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4.4 out of 5 stars122
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 27 April 2015
It's cheap, and it measures to the nearest 0.1g. I thought it was a slightly modified version of some AWS scales that look almost identical, but this model isn't nearly as good.

Scales should be designed to deal with "drift" when zeroed, that is to say when you "tare" the scale to zero you expect the display to stay at zero rather than drifting north or south by a few hundred milligrams immediately after. This is only a design feature of a good set of scales, it doesn't actually improve accuracy, but it does improve the appearance of accuracy and subsequently the usability.

This scale does not perform well with drift when zeroed.

Secondly the scale doesn't respond to the tare button very well, it's a bit slow sometimes. The action of pressing tare slightly affects the measurement at the point of taring. This means you have to sometimes wait for the measurement to settle before hitting tare, which is annoying.

My old AWS scale didn't have any of these problems. (Sadly I threw water at it, and it never recovered...)

Apart from that it is a decent scale, I use mine for weighing coffee beans. How do you use yours?
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The Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale with Back-lit LCD Display, Hold Feature and 2000 x 0.1g Capacity is a small portable scale designed either for measuring small items or small quantities of ingredients that are sometimes demanded by recipes; some may use fractions of a teaspoon or tablespoon but others may use metric weights so low that using a set of digital kitchen scales may be impractical - they often tend to be incapable of measuring less than 20-25g and can be inaccurate at weights slightly above.

This is to replace a broadly similar product purchased a few years ago and found so unreliable that the same item can produce vastly different successive readings each time that it is weighed, and they can vary within a range of a specific weight and another 15 or 20 times greater. Allowing the scales to acclimatise to room temperature, air movements etc which may conceivably affect it do not result in any improvement. Although absolute accuracy is not expected, consistency is as long as its readings are meaningful and within reason of each other. Accuracy is quoted as being as within 0.1g which is reasonable and respecatble, if not to laboratory standards which is not expected at this price level. There is no specifically quoted level of accuracy but it will read to within 0.1g and up to 2Kg.

The scales require a 1Kg calibration weight which is not included and not offered by Amazon. Consequently 2 x 500g weights from Smart Weigh have been ordered, although they are together more expensive than the scales themselves. There is a CAL setting to help set its readings in the event that they should become unreliable over time.

The scale is powered by 2 AAA batteries (carbon, not alkaline) which are not ideal and will be replaced ASAP for better reliability and their leak-resistance. There is two-piece hard acrylic case to help protect it when not in use, the larger section protecting most of it and the smaller section protecting the platform but either or both could double as a scale pan, the larger being the deeper and potentially more useful.

As with all such scales, there is a backlit LCD screen and four control buttons which control power and its various settings including scale of measurement with metric (g), Imperial (oz), troy ounces (ozt), pennyweight (dwt), grains (gn) and carats (ct) as its options. It is also possible to Hold a reading and to use Tare (deduct the weight of a small container from the weight of that container plus contents) and a PCS (pieces/quantity) button, the function of which is to provide a count of a randon number of an item once a weight had been established for a specified quantity (10, 20, 30 or 40).

The scales have several potential uses other than in cooking, include postal use, counting or weighing small components, weighing small amounts of scrap metal and especially precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones and also for those mixing photographic and other chemicals at home or in a laboratory as a substitute for an expensive high-grade balance.

The scales are quite substantial, if judging by weight alone, and just about pocketable although it would need to be a large pocket. It appaers to be able to provide accurate and repeatable readings without wandering unduly between wild extremes. It needs a second or two to settle but is essentially immediate. Accuracy, with or without calibration, appears to be excellent and also repeatable which provides dependability. If you need a digital scale to weigh small quantites of anything, this is candidate.
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on 31 March 2014
The Smart weigh digital pro pocket scale is a small, light-weight set of digital scales with a coated covering to protect against fingerprints. It's easy to clean and small enough to store easily in kitchen drawers. It comes with a plastic case for storage and three batteries so can be used straight out the box. Testing out I found they are accurate straight out the box as well.

The instructions are simple and easy to follow and these scales prove to be easy to use immediately. My favorite thing about these scales is the hold function which lets you hold the weight reading after you take your stuff off the scales so it's easy to come back to if like me you have the memory of a sieve.

