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4.3 out of 5 stars97
4.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 31 October 2014
Up until a few months ago I owned a previous version of this by Huawei, it was a 3G only device and it was brilliant for most things including web browsing and even online gaming. I decided to upgrade to this new device while keeping my old contract and being unlocked means if I ever want to switch to another network I won't have any problems getting it to work. Unlike past ones this features the very latest technology as of 2014 and is 4g ready.

Although this one is white I have also seen it available in black and it looks just as impressive although this white one hides scratches and marks very well. The device is very small and compact and can easily fit into your pocket, it features a built-in screen which shows all information that you could possibly want including, network strength, network type 3G/4G, battery life and data usage. Inside the box you get a USB charging cable and 3 pin UK plug for direct mains charging, naturally you get the usual quick start guide and safety literature included too.

Usability wise, once you've placed a SIM card and battery into the back of the device, simply pressing the on button for a few seconds powers it on, seconds later the device is connected and ready to use. The device uses a simple password encryption so others can't use the device, the pre-set password is on the inside of the back plate but there should also be a spare copy of the code located on a piece of card inside the box. If your main reason for using this device is web browsing then you should manage around 7 hours give or take before the battery gives way, which is quite impressive as the previous device I owned the E586 only managed around 4-5 hours. As a huge gamer and because part of my job involves traveling around the country for days at a time I also take my games console with me and my old device was pretty impressive when it came down to gaming speeds, admittedly that does vary greatly depending on where you are and what network you are using. The difference between my of device and this new one is quite noticeable however, especially when it comes down to streaming videos and stability while playing online games.

Now this is important for everyone to understand, because the device says its 4G doesn't mean it utilises 4G speeds all the time, indeed I would say 80% of the time on my travels visiting many different places up and down the country ranging from big cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and London to smaller cities or towns like Telford, Chester or Derby the device connects to a 3G network, I think the hard reality is that unless you are very near to a phone mast or near to the town centre then 4G is unrealistic in most areas. By all means use the postcode checker on the network provider websites but it's worth pointing out that the maps they have in stores are far more detailed and accurate, having said that take what they say as a guide only!

Also worth noting that this device works on duel bands, both 2.4 and 5ghz, naturally 5ghz is faster and more resistant to interference but not that many devices use 5ghz technology. Many laptops, computers and games console still use 2.4ghz, the inclusion of 5ghz technology is more about future proofing the device rather than technology most people can use in reality today. Network standard wise the device conforms to 802.11b/g/n so devices that use any of those standards should work fine. Now the device claims to work with 10 devices connected, I haven't been able to test that theory out simply as I don't have 10 wireless devices but I can tell you that any more than 3 and you do notice the speed drop considerably, if you plan on gaming then ensure you have as few devices connected as possible, ideally just the console otherwise the "lag" can become an issue. Battery wise I have to commend Huawei as the battery they have used is fantastic, 7 hours I managed while browsing the net, sure that does drop if you plan on doing other network intensive activities like streaming and gaming.

Pros: small and compact, ideal for portability * excellent battery life * 3G speeds are very impressive * 4G speeds are even better WHEN your in an active area * built-in screen is very handy * password protected to stop others accessing the device and using the service * 2.4 and 5ghz channels * comes with a UK plug for wall charging as well as a USB cable for computer charging * unlocked so can be used on any network

Cons: 4G isn't as widely available as the providers claim, many areas including most towns still operate off 3G * charging cable length is considerably shorter than past devices were supplied with * it may say it can support 10 devices but 3-4 is more realistic!

Verdict: when connected to a 3G network it is faster and more reliable than the E586 I had previously and when I do travel to a 4G area it puts traditional home broadband to shame. If you are looking for a mobile broadband device for browsing the web, streaming video content or even online gaming then this is one I can recommend. If you do buy this then all you need is a sim card and you're sorted! RECOMMENDED!!!
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on 22 August 2014
Used this for 5 days whilst staying away camping for MotoGP at Silverstone. My phone (Galaxy Note 2) is only capable of 3G.

I bought an EE 6gb SIM cheaply from Amazon, and have to say, it worked flawlessly (with 4G speed)! Very easy to set up! Once registered, just use your phone to search for the Wi-Fi "Huawei" router, enter the password (easily accessible on the unit but quite small to read - write it on a sticker and put it on the back of the unit!). Broadband speed!

2 of us used it on an evening over 5 days. I'd say it maybe lasted 5 hours in total before it needed charging. We had an Anker 1300mah powerbank with us. It took less that an hour to charge to full!

UPDATE - Stayed at a Travelodge last night that wanted to charge £10 for internet access. Used the Huawei and got 4G broadband on my Samsung tablet. Excellent! As I'd already used my tablet, I didn't need to enter the password again, just switched the Huawei and my tablet on and was online in less than a minute. Excellent!
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on 8 July 2014
This is a brilliant mifi device!

It is a very compact and smart looking device that can fit easily in a shirt pocket - downside being it can be easily lost (but cannot complain about that). But this small beast packs a lot of power and capabilities. The web manager provides a pretty easy-to-use interface. And it connected to my home WiFi as the internet LAN which it can use when I am at home, otherwise uses the cellular network. I was pleased to note that it can support both 2.4G and 5G bands for WiFi

I got an EE 4G SIM as recommended by Amazon - went for the 2GB version just to get a feel for the speed and coverage in my normal travels, and my usage. The mifi just recognised the SIM and configured itself automatically to the EE network - sweet as a nut!

