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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 9 April 2015
When Theresa Drazen met Antonio Spinelli her life suddenly got exciting. Theresa found herself experiencing things that she never imagined happening to her and her eyes were opened to a thrilling but dangerous world. Theresa was playing with her fire when she met Antonio but would she stay with him long enough to get burnt?
Theresa was a brilliant female character. She was strong, confident and feisty. She rocked! I loved how she reacted to Antonio . This girl was not going to roll over and give into his advances easily, making her the perfect match for him. Once she did become involved with Antonio, she began to realize what his life was really like.
Most girls would of run a mile but not Theresa. She embraced his risky lifestyle and didn't seem to acknowledge the dangers one tiny bit. In fact she wanted to know everything about his life, so much so she was like a dog with a bone, not giving any thought of the risks she was putting herself in. She was hard core! I don't know if Theresa was extremely brave or just plain nuts but she appeared to have found her calling. Unfortunately I wasn't sure that Antonio felt the same way.
Antonio was hot!! Extremely hot!! If you love alpha male's you will love him . He was gorgeous, passionate, and totally irresistible. I loved everything about him, even his hot headed temper and his crazy possessiveness. I actually loved that side of him the best. Antonio also had a romantic side that Theresa brought out in him. He was Italian, after all! I found myself kind of jealous of Theresa. Where can I find my own sexy mafia don? LOL!
Together Theresa and Antonio just clicked. Antonio was addicted to Theresa and he just couldn't stay away. I loved how relentless he was in his approach to make her his girl. You've probably already guessed how hot this were couple were together. Oh my, they were hotter than hell! There was some deliciously erotic scenes in this book that I absolutely loved and I have to just mention Antonio's filthy mouth! OMG, he had some dirty words that made me blush. My kindle was overheating and I needed a cold shower, fast! Enjoy ladies! ;-)
So was it simply going to be hearts and flowers between Theresa and Antonio? That would be a big fat no! Antonio's mafia lifestyle brought a truck load of drama and jeopardy into Theresa's life. She found herself caught up in his world and involved in his battles. She was not safe and Antonia was faced with a decision that he didn't want to make. As for Theresa, she knew being with Antonio was deadly, but giving him up was out of the question.
I found myself completely absorbed in this story. I could not put my kindle down and I refused to go to bed until I found out what happened next. I wanted so much for love to win out for Theresa and Antonio but with all of the hazards they faced it appeared highly unlikely.
This book was brilliantly written, told from Theresa's POV so I got to know exactly what she was thinking and feeling. I believe the next book is told from Antonio's POV so I can't wait for that one. Thankfully this part of the story did not end in a cliff-hanger. I think if it did, I would have cried! That said, I was left wanting more. Much more. "Spin" was the first book in the series and I can't wait for book two, which is out in October.
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on 6 May 2015
To begin she seemed extremely powerful in her own right, she has money, she has a great job and she has dealt with a cheating ex publicly with grace.
That women changed into a nerdy teenager, running after a boy who told her it was over. I found the constant repeat of the same scenarios frustrating. He ends it, she oozes desperation and begs for him, they get back together, he ends it, she is heartbroken and begs for him back...and so on.
If a male had finished with me more then once I would not run back esp one that ignores her a lot.

The mafia story line is weak. I don't know it's it suppose to be in the background on purpose with no explanation but that's what happened. The 'boss' seemed more of a teenager then an adult in charge. He goes crazy over someone dancing with her, but doesn't react when someone else shoots at her and brushes it off.