There are other scales out there with more functions, (such as timer ect.) but these scales represent value for money and have a distinct advantage for someone looking for smaller, more portable scales.

Amazon sellers looking for a set of scales to weigh their packages may want to look elsewhere as these are only really useful for large letter size packages, but as a handy, easy to store piece of kit for the kitchen, or for anyone looking for a small set of scales for a caravan holiday the smart weigh scales come highly recommended.
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The ‘Smart Weigh Pro Pocket Scale’ is a precision device and if used with care on a firm surface avoiding vibration and with objects for weighing placed carefully on the platform it will give exact results. After installing the battery and switching on there was a pause before ‘0.0’ was displayed on the LCD screen, and then on checking with objects of known weight it was clear that no calibration was necessary - though this would be straightforward as described in the accompanying easy to understand instruction manual.

The scales are limited in size so easily portable, but the platform is just short of 4 inches x 4 inches, and it weighs up to almost 4½ lbs with an accuracy claimed as one hundredth of an ounce. Alternative weight units are available, with the display reverting to previous units when next switching on. The scales incorporate a useful tare feature to take account of packaging, with easy shifting to operate and to return to normal weighing mode when required. Also there is a counting function to allow multiples of items to be weighed and amounts calculated. The ‘Smart Weigh Pro Pocket Scale’ is well made and with careful use should give excellent 5-star service.
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on 8 March 2015
One week every day I tested this product with 20p coin. Accuracy is +-0,2g with same coin. Its very nice product, but isnt well for small weight, if you need very good accuracy.
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on 27 October 2015
Looks and feels okay and is doing a good job to weigh letters and small parcels. However, it seems odd for the batteries to discharge within two/three weeks even though the scale is switched off. Personally, I find it quite annoying to take the batteries out after using the scale as this should not happen. Hence, there will only be a three star rating.
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on 11 September 2014
Seriously awesome. Works perfectly, it's very light and convenient. I really love the small form factor as I can easily store it in my tiny kitchen.

Accurate and had no troubles with it what's so ever. The only limitation is that it's max 2kg, so if you want to weight bigger quantities (e.g. 1kg flour in a glass container), you might break it. So for home cooks does the job perfectly, but as soon as you have more than a few mouths to feed, you should look for a more robust one.
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To the VERY sad person who keeps giving this review a negative vote...GET A LIFE!

I was asked to test and review this product by Smart Weigh. On opening the box I looked at the scales and I was quite amazed at how good these scales look. They are a sleek type of brushed aluminium effect. It comes with an instruction book and the required batteries. The scales are so small they easily fit in a coat pocket, which means they are fully portable. The unit comes with the required batteries and they were very easy to calibrate. I found this product is highly accurate and can weigh anything from 1g to 2000g. The display is a blue back lit LCD panel which can be read easily in low light. The display can be adjusted to read in metric or imperial weights. I am very happy with the functionality of this product, as it does everything it is supposed to, with great accuracy, especially when considering its small size..

This is a small light weight scale, which can be easily packed away and is ideal for travelling with. It appears to be of very high quality and offers amazing value for money. I can happily recommend this product as it offers good value for money.

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on 29 March 2016
This was delivered quickly (next day) via Prime. I had it a few weeks before using it. Nicely boxed with instructions and with a little pull out tab where the battery is which you need to remove before you can use it. However, when I turned on and first used it, I tried a test with something that I knew weighed over 500g (557g actually according to my kitchen scales). The result was a reading of around 130g? I weighed a few more times and each time it gave a different reading of between 130 and 135g. So I turned it off, then back on again, re-read the instructions, then weighed the test object again. Now I was only getting readings of 40g or so, and each time I took it off and placed it back on, the readings began to get lower and lower. After maybe 20 attempts to get an accurate reading, and having gone down to as low as 15g or so for something that actually weighs 557g, I gave up and have returned it. As usual, great customer service from Amazon with a prompt full refund.

The scales appear well made and are very nice looking - shame they were faulty! Maybe I just got a duff one?
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on 13 August 2015
Sadly it doesn't do what it is supposed to do. Fluctuates wildly by up to half a gram or more on a level surface. A known 100g weight only registered 12g. The tare function doesn't return to zero as it is supposed to do. Very disappointed.
The scales themselves seem well made. Quality control issues perhaps?
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