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2.9 out of 5 stars1,419
2.9 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 October 2015
Do not look to watch this film if you're hoping for a faithful retelling of the story you may know from the Old Testament in the Bible - you will be disappointed, or even outraged depending on your religious beliefs. This should be watched as a stand alone film based very loosely on the tale of Noah and the Ark. The writers and director have their own interpretation which is not likely to match your own and, as writers and directors, they have that ability and liberty and they certainly use it here - much is added, much is left out.

As a stand alone film it has great moments - some beautiful, expansive scenery and landscapes and some very nice effects, with some particularly magical moments around the Ark and of course the animals. The flood itself is also captured extremely well and the digital/CGI team have done a great job here. I also enjoyed some of the surprising and very non-Biblical aspects that have been introduced and found this helped to distinguish between trying to watch this as a retelling of the Bible and a fantasy epic that instead poses different questions and ideas - some of which sit outside of religion, some of which are by their nature intrinsically linked to religion and our interpretation and beliefs on the matter. To this end, the film will of course divide people. Personally, I thought it was an interesting way of inviting the viewer to ask questions, rather than just repeat information as a truth that we either accept or reject.

Outside of that, the acting is generally superb from the main cast but the film's pacing loses its way too often and as a result the film often felt like it was dragging (in particular towards the end) and it's definitely a film that requires commitment! Sometimes the script and actions of the characters were also frustrating and the film sometimes felt indulgent and over staged. The film is also surprisingly violent in places - they don't hold back on the terrible impact and aftermath of the flood and other issues surrounding suitable procreation might also not be suitable for younger children.

Overall the film was OK with moments of greatness but it could have been improved massively by a tighter edit and shorter run time. Give it a go if you have the time to dedicate to it and can accept the fact that it isn't a dedicated retelling of the story you may already know.
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on 6 April 2014
Forget what you think you know about Noah. In this Middle Earth saga the watchers are huge rock creatures that look like they belong in Star Wars. This is a rather bizarre interpretation of Genesis 6:1-5, and was my first WTF moment. The Watchers actually had relations with humans and created a race of giants who apparently ruled over man...not in this film.

Russell Crowe portrays Noah as a dark, bitter, dysfunctional, unlikeable person who obeys God through his dreams. (God doesn't even make a cameo.) The women, whose names aren't mentioned in the Bible are given expanded and important roles. All the time on the ark is spent on personal drama. No tending of the animals that are all living together in the hull of the ship.

Another problem is that Tubal-Cain kills Noah's father Lamech, not to be confused with Tubal-Cain's father Lamech while Noah was a child.The Bible claims Lamech was born in the 182nd year of Methuselah and lived 777 years. This means he died 10 years before the flood. Noah was over 600 years old at the time of the flood. Do the math.

There were a number of surprises, some I won't mention as I wouldn't want to "spoil" a millennia tale. That said, at the end, a son leaves the group before them all having children when clearly the families stayed together for a number of years and raised children until the Canaan/Noah incident which is not mentioned.

Poor Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly acted their hearts out, reminding me of Sean Astin who gave a wonderful performance in "Cabin Fever 3." Nothing like casting pearls before swine.

From a biblical prospective, the film was a disaster and not inspirational. As an action adventure story, the rock creatures made me feel like I was watching Indian Jones with aliens. And I suppose people who liked the ending of that film might be attracted to this one.

Oh yea, this thing was way too long. It had scenes which dragged on. It needed an editor. On the plus side Russell Crowe didn't sing much.

This is razzy material. A film you can watch and make fun of MST style.

Worthy of a Redbox rental at best.
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on 6 December 2015
I expected to be disappointed with this film, but not as disappointed as this. Given the understanding that the director is an atheist, I wonder why he bothered to use any of the Bible story at all. Noah is presented as a confused, semi-physchotic individual who bears little resemblance to the man in the "book". The story only accords with the Bible account in a few places, hence the introduction of "The Watchers", who seem to have been rescued from the Lord of the Rings waste paper bin. The animatronics/CGI special effects are second rate. The flood sequence is well done until Noah goes off into a rant before doing battle with Ray Winstone's Tubalcain, who manages to sneak onto the ark without either Noah's knowledge or Moses, who compiled the book of Genesis in which the story can be found. One expects some poetic licence from Hollywood when dealing with Bible stories, but this goes well off the radar. A major disappointment and a waste of some decent acting talent.
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Must admit I was caught in two minds regarding the purchase of this one, the film has
been slated by many reviewers and critics, however curiosity got the better of me.
This a Biblical tale -
'Noah' (Russell Crowe) and his wife 'Naameh' (Jennifer Connelly) scrape a living from
the baron landscape with their children.
'Noah' son of 'Seth' has always believed what his father had taught him as a child, and
has endeavoured to follow the path of his beliefs and faith.
He has a dream that he believes to be a message from God, he has visions of the World
being flooded to rid the planet of the evil that has flourished.
'Noah' seeks out his Great Grandfather, 'Methuselah' (Must admit without knowing he was
actually in the film, I knew 'Methuselah' had to be played by 'Anthony Hopkins' who else ? )
to make sense of his dreams and understand what has to be done.
'Noah' has to build an 'Ark' a construction large enough to house two of each creature that
walks or fly's, as well of course, to accommodate his immediate family.
He has the help of the 'Watchers' (fallen angels from log ago)
The King of the land 'Tubal-Cain' (Ray Winstone) who does not believe in miracles, and that
man is master of his own destiny, seeks to take charge of the Ark realising the flood 'Noah'
talks of is to become a reality.
The story on board during the flood a little to 'Hollywood' perhaps, though the film does have
it's moments though somewhat fanciful.
There of course are some decent Special-Effects along the way...
There have certainly been many Biblical drama's superior to this down the years, though I have
to say it was a little better than I expected, though, not great.
'Glad they remembered the 'Rainbow' at the end.
(Many experts have tried to prove or disprove events of the Bible down the years, I believe
evidence of a great flood has been found, however, efforts to find any remains of what would
need to have been a giant structure - 'The Ark' has not.(Though many believe it landed 16,946 ft
up on 'Mount Ararat' East Turkey)
Special Features -
* Iceland - Extreme Beauty.
* The Ark Exterior.
* A Battle for 300 Cubits.
* The Ark Interior.
* Animals Two by Two.
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on 24 March 2016
I watched this film out of curiosity and rapidly learned that 'Noah' won't be everybody's cup of tea. Anybody expecting this to conform to traditional Biblical Epic form should look away now, as this assuredly isn't one of those films - indeed, it's more a case of style over substance here; and I suppose to that end, Russel Crowe makes a reasonable stand-in for Charlton Heston.