Finally the ex storyline of this tale... If my ex fiance shagged his writer and I walked in on it, I would not be sitting having lunch with him thinking should I get back with him or not. Esp when he makes it clear he is only doing it for the job he is after. (Its similar to the good wife tv show)

Overall, this book was just to weak for me. The romance was lacking, the mafia angle was poor and the ex made her look like a pushover and at about 70% in on was still waiting on her to grow a pair and tell him no. H
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on 3 August 2015
This is the first book I've read by this author and it took me a while to settle in but once I did I was hooked and for the most part I loved it, that said I'm struggling to review and rate it.
Theresa, she's a bit of a conundrum, she's good looking, intelligent and incredibly wealthy, she comes from money and only works because she wants to, at times she seems independent and so strong and I loved that about her. But then she comes across as weak and indecisive by still meeting her ex for lunch and helping him with his campaign by attending social events after she caught him cheating on her with his speechwriter.
Antonio, what's not to like he's hot, alpha, mysterious, rich and powerful, I can't help it I love alpha males even in cases like this where he seems more than a little bipolar. He's torn over his feeling for Theresa but I must admit all the 'I must stay away' 'I need you' 'Go now I'm done' 'Can't live without you' 'I'll never see you again' they're not direct quotes but you get the idea, it started to make me dizzy, but still I loved him.
They just can't stay away from each other and I loved that, everything else fell away once they were together.
I was going to give this book 3 stars but that would be unfair since it held me completely, I enjoyed it and I can't wait to start the next one, so it's 3.5 to 4 stars for me...I think.
Make that just 4.
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on 19 October 2014
Just struggled My way through this book, BIG disappointment after the other series which I loved.
I just didn't find any chemistry between spin & Theresa... What about joking around? Having a laugh? Dating? Actually spending time together? They declared love after a few rampant bonks and a couple of arguements.
I also wasn't keen on the writing style, I understand the author is trying to be different and a bit quirky, but loads of it didn't make sense. And the plot was confusing, maybe it will all become clear in the next book but I'm afraid I won't be reading it to find out.
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Joint review with Victoria, my co-blogger


Phew, Antonio is INTENSE. Raw and straightforward and very honest. He did not f*ck around, ladies and gents! But it's Theresa which surprised the hell out of me. Apparently that quiet pool had a lot of hidden depth. Or maybe Spin brought all the crazy in her to the surface. She was fabulous, and I honestly don't know what to expect from that woman anymore. Great beginning of the trilogy, thoroughly recommended!


I’m with you on this one K.! I thought it was a great start to the series and I’m definitely eager to see more, but it’s not quite up to par with Reiss’s Songs of Submission series just yet. I wanted more development, more built up, instead it had a slight aftertaste of insta-love. Having said that, I still enjoyed reading Spin. The story was action-packed, the romance hot, the hero intense, and the heroine certainly a bit… unexpected and unpredictable. Antonio Spinelli might be a mafia capo, but I think even he found himself surprised by Theresa Drazen. And I can’t wait to see where this story takes us next.
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on 6 September 2014
I really wish I'd watched The Sopranos or The Godfather...yeah, I know, I just never fancied them. They would've been useful prep for this one.

Yes, at times, I was hitting google every few minutes to look up an Italian phrase or a mafia ritual or to try to understand how the film industry works, but that minor irritation aside, this was a great read.

Antonio 'Spin' Spinelli is a proper badass, complete with a dark, austere voice (when he needs to persuade people around to his point of view), lots of dodgy businesses with an even dodgier staff and a smooth way of lying to cover his tracks. Loved him. Theresa - Jonathan from the 'Beg' series' hot shot entertainment lawyer sister - was a clever, real and likeable character too.

Although this is first in a series, it's still a decent, long read with plenty of action, plot, character development and great writing. I've not been able to put this one down. Plus it's hot - Spin has a dirty, dirty mouth and an inclination towards raw, dirty and intense sex. Obviously, that's fine by me.

