency where you can actually purchase game time! If you are on the fence about this, I'd say just try it! They've already released their first major update too!

However, there are many bugs to fix still and end game is a bit of a hit and miss so far. This happens to all major MMORPGs and I believe the game will fixed and more content added very soon.
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on 5 June 2014
This game is out there with everything wow players have been asking for and more. It Brings back Difficultly but yet somehow feels just as rewarding to casual players(me) as it does to hardcore players(some of my friends...)
Firstly there is questing which if you only play to low levels is quite boring but still difficult and needed to find a play style with the limited Class Action set that suits you!
Secondly there is PvP which to me is just breathtaking, its like giving a kids party the full Nerf Gun Range and energy drinks then watching them go! My favorite part to this is unlike wow there is no solo strategy... if your team splits up too much then you will loose!
Thirdly there are dungeons and raids.. Ohh dungeons and raids. These are what attracts most people to the game, they are DIFFICULT! there is no tabbing out and watching a TV program at the same time like in other MMO's and my favorite part of these are that you work as a team and its fairly obvious if you have messed up but everyone gets back on and you keep adjusting and trying again until you get it right! The joy of 40-man raids is also unbelievable, just the atmosphere alone is worth the money!!
Fourthly which was my first main attraction to the same is player housing... I used to love map making on Halo Reach but this takes it too the next level and then some! Fully customizable and so fun to show off and create anything you can think of. Let your creativity go wild!!
Fifthly and finally there is just everything else which I cant mention. The combat system is unique and you can truly change it to be your style, they have designed it so the difference in damage between the right and wrong spells are minimal but the rotation and movement are paramount. Gone are the days where you stand in one position and cast 1...2...3 and repeat like wow has become now you have to roll, jump, double jump, teleport and react to the developing environment before you even thing about casting... Just breathtaking and evolving to every player type!
Well done Carbine studios and let it continue! :D

I apologies for comparing this mostly to wow but I was addicted to that game before It became boring. Only reservation is that to get a true feeling of this game you have to play it to a minimum of level 30 otherwise you are only seeing a pathetic slice of the pie it can offer!
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on 28 July 2015
This is the most fun game to come out since EQ2 for me. And I've played them all. All the classes are fun, and very diverse.
All the paths are interesting, and I find the questing super fun too. Shiphands, adventures and dungeons, are all challenging, requires
teamwork, in short, very very fun and keeps it interesting. Same goes for raids. There are two huge raid instances with increasing difficulty.
Then add crafting, epic housing, and PvP. Since launch there has been added a lot of rewarding endgame.
Make sure you /chjoin global when you log in, as the lower level areas are a bit less populated now. Then you can chat with rest of server and find people to share the fun with.
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on 18 February 2015
Wildstar is really a fantastic game. I have always liked the idea behind a mmorpg and I've tried many of them but I usually got bored really fast. This didn't happen with wildstar. The combat system with telegraphs to avoid is really nice and the "level farming" phase of the game isn't too much tedious because the main story of the game is actually well written. And the endgame is amazing: the dungeons and raids are really hard so it's a challenging game that I would reccomend mostly to hardcores.

If you are worried about the montly subscription please note that you can buy with ingame currency a thing called C.R.E.D.D that gives you 1month of playtime. Once you reach level 50 (the cap) you start making really a lot of money and it won't be hard to farm enough platinum coins to buy your subscription even if you don't farm 24/7.
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on 17 July 2014
In short, a very fun and challenging MMO which WoW players who miss the old days will love. A few teething problems but that's par for the course in the genre. If you are not prepared to invest a decent bit of time in to the game you will likely not be able to raid for a while, but the pvp and housing system mean there's always something to keep you occupied.

I bought a new desktop just to play this game and it has not dissapointed so far.
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