'Noah' does follow the Biblical story - more or less. There is a flood, there is an ark, there are animals, there's a dove, some Noah drunkenness; and a rainbow at the end. However, that's pretty much where any convergence with the Genesis account ends and modern film-making fantasy begins. Noah, at risk from big, bad, King Tubal-Cain [no prizes for guessing who his great grand-daddy was -'blood will out', as they say...] and under command from God at the same time, goes off to find a spot to build his ark. He ends up being helped out by some talking rock-men known as The Watchers, who are apparently fallen angels. Soon enough, Tubal-Cain shows up and demands that Noah hands over the Ark - which of course Noah refuses to do. I think we all know what happens next, right? There are some superfluous plot devices - like Tubal-Cain stowing away on the Ark for example; and Ham's unfortunate love interest - which are plainly intended to beef up the action, but are liable to irritate anybody who watches this film for it's storyline.

Stylistically - probably the most memorable element of the entire film - 'Noah' appears to have been influenced by films like Lord of the Rings, 300 and the Starz series Spartacus. The Watchers are strongly reminiscent of the Ents, particularly in the bad guys/Noah and Watchers showdown as the rain begins to fall - you'll see what I mean if you watch it.

There are some sequences which I think work well visually - the arrival of the animals into the Ark; the creation story [particularly beautiful] and God's rainbow at the end.

'Noah' is ok - but just ok. It may not leave a lasting impression; and there are lots of other, better films out there in my opinion. Watch it if you like Biblical epics, fantasy, Russell Crowe or Emma Watson - but don't expect too much.
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on 11 June 2014
Noah was a very intriguing film to watch. Cinematically there is a lot of originality about the film and it does it's best to remain theologically neutral. I was surprised at the high level of subtle violence in the film. Russell Crowe is always watchable and the comparisons between Noah and Maximus are undeniable. There were also good supporting acting from Anthony Hopkins and Ray Winstone. I'm still coming to terms with a post Harry Potter Emma Watson. The film trailers chose to avoid depicting the Watchers, perhaps wisely. While slow to get going, the film comes into its own with the introduction of the ark and the visual delights that accompany the unsympathetic destruction of the world. Overall, a worthwhile watch and while it will likely leave audiences, of all beliefs, with questions; there is no denying that Darron Aronofsky is a visionary.
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on 2 August 2014
I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I was entertained and I was surprised that it has been panned so much. Maybe it's the controversy of religion that makes so many people down it but I thought it was a good film. Made the bible story a whole lot more interesting than I've ever heard it.
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on 1 April 2016
2014 is the year that the Biblical epic returns to the big screen, the first one being Noah.
Whether you're a believer or not, there's a lot to be enjoyed in the first epic of the year. It's a version of Noah that has treated the story for what it is, a story and it's certainly a dark one. There is no sugar coating the murder and the mayhem that ensues throughout the course of the film and Russell Crowe is a good fit for the brooding lead of a man wrestling with what is right and wrong .
From the outset you have to suspend disbelief somewhat as it all goes a little Lord of the Rings-esque with the fallen angels / rock creature things but once you get over that it's a very enjoyable film. We see creationism and Darwinism throughout and it doesn't preach either way, it just succeeds in great story telling.
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on 29 July 2014
This film was not what I expected from the reviews I have read. I was almost put off it by the great majority and now I have seen the film i find them difficult to understand. I read the bible story as a child and was always aware of the darker side to it which this film reflects. I did read it from the bible though not some watered down versions which removed all the hard and difficult parts. The old testament is full of hard and difficult stories and Noah is one of the hardest to accept as a christian. Because as Christians we are raised in the light of the new covenant of the new testament which make our view of the old testament seem awful, terrible and harsh. But the film is much nearer to the story that i read than any film that i have seen before. If anything it was not dark enough there was only one indication of the beings who where the children of fallen angels with human women. Yes it is one mans interpretation of a a story a lot of people believe they know but don't knock that interpretation if it is nearer to the original than your own. Ignoring the biblical questions the story is a good story and the characters are well drawn and Russell Crowe plays a tormented man that I could believe. The supporting actors were all believable though the men were weaker than the women. Yes you could take notice of the accents but that is ok because it was before Nimrod LOL. I think its a film I could watch over and over again because of the depth of the story. But if you want a children's version of Noah's ark which you can walk away from with a smile on your face this is not for you.
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on 31 August 2014
Wierd. Poor sfx more like cross between lord of the rings and the story of noah.
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