No cliffhanger, but I'd love to read more - I preferred this to Beg series. If you love a real, dark, badass then you'll love thus. Recommended.
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on 18 March 2014
wow just blew me away, not my usual cuppa I love vampires and D/s books but Antonio is just a pure Alpha panty dropping male. I couldn't get enough. The only flip side is that we have to wait to see what happens next. I am getting really sick of this trilogy business its seriously frustrating.
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on 3 April 2014
I read the reviews before I bought it and liked the beginning. Unfortunately another reviewer was right when she said it was slightly confusing. I got the idea that the missing bits I needed to understand the story had been edited out.
Why did I think it was unrealistic? Well to my mind, a Capo who was known for his 'business' acumen and 'family' ties, wouldn't just throw long time friends and family away so quickly and easily. He would still think and act in a calculated manner.
Also for me, woman from the type of family hinted at and as clever as she is, again wouldn't be so impulsive especially considering the circumstances and who she is dealing with. Motivation is a big key for me in this story.
However, the story is a welcome break from ones I've read recently. It appears to be involving all the major type of crime families and gangs, but mainly focuses on the mafia, although we gave yet to see the appearance of the Don.
Theresa and Antonio's story is bound to impress in the next books although her director friend has shown a remarkable lack of judgement in her money dealings. We'll also find out the heroines secrets I'm sure.
Suitable for older readers due to content.
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on 12 March 2014
"Capo," I whispered. **Goosebumps**
Antonio Spinelli, Esq is "....the picture of masculine grace." He's a man who keeps his council. Do NOT question him and the underworld in which he lives. There are no measures he will NOT take to PROTECT. I love protector stories and Antonio Spinelli is a protector in the extreme.

Theresa Drazen runs an accountancy department for the biggest agency in Hollywood. She's a clever, wealthy lady with a past of her very own.....

".....sharing breath and space." They're drawn together.
Trust is an issue for both of them, for different reasons.....
Can they trust each other? They live in different worlds, they're opposites but in some ways they match.
Antonio releases something in Theresa and it's truly wonderful and sexy to witness. He empowers her mind and her body.
They expose vulnerabilities in each other.

I can't reveal any more about the story of Spin. It needs to be experienced as it reveals itself piece by beautiful piece.Immerse yourself in Spinelli's world and discover the life of the Capo and the Woman of Grace....
The experience is lovely.

My lovely feelings:
The writing is powerful....
I felt nervous anticipation. I welled up with tears. My heart twisted and ached. Could they be together?

The hero and heroine have an extremely strong sense of identity. Spinelli is charisma and danger personified. She's beautiful, a perfectionist, and unflappable. Released from her constraints and empowered.

It's incredibly HOT and SEXY, RAW and SENSUAL
The way they want each other is desperate and carnal and lustful.
It's breathtaking.

"Let me take you. Let me own you."
The shower was scorching hot!!! Scolding & PASSIONATE

CD reveals her story and characters in her usual delectable style. She drip feeds us her beautiful, flawless writing. The text is richly powerful. No word is wasted, no description redundant. Every sentence moves the story forward in terms of plot, feeling or character. Spin shows me pictures I cannot give justice to in a simple explanation. Experience them, let them envelope your senses and blow your mind. I read and re-read passages not because I didn't understand but because I needed to absorb every drop, savour, experience and re-experience the luxurious writing. I took my time reading because I wanted it to last.

In Spin I felt the warmth and bond between the Drazen siblings.
Theresa Drazen is introduced in the Songs of Submission series. It's not essential to read SOS to enjoy SPIN, far from it, Spin works completely as a separate series but do NOT MISS OUT. SOS is AMAZING and introduces us to the Drazen family... Jonathan, his sisters, and Monica.

I adore this book:
If you love a story with erotic romance, wonderful depth ridden characters and delicious sexy writing all wrapped up in suspense and intrigue in an underground world, then you should delay no longer, read this book, and enjoy the ride Spin.

This is only the beginning
There's so much more to come from this series and the Drazen family!!!

Complimentary kindly received, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.
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on 31 January 2016
I love a good mafia story but for me this fell short. I didn't like the female character and couldnt see what he saw her and it annoyed me that she did what her ex wanted. The plot was really weak. To me Spin needed more information about the mafia and the world in order to give Spin credibility as a capo.
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