From unpacking to use within 10 minutes, and to my pleasant surprise found a strong 4G signal near home. Internet browsing was blazingly fast - not much different from the 40G fiber broadband for normal browsing. I also checked out my company VPN through Cisco AnyConnect - no problems at all.

Still need to check out the coverage in other parts of the country between the Midlands and London, but that is an EE issue, not of this little device. I plan to test in the US and France over the next couple of months. Also need to test the battery life.

A couple of points to note, as the supplied guide is minimal and assumes you know what you are doing:

- The quick setup guide refers to an optional charger accessory called AF10, but cannot find it in Amazon or any other UK supplier. You need this to charge other devices from the mifi. Will keep looking
- When you connect to the mifi over WiFi, it needs a network security key - which needs to be copied from the information menu on the device itself. Of course you can change the SSID and password later to your requirement.

On the whole a great purchase! I can now get rid of the different SIMs in the laptop and iPad (well, they can stay in, but I will just connect through WiFi to the mifi).

Now, can I find a smart protective pouch for this, I wonder...
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on 23 July 2014
Having used a Huawei 3G MiFi box for a year for browsing during my commute in a car share, I was very happy. Then I needed to go to the States and found that although my SIM could work in the states the 3G box would not... Enter an E5372 (~£100 to enable roaming!).

It worked fine in the UK :)

So got to USA and - Nothing; So what happened? It turned out that the box can find so many different network types, frequencies and operators it takes ages to search for a new network if your normal network is not visible to it. Best plan is to turn it on and go by a beer! Come back and all is good :) I have used it concurrently with several mobile devices with ease.

Some problems in the UK... As I use it in a car, if the network is out of range (e.g. in a cutting, in the countryside, etc) when I turn it on it then searches the world for any form of signal. Many minutes later and another angry line on my face I usualy get a connection. Sometimes need to turn it on and off a few times to get it working, but this may be my network provider.

Over the last two months I have sucessfully used it in Austria, Italy, USA (and UK) {free roaming with Three}. I could not get it to connect to anything in Cyprus, or my patience just ran out (must have drunk my beer too fast!).

So when it works - GREAT, but be aware that all that flexibility has a price: your time. You need patience when roaming.
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on 30 August 2014
I use this for my mobile business, the 4G is very fast, and most of the time i get faster connection on this than I do on the house broadband..
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on 1 July 2014
Excellent 4G WiFi device. works as a booster for existing WiFi LANs too. Easy to manage with iO/S or Android app.

I've had other MiFi devices, also from Huawei, but this is the best.
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on 28 September 2014
i have been using the Huawei 858 for a few years and felt it was time for an upgrade as the mbps had dropped off to around 1 mbps, the device was out dated,so read the reviews on line and decided to go with this first it worked really well i went from 1 mbps to 5/6 mbps on the same sim card and in the same spot so felt i had invested wisely. unfortunately after 3 days of good speeds the device has now dropped back to 1 mbps...and has been like this for days now. i have purchased the areal extension kit to see if this helps. we will see anyone find one that works let me know!
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on 3 August 2014
The unit is versatile, having twin TS9 antennae ports to allow 2x2 data service with an antennae, and twin radios, so it can be used as a WiFi extender if required. Battery life is ok, but not spectacular. I found the signal received from the unit to be good for 10-15 metres then drop off suddenly. The plastic casing feels a little cheap to touch, but has dealt with a couple of drops without any problem. The white version is hard to keep clean, so I would recommend buying a black one if possible.
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on 31 January 2015
I looked around a great deal before buying this item. I have it in my car with an antenna attached although it seems to work well without it. I have a redundant phone i have mounted in the car to listen to music and have now 1000 s of internet radio stations too. It works very well and would recommend it.
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This thing is absolutely brilliant.
First of all, the service. I ordered this on Wednesday afternoon, and by Thursday evening was all set up & using it to browse the net. Can't fault that turnaround time.
Next, the item itself. It's a quality piece of kit. Plastic, sure, but very solid & feels well put together. The WebGUI too is nicely designed and laid out, as is the little toy LCD screen on the unit itself. Slightly less important perhaps, but the packaging also is compact, nicely designed & made from what seem to be good quality materials. Over all you could definitely say this little box has a premium quality feel to it.
I'm hearing more and more great things about Huawei products lately, and can certainly see why.
Ease of setup & use of this unit has to be full marks too. I've never owned one of these boxes before, but from popping the seal on the box to surfing the net using it took less than 10 minutes. It really is a piece of cake. Pop the back off, take a picture of the stickers inside on your phone so you have the SSID/MAC & all the serial numbers and stuff handy (just in case). Bung in the SIM and battery, replace the cover, and switch it on. Easy as cheesecake.
I'm using it with an "all you can eat" 4G data SIM on 3, and it's lightning quick. 4G network connection made almost instantly in a good signal area, and even 3G was established in under 5 seconds from my home which is in the back of beyond. Mightily impressive.
I haven't thrown anything seriously traffic-heavy at it yet, but if what I've seen so far is anything to go by I believe it will cope effortlessly.
A few quid off on Amazon at the minute... if you're umming & aahing, just get it got. You won't be disappointed.
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